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Lt. Barkin had already noticed the huge smooch between Sir Donald and Sheela. His eyes widened as he awaited the kiss between Sir Xerox and Kimberly which would signal his victory, proving that all women were ultimately fickle. He licked his lips in anticipation and looked on like some kind of malevolent demigod from a Wagner opera, and nearly broke out then and there in gloriously evil song. But he quickly thought better of it, not wanting to spoil the moment.

"Besides, my German isn't so good. Someone might think I was having a heart attack and call for Bon-Bon's Paramed Services…"

But before the disguised Zorpox could plant the kiss that would ironically signify both his success with Kimberly as well as losing his bet with Lt. Barkin, Kimberly gently raised a finger and put it to his lips.

"Thanks, Sir Xerox. It's been a great night, but this evening has only made me realize how much I truly love my fiancé, Ronnie. And I would never, ever do anything to betray that."

With half-opened eyes, she added in a husky whisper, "No matter how tempted I am at the moment."

So instead of the expected full kiss on the lips, she merely gave him a quick peck on the cheek. But as she broke away from the obviously frustrated knight, she tasted something weird, licking her lips with disgust. She immediately noticed a clear lip print on Sir Xerox's face where his makeup had just come off. Beneath the smudge, a faintly blue color shown through.

Kim smiled in triumph. "Well, Sir Xerox. Or should I say Zorpox? Not quite your shade of concealer?"

Lt. Barkin growled under his breath in frustration. "Nice going, Sir Xerox. Just like the engagement at Zesta Punta in '69…"

He quickly tapped his wrist communicator and hissed, "Bon-Bon, do you copy? Land the Eagle! Repeat, Land the Eagle!"

Bon-Bon swiftly acknowledged the code word and replied, "Roger that, Lieutenant. Eagle preparing to land." She nodded to the pilot, who began his descent.

At once, the roar of an aircraft was heard outside of the Officer's Club. More precisely, a Global Justice hoverjet. Bon-Bon quickly debarked from the craft, rushed into the reception hall and breathlessly announced, "Ronnie and Zorpox have just returned from Yamanouchi!"

Lt. Barkin turned to the two knights and loudly growled, "Now that Kimberly and Sheela's fiancés have returned, you knights better make tracks, especially if their training in the mystical monkey arts is now complete. As strong as you both are, neither of you would stand a chance against them in combat now, which is probably what would happen if you two stick around any longer."

Taking the rather large hint, Sir Donald jumped up and exclaimed, "Methinks we've been had, Sir Xerox! Exit, stage right!" And without another word, they quickly disappeared with a bright flash.

Kimberly angrily turned to Barkin. "Okay, Lieutenant! Now that we've seen through your little game, what's the sitch here, exactly? Spill!"

Sheela bared her claws and grabbed the lapel of Lt. Barkin's formal uniform. "Yeah, we're all ears, Barkin. Unless of course you'd like me to make some serious alterations to your uniform. Or worse."

She used a single claw to slice open a long vent down the front of his uniform jacket.

Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as he stumbled out a reply. "Uh. ladies, I can explain. There's really a very simple explanation for all of this."

Sheela glared dangerously back at him. "We're all ears."

He glanced over at the entrance to the dining hall and breathed a quick sigh of relief.

"Well, ladies, you can start by turning around."

They both spun around just as Ronnie and Zorpox entered the room, now without their helmets, false beards and mustaches. They both wore sheepish smiles, realizing what was probably just about to happen.

Kimberly looked at Ronnie with daggers in her eyes, which, at that moment, could have easily sliced the Lotus Blade in two. "Ronnie, you got some splainin' to do!"

Clearly chagrined at having his subterfuge exposed, Ronnie nervously rubbed the back of his neck and shyly replied, "Heh-heh. Uh, yeah, Kimberly, I know. But just one question first. How did you two figure this all out?"

"I got suspicious after a dream I had about you two. You both looked way too familiarish in spite of your disguises. So I checked with the Wade angel who did some searching for us. He discovered that the GJ hoverjet you two left on only traveled twenty miles due west before taking a roundabout course back to Middleton, which tipped us off that neither of you ever made it to Yamanouchi."

Ronnie grimaced. "Ooh. Busted…"

"So we both decided to play along until we discovered the real reason behind your little hoax."

Sheela continued, "Yeah, but Wade's devil avatar almost blew it when he threatened to tip you guys off. But we bought him off with a case of soda and an all-you-can eat coupon at Bueno Nacho."

Zorpox surmised, "So, you two suspected something even before the reception, hmm? And devised a plot to trick us? How, how devious! I'm impressed!"

With a sneer, he turned to Lt. Barkin. "See? Our faith in our fiancées loyalty remains unbroken."

He shot a disapproving look at Sheela and Ronnie. "Well, almost."

They both grinned back guiltily.

Kimberly cut to the chase. "So, now down to the nitty-gritty details. What's the whole sitch?"

