Sennin of the Four Nations


Naruto x Harem?


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Story Start


In the cold and quiet solitude of night a young man was sitting on the balcony. His golden sun-kissed hair slightly swayed in the night air's wind. He softly breath in and out as only the sound of his heartbeat and soft howls of the wind filled his mind. He was wearing a dark red Changshan, a traditional long shirt with a black and gold trim jacket over it along with black sandals. The sound of footsteps caused the man to open his eyes, pure and plentiful like the sky, the cerulean eye young man craned his head around to greet the woman who was approaching him.

She was the very meaning of the term lovely. Her appearance was that of waist length raven hair, dazzling amber-colored eyes and full supple lips. Her outfit consisted of a Qipao of the same shade, fitting her fit and athletic and curvaceous form with a high slit on both sides as well as being sleeveless. Her movements in the floor length one piece dress was graceful.

''Anata wa watashi no hi no yuri sono naka no suteki ni mieru.'' (1) He told her with as he spun around and dropped to his feet as he joined her side. ''You know I really love it when you get dressed up like this my Fire Lily.'' He said wrapping his arms around her waist.

''More like you care about how fast you can get it off.'' She said as she pressed her head against his chest to listen to his heartbeat. ''The revolts are starting again. At this rate conflict will break out again.''

''Will do what we always had to Azula. We will strive and survive...we will find a way. After all my Empress we came this far.'' The blond said as he began reminiscing about how this whole thing began. His mind began drifting off to that fateful day when he first saw Azula and what started it all.

''Looks like you were right. I might have to intervene after all.'' A young man spoke to his companion as the person they were watching was cornered by six people.

The young man was a few inches shorter of being six feet even in height with spiky shoulder length, sun-kissed blond hair. He was wearing black cargo pants, boots with soles on the feet and a dark orange-flame red shirt along with a cloak over with flame like colors painted the edge of the cloak and in the middle of the cloak the following was spelled out phonetically. 'Umarekawaru pasu no dai ni no kenja'

His companion was a bit shorter with waist length red hair, a white choker, wrist bands and violet colored eyes. Her form was quite slender which made the woman an agile fighter to which she also sported a long-sleeved sky blue blouse with a high-collar and black fastener and edges paired with similarly colored, puffy pants that looked like an Hakama.

Princess Azula of the Fire Nation found herself in a tight spot. The daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Lady Ursa, proud princess of the Fire Nation and fire bending prodigy didn't often find herself in a situation she couldn't out think of. Said girls appearance consisted of a red undershirt and darker red over-shirt. The sleeves consisted of lighter red color and her shirt snaps up in the back and extends to her hips. with her pants being a lighter shade. She also wore a collar piece consisted of vinyl upholstery consisted of brown and maroon coloring with a belt of the same shade and gauntlets fitted with a bracelet like appearance. All with a flame like detail on them matching the vinyl. Her hair was lower back length along with a bun over the rest of it with a crown-piece that was a similar shade of gold along with the gold trimming on her outfit and boots.

On the rare occasion that she couldn't solve with her cunning, her flames often took care of the problem. On all sides she was surrounding by the Avatar, Two water nation inhabitants, a rather gifted young Earth Bender along with her younger brother Zuko and Uncle Iroh. They were all ready to unleash their bending attacks on her at the slightest provocation.

She cursed that Ty Lee and Mai weren't able to handle mere peasants apparently. She needed to find someway to distract them so she regroup. Lightning required too much of a preparation time and her uncle could redirect it if she attempted to do so; that she had learned the hard way previously. The only thing she could count on was the naivety of the group and the fact that they hadn't dealt with bloodshed. The Avatar was an Air Nomad and from reports gathered not a single enemy was killed by his hand or his group and Zuko was soft as well. So that left one idea in mind, but that only left one question in her mind? Would she be able to pull it off before the others retaliated?

That moment of over-analyzing the situation proved to work against Azula's favor. Her cunning nature working against her as the moment's precious time did not take into the fact that majority of her opposite number were more emotional and direct. She did not take in the blind earth bender alerting others to her intent to attack nor the reflex of the Earth Bender diminishing her fireball before it could strike Iroh and result in the shock value to give her time to escape. This paved way for the others to attack to which Azula only had time to react to move in a defensive gesture to reduce damage only for confusion abound to spread across the field as the body of the Fire Nation Princess disappeared.

''A bit unfair don't you think?'' A rather jovial voiced asked as the group looked up and notice the young blond male descend from the air and land with Azula in his arms bridal style. ''Six on one is a bit unfair. Then again now that I'm here the unfair odds have shifted the other way.'' He said setting Azula down as the only feeling she felt was confusion. ''I mean really, teaming up on a beautiful young woman.'' he added and shook his head as if to

To her confusion Azula felt her cheeks heating up. Many of times she was described as having fetching features. Mainly diplomats and denizens of royal family who made the rather unwanted comparison of her features to her mother. Though maybe it was the fact this stranger was not currying favor and sincerely found her desirable.

She couldn't remove as this mysterious and by his aura powerful stranger appeared to fight on her behalf. ''Fight with the intent to kill or else none of you will survive.'' He taunted the group of strangers as he cracked his neck on both sides, titled his head to the side and then shot forward. The combatants had launched their attacks to which the man easily dispatched.

''Shinra...Tensei!'' A powerful force of gravity launched the strangers attacks back in the direction of the users. Out racing the rate of the propelled weapons the man grabbed the boomerang out of air and cleaved a small section of a destroyed building in half.

The Water Maiden ended up being drench by her own water and the Air bender propelled by his own attack backwards as the Fire Benders had to dodge their own fire streams.

With seconds passed the man had pulled out a small jar from his pocket and practically inhaled the contents as his cheeks puffed out. Inhaling air through his nose the man spewed out a flame bullet forming a fire wall between the fire benders and the rest of the combatants. Heading over to the children the blond went about picking them off one by one. The Earth Bender attempted to unbalance the blond by forcing earth column after earth column out of the ground; though the mysterious fighter proved too agile. So with the procure boomerang in hand he leapt into the air and tossed it at the girl.

