Chapter 20

The morning after Valentines Day, Kurt woke up feeling slightly uneasy. Which was a shame because Blaine really had planned a fantastic evening. But, their impending future was really starting to bother him. He knew practically High School relationships didn't work out, and that people were able to move on from them eventually, and live to tell the tale. But Kurt never considered him and Blaine any High School couple, they had this deep connection that Kurt couldn't explain in words, but he knew the way it felt, and he never wanted to lose that feeling. He remembered something David had said at the beginning of the year to him, when he accused David of only liking him because he was the only gay kid he knew, and David was quick to fire back "Like Blaine was". Were they just convenient? Was Blaine meant to show Kurt that he could be loved, all to leave each other behind once they graduated? This didn't feel convenient to Kurt, it felt permanent, it felt real. Kurt shook his head roughly as he got out of bed grabbing his phone off the dresser. He wasn't going to dwell on this, at least until they got their acceptance letters, which would be any day now. Kurt shivered slightly and opened his phone hoping a text message could distract him from his thoughts. He winced when the first message he had was from Blaine, asking him when was a good time to come over. He exited out of it immediately and read another one from Mercedes.

From Mercedes: We need to rehash our Valentines tales

Kurt smiled, a day with Mercedes would be just what he needed to forgot about yesterdays conversation.

From Kurt: Come over in an hour? Facials and story time?

Kurt remembered Blaine, he had promised they could talk today, but Kurt just didn't think he could handle it.

From Kurt: Forgot I had a huge History paper due, but I'll see you at school tomorrow.

Kurt knew Blaine wouldn't believe him, and would probably question him tomorrow, but Kurt just needed a little space. He headed down to the kitchen to grab a quick bite to eat before he needed to get dressed. And was surprised to see Finn in the exact location as the night before, eating cereal this time, their parents no where in sight.

"They never came home last night" Finn says amused, noticing Kurt's confused expression. Kurt raises his eyebrows, that was so unlike Carole and his father.

"Interesting. I guess they are grounded. You could have had Rachel over, it probably would have been a better night in your room, instead of her pre-pubescent one" Kurt joked, but noticed the way Finn winced at the thought of his previous night. Kurt grabs an apple and sits down next to Finn.

"Ok seriously, what happened last night that has you so shaken up"? Finn looks at nothing but his bowl, and lets out a heavy breath.

"You're so lucky you are gay", is all Finn says, causing Kurt to choke on his apple.

"Yes, so lucky that there are millions of people that don't believe in my rights, that hate me because of what I am before they know me, I'm so lucky" Kurt says. Finn gives Kurt a sympathetic look.

"I didn't mean it like that. It's just, you are both guys, so you know, what you're so supposed to do, or not do" Finn says, his face turning redder by the second.

"Care to elaborate"? Finn let's out a deep breath.

"When I got to Rachel's she decided she wanted to wait, that it was to cliché to lose it on Valentine's Day, and would make her memoir twenty years from now boring, whatever that means" Kurt chuckles. "And I was fine with it, because as you could tell I was pretty damn nervous. But then she tells me she still wants to give me something, an oral something". Kurt suddenly does not like the direction this conversation is heading. "And I was so, so excited, until we started, and then it just, got weird".

"Uh-oh" Kurt says.

"Yeah uh-oh is right. I mean at first she was like jabbing me with her tongue, but I thought she was just I don't know testing the waters out. And then she started looking at me, with the weirdest expression I had ever seen, and to top all of that, she used her teeth", Finn shuddered again and Kurt winced.

"Some girl magazines lead people on that guy's like that, we should really write a letter to the editor" Kurt says, patting Finn sympathetically.

"I made her get off of me, and she was really upset, but didn't push it. But I don't think I will ever let her try again, I'm to scarred for life" Finn said.

"Hopefully she just does her research better next time. You are right, in this instance I am very, very glad I'm gay" Kurt said before heading upstairs to get ready for Mercedes.


