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Story Start


Princess Azula of the Fire Nation found herself in a tight spot. The daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Lady Ursa, proud princess of the Fire Nation and fire bending prodigy didn't often find herself in a situation she couldn't out think of. Said girls appearance consisted of a red undershirt and darker red over-shirt. The sleeves consisted of lighter red color and her shirt snaps up in the back and extends to her hips with her pants being a lighter shade. She also wore a collar piece consisted of vinyl upholstery consisted of brown and maroon coloring with a belt of the same shade and gauntlets fitted with a bracelet like appearance. All with a flame like detail on them matching the vinyl. Her hair was lower back length along with a bun over the rest of it with a crown-piece that was a similar shade of gold along with the gold trimming on her outfit and boots.

On the rare occasion that she couldn't solve with her cunning, her flames often took care of the problem. On all sides she was surrounding by the Avatar, Two water nation inhabitants, a rather gifted young Earth Bender along with her younger brother Zuko and Uncle Iroh. They were all ready to unleash their bending attacks on her at the slightest provocation.

She cursed that Ty Lee and Mai weren't able to handle mere peasants apparently. She needed to find some way to distract them so she regroup. Lightning required too much of a preparation time and her uncle could redirect it if she attempted to do so; that she had learned the hard way previously. The only thing she could count on was the naivety of the group and the fact that they hadn't dealt with bloodshed. The Avatar was an Air Nomad and from reports gathered not a single enemy was killed by his hand or his group and Zuko was soft as well. So that left one idea in mind, but that only left one question in her mind? Would she be able to pull it off before the others retaliated?

That moment of over-analyzing the situation proved to work against Azula's favor. Her cunning nature working against her as the moment's precious time did not take into the fact that majority of her opposite number were more emotional and direct. She did not take in the blind earth bender alerting others to her intent to attack nor the reflex of the Earth Bender diminishing her fireball before it could strike Iroh and result in the shock value to give her time to escape. This paved way for the others to attack to which Azula only had time to react to move in a defensive gesture to reduce damage only for confusion abound to spread across the field as the body of the Fire Nation Princess disappeared.

''A bit unfair don't you think?'' A rather jovial voiced asked as the group looked up and notice the young blond male descend from the air and land with Azula in his arms bridal style. ''Six on one is a bit unfair. Then again now that I'm here the unfair odds have shifted the other way.'' He said setting Azula down as the only feeling she felt was confusion. ''And you…I leave you for a few years and you go and get yourself in this kind of situation."

To her confusion Azula felt her cheeks heating up. Many of times she was described as having fetching feature mainly diplomats and denizens of royal family who made the rather unwanted comparison of her features to her mother. Though there was only one person she could think that complimented her without it being a ploy of currying favor with the royal family.

"Naruto!" the cry from the Avatar caused Azula's eyes to have widened. She mentally berated herself for not recognizing who it was on site. What other person in these nations had blond hair after all? Well natural blond hair as she couldn't smell any coloring or topicals.

"We meet again Aang. Though I didn't think it would be this soon and under these circumstances." He spoke as he moved in front of Azula protectively. "Lord Iroh and Prince Zuko, to think I would run into you as well. Unfortunately it couldn't have been under better circumstances."

"So this is the path you have chosen?" Iroh asked with a crestfallen look. On that day four years ago Naruto had begun a plan and their philosophies had clashed. It would be inevitable that the two of them would meet on the battle field as enemies.

"Indeed, now come at me with the intent to kill or else none of you will survive.'' He declared to his former allies.

''Shinra...Tensei!'' A powerful force of gravity launched the strangers attacks back in the direction of the users. Out racing the rate of the propelled weapons the man grabbed the boomerang out of air and cleaved a small section of a destroyed building in half.

The Water Maiden ended up being drench by her own water and the Air bender propelled by his own attack backwards as the Fire Benders had to dodge their own fire streams.

With seconds passed the man had pulled out a small jar from his pocket and practically inhaled the contents as his cheeks puffed out. Inhaling air through his nose the man spewed out a flame bullet forming a fire wall between the fire benders and the rest of the combatants. Heading over to the children the blond went about picking them off one by one. The Earth Bender attempted to unbalance the blond by forcing earth column after earth column out of the ground; though the mysterious fighter proved too agile. So with the procure boomerang in hand he leapt into the air and tossed it at the girl.

''Toph duck!'' Katara shouted out to the earth bender who just dodged out-of-the-way of the weapon that cut off a few strands of her hair. A blast of the wind drew his attention, but to the confusion of its user it didn't knock him off-balance. Using the Shinra Tensei the young man propelled himself towards the blond and grabbed him by throat. The other combatants had quickly approached him only to be caught in the electrical discharge of his attack affecting the four teens causing their bodies to go stiff.