''Toph duck!'' The other female combatant, the water tribes girl shouted out to the earth bender who just dodged out-of-the-way of the weapon that cut off a few strands of her hair. A blast of the wind drew his attention, but to the confusion of its user it didn't knock him off-balance. Using the Shinra Tensei the young man propelled himself towards the blond and grabbed him by throat. The other combatants had quickly approached him only to be caught in the electrical discharge of his attack affecting the four teens causing their bodies to go stiff.

Apparently his actions came off as more malevolent in intent then they were as the blond craned his neck and was just able to avoid a lightning bolt through the shoulder. It wouldn't have been lethal, but a strike from lightning in that area definitely would have left most without use of their arms. ''Shinra Tensei!'' He launched only for the old man to dodge the attack. 'Damn that old man moves quick!' The blond thought, only for the younger fire bender to fire a blast at him from behind.

Dropping down behind him his companion pulled the large fan from her back and with a fierce wave to sent the attack back at the youth only for his uncle to push him out-of-the-way, taking the brunt of the attack.

All the while Azula had looked on at awe at the mysterious stranger's power.

''I guess you got impatient! Time to go then!'' The blond said as he and his companion had run over to where Azula was. Though

Before she could even protest the blond threw his arm around her and her companion and disappearing into a yellow flash.

The Gaang were trying to come to the terms of being soundly defeated. After Zuko's rather explosive refusal of aid to help the wounded Iroh they were trying to come to terms with this new situation.

''Just who was that guy? He took everything we threw at him like it was nothing? And not only was he using firing he was blasting us around with Air? Last I checked only the Avatar is supposed to be able to bend all the elements.'' Sokka voiced in distraught while the others were metaphorically licking his wounds.

''Whoever this guy is he's dangerous. And not to mention we have no idea who that girl is and just what she could do either. All I know is we need to be more careful now then ever before.'' Katara said as she noticed Aang was lost in his thoughts. ''Aang what do you think? I mean...was he really bending?''

''No...I don't know what it was but what that guy did wasn't bending. It was a force that repelled all attacks and if this only some of what he can do then there is no telling how strong he is.'' Aang informed his friends as he felt lost and confused. ''I need to speak with Avatar Roku but until then we should avoid that guy at all costs.''

''Well shit isn't going to go down like it did today! Next time we come across that guy I'm going to kick his ass!'' Toph boasted. Of course what kind of language would a girl pick up among spending her time in an underground and illegal fighting arena with burly and crude grown men whose idea of entertainment was beating the shit out of each other.

Coming to a stop in a forest the blond removed his arm from around the women's waist. As this current time we'll relax for the time being. ''So beautiful I never got your name?'' Azula was a bit unsure how to respond to the flirtations of a man. She didn't have much experience in the romance department and the only men she interacted with were her troops, the servants, or her family. All her interests revolved around in being the best; all her focus in training her mind and body so she reacted in the only way she knew about.

"I am Azula, daughter of Fire Lord Ozai and Crown Princess of the Fire Nation." she proudly introduced herself. ''And you yourself warrior? I am curious to know the name of someone who is as skilled as yourself.'' Azula prided herself on being one step ahead of people and the sooner she learned about this mysterious and powerful warrior the better.

''Naruto...I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Just call me Naruto and this is Mei-Ling.'' the blond said introducing his companion. ''She's mute more or less.'' he informed her as the red-head waved slightly. ''Anyway I saw your fight. Impressive, not that many people can fight against six opponents with various skills so effectively. I have to say if it wasn't for the untimely interference of the others you probably would have defeated the boy with the scar and the monk.''

"Wait a moment," Azula interrupted as she gave the blond an accusing look. "You were watching the entire time?''

''Well yeah,'' the blond replied, ''...had a bet going too, unfortunately I lost. I was really rooting for you too. To be honest I guess I was more mesmerized by those ember flames of yours.''

''I can say the same of your abilities? What are they anyway? Only the Avatar is capable of bending one element, so just who are you?''

''I can answer that question but I hate to repeat myself. So why don't we wait until your friends arrive...they should be arriving in'' he counted down and sure enough as the countdown ended two young girls had entered the area. Both young women were about the same age as the princess. The first one looked slightly older with well coiffed black hair with low pig tails. Her expression seemed rather emotionless and she was wearing a dark red shirt, with a sleeveless murion robe over it with black-grey pants.

The other girl was younger and bright eye, with a long brown ponytail and a bright smile. She was wearing a midriff bearing outfit consisted of red shoes, pink pants with a red over skirt with slits that revealed her legs, a pink top and removable triangular collar and wrist-lets.

"How did you…never mind. Mai, Ty Lee, this is Naruto and his companion Mei-Ling. And apparently they've been watching us for some time.'' While that bit of information alarmed the former the latter merely did few flexible cartwheels and stopped a few feet in front of the blond. Up righting herself her face was a few inches from his.

''You have a nice aura!'' The girl told him. ''I'm Ty Lee...let's be good friends okay.''' she said cheerfully extending out her hand.

''Okay Ty Lee...that would be nice. Nice to meet you?'' He said shaking her hand. ''Contrary to what your friend said I haven't been watching you for some time. My companion and I just happened to arrived in the area. Anyway what is it that you do?''

''I'm an acrobat...'' She said as she did a flip and placed her legs behind her head while doing a handstand. ''See...'' she said as the blond cocked his head slightly. ''I'm pretty good with my hands too.'' She said as their was a slight twitch in the blond's lips. Before he could get lost in the statement his companion slapped the back of his head.

'Down boy!' Her expression read as Naruto grinned sheepishly.

''By that she means she can disable limb movements and chi flow using hand to hand techniques.'' Azula explained as Naruto nodded in amazement. It actually kind of reminded him of the Hyuuga Jyuuken style. 'This girl...could she be...'' He thought for a moment before deciding he would worry about it later so he turned his attention to the quiet girl. ''Mai was it? How about you?'' He asked as she pulled out some of her stilettos.

