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Naruto x Harem?


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Author's Note


Naruto is going to spend the entire course of the day with each of his girls, using his clones. As such June and Shu will finally arrive to Ba Sing Se at the end of the arc. My original intent was to do them all in one chapter, but seeing as I haven't updated this story in months and I've had the Ty Lee section done for a while I decided to post it now. Doing all the girls in one chapter is daunting, but doing a series of chapters and breaking it down makes it a bit easier.


Story Start


When Naruto returned, he sensed a great sense of gloom that hung over his girls. So he decided that he and his clones would approach each of them and spend the day trying to find out what was wrong. ''I messed up!'' Ty Lee said, uncharacteristically sad. They were in one of the spare rooms that for time being was Ty Lee's room.

''What do you mean Ty-chan? How did you mess up?'' he asked, sitting next to her and wrapping his arm around her waist. Ty Lee snuggled up next to the blond, resting her head on his shoulder.

''I think Azula hates me now. She probably thinks I'm some sort of weirdo.'' Ty Lee exclaimed as she began sniffling.

''Look, what happened?'' he asked as the girl started from the beginning. From Azula's words which led to Mai's outburst, and finally to Ty Lee's confession. Naruto himself couldn't help but be surprised of Ty Lee's orientation as he really didn't pick up on it. It looked like if Ty Lee wanted to hide something, she was pretty damn good at hiding it. ''I don't think she hates you. She's just merely, confused right now. Azula is still in the process of finding out exactly who she is. All her life she's been the Fire Nation Princess, and one of my biggest regrets is not making a better job of wiping out Ozai's doctrine on her. She's fighting a war inside her heart and she's going to need time.'' As Naruto comforted the girl he began recalling everything he knew about her.

She was light on her feet, she shifted her stances effortlessly, efficiently, never a single twitch wasted. This seamless and agile way of fighting was befitting of someone who was free-spirited. She was playful and perky in more ways than one; very few people he knew truly enjoyed living life. She was a natural acrobat, despite her gifted combat prowess he was sure her heart wasn't in fighting.

''Ty-Chan, you're a great girl. In other words meaning having a gift of helping people.''

Ty Lee looked up at him, sniffling slightly but smiling. ''I like your interpretation better.'' she admitted.

''What was the meaning of your name as given by your parents? He asked, curious of the meaning of Ty Lee's name.

''Important, beautiful upright daughter. A beautiful daughter of proper heritage. In other words, just a beauty to be raised and continue the family line.'' she bitterly admitted. ''After all, my family has enough daughters to explore industrial jobs or the government. I was the delusional one that people thought was off.'' she continued, her face fell and her face trembling. Naruto leaned over and kissed her cheek, causing her face to heat up and look up.

''Calm and Beautiful.'' he stated as he leaned over and kissed her cheek again. ''You're not delusional; you're a girl who follows her heart. I see many things, I see a girl who can teach others to follow their heart. I see a youthful girl. I see someone who is loyal, eternal in spirit and easy going. In other words, you could have easily been impulsive, arrogant, self-indulgent, alone with being easily upset or such things if you gave into this negativity, but you're not. You're a cheerful, optimistic, fun loving person.'' he said as he got up and pulled her up. ''Let's go out, you and me, and have some fun, kay?'' he asked as Ty Lee's smile grew broader. Once they exited Naruto stepped behind her and covered her eyes with his hands.

"What are you doing?" Ty Lee giggled.

"I want it to be a surprise." He answered back.

Ty Lee kept giggling as Naruto slowly led her forward. They went for quite some time; Ty Lee was growing rather anxious. ''Come on, when are we going to get there?'' she whined, Ty Lee wasn't the most patient person.

"Okay, open your eyes." Naruto said as he removed his hands from her eyes and placed them on her shoulders. Ty Lee gasped and took in the site before her. It was a life size crystal statue of her. As Ty Lee moved forward she saw more and more of it see realized how detailed it was. ''I know we haven't really spent that much time with each other, so I wanted to make you something special. I'm not to good with crystals, so it took me a really long time to make it. I hope that...''

Ty Lee turned around to face Naruto and quickly gave him a hug, cutting him off "It's beautiful." She said. This was several hundred times cooler and sweeter than ay gift she had been given.

Naruto hugged her back and leaned down to whisper, "I'm glad you like it."