Blaine laughed at something Jeff said on the phone, no matter how funny his Britney story was, he was still slightly distracted. He knew Kurt didn't have a history paper, because they had the same teacher just different periods. He didn't press Kurt on it, he knew this had a lot to do with their conversation yesterday, and wanted to give him his space.

"She actually believes her cat can talk, and that he smokes. She asked me if she should get him Nicotine gum, for her cat! Seriously, thank you for the best date of my life" Jeff said over the phone and Blaine just chuckled.

"Date?" Blaine says, he didn't think Jeff and Britney would actually hit it off.

"Yeah, I mean I don't see us getting married. But, she's hot so it would make the guys jealous and she isn't boring, which lets face it most girls are. We are going to the movies next weekend. The weird thing was that before she said yes she made me promise not to crack an egg on her head, whatever that meant" Jeff said.

"Sorry I'm not sure what she's referencing to there" Blaine said.

"So, I heard the Warblers were successful in getting you into Dalton".

"Uh yeah, Kurt was surprised, it was a great night" Blaine said when he heard his phone beep, signaling he had a text.

"Hold on a second" he said into the phone pulling it away from his ear to read it.

From Rachel:911

Blaine's heart started to race, the only thing he could think of was that something was wrong with Kurt. He quickly told Jeff he had to go before dialing Rachel's number.

"Blaine Warbler thanks for getting back to me" Rachel's voice said thought the phone.

"Well you said 911, which leads me to believe there is an emergency, so what's wrong, is it Kurt"?

"Everything's fine. I knew you wouldn't call me if I didn't send that. I've decided we need to bond more".

"Excuse me?" Blaine's voice says in disbelief.

"Well we could be future in-laws one day".

"I thought you were going to break up with Finn after graduation".

"He hasn't said he's not coming to New York, I'm staying optimistic. We got along well when we rehearsed for the duet, and we have had a brief affair, hanging out one on one won't kill anyone" Rachel says and Blaine rolls his eyes.

"Alright, sure Rachel we can bond", Blaine says, lying, hoping this will get her off the phone.

"Awesome, you should come over today around 1 for a light lunch", she says seriously,

"Today? I dunno Rachel I-"

"Do you have something better to do?" she asks. And well no, Kurt doesn't want to see him, and McKinley's workload is a breeze compared to Dalton's so he's actually ahead. If anything, this could turn out to be an interesting story to tell Kurt at a later date.

"Fine Rachel, I will see you at one".


Kurt and Mercedes are laying side by side in Kurt's bed, their face's covered in a green sticky liquid, cucumbers over their eyes.

"So Mercedes, how was your date yesterday with Sir Cody?" Kurt asks.

"Well, it was nice, really nice. He brought me to some drive-in forty minutes away that was playing old movies, you would have loved it Kurt. He packed a cute dinner, I mean it was freezing, Cody kept apologizing, but it was nice".

"And what are we thinking about him?" Kurt pesters.

"We are going to take it slow. It seems stupid because we do know each other and whatever, but I rushed into things with Sam, and I don't want to do that again. So I guess we'll see where it goes" Mercedes shrugged.

"You sound so mature" Kurt points out, which causes Mercedes to snort.

"Whatever. Your turn to spill the beans" Mercedes says. And Kurt fills Mercedes In on every detail, from dinner with Blaine's parents, to the actual date and conversation that followed.

"I just, it's not like I'm mad at him or anything, I understand he has to do what he has to do, but I like things planned and I was planning that we would be in the same state, and now that may not be the case, I'm kind of freaking out." Kurt finishes with.

"Would you break up if he didn't go to New York?" Mercedes questions.

"I don't want to, I've always pictured being in the long hall with Blaine, but I've never heard a successful long distance story". Mercedes goes to open her mouth and then closes it again.

"Yeah I got nothing" she says. Kurt sighs loudly, and Mercedes sits up to rub Kurt's shoulder.

"All I can say is wait and see what happens boo" Mercedes says in her soothing voice.