''I'm an expert in knife combat and throwing weapons. I don't often miss.'' she explained as Naruto nodded.

''So I'm curious as to why the three of you are out here. I mean I'm sure you three didn't just arrive and come into conflict with that group for the hell of it.''

At that Azula began elaborating her tale of trying to capture her relatives for their methods that came into conflict with the Fire Nation's. After explaining the soldiers under her command utter failure she decided to form an elite team and how her current objective was to get rid of the Avatar.

''Hhm...this Avatar sounds a lot like the man my people heralded as a God. The Sage of Six Paths, the man whose actions are responsible for me being here now. I am kind of curious though, I wonder, if this Avatar of yours is connected to the Sage...okay what are you doing?'' Naruto asked, suddenly interrupting his inquiry as the bubbly girl was fumbling with his hair.

''Its so this is your natural hair color?'' she asked with a hint of wonder as she poked around his hair. ''I never seen anyone with gold hair before.'' Ty Lee said with a giggle.

''Well, there is one way to know for sure.'' The blond said with a grin as his companion rolled her eyes.

''You have no shame at all I swear!''

''Aah come on now know how I work.'' He said with a grin before answering the girl. '''s natural along with the eyes I was using previously. I like my actual eyes better so I usually keep the inherited trait deactivated. But I suppose I can show you.'' The blond said pressing two fingers against his forehead and channeling chakra. Inhaling and closing his eyes his eyes snapped open revealing the Rin'nengan.

''Whoa! How did you do that thing with your eyes?'' Ty Lee asked after an audible gasp.

''It's an inherited trait from a family line throughout the generations, but I don't really feel comfortable telling you girls much more just yet. Not unless we find ourselves coming to an mutual agreement first.''

''What kind of agreement?'' Azula spoke up, her interest primarily focused on seeing more of this mysterious strangers power and trying to figure what use she could find for it. If she could find a way to add the man to her team who had power reminiscent of the Avatars she would be almost untouchable.

''I'll lend you my power; help you meet your goals and dreams if you simply help me in one endeavor. I am looking for someone who is a member from an old friend of mine's family. To be honest I don't know what she looks like, all I know is that she has the power of premonition. I never break my promises I assure you and I'm willing to help you girls meet your goals before the search. So what do you say? Deal?'' He asked extending his hand.

''I don't say you could help us, but I as of yet, I haven't seen anything that could help us meet our goals.'' Azula skeptically remarked.

''Hhm,'' Naruto paused and considered her words. '' about I help you guys capture the monk? I don't think it'll be all that hard...that air bending as it's called shouldn't be too hard to get around.'' from what Naruto could tell it should have been relatively simple.

''That monk as you called it is the Avatar. He is the master of the four elements of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. You'll have to contend with more than just air bending if you wish to take him out.''

''Only four elements?'' Naruto asked with disappointment. ''That hardly sounds like a challenge.''

Azula couldn't believe at how Naruto merely dismissed this bit of information. ''Did you not hear what I said? Does it not concern you that he has power over all the elements?''

''If the benders of this world can only bend four of the elements then I'm not impressed? I can bend all six of them with ease.''

''Six? There are only four nations and four bending disciples so how can their be six for you to use?''

Naruto merely grinned at the Princess's insistence of only four elements. ''I come from a time where there were many elements. The elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind, and Yin & Yang. These elements could mix together and create the sub elements of Wood, Ice, Storm, Boil, Lava, Metal, Sand, Blaze, Crystal, Dust, Chaos, Swift, Explosion, Twilight, and Scorching Heat.''

''Then prove your claims! Surely if there were such elements there would have been some record on them.'' Azula wasn't as skeptical as she was acting. While something telling her there couldn't have been that many elements that managed to fade away from the throes of history, the prospect of the potential power of some of them were too good not to dismiss.

''I'll take your challenge Hime.'' He said as he walked several feet away from them to give himself some room. Noticing her raised eyebrow and question on her tongue he answered before he could finish. ''In my language it means Princess.'' he said as the Princess closed her mouth and nodded, accepting the explanation. ''You three are in for a treat. It's been years since anyone has seen this.'' He said as he gazed their expressions. Mai seemed mostly bored but curious enough to watch. Azula was the most focused and intent while the little ball of energy known as Ty Lee was fidgeting a bit, whether it was from excitement or for the fact she couldn't seem to sit still Naruto didn't know.

Placing his hand together Naruto began channeling chakra as his eyes began to glow and along with his hand. ''Summoning Jutsu! Anko!'' He shouted as he bit his thumb and slammed his palm against the ground as a column of smoke erupted. Out of it walked out of tall and light brown, pupil-less eyes. She had violet hair is done up in a short, somewhat spiky ponytail and her outfit consisted of a tan overcoat, complete with a fitted mesh body suit that stretched from her neck down to her thighs along with a dark orange mini-skirt, as well as a forehead protector, a small pendant that looks like a snake fang on a thick cord and not a chain to prevent it from being easily torn off in combat, a wrist watch, and shin guards. She also wore a dark blue belt around her waist that connects to her skirt that has an appendage-like sash. On her back was a set of twin swords known as 'Kiba.'

''What took you so damn long to summon me huh?'' The violet haired woman snapped irritably as Naruto scratched the back of his head.

''Sorry Anko...haven't come across anyone I found worthy enough for you to fight.'' he insisted to avoid the woman's wrath.

''Do you know how bored I get stuck in that little dream world of yours?'' she whined as she began playing upon his guilt.

''But you have the power to shape it to whatever you desire? You can't tell me you ran out of things already?'' he was sure there was enough shit in his mind to keep people occupied for decades.

''It gets boring too quickly! I want to go and kick some ass. Is that too much to ask?'' The woman asked with a childish pout and folding her arms.

''Yeah...yeah...anyway we have guests and they want a demonstration so can you summon the others so we can do introductions all at once.''

'' owe me lots of Sake later.'' She said as she went about summoning the others one by one.