Ty Lee looked up into his emerald eyes and said. "I love it."

''Well, would you like to see the stars of my world? I can use a Genjutsu of my memory?'' he suggested and Ty Lee eagerly pleaded to see, which resulted in Naruto bursting out in laughter.

The two of them laid down on the ground and Ty Lee laid down on top of Naruto. She rested her head on his chest and closed her eyes per his instruction as he cast the Genjutsu on the girl. After all, Genjutsu weren't only used as a killing tool. It was also used as teaching tool to help work around certain disabilities that some people were born with.

Though, soon enough more than stars were being seen.

''Ooh! Look! That little creature is so cute! What is it?'' she asked, her eyes wide and full of astonishment.

''It's a dog,'' Naruto answered with laugh. He walked over behind Ty Lee and wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. "I can bring you to the summon realm sometime to see some of the other creatures.''

''I'd love it if you did.'' she answer, disappointed she couldn't physically touch what she was seeing.

''Of course my little Genki Girl.'' he followed up with. They sat and enjoyed each other's company, enjoying the solace. Though after a little while they both grew hungry, so they grabbed take-out and returned to Ty Lee's room. ''I am curious.'' Naruto began as he took his first bite of chicken-fish. ''When did you suspect you started having feelings for Azula?'' he asked, the sooner Ty Lee got this off her chest, the sooner she would be able to figure out what to say, and that would finally lead to being able to face Azula.

''I've admired Azula ever since we were children. She was cunning and sly, yet attractive and brilliant. She was so strong and confident, I wanted to be confident. I wanted people to see me, Ty Lee. But Fire Bending takes so much negative energy you know, so I couldn't do that. I got into an argument with my parents once, they wanted me to get close to Zuko, but seeing as Mai was my friend and she liked Zuko at the time I couldn't betray her like that. That wouldn't be cool you know so I ran away. I ran into one of the forbidden ruins.''

''Forbidden ruins?'' Naruto perked up, his curiosity increased.

''Yeah, they say terrible things happen to people who go them. Like all sorts of scary monsters live there and they're real scary. Grrr.'' Ty Lee of course couldn't help but to do an impression and Naruto fought back a snicker.

''I see, and then what happened?''

''I discovered one of those scroll things and it talked about this martial arts. I thought it was really cool, I thought, finally, something that would make me unique and different, but my parents didn't like it. They thought I was already weird enough and threaten to marry me off if I didn't behave like a proper girl. So of course I studied the scroll in secret and that's how I learn chi-blocking.'' she explained.

'I see could her ability to see Aura be some sort of diluted mutation based off the Byakugan?' he pondered. ''Okay, so how does this relate back to what we were saying earlier?''

''Oh right,'' Ty Lee sheepishly remarked. ''I thought if I learned it then Azula would look at me, really notice me and she did. The thing, while Mai is my friend with Azula it was different. Mai is really gloomy and, I felt more like she simply dealt being around me then like being around me. With Azula, I felt special. I wasn't a noble's daughter or the weird one, or one of seven daughters. I was Ty Lee and it felt nice having someone acknowledging me, even if it was as a tool. At least I wouldn't be thrown away you know.'' A faint blush appeared on her cheeks. "Besides you, she's the only person who I have genuine feelings for."

''Ty-chan,'' he gently caressed her cheek. ''You are no tool and you are important. If you're still looking for a calling I'll help you find it. I promise,'' he said as he leaned forward and kissed her. Delighted, she threw her arms around his shoulders and kissed back. Finally, it was her turn for a little foxy loving.

''You're the sweetest guy ever.'' she began after they broke the kiss. She began to blush furiously. ''So please let me do what I'm about to do without any questions okay. I don't think I'd be brave enough to do it otherwise.''

Naruto began wondering what she was talking about when she suddenly pushed down on the bed and straddled his waist her taut behind grounding into his crotch, causing him to moan.

Naruto watched as Ty Lee's hands went behind her back to unfasten her collar, and tossing it to the ground. ''Ty-chan.''

The pink silk shirt was next; she pulled it above her head, revealing her bandaged breasts. Since Ty Lee was developed in the chest department it made since for her to use some sort of chest binding/wrap so they wouldn't get in the way. Though Ty Lee didn't say anything, she leaned over and claimed Naruto's lips with a sweet kiss, intent on staking her claim on the Sennin's Heart.