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July 4, 2012

A visibly tired Dean drove his beloved Impala adjacent to Yellowstone National Park, which was located near Park County, Wyoming. The sixty acres ranch Castiel had inherited was in the county, whose population was estimated around 28,205. He rolled down the window and inhaled the fresh air provided by a gentle breeze. The actor covered his emerald eyes against the bright sunrays with black Ray Bans. The sky was light blue reminding him of his husband's vibrant cerulean eyes.

The last time he and Castiel shared together was for Christmas Day. The couple had not solved the dilemma concerning Cas not informing Dean about his new employment and vice versa, with Dean not telling his hubby about his new movie role, which would have him travel across the world for at least six months. Castiel knew this was a huge break for Dean's career and he refused to be selfish and ask him to accompany him to Wyoming while he adjusted to his new job.

Dean did not want to separate himself from Castiel. They had become inseparable since the messy haired man was hired as his bodyguard. In a short amount of time they had meant everything to one another; essentially becoming the love of each other's lives. Not many people could share the dramatic ordeals they went through.

Castiel and Dean made frantic love the night before the actor caught the flight, which would take him halfway across the world. The current Sheriff's Deputy and Hollywood actor were terrified of growing apart and eventually losing each other for good. For the next six months the two lovers corresponded via texts, phone conversations and web cams.

Cas loathed being away from Dean on January 24, which happened to be the blond man's birthday. He sang his hubby Happy Birthday via web cam. Dean had pleasantly surprised him by informing him he started attending therapy once a week on his day off. He was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder courtesy of his deceased psycho brother. Also, Dean had an extremely difficult time trusting new people because of Pam's betrayal. Castiel experienced a huge wave of relief once his husband told him that he was getting help.

After two months of being on location, Dean ordered Gabriel to go to Wyoming, where Sam was assisting Cas in running the ranch. Since the former bodyguard only had weekends off, he needed all the help he could get running the place. Gabe had been moping twenty four/seven and had gotten on Dean's last nerves. He could not blame the poor sap. He himself missed Castiel terribly and every night fought himself from going to the movie's producer and telling him he was resigning. All he wanted was to be with Castiel. He missed his body's warmth and sandalwood scent at night, when he laid in bed by himself.

Dean wanted to surprise Castiel on the 4th of July. He had informed Cas that he would be home on the sixth due to a scene which had to be reshot. Within the last couple of months Dean had a lot of time to reflect on everything transpiring in his life. He had come up with a perfect solution to his and Castiel's current dilemma. He would share it with his husband as soon as they reunited. As Dean made a right turn that led him to the Novak Ranch, he lovingly gazed at the silver wedding band, which adorned his left ring finger.

Rows upon rows of tall Sensation Boxelder trees aligned the long driveway. Dean started to relax as soon as he took in the tranquil view. The nineteen hour drive from LA to Wyoming had stressed the hell out of him. He had only stopped twice for short bathroom breaks. He wanted to spend the 4th of July with Cas. Dean smiled as soon as his eyes landed on a skinny form riding an ATV heading towards him.

The lanky teen stopped the vehicle and hopped off. "Dean, it's great to see you! Cas is going to be happy. He has been morose without you."

Dean had exited the Impala and embraced his brother in law. "What's up, Jiminy Cricket?"

"Jimmy will suffice."

Dean ruffled his shaggy dark hair, which was an exact replica of Castiel's. He chuckled. "Is your big brother home?"

"He worked half a day and is in the stables with Sam and the vet. Morning Star should give birth tonight. Her appetite's been off this week and her teats have been rapidly filling and waxing."

Dean scrunched his face. "OK, dude, TMI! I get it she is showing signs that she is about to go into labor."

"I'm heading back to the stables. I don't want to miss Impala's birth!" Jimmy exclaimed excitedly as he got on the ATV again. Dean grinned. He loved Castiel so damn much. The actor ascended his baby once again and drove towards the ranch.

He was impressed upon parking the Impala in the two story brick house's huge driveway. The front door was opened wide by Gabriel and Rachel. Dean hugged his mother in law, who kissed his stubbled cheek. "Welcome home, son."

"Thanks, Rachel" He turned to his mischievous assistant, who heartily embraced him. "I've missed you, Gabe."

"Me, too, Dean-o and I'm sorry for leaving you all by your lonesome."

"Dude, I completely understand. I'm glad you are helping Cas and get to spend a lot of time with Sammy." Dean licked his lips appreciatively. "Is that pecan pie I smell?"

Rachel smiled as she entwined an arm with one of Dean's. "As a matter of fact it is. Why don't I cut you a slice and you can wash it down with some homemade lemonade?"

"I kind of wanted to see Cas."

"Sweetheart, he is monitoring Morning Star's status. She still is not due until this evening." She led him to the spacious sunflower themed kitchen. Dean liked the warm feeling provided by the sunlight that illuminated the room courtesy of four large windows.

Two hours later the sun had gone down and the moon started to make its first appearance of the early evening. Jimmy ran into the kitchen. "It's starting! Morning Star is about to give birth!" All of the kitchen's habitants followed the teen to the stables.

The trio witnessed the mare standing still yet groaning due to its frequent contractions. What looked like several gallons of slightly yellow liquid had run down Morning Star's legs. Everyone remained silent except for a petite blonde, who Dean surmised was the veterinarian. She soothed the mare and allowed nature to do its course. Five minutes later, the amniotic membrane appeared. Jo motioned Castiel to get closer as the foal's first foot made its debut.