"Time to take these masks off" Kurt says sitting up.


"Blaine glad you could make it" Rachel says ushering Blaine inside. He awkwardly follows her into the kitchen when she sits, motioning for him to join her.

"I thought we were eating" Blaine says while sitting down.

"We will. But first I need to tell you that I had an ulterior motive inviting you over today" Rachel says.

"Wow, I'm surprised" Blaine says under his breath.

"Last night, something happened with me and Finn and-"

"Look Rachel, considering your boyfriend is my boyfriend's step brother, I probably shouldn't get involved in you guy's fights".

"Oh, there was no fighting. Just an unfortunate blow job". Blaine makes a strangled noise.

"Rachel, I don't want to-please stop-don't say anything else" Blaine says strained.

"My technique is obviously not up to par and I need your help Blaine".

"You need me? Oh god no" Blaine says, his face turning red.

"Obviously all though I'm sure my fathers are fairly knowledgeable on this subject I can't go to them. Like you mentioned, Kurt is Finn's step-brother so that would be weird. So that leaves you".

"Rachel I'm not one to ask about this" Blaine says.

"I have excellent hearing Blaine, I've heard some things, Kurt seems to really enjoy your private time together especially when you put your-"

"OH MY GOD OK STOP" Blaine screams throwing his hands over his ears. When he sees that Rachel's lips have stopped moving he slowly removes his hands.

"So Blaine, will you help me out"?


Kurt is waiting for Blaine at his locker, a medium drip in hand, he is about to give up when he sees Blaine rushing down the hallway, obviously aware he is running late.

"Hey sorry I'm late-Oh coffee thanks!" Blaine exclaims, kissing Kurt on the cheek before taking a sip.

"Sorry about yesterday, I know we were supposed to talk" Kurt says.

"Oh it's totally fine" Blaine says, and Kurt notices Blaine blush a little. Kurt walks with him to his next class.

"So what did you do yesterday?" Kurt asks while they walk, and Blaine turns another shade of red.

"Well-I-uhh-it's kind of a funny story" Blaine says as Kurt raises his eyebrows.

"IgaveRachelsomeblowjobtips" Blaine slurs.

"You-what-why-why would you" Kurt smacks his hand against his head.

"She was really upset about her first attempt and I gave her some pointers" Blaine shrugs.

"Blaine, you gave Rachel tips on how to give my step-brother head" Kurt stated, his face screwed up.

"Well when you say it that way" Blaine says.

"God, now all I see is you going down on Finn, I'm going to class" he said before rushing off. Both boys didn't realize Mercedes and Santana standing behind them, mouths open, only hearing the last statement.

"Did you just?" Mercedes asks.

"Yeah" Santana answers.

"Do you think?" Mercedes asks again unable to finish her thought.

"I dunno, but I'm going to find out" Santana states rushing off to catch up to Blaine.

"Hobbit" she yells causing him to stop.

"Hey Santana how was your Valentines Day?" he asks cheerfully.

"Cut the crap Blaine I heard your conversation with Kurt" she says, and Blain pales.

"Santana please don't say anything to anyone, Kurt will flip and Finn probably will too" Santana's eyes widened, did he just confirm it to her?

"You mean you really did-"?

"Yeah, at the time it didn't seem like a big deal I was really doing Finn a favor, but seeing you and Kurt's reaction I realize it was a lapse of judgment" he says stuffing his hands in his pocket.

"I honestly can't believe it" Santana says.

"Can we just not talk about it, how was Jordan's movie night thing?" Blaine asks.

"It was, to be honest it sucked. Jordan's friends hate me, they were totally judging me the entire time. I swear one of them has a girl crush on her. But afterwards Jordan asked me to come for coffee during her break, alone", she smiles.

"Well that's great then" he says with a smile. The bell rings and people begin to quickly shuffle down the halls.