The second person summoned was a young woman with fair skin and emerald eyes. She also had long, cherry blossom colored hair tied into two ponytails using white bands and a top that zipped up from her waist to her neck, but only zipped half way showing off her midriff with elbow length fishnet armbands. She was also wearing a white bandage wrapped around her midriff-like an Obi with dark green pants. She was also wearing open-toed sandals with high heels and polish on both her fingernails and toenails with cherry rose lipstick. Strapped to her back was a double-handled bandaged sword the Hiramekarei.

''Hey there knucklehead what took you so long?'' The pinkette asked as Naruto shrugged.

''Haven't had any action in awhile.''

The person who was summoned was also female. She was full figure, especially up top with a sleeveless lavender top and a lavender armband on her left arm with navy pants and black, low-heeled sandals. On her back was the Kabutowari the blunt sword which consisted of a single sided axe and hammer joined by a length of chain.''Naruto-kun...I take it something is happening?''

''Not at the moment, but I might need your help Hina-chan.''

All the while Anko had summoned another person. Another young woman with green-eyes and long blonde hair, often in a ponytail with bangs covering the right side of her face that reached down to waist in length. Her attire consisted of violet clothing that showed off her figure. She was wearing a shoulder-less violet top with small loops that hooked around her arm with a collar that reached up to her neck. The top half of it with white and on her hands were black fingerless gloves with a large violet striped adorning the middle. She was also wearing a short purple open skirt with short fishnet shorts underneath with two black intersecting belts on the ground keeping the skirt together. She was also wearing open toe shoes that reached up to her ankles with fishnet cloth going from her ankles to just above her knees. On her back was strapped the Nuibari one of the most frightening of the weapons, a longsword with a sharp needle and long thin wire resembling thread attach to it and one of the most surprising choices for the user weapon combination.

''Whiskers! How could you keep a lady such as me waiting?'' The blonde demanded as Naruto rolled his eyes.

''Hello Ino...'' Naruto remarked dryly. ''Nice to see you too.''

The next to appear was a male and the oldest of the bunch by far. He was dressed in the standard entire of his village with iron plated gloves. The Black shirt with red spirals on the side matched his pants along with a green flak jacket. The man's lower part of his face was eschewed by a mask and had silver-white hair that was spiky with a forehead protector covered his left scarred eye. The tall and fit man had a bored look on his face despite the fact he was reading an orange book. On his back was the Kubikiribocho the Executioner's blade, a giant butcher knife like blade was strapped vertically to his back. ''Hey there Naruto...''

''Hey there Kakashi.''

And finally the last person was summoned. A young male with pale skin and short, spiky hair that was brick-red in color. He also had green eyes that sometimes in certain light looked a shade of blue and had no eyebrows giving him a distinctive look along with two other traits. The first was his tanuki-like black eye rings, having them since his birth due to insomnia caused by Shukaku. Secondly, he created the kanji "love" on the left side of his forehead, having it since his uncle's betrayal and assassination attempt. The young man's forelocks are parted from the left side, making the kanji more visible.

He was wearing full-length dark trousers, with a pair of laces on each leg, a few inches below the waist and the knees, a long-sleeved crimson coat with flaring hemlines on the front and the back, a grey holster vest held in place by a single strap over his left shoulder and by two buckled belts which he uses to carry his gourd. He also wears another pair of casually worn belts around his waist along with Kazekage robes, and a simple black tunic-trousers suit and his village's standard shinobi sandals. On his back was the Shibuki the explosion sword that had a scroll full of exploding tags incorporated into it, lined up behind the blade, combining swordsmanship and explosions.

''Uzumaki Naruto...''


All the summoned beings had the same eyes of Naruto. All the while the three Fire Nation inhabitants looked on in awe as they were trying to process what they were seeing. ''These are my allies and my close friends. Mitarashi Anko the Animal Path and the bearer of the Kiba blade. Kakashi Hatake the Deva Path and bearer of the Kubikiribocho. Yamanaka Ino the Naraka Path and bearer of the Nuibari. Gaara of the Sand the Asura Path and bearer of the Shibuki. Hyuuga Hinata the Preta Path and bearer of the Kabutowari and Haruno Sakura the Human Path the bearer of the Hiramekarei. Together with myself the bearer of the Samheda we are the Sage of the Paths reborn. And now a demonstration of our power.'' He said as the seven worked at once. With a series of hand seals each user summoned a dragon of their respective elements. A dragon of fire, water, earth, lightning, and sand were summoned and became intertwined in the air.

Readying the double handled blade Sakura created a layer of chakra and with a swing shot out chakra that cleaved the dragons in two. Naruto then clapped his hands together. ''Mokuton:Inperiaruuddopurattofōmu.'' (3) His power radiated from him and extended to the trees causing them to grow and combine together as they form a massive platform. ''I hope this little display of jutsu has proved what I said is true.''

''These...Jut-su? Can anyone learned them?'' Azula asked as she was practically salivating at the power, but that was not to be realized when Naruto shook his head.

''I'm afraid it's a bit too late for you and your friends. Using jutsu required an energy known as Chakra and you have to learn how to use them before you get to a certain age. I can look into getting around this if you want, but I'm afraid at the moment it just simply isn't possible.''

''It's getting kind of late.'' Sakura said as the sky resonated orange and yellow shades of the setting sun. ''Maybe you should set up a house for you and our...guests?'' Sakura suggested as Naruto nodded. Using the Mokuton again Naruto created a three story house and invited the women inside knowing they were brimming with more questions at what they saw.

''So who were those people?'' Ty Lee asked, interrupting Azula before she could ask her own question. Currently the paths as they were called were out collecting water, hunting, or setting up camping equipment.

''My dear friends or those of whom souls I was able to link up with. Or I should say they are imitations of my friends who have their memories and spirit so to speak. A small part of their souls live on inside of me and from now on that controls their respective bodies. Those six were the only ones I was able to come in contact with. I am they and they are me so to speak. It took us a bit of time to get used to it. ''

''You seem to be awfully trusting to people you've just met. Why is that?'' the suspicious Fire Nation Princess demanded.

''Well to answer your question Hime you three aren't really what I call a threat.'' That apparently was the wrong answer.