Ronnie began, "Well, ahem, Lt. Barkin bet us $100 worth of Smarty Mart Bonus Bucks that he could prove that you and Sheela were both fickle, just like all other women. We'd masquerade as the Knights of Rodigan, and he'd win if both of you gave in and gave us a willing kiss on the lips. But we had to be convincing and, uh, not hold anything back, or else the bet would be off."

Kimberly looked shocked for a moment. "So, you both had total faith in us, but were willing to impersonate two totally hot knights in shining armor to tempt us?"

Sheela continued dangerously, "Even though you knew that we'd eventually find out and risk facing our unbridled wrath?"

Something suddenly clicked in Kimberly's mind. "Ronnie, that's probably the most weirdly romantic thing you've ever done. And you've sure done some real spankin' things in the past, but this one takes the grand prize."

Now it was Ronnie's turn to look shocked. He pulled self-consciously at his tight uniform collar. "Um, so, uh, all is forgiven?"

Kimberly beamed back at him. "No big. C'mere, you handsome hunk of knight, you! You may not be a Bad Boy, but you can sure impersonate one pretty well."

She took him in her arms and gave him one of the most passionate kisses that had ever been exchanged between avatars of any inclination.

After coming up for air, she breathed huskily into his ear, "Now, if you dare say something stupid like, "Wow, this is almost like kissing Sheela," I'll just have to kill you where you stand. Clear?"

Without a word, he sheepishly nodded as they both dived into another deep kiss.

Zorpox gave Sheela a disparaging look. "So, did you enjoy your kiss with, with Sir Galahad?"

With a saucy flick of her tail, Sheela purred back, "As a matter of fact, yes. He was a gentleman right up to the very end. You could actually learn a thing or two from Ronnie about romance, y'know. And I also enjoyed getting your goat since I already knew exactly who was who. So maybe you'll learn to be a little nicer to me in the future, and not take me for granted."

Zorpox's face softened slightly. "So, some of my deviousness apparently has rubbed off on you after all, hmm? And I get the feeling now that you'll never learn your place, will you?"

Sheela grinned back. "Uh-huh."

He returned her grin with one of his own. "You slut."

Sheela instantly melted, looking up at him dreamily. "Ooh, Zorpy, you know how I love it when you talk dirty to me. C'mere, sexy!"

Sheela embraced him, kissing him passionately. His ardor ever increasing, she surrendered to him in ecstasy as she felt his swelling manhood pressing against her blossoming ...

(Editor's note: The next scene has been deleted as it would have risked increasing this story's rating to M. Sorry, just use your imagination…)

Ronnie and Kimberly finally disengaged from their gentle embrace. His face now smeared with Kimberly's lip gloss, Ronnie sighed as he glanced back in relief at Lt. Barkin.

"Well, Lt. B, we gave it our best shot, but you lost."

Barkin thoughtfully scratched his chin as he tried to think of a way to eke out at least a minor victory.

"Well, it looks to me like Sheela planted a nice, big wet one on Ronnie, and Zorpox even managed to get a peck on the cheek, so…"

Zorpox frowned as he shook his head in disagreement. "Ohhh no, my dear Lieutenant. The deal was for two willing kisses, full on the lips. And, and that didn't happen! We win, you lose! Ah booyah-ha-ha-hah!"

Lt. Barkin finally bowed his head, resigning himself to defeat. But as he never liked to lose, he would exercise his one last option, if only out of spite. He turned to Bon-Bon with an evil grin that told her that she had just lost too.

With anger on her face, she spat back, "Oh, no you don't, Barkin! I did everything you asked, and then some! I've earned that final college credit, and there's no way I'm going to let you get away with denying me that!"

She continued in a white hot rage that she hadn't felt since the first time he'd axed her hopes of graduating. "And if you don't sign off on my last unit this time, I'll, I'll…"

She paused as she tried to think of the worst thing she could do to him, her mind swimming with the infinite possibilities born of simply being, well, Bon-Bon. Lt. Barkin silently realized that this time, his last strong card might just be trumped by her incredible anger. But he grit his teeth, deciding that if he had to go down in defeat, he'd at least take her with him.

He growled back, "Go ahead, Bon-Bon. Do your worst. You don't seem to realize that I don't have anything to lose now, either."

A voice spoke from directly behind them. "Oh, is that so?"

Everyone spun around upon hearing that unmistakably evil, yet sultry voice. Kimberly and Sheela instantly crouched into a defensive stance while everyone else froze in total fear.

All except for Zorpox, who simply folded his arms and replied with a sneer, "Ah! My erstwhile sidekick, hmm, returneth?"

Before them stood Shego's evil avatar. Green flames danced all over her lithe, sensuous form, even more fearsome yet just as intensely desirable as the original. Her highly polished silver horns reflected her plasma's shimmer, and her green, forked tail flicked dangerously back and forth.

"Hey, Zorpox," she easily began.

Lt. Barkin stood transfixed as he gazed deeply into her eyes, behind which flickered tiny red flames. He swallowed convulsively, sensing that he might as well have been staring directly into the pits of Hell itself.