"I have to go, but remember Santana please keep your mouth shut" he begs before rushing off himself. She wants to, because Blaine has been a great friend since he's gotten here, but it's really against Santana's religion to not spread juicy gossip like this. So she sends out a couple texts, and by lunch everyone knows but Finn, Rachel and Kurt themselves.

"Does that mean Finn plays for the other team now?" Artie asked quietly from his table at lunch.

"Did he transfer?" Britney asks and everyone ignores her.

"He could just be experimenting" Tina offers.

"Well whatever it was, Hummel's probably pissed he chose Blaine to experiment with and not him" Puck says, and Lauren laughs in agreement.

"Guys after all the things Finn said to Kurt two years ago do you really believe this?" Quinn asks, not convinced.

"Blaine confirmed it" Santana reminds her. "Do you think Rachel knows?" she then asks.

"I doubt it. And she can't find out we can not afford a break down right before Regionals" Mercedes says. She sees Rachel and Finn walk into the cafeteria towards them.

"Everyone mouths shut" Mercedes demands.


Kurt walks into the choir room and takes his normal seat next to Blaine. He notices how quiet everyone is, and watching him carefully.

"Did I miss something?" Kurt whispers to Blaine. He turns around and notices the staring as well, and his face becomes red.

"Not that I know of" he lies, giving Santana a death glare. Rachel and Finn walk in next, and Finn takes the seat on the other side of Blaine.

"Dude I got the new Grand Theft, you should come over and play after rehearsal" Finn says to Blaine.

"I have work, I have to leave practice early, but I'm coming over for dinner tonight, maybe we can play after" Blaine says.

"Awesome" Finn says patting Blaine on the back, and there are a couple of chuckles and gasps. Kurt turns around to look at everyone confused.

"Is everything ok?" he asks addressing the room, he is answered with nods and vacant stares.

"This is so weird" Kurt says under his breath and Blaine nods in agreement.

"I can't do this" Mercedes finally declares. "Kurt how can you sit next to him"?

"I umm always do. Mercedes are you ok?" Kurt asks.

"Kurt I thought you were a stronger person than that, I know what happened this weekend we heard Blaine and you talking this morning." Mercedes says. Blaine and Kurt both flush.

"That's really not your business" Kurt says icily.

"Kurt he's running around behind your back with your step-brother" Mercedes says frustrated.

"Excuse me" Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine all say at the same time.

"No use in denying it you already confirmed it with Santana, Blaine" Mike says annoyed.

"Hey guys lets get to work-Is everything ok?" Mr. Shue asks taking in the scene.

"Confirm what?" Finn says, his confused look on his face.

"I heard Kurt say, now I can't stop picturing you going down on my step-brother, and he was really pissed" Santana says quietly.

"What the hell dude?" Finn all but screams.

"Whoa guys I think we need-" Mr. Shue says before getting cut off.

"I thought you heard the whole conversation that's why I said that Santana" Blaine says.

"Why would you even say that dude?" Finn says directly to Kurt.

"I am really confused" Rachel says.

"That's usually what I say" Britney quips.

"Your girlfriend asked my boyfriend for blow job advice" Kurt screams, and suddenly the room went silent. Rachel looked down at her lap, Finn's eyes widened and Blaine grabs the bottom of his chair to refrain from running out.

"ENOUGH. This is a totally inappropriate conversation to be having" Mr. Shue says. The rest of rehearsal is extremely awkward; Blaine and Kurt try to avoid everyone. Blaine luckily gets to leave early for work, leaving poor Kurt alone with Rachel and Finn. Fin is no mood to talk to Rachel, so he walks towards Kurt's car in silence. He waits till Kurt has pulled out of the parking lot to speak.

"Did you tell Blaine what I told you"?

"No, Rachel went to him" Kurt said silently. Finn shakes his head.

"I don't understand her at all" he said.

"She did it for you, as creepy as it is" Kurt said quietly.

"I guess so. Can we like just forget this whole day never happened" Finn says.

"Please" Kurt answers, smiling a little.