Chapter One : Last Night of Summer

Rachel and Finn walk hand in hand from Rachel's car. Rachel laughs at something he says, leaning into Finn. Finn opens the front door, and ushers Rachel in before him, she blushes.

"Have a seat on the couch I'll get us some lemonades" Finn says as they make a way to the living room. They stop in the doorway when they hear a high pitch giggle, sounding very similar to Kurt's. Rachel smiles at Finn, who just rolls his eyes.

"I wasn't aware I said something funny" Blaine says, in his attempt to be seductive.

"Oh shut u.." Kurt says, and is interrupted by what they assume to be Blaine's lips. When the sound of lips became louder Finn clears his throat. Both disheveled boys sit up from the couch. Kurt's hair is all a mess, his lips are swollen and a large red mark that will eventually turn purple is on his neck. Blaine 's shirt is hoisted all the way up, his curl's even more messy than usual due to the fact that Blaine doesn't wear hair gel when he's not working.

"Hey Finn, hi Rachel how was the wedding?" Blaine asks trying to distract his friends from his boyfriend and his disheveled appearance.

"Dude's I told you when you're going to do that, the least you can do is go in your room". Finn rolls his eyes again.

"Technically it was a commitment ceremony, but it was beautiful non the less. Gay weddings are always so much fun" Rachel smiles. Blaine winks at Kurt, who blushes.

"We were actually just about to watch a movie, so if you wanted the couch Finn you're out of luck". Blaine makes a face at Kurt, he obviously does not want to watch the movie.

"What movie" Rachel asks. Finn violently shakes his head no behind her. Blaine squeezes Kurt's leg in protest.

"Funny Girl" Kurt says quietly. And anyone's plan of romance is put to a halt when Rachel plops down next to Kurt, ushering Finn off to get everyone lemonade.

And that's how Carole and Burt found them. All four kids (or three, since Finn fell asleep) on the couch together watching a movie. Not that they were surprised, Blaine was over basically everyday, as well as Rachel if she wasn't off traveling for one of her parent's friends weddings.

That's also how they found themselves all crowded around the dinner table.

"I can't believe you all are starting your senior year tomorrow" Carole said shaking her head. This house is going to be awfully quiet when you all are away at school". Rachel looks down at her lap; starting college was a touchy subject for her because she knew she would be leaving Finn behind.

"Mom that's like a year away you don't have to worry about it now" Finn says his eyes lingering on Rachel, hoping everyone would get the message.

"It'll go by quickly though" Blaine responds, obviously unaware he was supposed to change the subject. "Between applications, SAT retakes, interviews, this year is going to suck". Blaine says, surprisingly nonchalant for the statement he made. "I've already sent in one application and it took" Blaine is cut off.

"You didn't tell me that". Kurt says, appearing pissed.

Blaine realizes he probably should have kept his mouth shut. " Uh yeah Dalton encourages applying early, and my dad has been pressuring me to apply so.." Kurt cut's off Blaine again.

"To where" Kurt asks eyes raised.

Blaine takes a deep breath. "Dartmouth" he say's quietly. Kurt looks down. "I don't want to go there, it's basically a back-up school just in case NYC won't have me" He awkwardly laughs.

"Dartmouth a back-up, you must be a lot smarter then I realized." Burt chimes in. Blaine turns red.

"Well my father and grandfather both attended, so I'm kind of a shoe in. I have no desire to go there trust me, just did it to make them happy" Blaine squeezes Kurt's hand reassuringly.

"You know kid, you never talk, or see your family much. Not that we don't love you here, but has Kurt even met your family". Burt asks, while he sips his beer.

"Dad" Kurt hisses, although he has secretly been wondering the same thing. Kurt had never met Blaine's parents, and was only over his house when Blaine knew they were working.

Blaine's face turns pale. "They work a lot, I'd probably be eating alone the night's I didn't eat here if it weren't for you guys".

"Well you are always welcome here Blaine, you know that" Carole says with a smile. Kurt and Burt look at Blaine perplexed, he was obviously hiding something.

After dinner Finn walks Rachel to her car, after a long goodnight kiss Rachel looks up at him.

"I can't believe we start school tomorrow". Finn smiles and wraps his arms around her.

"I'm kind of excited, I miss everyone from Glee Club, it will be good to see everyone". Finn smiles.

"I know it's just, leaving, it's getting real." Rachel looks down.

Finn says nothing but kisses her on the head. Rachel get's in her car and rolls down the window.

"Thanks for a great summer Finn, it would of sucked without you". She smiles.

"It's not like I'm going off to war Rachel, I'll see you tomorrow". He shakes his head,

"I know, but thanks" she waves, pulling out of his driveway. Finn takes a deep breath, this was going to be a lot harder the he thought.

Meanwhile Kurt is upstairs putting the finishing touches on his back to school ensemble. Blaine is laid across his bed, more distracted then usual. Kurt notices and sits down next to him.

"Blaine" Kurt says, playing with one of Blaine's curls. Blaine looks up at Kurt and smiles.

"Do your parents know about me, that we are dating I mean". Blaine's smile fades.

"I think they assume so. They know we are always together, my mom's seen my phone wallpaper. It's just". Blaine sits up. "They love me and accept me and all that jazz. But they don't want to hear the graphic details. It's just easier that way." Blaine frowns.

"They may surprise you" Kurt says running his fingers through Blaine's hair.

"I'd rather not find out the hard way." Blaine get's up. "I should go, we both have school tomorrow." Blaine smiles, and kisses Kurt on the head. He walks towards the door and turns around. "Lima Bean after school?" Blaine says cheerily.

"Of course" Kurt says, trying to sound enthusiastic. Blaine leaves and Kurt lies down. He realizes that's the first time they didn't say they loved each other before he left. This night better not be a foreshadowing to the school year, or it's going to suck a lot more then he realized.