By this time, Morning Star had lied down on the hay covered ground. Another foot appeared. "Cas, make sure the feet point downward; I don't want any complications to arise." The dark haired man followed Jo's instructions.

Morning Star was hit with a contraction every time a new body part of the foal made its appearance. Impala started breathing and moving around once her hips emerged from her mother's birth canal. Her movements detached the umbilical cord. Dean had remained standing in a corner witnessing the birth of such a beautiful creature. He was glad to be here with Cas as he witnessed one of nature's gifts.

A tear fell down Castiel's cheek. He wanted so badly for Dean to be here at his side. It was during moments like this that he missed his husband terribly. He cleared his throat and asked Jo what to do next. "Leave Impala alone; she will stand on her own in ten minutes. I am going to check on mom." Sam went to fetch a blanket to wipe the blood from Impala once she was on her feet.

Impala eventually got up on her sternum and a couple of minutes later rose on four wobbly feet. Morning Star experienced one more contraction as she expelled her placenta. Jo placed plenty of fresh hair next to her. Morning Star lied down for a while before she started munching on the hay.

Everyone left the stables except for Cas, who remained looking at mother and baby. All of a sudden, he felt a familiar pair of strong arms circle his waist. He closed his eyes and inhaled Dean's natural musky scent. Castiel leaned backwards as Dean placed his chin on the slightly shorter man's right shoulder. Cas covered Dean's hands with his. Dean kissed his neck affectionately. "You have no idea how much I've missed you, baby."

"I think I might have a hunch," Castiel whispered before turning towards him. His bright gaze appreciatively scanned all of his beloved's face. He traced Dean's freckles with two of his lean/long fingers. The actor leaned his face to Cas' and kissed him longingly. Their mouths devoured each other as the two reunited lovers landed on a pile of hay. Their hands groped their heated bodies as they removed every single garment of clothing. They made slow love well into the night. "I love you so much, Dean, it hurts."

Dean gently bit Cas' shoulder. "Ditto, babe"

The two men helped each other dress. Before leaving the stables, they saw Morning Star nursing Impala. "I am glad you were here to witness this with me," Castiel said as he held on to Dean's hand.

Everyone celebrated Dean's homecoming at the 4th of July BBQ Gabe had organized. Sam had heartily embraced his younger brother. They caught up before dinner. Dean was proud of his brother's new found success as an underwear model. Every two to three months, Sam would fly to New York for photo shoots. His first big ad had already started appearing in magazines such as GQ and Esquire just to name a few. He and Gabe were happier than ever. They planned on exchanging vows at the ranch for Gabe's birthday, which was just around the corner.

The house's vast backyard was decorated with red white and blue balloons and banners. Sam and Gabe were in charge of preparing the burgers and hotdogs, while Jimmy and Rachel brought out the hamburger and hotdog buns, cole slaw and baked beans.

Dean and Castiel had remained in the kitchen with the excuse Cas was going to make fresh lemonade. They spent five minutes making out and groping each other. Gabe yelled, "You two can continue mauling each other later this evening! We are hungry!"

The simple dinner fare was delicious and for dessert they all shared pecan and apple pie. Dean as usual gobbled up as much of the sweet confections as possible. The fireworks display began shortly after. Everyone gathered on the veranda. Dean motioned for Cas to follow him. The couple strolled over hand in hand to a hill surrounded by verdant grass and spring wildflowers.

They sat down to watch the fireworks. Dean wrapped his arms around Castiel, who sat in front of him. The actor licked his lips nervously. "Cas, we need to talk."

Castiel turned around to face him. His eyes were filled with adoration towards his husband. "Yeah, we do."

"Singer informed me since I accepted the job offer that Sheriff Watkins will retire next January. So as his deputy I am being groomed to take his place. Many of the townsfolk have taken a liking to me so I should be voted in as the new Sheriff, when elections are held this November. This means I will remain in Wyoming for quite some time. I hope you are not mad."

Dean held his hands. He bit his lower lip. "That is what I wanted to talk to you about. I've been doing a lot of thinking the last couple of months and came up with something. I will shoot one movie per year."

Castiel's sky blue eyes widened. "I can't allow you to sacrifice your career over me."

Dean placed his right index finger over Castiel's full lips. "Hey, you mean everything to me, and I want to spend as much time with you as possible. I have never felt comfortable living in LA. To make matters worse, the paparazzi have started to buzz around and I don't like it one bit. They can be annoying vultures. This place finally feels like home."

Castiel kissed him hard on the lips. "As long as this is what you want, then I am happy with your decision." Dean nodded. Castiel embraced him as the fireworks started to die down. He closed his eyes as he listened to Dean's steady heartbeat.

Dean started to sing, "And I….will always love you"

Cas opened one blue eye. "Dean, I love you with all of my being but please don't quit your day job." His husband chuckled. "Love ya, babe"

If someone would have told a thirteen year old Dean that someday he would be married to the sexiest and most courageous man he would ever know, have a Scottish brother and a flamboyant yet endearing brother in law; he would have flipped them the bird. His life had changed for the better in less than a year and it was all thanks to his psychotic brother. If Adam wouldn't have tried to kill him, Dean Winchester would have never met one sexy as hell disgraced ex-Secret Service Agent, who would sacrifice his life on several occasions to save his.

Dean helped Castiel get to his feet and walked back to the house, where they would rejoin their family. He held on tight to his husband's hand as they strolled home.