''What?'' Azula angrily snapped nearly losing her cool. She did not take well to being referred to as weak.

''Don't take it the wrong way Azula-Hime I'm not calling you weak, but look at it from my point of view. Until I told you only four elements existed, and in your mind Lightning was just a mere extension of fire. I have power over elements you weren't even aware of existed not to mention you haven't even see the power of my paths, the respective abilities of my friends or even my transformations. Hell I could probably end this war now if I wanted too.''

''Well then why haven't you?'' Mai spoke up as Mei-Ling sat down a tray of tea on the mahogany table.

'He's lazy.'

''Oh whatever Mei-Ling.'' Naruto said to the red-head's statement. ''I have already played the role of savior and it's overrated okay.'' he snapped at his friend.

''What do you mean by playing the role of savior? You still haven't told us where you're from either?''

In response to Mai's questions Naruto began explaining. ''As you can obviously see I'm not from around here. I'm not even from this time period. As you all told me the Avatar is some sort of god among people. The person whose power I inherited was the same for my people known as shinobi. He was the one that brought the concept of Jutsu about. I also inherited the destiny of child of prophecy as I tried to save the world from a madman, the nameless man who called himself Tobi. Suffice to say my idealist views blinded me; they prevented me from seeing how far my enemies would go and how much harm they would do to people to meet their goals. I lost so many of my precious people because of it. I thought I alone could solve all the worlds problems and that I could reason with an old friend turned enemy...I was wrong.

It took losing everyone I cared about to realize I wasn't living some silly idealist story where everything works out. I was confronted with the harsh cold reality of the shinobi life, those I cared about paid the price as a result. By the time I finally killed Tobi I had lost everything when he appeared. The original Six Sage of the Paths soon appeared before me and gave me this chance at a new life. That now that I saw the darkness in the heart of men I learned what it took to form peace. A single man along can not bring peace. That you simply just can't end generations worth of hatred and wars with mere words. How can you go up to someone and tell them to forgive the enemy who cruelly murdered their entire family or village just because you asked them to?

Only the people themselves, everyone involved in the conflict desiring change are capable of making peace. That one must open the eyes and understand both the strong and weak and how without the other you can't define either. So while I am searching for this person I also hope to teach to people how the first step of stopping this meaningless bloodshed. I know now that it won't end an in instant, but at least the people would be given the tools to make the decision on their own.''

''You are a curiosity Naruto. I believe this alliance would be beneficial to the both of us.'' Azula said, as Naruto nodded in acceptance. ''I'm glad you believe so. Anyway if you girls want you can stay here for the night. There is more then enough room.'' He offered as Ty Lee finished her cup of tea.

''Can we Azula? Can we! Pleeeeeease!'' It wasn't the most comfortable having to sleep in a tank that spent most of the time moving and traversing through rough ground.

''Very well...'' Azula relented at Ty Lee's instance. In response the energetic girl squeals in joy and glomps Azula causing Naruto to chuckle. ''Only for tonight,'' the princess clarified. ''We need to stay on the Avatar's trail after all.''

''I'll go get my stuff now.'' She said as she practically bounced out of the house.

''I heard you were a real terror at a young age. Hell if you and the bubbly girl had children I bet he or she would drive people insane.''

''Hey! I have calmed down in the later years of my life thank you very much,'' He said to the red-head who was setting up a pot for stew to cook when the paths returned. ''I'll be right back. I think my paths might have gotten lost.'' Naruto said as he disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

''So...I never took you for one to have an interest in a romantic partner.'' Mai said, giving Azula a knowing smirk.

''I have no idea what you're talking about.'' Azula immediately denied the accusation.

''Oh come on, since when have you ever displayed such interest in a guy? You said it yourself the only guy worthy of you would have to be able to beat you in Agni Kai and you see what he can do. If everything he said is true he could be stronger than the Fire Lord himself.''

Normally Azula would strike down anyone who dared bad mouth her father or make such an accusation, no matter the reason but this was no normal situation. Azula had the utmost loyalty to the Fire Nation and her father, but she couldn't refute the facts. This blond man was in fact more powerful than the Avatar currently and could easily give her a father a run for his money if not actually defeat him. The prospect of such a powerful man began to excitement her. Though he didn't seem to care about joining this conflict beyond trying to end this needless conflict as he said.

While Azula believed the strong were born to rule over the weak, she wouldn't voice this just yet. Alienating this man would be extremely foolish, especially if he was driven to aid the Avatar. From a young age she was taught to use every trick and item she knew or learned in her arsenal and she didn't think the day would come where she would have to use seduction. She would never admit it of course, but using something she never had a use for until this moment had a small nagging doubt in the back of his mind. ''Then we best make sure not to make an enemy of him and keep him happy.'' Azula answered, her response bringing an actual emotional response to Mai's face.

''A-Are you serious?'' she asked as Azula nodded.

''I want to know more of what this man can...'' Azula paused as Mei-Ling came back into the room with a tea-pot. ''No...thank you.'' she said, remembering the training she was taught at a young age. It wouldn't do any good to offend his companion after all. Mei-ling filled Mai's half filled cup before going on her way. ''As I was saying he would make a useful asset.''

''We've been friends for how long Azula? Since we were children?'' Mai asked as she looked into her cup of tea as she exhaled softly. ''I just figured that by now you could be more open with me.''

''You're searching for something that isn't there Mai. I don't hide a thing, if I think something of someone I tell them; by now you must aware of that.''

''Well our mysterious new friend doesn't seem to have conventional taste. You see how he interacts with those...paths...of his. You saw how they looked at him; those girls have or had some sort of intimate relationship with him. Are you sure that you could deal with having to share with others something you desire?'' she said pushing on one of the princess's insecurities.

''Since when were you an expert on people?'' Azula coldly responded, bringing the focus on to Mai. She hadn't come to terms about why her interests were being focused. ''He is a powerful warrior who can help me achieve my goals, that's all. It would be better to keep him a happy ally then an alienated enemy. He just happens to be attractive that's priority is to capture the Avatar and the traitors.''