Apparently his actions came off as more malevolent in intent then they were as the blond craned his neck and was just able to avoid a lightning bolt through the shoulder. It wouldn't have been lethal, but a strike from lightning in that area definitely would have left most without use of their arms. ''Shinra Tensei!'' He launched only for Iroh to dodge the attack. 'Still far from his prime but not as weak as he wants everyone to believe!' The blond thought, only for the younger fire bender to fire a blast at him from behind.

Dropping down behind him his companion pulled the large fan from her back and with a fierce wave to send the attack back at the youth only for his uncle to push him out-of-the-way, taking the brunt of the attack.

All the while Azula had looked on at awe at Naruto's display of power. He had always ended fights quickly without any flashiness or wind up time. This…this was something on a whole other level.

"Its time for us to leave!'' The blond said as he and his companion had run over to where Azula was.

Before she could even protest the blond threw his arm around her and disappeared into a yellow flash.

The Gaang were trying to come to the terms of being soundly defeated. After Zuko's rather explosive refusal of aid to help the wounded Iroh they were trying to come to terms with this new situation.

''That bastard! I knew something was off about him when we met him at the North Pole. I can't believe we were deceived like that!" Sokka angrily snapped as he clinched his fists. He was one of the few people who initially distrusted Naruto at first, his jealousy over Yue playing a big factor at first, but the blond's friendly nature and charm had begun to make Sokka doubt his reasons of disliking the blond and began to grow a begrudging respect for him. And after he had helped protected the North Pole against the invasion force Sokka was willing to call the blond a friend, but now more than ever it was apparent that it was all a trick. "He can bend air," the final revelation to just how dangerous the blond could be came to Sokka. "I thought only the Avatar is supposed to be able to bend all the elements.'' Sokka voiced in distraught while the others were metaphorically licking his wounds. The fact that he was only bending and using water during his time there gave a frightening indication of the fact that the blond was no ordinary person.

Katara didn't know what to say. It felt like the Jet situation all over again, but this time it really hurt. Naruto was their friend. He had helped them and show them things. To think this entire time it was a lie. Katara glanced at Aang and noticed he was lost in his thoughts. ''Aang what do you think? I mean...was he really bending?''

''No...I don't know what it was but what that Naruto did wasn't bending. It was a force that repelled all attacks and considering he can water bend…I don't know…I 've never heard of anyone with abilities like that. There's no telling how strong he is.'' Aang informed his friends as he felt lost and confused. ''I need to speak with Avatar Roku but until then we should avoid confronting Naruto all costs.''

''Well shit isn't going to go down like it did today! Next time we come across that guy I'm going to kick his ass!'' Toph boasted. Of course what kind of language would a girl pick up among spending her time in an underground and illegal fighting arena with burly and crude grown men whose idea of entertainment was beating the shit out of each other.

Coming to a stop in a forest the blond removed his arm from around the women's waist. As this current time we'll relax for the time being. ''I've seen someone has grown up a bit since I've last seen her."

Azula was a bit unsure how to respond to Naruto's compliment. For the longest time even if she wouldn't admit it she had a soft spot for the blond. She didn't have much experience in the romance department and the only men she interacted with were her troops, the servants, or her family. All her interests revolved around in being the best; though with Naruto it was different. She wasn't the fire lord's daughter or the Princess she was simply just Azula to him.

Despite how much she fought against it at times he was always pushing her to have fun and express herself, a strict contrast to her father's strict and cruel upbringing. A child that was anything but powerful and cunning was a useless child.

That was what made Naruto so different, his warmth and loving personality.

Something drew Naruto's attention as he moved his arm and turned to face someone. His docile grin alerted Azula to the fact that the blond knew this person.

"Oh right, Azula I would like you to meet Mei-Ling.'' the blond said introducing his companion. ''She's mute more or less.'' he informed her as the red-head waved slightly.

Before Azula could ask any further questions two additional figures had shown up. Both young women were about the same age as the princess. The first one looked slightly older with well-coiffed black hair with low pig tails. Her expression seemed rather emotionless and she was wearing a dark red shirt, with a sleeveless murion robe over it with black-grey pants.

The other girl was younger who was usually mistaken for older thanks to her impressive chest with bright eyes, with a long brown ponytail and a bright smile. She was wearing a midriff bearing outfit consisted of red shoes, pink pants with a red over skirt with slits that revealed her legs, a pink top and removable triangular collar and wrist-lets.

