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Sebastian is rubbing and squeezing those plump globes, kneading them with his long, tapered fingers, scratching lightly with his nails. He hesitates a moment, then parts them. Ciel looks back, the red sky reflecting purple in the exposed blue eye before blending in as the pupil flashes red. Sebastian sees the change and he hisses out sultrily, "relax, young masssster..."

Ciel opens his mouth to speak, but instead just shudders and turns his head back, biting his lips against a moan of pleasure from Sebastian's very capable groping hands, but the cry is wrested from his throat when Sebastian's hot, wet tongue suddenly comes into contact with the inside of one cheek, followed by gentle bites from sharp teeth.


The sinful tongue gives the same attention to the other twin cheek, before focusing on the precious spot just between the two, first simply licking the outside, sensitizing the nerves, then suddenly thrusting inside.

Before the scream can escape, the right hand is off of his ass and two fingers are inside his mouth, muffling him at the same time as they slick up with his saliva. He knows where this is going, and as much as he feels he should protest, order his subordinate to stop, he can't because of the fingers invading his mouth.

He's so grateful for those fingers.

All too soon they pull out and he bites the longer finger's tip in parting. A chuckle issues from behind him. "Rough but wet, correct Young Master? Your wish is my command..."

Another shudder issues through his body, his mind rebelling against his own request, a vague feeling lingering that he shouldn't be becoming used to such perversion. But the thought is wiped from his mind as he is jerked to one side, his body forcibly flipped over.

The hand and the tongue switch places, invading his body simultaneously, and he moans. Sebastian is gentle with his fingers, too gentle, and Ciel doesn't like when Sebastian is too kind, it's creepy. He rakes his teeth against Sebastian's tongue, feeling the answering smirk against his lips before one of the fingers in his ass crooks at the knuckle and a nail scrapes against his prostate. He shrieks into his butler's mouth, feeling the smirk grow wider, and clutches desperately at strong shoulders as his body shakes with pleasure.

The fingers leave, a third never having found its way inside, his preparation only partially complete. A rustle, a zip, and then a hot, firm, leaking tip presses against his rosebud, rubbing gently. The tongue withdraws from his mouth, and his lower lip is bitten with a pointed canine, drawing blood that earns a lap of the talented tongue. The wound heals immediately; although he has yet to partake of a soul, his own soul within his demonic body will sustain him for quite some time.

"Much better," Sebastian purrs at the taste with a sharp grin, before plunging that tongue back into the copper-tainted orifice, at the same time sheathing his hard, heavy cock inside his master's small body to the hilt, enjoying the vibration of a kiss-muted scream as much as the violent shiver that rakes through the thin frame beneath him.

Without pause he begins to thrust, following his master's unspoken order for rough pleasure to the letter. With ease that comes partially from being a demon, thus perfect at sexual skill, and partially from practice on the tight body he's coming to savor, he angles his hips, striking his master's prostate with every thrust. He knows they don't have time to thoroughly enjoy themselves tonight; the area they're in is too open, and to be caught off guard in Hell is dangerous. Hence overstimulation to drive his master to an early finish is the best option.

He pulls his mouth back from Ciel's to tug one glove onto his hand using his teeth, never slowing his rhythm, and feels his master's small fangs sink into his neck in order to keep the silence as intact as possible. He hisses in pleasure, feeling blood drip, and grabs the boy's penis in a firm, clothed grip, teasing the organ with its texture.

"Lick," he commands in a low rasp, the word dripping sex from every letter. A smirk crosses his face as he receives no protest, a small tongue lapping at the blood from his shoulder. The wound will of course heal in seconds, but the blood is for his master to enjoy. Such a casual exchange of blood would seem odd to any other demon, but truthfully he delights in the idea that he and his master hold nothing back from each other, sharing everything. The concept of trust is rare and refreshing.

Sebastian strokes the boy's penis with sure, skilled fingers, bringing him rapidly to the edge. At such an inexperienced age he still can't last long, and renews the bite marks in his butler's shoulder as he cums, his dark nails raking and marring the perfect white skin of the man's muscular back.

Sebastian's face, for one brief moment that even his master does not witness, breaks into a blissful smile as the pain mixes with the clenching of his master's already tight young ass. He wraps his arms around the boy's small frame and cums inside, smirking at the thought of the verbal abuse he'll get tomorrow over his cum dripping down his master's thighs.

When he is finished he simply pulls straight out, sitting up and looking at his master's face, watching the normal eye droop with sated sleepiness.

"Such a child," he whispers roughly in satisfaction, more care in his tone than he'll ever admit, and chuckles at the distinct pout that crosses the young, pretty face, before reaching to pull off the eye patch. He bends and presses a kiss to the closed cursed eye's lid.

"You enjoy sodomy," he murmurs as he dresses his master before slipping on his own shirt and coattails. Still hot, he leaves his tie hanging around his neck and his shirt partially unbuttoned. He picks up his little master, feeling a small hand clutch his shirt, but no other conscious action from the boy as he continues along the path they had been taking before this little diversion. "Next we have to teach you to admit that fact. We'll make a proper demon of you yet."


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