''Just because I don't interact with people doesn't mean I'm clueless. People are boring and predictable; I've been watching them from the sidelines for years now and I've seen all sorts of people, but I guess this guy is interesting. He isn't naïve nor simple- minded like most. He actually thinks and isn't driven by a single goal...I guess that makes interesting.''

That moment Azula allowed a smile that wasn't a cruel smirk or triumph grin formed on her face. ''It appears I'm not the only one that was interested.'' She said to Mai's confusion. ''Or is the smile on your lips a result of the tea being that good?''

Mai merely turned her head and suppressed smile. She felt embarrassment that she let herself actually feel something for a guy she hardly knew and that Azula apparently picked up on that. Even if she was the princess's childhood friend that didn't keep her completely immune from the fire bender's manipulations. While Azula wouldn't just outright threatened their lives as easily as she would others, that didn't mean she wasn't capable of treating them like enemies.

''Whoooooo! Let's do that again!'' Ty Lee loudly cheered. Said girl was riding Naruto piggy back with Kakashi behind him carrying her things in arm while reading his book in the other.

''I'm not a horse you know...'' Naruto said in annoyance as he entered the room.

''What's a horse?'' She asked as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

''I'll tell you later...'' He said as she hopped off, unaware to the look her friends were giving her; not jealousy they would quickly denied, but the fact that Ty Lee was being unnecessarily loud of course. ''I hope you don't mind but Ty Lee pointed out which clothing and object were yours so I had my clones bring them in.'' He said as several copies of him followed in behind him.

''What can't you do?'' Azula asked, really glad that the man decided to side with her and her friends.

''Still can't fly yet, but I'm almost there. Dust release is a bitch to master.'' He answered her with a preppy grin. ''Now if you three shall follow me I'll show you to your rooms as dinner is prepared.'' He said as Hinata walked in with jugs of water followed by Gaara holding several small animals that Naruto didn't have a clue in hell what they were.

That night after the dinner which Hinata had cooked Azula was coming to terms with everything that happened today along with her growing attraction to Naruto. 'Get yourself together Azula? You will not allow yourself to fall to pieces or some boy like some spoiled and pamper noble girl. Your priority...your loyalty is to the Fire Nation.' She reasoned to herself taking off her head-piece and placing it on the desk. She also let down her hair that fell down to her waist.

'You see how he interacts with those...paths...of his. You saw how they looked at him; those girls have or had some sort of intimate relationship with him. Are you sure that you could deal with having to share something you desire?' Mai's words echoed through Azula's head as she started to feel something she hadn't for the longest time...doubt. She began remembering how perspective suitors reacted to her.

It was a tradition that every female in the royal line from a young age was paired and regular sparred against a male suitor and only one who was able to soundly defeat her would be permitted to court her as a means of making sure the next generation was as powerful as possible. ''But what if he finds my behavior off putting or he's another one of those kind of guys that like girls like Ty Lee better?'

Ty Lee being a guy magnet, along with her natural acrobatic ability was something Azula found herself jealous over. The former in particular made her particularly bitter. No matter how much of a soldier she was it didn't change that she was a teenage girl with the insecurities and hormones that came with it. Those sad thoughts were what filled her head as she pulled out a comb and began brushing her hair back.

It was early the next morning and Naruto was taking in the bright rays of the sun. He was trying to decide if he was making up the right choice joining this group. He was ignorant of the darkness within the fire nation princess. The air around her reminded him of Sasuke quite a lot, but instead of vengeance she seemed to strive for something else. She seemed to strive for something that kept her from getting close to people just the same. It was obvious the Fire Nation from his viewpoint were on the aggressive side of this little conflict about, but he didn't want to condemn a whole nation due to actions of their leaders. After all, these benders were like shinobi after the order of their leader. And if he just jumped into the conflict without learning all the information, he could cause more harm than good.

''You seemed to be lost in thought,'' Azula spoke as she joined Naruto's side on the roof. She was wearing a crimson robe with gold outlining while having her hair down. ''Are you always up this early?''

''It's something I found myself doing in time. I actually used to sleep in quite often.'' Naruto took a few moments to look over the Fire Princess with his Rinnegan eyes as he looked at her from head to toe. "With your hair down you look rather radiant Hime.'' Her cheeks began to heat up from the complement about her hair. She sat herself beside the blond and gazed at the scenery as she took a moment to calm and compose herself. Once again trying not to let the blond's words affect her. ''I bet you're wondering if I'm being sincere?'' He asked startling her slightly.

''Oh let me guess you also have mind reading powers as well?'' She asked sarcastically and upon noticing Naruto's sheepish grin she scoffed in disbelief. ''What powers don't you have?''

''Well I can't turn water into wine and I still haven't created a moon yet.''

''Do I even want to know what that moon thing is about?''

''No not fact I don't want to talk about it. Brings up a rather narmful memory that I don't want to think about, but I doubt that was the reason you came to talk to me about.'' He said as the sun's radiant rays made her skin glowed. Surprisingly her features seemed so gentle and at ease.

''I want to know if you would like to join me?'' She asked as she continued looking at the horizon.''My team I said you would help us do whatever our heart desire's is? I want you to join my team in capturing the Avatar.''

''Hhm...I don't know...if I did that it seemed like I would be tipping the odds of the war on one side. I'm not sure how I feel about this.''

''What if I told you the Avatar stands in the way of your goal? That he's worshiped as a god and that everyone hangs on the word of each Avatar and wait for him and her to solve the problems of the world instead of living their own lives and taking their own fate into their hands?'' Now this bit of information drew in Naruto's attention. ''That what he is doing now is basically the same thing you did. That history is repeating itself. ''

''Then I would say...I'll have to look more into it while I'm helping you.'' He said as something akin to a smile formed on Azula's face.

"...Thank you." She whispered out softly.

''Mei-Ling would help as well I'm sure...after all ever since I found her she's been by my side.''

''It looks like our little team is expanding.'' A voice said alerting them. Out in the doorway of the roof stood Mai and Ty Lee who were in similar robes. ''Something tells me things are going to be more interesting from here on out.'' Mai said as Naruto grinned.