Kimberly and Sheela simultaneously uttered, "What are you doing here, Shego?"

Surprised, they looked at each other and blurted out, "Jinx! You owe me a soda!" The two female avatars broke out in giggles as everyone suddenly relaxed.

The tension now broken, Shego just rolled her eyes and muttered, "You two sure know how to ruin an entrance, don't you? Anyway, everyone just stay calm, I'm not here to make any trouble. It's just that I thought Lt. Barkin here might be interested in seeing... an old friend."

The angelic Miss Go stepped out from behind the villainous avatar. As prim and proper as Shego's devil was outlandishly evil, she was the quintessential vision of loveliness.

Her pale green face began to blush as she first looked down at the floor, then coyly back at Lt. Barkin.

"Hi, Stevie. Miss me?"

Lt. Barkin was totally flummoxed and for a moment, speechless.

"Sh-Sheila? Is that really you?"

She smiled back warmly. "Yes, it's really me. And we have some catching up to do. As well as providing you with an explanation for my disappearance…"

She shot Shego an unhappy look. Shego simply shrugged in response.

"Nerdlinger's angel convinced me to try getting you two back together. Something about keeping cosmic forces in balance, or something goofy like that."

Bon-Bon now cautiously asked, "So, Lt. Barkin, does this mean I get my final credit after all? Lieutenant? Lieutenant?"

Lt. Barkin gave Bon-Bon an imperceptible nod as he turned to Miss Go. Gently taking her arm, they slowly walked together out of the Officer's Club.

Everyone let out a collective sigh of relief as Ronnie posed the last burning yet hopeful question, "So, uh, all is forgiven, and are all of our engagements still on?"

Zorpox looked expectantly at Sheela. Even Shego looked hopeful at the thought.

Kimberly began, "Well, as long as we don't ever have a repeat of the last few days, and I mean ever, I'm game. Sheela?"

Kim's devilish avatar nodded, flicking her tail in agreement. "Sounds good to me. I've always liked happy endings, myself."

Kimberly also agreed. "Spankin!"

A few weeks later, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were wed, overseen by a media circus without precedence in broadcast history. Not covered, however, was a similar quiet service at the local Justice of Angelic Peace uniting the two pairs of young avatars.

"Do you, Ronnie Dean Stoppable and Kimberly Ann Possible, take each other to be your lawfully wedded avatars, until the end of time?"

They dreamily replied, "We do."

"I now pronounce you both Avatar and Avataress."

He then turned to the other pair. "And do you, Zorpox the Conquorer and Sheela of the Leopard People, take each other to be your lawfully wedded avatars, until Hell freezes over?"

They lasciviously replied, "We do."

"Then I pronounce you both Devil and Devilicious."

Both ecstatic couples enjoyed their first kiss as married avatars as the small entourage applauded.

Even Lt. Barkin, who had volunteered to be the witness to the ceremony, smiled and applauded politely. Next to him sat the lovely Miss Go, who now sported an engagement ring on her finger.

He got up and approached the newlyweds. "Congratulations, people. Oh, and here's something for both of you."

As the Lieutenant handed both Ronnie and Zorpox a $50 Smarty Mart gift certificate, he added with a touch of sarcasm, "Don't spend it all in one place."

Miss Go giggled as both avatars looked at their gifts.

Ronnie whined, "Hey, I thought the wager was for $100 each?"

Kimberly quickly calmed him down. "Don't look a gift avatar in the mouth, Ronnie. It's no big."

"Yeah, you're right," he groused. Suddenly perking up, he remembered, "Hey! The reception's probably already started over at Bueno Nacho! Let's fly!"

And with a loud pop, all the avatars disappeared to join the real Kim and Ron at their nuptial festivities.

Later that night, at Dizzy Debbie's Angelic Honeymoon Suites, Zorpox and Sheela lay next to each other engaged in some contented pillow talk.

Sheela purred, "Mmm, that was just amazing, Zorpy. And you seemed so much less in a hurry and much more like a gentlemen than usual."

She gave his nose a playful tweak. "Maybe a little of Ronnie has rubbed off on you after all."

Zorpox graced her with an almost Ronnish-like smile. "Hmm. Yes, well, perhaps so, my little kitten."

"I just hope a little of you has rubbed off on him as well. Kimberly always has had a thing for the Bad Boys, and it would be a shame if after waiting for so long, that…"

She was interrupted by a scream of absolute ecstasy from the next suite. Kimberly was suddenly heard singing at the top of her lungs, and hitting all the high notes perfectly to boot.

"Ahhhh! Sweet Mystery of Life, At Last I've Fouuuund You…"

Zorpox grumbled, "You were saying, my dear?"

Sheela chuckled, "Don't complain, Zorpy. At least it's not Lt. Barkin doing the singing this time…"

And as the saying goes, they all lived happily ever after. Well, for the most part at least, but that's, well, another story. And as we all know, Angels Are Like That, fallen or otherwise…