"Naruto!" Ty Lee let out a squeal as she bounded forward. She crashed into Naruto as her arms wrapped around his torso.

"Hey there Ty Lee, I see some things haven't changed." He remarked as he peered down. "Well I guess some did."

"Where have you been? We missed you?" she finished with a pout that tugged at his heart strings.

"I'll tell you all about that in time." He said as he took a look at Mai.

"Hey? Going to come hug your old sensei?" He asked as Mai shot him a stubborn look. On one hand she was happy to see her sensei again, despite not outwardly showing it or willing to admit it. Though, on the other hand she was angry that he left and was genuinely sad that one of the few people that was kind of her up and left without so much as an explanation. "Either you come here or I go over there?"

Mai rolled her eyes and went over founding herself blushing when he pulled her into a tight hug.

"So what have you two been up to since I was gone?" he asked as he released the hug.

''I'm an acrobat...'' She said as she did a flip and placed her legs behind her head while doing a handstand. ''See...'' she said as the blond cocked his head slightly. ''I'm pretty good with my hands too.'' She said as there was a slight twitch in the blond's lip before he could get lost in the statement his companion slapped the back of his head.

'Down boy!' Her expression read as Naruto grinned sheepishly.

''By that she means she can disable limb movements and chi flow using hand to hand techniques.'' Azula explained as Naruto nodded in amazement. It actually kind of reminded him of the Hyuuga Jyuuken style. He knew Ty Lee was talented but learning chi blocking was not an easy art at all.

"I was traveling with my family." The dull way she expressed it definitely wasn't something she wanted to talk about right now.

Naruto then introduced Mei-Ling to Mai and Ty Lee. "Well its really good to see all of you again. So I'm curious as to why the three of you are out here. I mean I'm sure you three didn't just arrive and come into conflict with that group for the hell of it.''

At that Azula began elaborating her tale of trying to capture her relatives for their methods that came into conflict with the Fire Nation's. After explaining the soldiers under her command utter failure she decided to form an elite team and how her current objective was to capture the Avatar. "So how was it that you managed to encounter the Avatar?" the fact that the Avatar knew his name meant they had encountered each other into the past.

"I encountered him and his group during my travels before I even realized who he was. Anyway I decided to take a break from my travels so why don't I join you guys for your journey. In fact why don't you girls stay with me for the night? There is more than enough room at my camp site, it's a pretty nice small house with more than enough room.'' He offered.

''Can we Azula? Can we! Pleeeeeease!'' It wasn't the most comfortable having to sleep in a tank that spent most of the time moving and traversing through rough ground.

''Very well...'' Azula relented at Ty Lee's instance. In response the energetic girl squeals in joy and glomps Azula causing Naruto to chuckle. ''Only for tonight,'' the princess clarified. ''We need to stay on the Avatar's trail after all.''

''I'll go get my stuff now.'' She said as she practically bounced as she readied to head back to the tank.

"I'll go on ahead and get the place prepared. Mei-Ling here will of course show you the way."

''So...I never took you for one to have an interest in a romantic partner.'' Mai said, giving Azula a knowing smirk.

''I have no idea what you're talking about.'' Azula immediately denied the accusation.

''Oh come on Azula I saw the way you looked at him. You said it yourself the only guy worthy of you would have to be able to beat you in Agni Kai and Naruto-sensei is pretty strong. "

Normally Azula would merely have disputed and picked apart such an argument, but she couldn't deny that seeing her old body guard again had drew up feelings she didn't know she had. The fact he was able to fight her uncle, brother, the Avatar and his friends casually showed that he was also had strength to go with his wisdom. This will have to be something she would have to consider more over time.

''Who knows, he might be worthy of courting me." ' Azula answered, her response bringing an actual emotional response to Mai's face.

''A-Are you serious?'' she asked as Azula nodded. "Well I suppose it was only a matter of time, especially since Sensei seems fond of you as well."

''Since when were you an expert on people?'' Azula asked, curious on to how such a withdrawn person as Mai seemed to think she had such an insight.

''Just because I don't interact with people doesn't mean I'm clueless. People are boring and predictable; I've been watching them from the sidelines for years now and I've seen all sorts of people, but Naruto-sensei has always been different. He's an interesting person."

That moment Azula allowed a smile that wasn't a cruel smirk or triumph grin formed on her face. ''It appears I'm not the only one that was interested.'' She said to Mai's confusion. ''Or is the smile on your lips a result of you enjoying the fresh air?''

Mai merely turned her head and suppressed smile. She felt embarrassment that she let herself actually feel something for a guy she hardly knew and that Azula apparently picked up on that even if she was the princess's childhood friend that didn't make her completely immune from the fire bender's manipulations. While Azula wouldn't just outright threatened their lives as easily as she would others, that didn't mean she wasn't capable of treating them like enemies.