''I hope you know most people would run like hell from the interesting situations I invoke. I hope you can handle it Mai-chan.''

''Chan?'' She spoke up in response. ''Something else in your language?''

''Yeah, it has many meanings. It can be used as a part of an affectionate nickname and is often used for young children; particularly young girls. It can also mean cute.'' he said as the often emotionless girl looked away trying to suppress her urge to blush. She wasn't complemented much as people her age found her boorish and uninteresting. It was because of her rather emotionless expression guys found her creepy.

''Oh...can I get a nickname?'' the bubbly girl asked as she bounced over and plomp down between him and Azula to her friend's annoyance.

''Hhm,'' he paused, stroking his chin as the girl looked up at him expectantly. ''I guess I could call you Ty-chan for now.''

''Anyway we need to focus on what's important.'' Azula spoke up and garnering their attention. ''We have to track down the Avatar. Naruto, I assume you have another ability for that as well?'' She said as Naruto sighed at the fact that he in fact or he should say Kakashi did.

"You're teasing me aren't you?" he asked and a smirk formed on Azula's face.

''Based on the evidence presented to be I couldn't help but make an observation. Anyway you do realize your hair color is going to make you stand out? After all there isn't like there's a nation where golden-haired people hailed from.''

''Hey I like my hair and I'm not going to hide it like I'm ashamed of it. Besides it'll help leave an impression on people. Anyway you seemed intent on capturing this Avatar kid. Why not just kill him outright?'' He suggested to the surprise of the three girls. They heard the blond speak of war but he never spoke about directly taking someone's life. ''Let's just say what Madara did towards the end of the war helped me get in touch with my darker nature. ''

Azula nods and starts to explain. "As you already know the Avatar can bend four elements representing the Cycle of Nature and when the past avatar from a nation dies, a new one is reborn so that the balance of the nations is kept in check. For example, the last Avatar that lived during the reign of my great-grandfather Sozin was a Fire bender named Roku. After he died the Avatar was reborn as an Air Nomad, the kid who we met in that abandoned village. During Sozin's reign he started the war by killing the Air Nomads to stop the cycle. Unfortunately that boy escaped and has now appeared after being gone for 114 years. Killing him now would just result in having to restart the cycle all over again. ''

''I see...after three generations unless the air bender has a child this tattered cycle will be completely broken and the Avatar will be no more. Everything hinges on the avatar descendants having children and staying alive until they have children of their own. So keeping him looked up would bring an end to the cycle as he will lack the opportunity procreate. A fourteen year old boy over a century old chronologically must have put himself in some sort of suspended animation. What else is this Avatar capable of?''

"From what I read in the history books he has a defense mechanism called the Avatar State. In that form his bending skills are at their greatest and he has no equal when in that form." She says while Naruto thinks about it.

''All power comes at a price. Like for instance when I have a path summoned I temporarily lose access to that Path's ability. Depending on my enemy and my fighting style I am technically at both my strongest and weakest with none or all of my paths summoned. Even with this power I am just as mortal as all of you. I will still perish at the hands of time and even I can be defeated by the right combination of abilities. After all I was able to defeat a man called Nagato who had the Rin'nengan before me, but then again my Rin'nengan is closer to the Sage's then his was. Though considering I'm in a world with little to no knowledge of the shinobi way I might as well be invincible.''

''Hey you think you could teach us more about your language? I think it would be neat to learn.''

''It would take some time to teach you but I can tell you about suffixes at least,'' Naruto said in response to Ty Lee's questions. '' The first three are Chan, San, and Sama." he began as he explained suffixes in a bit more detailed. By the end of the explanation the girls were a bit overwhelmed.

''Wow...that's a lot to remember.'' Ty Lee said scratching her head in confusion.

''You'll get them memorized in time. Anyway while I can't teach you girls jutsu I can teach you other things.'' at that the three girls had perked up.

''Like what?'' Azula asks.

"Well where I came from at from the beginning of childhood one is trained to be an assassin. So I'm skilled at hand to hand combat, numerous type of weapon styles as well as adverse in human anatomy. I can also track people and cast illusions along with the fact that I can even change my form at will not to mention my stealth is rather top-notch. But I guess my most well-known trait is something that I have always fall back on for years. My rather infamous chakra reserves that allow me to outlast most beings.''

"Remind me never to get on your bad side." Mai said while Naruto grinned.

''I wouldn't hurt a pretty girl such as yourself Mai. I have a reputation to a hold as well.''

''That of a flirt apparently,'' she said with her arms crossed.

''You make it sound like it's a bad thing.'' He said as he stood up. ''Well I suppose we should get dressed and began this little mission of ours.'' He said as the others nodded in agreement.

After heading back to where the Avatar last was Naruto summoned Kakashi who summoned Pakkun. Thankfully enough they were able to find fur from the Avatar's sky bison so they began tracking him. With everyone packed and ready for the journey the group soon found themselves in a town whose place is on the edge of the desert after a couple of days travel. After going from shop to shop only to finally arrive to a place called the Misty Palms Oasis.

''We are looking for this boy? '' Naruto said placing a scroll of paper on the counter. ''Have you seen him?'

The bartender in question was an older man, bald and has a short brown beard. He was wearing a green tunic, a white apron and brown armbands around his biceps. There are two thin swords hanging across his back by leather straps, forming an X. The man ignored Naruto's question and merely grunted.

''Okay...then we'll try it the hard way.'' Naruto said as he grabbed the man by the throat and slammed him against the wall. Much to the girl's confusion no one in the bar was reacting. An Oni like creäture appeared behind Naruto with sharp teeth and menacing eyes. Tendril like objects sprouted out of its mouth at the hoisted man. A serpent-like apparition of their life force energy, in the form of an enlarged tongue emerged from its mouth.

''The Outer Path...the last path passes judgement. Lying or refusing to answer is death. '' He said as the girl's only saw nothing but air wondering if this final Path was invisible. ''Have you seen the Avatar? If so did he mention where he was going?''

''H-He went out there in the desert someplace. He's searching for the Wan Shi Tong Library with some someone from the Ba Sing Se University by the name of Professor Zei. ''

''You have been most helpful.'' He said as the man was let go, extremely exhausted. ''Let's go.'' Naruto said as the group of five exited the bar as the confused and startled patrons rushed over to the bartender. ''We know where we need to go now.'' Naruto said as he started walking to the desert knowing the four girls stood there not moving an inch.

''You're joking right?'' Mai asked as Naruto merely blinked.

''Uum no not really. The Avatar is in the desert and...wait...'' Naruto shook his head and chuckled. ''That is...pretty damn stupid; without supplies especially considering how big the damn thing could be.''

''That and the Tank isn't made for that kind of terrain.'' Azula added as Naruto turned to them.

''Well I know just what can help us through that kind of terrain.'' He then walked out to the dry sand of the desert as he then slammed his hand down on the ground saying. "Kuchiyose no jutsu!" A large plum of smoke had exploded in front of the blond sennin and within moment the cloud had cleared up. Out of the smoke appeared a creäture several times the size of the tank with a grayish brown pelt with yellowish gray on the upper parts, while the throat with buff white on its belly. The forelegs, sides of the head, muzzle and paws were reddish-brown. The back had a tawny-colored underfur and long, black-tipped guard hairs that form a black dorsal stripe and a dark cross on the shoulder area and black-tipped tail. ''This ladies is a species of Canind known as the Coyote.''

''Showing me off as if I'm some pet. You really know how to treat your supposed allies.'' The coyote said as it snorted and raised his head.

''Come on now Chairo Kiba. I swear is everyone going to get pissy at me when I don't summon them on a weekly basis?''

''And I suppose you want me to let those children ride as well? You owe me lots of squirrel and mice for this.''

''Yeah, yeah.'' He said as he extended a hand in the direction of the girls. ''Shall we?'' He asked as he helped each girl up who had various different thoughts going through their heads. ''Alright hand on tight. We're going to be heading at top speed to save time.'' He said as Brown Fang started off slowly, stretching his limbs and began charging ahead picking up speed. The town folks all the while seemed to ignore the giant animal that appeared out of nowhere so the girls assumed it was due to one of those illusions Naruto mentioned.

Anyway as Azula clung to the blond who was clung to by Mai and whom was clung to by Ty Lee as they continued their thoughts.

"My Shen (5)...this man just might be the strongest being on this planet. He might even be able to beat the Avatar even if he became fully realized. The things he could do are unreal and he probably could end this war if he wanted too. How could someone with all this power be so gentle? And after all he has been through how can he find the strength to smile? Regardless with all that power I doubt he would have interest in a lover that could hardly hold a candle to him.'' Azula thought as she suppressed the urge to do a girlish giggle. Not that she would ever do so mind you. Such an action was far beneath her.

''This guy is really something. I never seen someone bring out Azula's more gentle side. Not to mention how gentle he is.'' She thought as he helped her up. ''Also I can't read him in a single glance like I can most others. Maybe if I stick around I can finally have some excitement in my life. And even after everything that has gone on in his life he seemed capable of smiling and enjoying life. Then there is also the fact he actually pays attention to me when we talk and doesn't seem put off by my attitude. ''

"This is so cool!" Thought Ty Lee as she watched everything whizzed by her. "I haven't had this much fun since the circus. Not to mention Azula and Mai seem so relaxed. With Naruto's help I might finally be able to get those to actually have fun. Not to mention he's so nice and knows all these cool techniques and he wants to end the war instead of needlessly hurting people unless necessary. He's such a nice guy...I wonder if he's on the market?''

While these girls thought about their male teammate Naruto gazed out to the impressive expanse up ahead. ''Have you picked up the scent yet?'' He asked as the Canine nodded.

''The fur creature's sent is being blasted down my nostrils by the wind. I'm picking up two scents in particular; the fur beast and a human female.''

''These strong winds is carrying their scent in the wind. Anything else?''

''I believe I see a tower a bit further ahead.''

''Get as close as you can without being spotted. We will take care of the rest.'' He said as they came within several kilometers of the massive tower. Naruto then focused his Rinnegan eyes at the tower for a few moments. When he saw a open window to the tower, he then focused his eyes on the ground to see a girl leaning on the bison.

"The Earth bender is playing guard with the Air Bison.''

''Well for you this should be child's play, shouldn't it?' Azula asked as Naruto snorted and gave her a 'are you serious look'?

''Hardly, but her method of Earth Bending has made me curious. I want to test myself against that girl. I also want to see if I'm capable of learning these bending arts and who knows...I might be able to bring her over to our side. I've been told I'm quite charismatic. So there is only one way to go.'' Naruto said as he bit his thumb and slammed his hand against the ground with a call of Kuchiyose no Jutsu. (6) Out of the two plums of smoke Gaara and Ino were summoned. ''Hey you two...I got a job for you.''


Chapter End


An adaption of Onishin's DRC: Sennin vs Avatar which I was given permission to adopt and rewrite in my style. So far there should be a lot of obvious differences.

So far this is the closest canon adaption of Azula I have written. Also I think I gave a fair reason for Naruto not to go out and win the war which he obviously could in the this and Namikaze09's adaption. Also I have plans to include another familiar character who will actually be able to give Naruto a challenge in the fic. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this story.


Translations for lines.


Shinra Tensei - Divine Judgment

1. You look lovely in that my Fire lily.

2. Second Sage of the Paths Reborn.

3. Imperial Wood Platform.

4. Brown Fang

5. God/ Divine Spirit Lord/Lady

6. Summoning Jutsu


The Paths


Mitarashi Anko the Animal Path and the bearer of the Kiba blade.

Kakashi Hatake the Deva Path and bearer of the Kubikiribocho.

Yamanaka Ino the Naraka Path and bearer of the Nuibari.

Gaara of the Sand the Asura Path and bearer of the Shibuki.

Hyuuga Hinata the Preta Path and bearer of the Kabutowari.

Haruno Sakura the Human Path the bearer of the Hiramekarei.