They had finally arrived to see Naruto arriving back with Ty Lee riding him piggyback.

''I'm not a horse you know...'' Naruto said in annoyance as he entered the room.

''What's a horse?'' She asked as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

''I'll tell you later...'' He said as she hopped off, unaware to the look her friends were giving her; not jealousy they would quickly denied, but the fact that Ty Lee was being unnecessarily loud of course. ''I hope you don't mind, but I figured you three would need some essentials so I went to find Ty Lee and bring back some of your items."

That night after the dinner which Mei-Ling had cooked Azula was coming to terms with everything that happened today along with her growing attraction to Naruto. 'Get yourself together Azula? You will not allow yourself to fall to pieces over a male like a simple empty headed girl.' She reasoned to herself taking off her head-piece and placing it on the desk. She also let down her hair that fell down to her waist.

It was a tradition that every female in the royal line from a young age was paired and regular sparred against a male suitor and only one who was able to soundly defeat her would be permitted to court her as a means of making sure the next generation was as powerful as possible. ''But what if he finds my behavior off putting now or he prefers his women more like Ty Lee better?'

Ty Lee being a guy magnet, along with her natural acrobatic ability was something Azula found that she was jealous over. The former in particular made her particularly bitter. No matter how much of a soldier she was it didn't change that she was a teenage girl with the insecurities and hormones that came with it. Those sad thoughts were what filled her head as she pulled out a comb and began brushing her hair back.

''You seemed to be lost in thought,'' Azula spoke as she joined Naruto's side on the roof. She was wearing a crimson robe with gold outlining while having her hair down.

''Its nothing really." He said as he glanced at her. Naruto took a few moments to look over the Fire Princess as he looked at her from head to toe. "With your hair down you look rather radiant Hime.'' Her cheeks began to heat up from the complement about her hair. She sat herself beside the blond and gazed at the scenery as she took a moment to calm and compose herself. Once again trying not to let the blond's words affect her.

''It looks like our journey has gotten easier.'' A voice said alerting them. Out in the doorway of the roof stood Mai and Ty Lee who were in similar robes. ''Something tells me things are going to be more interesting from here on out.'' Mai said as Naruto grinned.

''Anyway we need to focus on what's important.'' Azula spoke up and garnering their attention. ''We have to track down the Avatar. "

"Will worry about that in the morning. Let's get some rest for the night and start fresh." Naruto suggested as he bid them all good night.

The following day they began fresh. They were able to immediately pick up the trail thanks to the fur from the Avatar's sky bison so they began tracking him. With everyone packed and ready for the journey the group soon found themselves in a town whose place is on the edge of the desert after a couple of days travel. After going from shop to shop only to finally arrive to a place called the Misty Palms Oasis.

''We are looking for this boy? '' Naruto said placing a scroll of paper on the counter. ''Have you seen him?'

The bartender in question was an older man, bald and has a short brown beard. He was wearing a green tunic, a white apron and brown armbands around his biceps. There are two thin swords hanging across his back by leather straps, forming an X. The man ignored Naruto's question and merely grunted.

''Okay...then we'll try it the hard way.'' Naruto said as he grabbed the man by the throat and slammed him against the wall. Much to the girl's confusion no one in the bar was reacting. An Oni like creature appeared behind Naruto with sharp teeth and menacing eyes. Tendril like objects sprouted out of its mouth at the hoisted man. A serpent-like apparition of their life force energy, in the form of an enlarged tongue emerged from its mouth.

''The Outer Path...the last path passes judgment. Lying or refusing to answer is death. '' He said as the girl's only saw nothing but air wondering if this final Path was invisible. ''Have you seen the Avatar? If so did he mention where he was going?''

''H-He went out there in the desert someplace. He's searching for the Wan Shi Tong Library with some someone from the Ba Sing Se University by the name of Professor Zei. ''

''You have been most helpful.'' He said as the man was let go, extremely exhausted. ''Let's go.'' Naruto said as the group of five exited the bar as the confused and startled patrons rushed over to the bartender. ''We know where we need to go now.'' Naruto said as he started walking to the desert knowing the four girls stood there not moving an inch.

''You're joking right?'' Mai asked as Naruto merely blinked.

''Uum no not really. The Avatar is in the desert and...wait...'' Naruto shook his head and chuckled. ''That is...pretty damn stupid; without supplies especially considering how big the damn thing could be.''

''That and the Tank isn't made for that kind of terrain.'' Azula added as Naruto turned to them.

''Well I know just what can help us through that kind of terrain.'' He then walked out to the dry sand of the desert as he then slammed his hand down on the ground saying. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" A large plume of smoke had exploded in front of the blond sennin and within moment the cloud had cleared up. Out of the smoke appeared a creäture several times the size of the tank with a grayish brown pelt with yellowish gray on the upper parts, while the throat with buff white on its belly. The forelegs, sides of the head, muzzle and paws were reddish-brown. The back had a tawny-colored underfur and long, black-tipped guard hairs that form a black dorsal stripe and a dark cross on the shoulder area and black-tipped tail. ''This ladies is a species of Canind known as the Coyote.''

''Showing me off as if I'm some pet. You really know how to treat your supposed allies.'' The coyote said as it snorted and raised his head.

''Come on now Chairo Kiba. I swear is everyone going to get pissy at me when I don't summon them on a weekly basis?''

''And I suppose you want me to let those children ride as well? You owe me lots of squirrel and mice for this.''

''Yeah, yeah.'' He said as he extended a hand in the direction of the girls. ''Shall we?'' He asked as he helped each girl up who had various different thoughts going through their heads. ''Alright hand on tight. We're going to be heading at top speed to save time.'' He said as Brown Fang started off slowly, stretching his limbs and began charging ahead picking up speed. The town folks all the while seemed to ignore the giant animal that appeared out of nowhere so the girls assumed it was due to one of those illusions Naruto mentioned.

Anyway as Azula clung to the blond who was clung to by Mai and who was also clung to by Ty Lee as they continued their thoughts.

"My Shen (5)...this man just might be the strongest being on this planet. He might even be able to beat the Avatar even if he became fully realized. The things he could do are unreal and he probably could end this war if he wanted too. How could someone with all this power be so gentle? And after all he has been through how can he find the strength to smile? Regardless with all that power I doubt he would have interest in a lover that could hardly hold a candle to him.'' Azula thought as she suppressed the urge to do a girlish giggle. Not that she would ever do so mind you. Such an action was far beneath her.

"Naruto-sensei is really something. I never saw someone bring out Azula's more gentle side. Not to mention how gentle he is.'' She thought as he helped her up. ''Things with sensei are always more exciting. I'm looking forward to it. Then there is also the fact he actually pays attention to me when we talk and doesn't seem put off by my attitude which is refreshing for a change. ''

"This is so cool!" Thought Ty Lee as she watched everything whizzed by her. "I haven't had this much fun since the circus. Not to mention Azula and Mai seem so relaxed. With Naruto's help I might finally be able to get those to actually have fun. Not to mention he's so nice and knows all these cool techniques and he wants to end the war instead of needlessly hurting people unless necessary. He's such a nice guy...I wonder if he's on the market?''

While these girls thought about their male teammate Naruto gazed out to the impressive expanse up ahead. ''Have you picked up the scent yet?'' He asked as the Canine nodded.

''The fur creature's sent is being blasted down my nostrils by the wind. I'm picking up two cents in particular; the fur beast and a human female.''

''These strong winds is carrying their scent in the wind. Anything else?''

''I believe I see a tower a bit further ahead.''

''Get as close as you can without being spotted. We will take care of the rest.'' He said as they came within several kilometers of the massive tower. Naruto then focused his Rinnegan eyes at the tower for a few moments. When he saw an open window to the tower, he then focused his eyes on the ground to see a girl leaning on the bison.

"The Earth bender is playing guard with the Air Bison.''

''Well for you this should be child's play, shouldn't it?' Azula asked as Naruto snorted and gave her a 'are you serious look'?

''Hardly, but her method of Earth Bending has made me curious. I want to test myself against that girl. I also want to see if I'm capable of learning these bending arts and who knows...I might be able to bring her over to our side. I've been told I'm quite charismatic. So there is only one way to go.'' Naruto said as he created a Kagebunshin. This was going to be interesting.


Chapter End


An adaption of Onishin's DRC: Sennin vs Avatar which I was given permission to adopt and rewrite in my style.

Unlike last time this newest reversion was majorly redone. Naruto now has history with the Fire Nation characters instead of being random stranger. His relationship with the characters are now stronger and more realistic and his usage of his abilities are far different from the original story and from the versions that the others use making mine the more unique and updated version. With that I hope you guys enjoy the changes.


Translations for lines.


Shinra Tensei - Divine Judgment

1. You look lovely in that my Fire lily.

2. Second Sage of the Paths Reborn.

3. Imperial Wood Platform.

4. Brown Fang

5. God/ Divine Spirit Lord/Lady

6. Summoning Jutsu