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Chapter One

The nightmares still come. Even after a year of being away from them they still come. Every night it's the same type of thing and even knowing that my best and only friend Jason is right across the room it doesn't stop me from waking up screaming and drenched in sweat. That's why Jason won't let me start recruiting for the resistance yet, he doesn't think I'm ready. My reason is because no mutant has been stupid enough to get onto the news so we know where to go. Even though I would be recruiting if we could find some mutants I still think the universe is royally fucking me because of the nightmares. Most people would probably ask 'Your only 17 what could've happened in your life that was so fucked up and traumatic that you would wake up screaming every night?'

February 19, 2015

An unknown woman with blonde hair was screaming in pain with doctors surrounding her, she was giving birth. A few more minutes of the screaming passed before it stopped and the screaming was replaced with crying. The tired women reached out toward the small child that was being held by one of the doctors but the doctor ignored her and walked out of the room.

"NO! NO! MY BABY! Where are you taking her!" She screamed after the doctor and began struggling against the doctors that were now holding her down. One of the doctors left his post and grabbed a syringe off the table and injected it into the woman's arm. After a few seconds the woman slipped into an unconscious state. A man walked out from the shadows and looked at the woman before speaking to the doctors.

"I want her mind whipped and shipped out of here by tomorrow," He ordered harshly. One doctor gave a curt nod and briskly walked out of the room. The man took one last look at the women and walked out of the room and into another. He looked down at the special incubator where his newborn daughter was being held. The three doctors in the room continued their work and made sure not so come within two feet of the man. One of the doctors took a needle and injected it into the IV that the little girl had poking out of her arm.

"When can the testing begin?" He asked.

"With the drugs we are giving her she should be ready for testing in a week Dr. Halliwell," The doctor that was studying the computer screen answered.

"Perfect," Dr. Halliwell answered with an evil smirk.

I shot up in the sleeping bag gasping for breath only remembering the end of the nightmare. I took long deep breaths to calm myself. In the nightmares about when I was younger are always harder to remember. Usually I have nightmares about memories and when I wake up they're crystal clear; almost like I'm reliving it again. I surveyed my surroundings to make sure I was still in the cave that Jason and I had camped out in for almost a week. Looking over to the other side of the cave I was relived to find Jason still snoring in his sleeping bag. I lay back down in the soaking wet sleeping bag and stared at the ceiling, enjoying the silence. Today was the day that we would officially start the resistance. I had probably said that a million times before but this time was different; this time it wasn't after waking up screaming. This time it was after waking up gasping. I got up out of the sleeping bag and turned on the small battery radio to listen if any mutants made the radar.

"-believed to be a mutant is causing trouble in Bakersfield, California. He is believed to be responsible of the death of his father and young sister that happened over two years ago." Some random reporter chick said. I looked outside the cave and saw that the sun was just raising then looked over at Jason who was still snoring in his sleeping bag. Bakersfield is around 6 hours from here and maybe if we're lucky we can get there before my dad sends a team to collect him or her. I threw my small amount of belongings into my small black backpack after changing into a black pair of skinny jeans and throwing on my leather jacket. Jason continued to sleep so I held my hand out and a baseball sized clump of dirt/rock flew into my hand and I threw it at his stomach. He shot up in his sleeping bag instantly and a red see through force field surrounded the cave.

"Chill out and pack you stuff. We got to go," I said and walked out of the cave as soon as the force field dropped. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the slop of dirt and it began to shift until there was a sturdy dirt staircase. Even after being at least 20 feet away I could still hear Jason scrambling to get his boots on then almost falling down the stairs as he ran down them. We both reached the bottom at the same time and started lifting the assorted branches and leaves off of our concealed and old Jeep Wrangler that was probably made around 20 years ago.

"So are you going to tell me why I have a bruise on my stomach?" Jason asked and slipped into the driver seat.

"There's a mutant in Bakersfield, now drive," I answered. Jason sighed and the car jerked forward a few times before it went the speed that Jason wanted. While Jason drove I kept on full alert for any drones*.

"Are you sure you're ready to recruit yet? I mean your nightmares still come don't they?" Jason asked after a half hour of driving, I was surprised he didn't bring it up as soon as we got into the car.

"I can't and won't let those fucking nightmares run my life. Besides they're getting better," I answered.

"What do you mean?"

"Were you woken up this morning or anytime during the night by my screaming?"

"Well, no."

"Because I didn't. Now I hate to be an optimist but that looks like progress to me, so shut the fuck up and let's get to Bakersfield." Jason sighed and didn't say another word. I smiled cockily and rested my legs up against the dashboard. As I put my aviators on Jason expertly maneuvered the car through the debris of the decimated cars and most likely buildings that littered the makeshift road that was created after the bombings started.

"Shouldn't you be on the lookout for drones?" Jason asked and I sighed and sat up straight, scanning the skies for the little fuckers. Looking behind us I could hear the familiar buzzing of the metal machine and could see it speeding toward us.

"There's one around 300 yards back," I stated, "We can either stop and see if it will pass us or we could make it look like that car over there." I pointed to what I was assuming was a car but all we could see was a pile of scrap metal.

"Well in past experience I've learned that you will do whatever you want weather it's what I want or not," Jason explained and I nodded in agreement.

"Ok how about I let you choose and we will follow what you say," I offered.

"I would much rather wait for it to pass and make it to Bakersfield without new injuries," Jason said.

"Well I want to kick its large metal ass." Jason sighed and spun the car around so we were now facing the oncoming drone. Jason and I jumped out of the car and stood in defensive positions while the drone slowed to a stop. To out confusion four thick black ropes dropped from the aircraft and to each rope five standard soldiers slid down and soon surrounded Jason and I.

"I'll get the humans and you can get the drone," I whispered and he nodded, with a swift move of my hand Jason was launched over the soldiers so he could take care of the drone. Almost half of the soldiers made their way to follow Jason but I spoke up.

"Oh forget about him you'll have your hands full dealing with me." All the soldiers returned to the circle and they all raised their guns again.

"Put your hands up and state your name and species!" One of the men demanded. I complied and put my hand up with a smirk on my face.

"Selena Halliwell." My smirk only grew when I could see shock cross all of their faces through the masked they were wearing. One of the soldiers attempted to grab the walkie talkie that was attached to his shoulder probably to contact my father to tell him where I was. I slightly moved my left hand and a thin bolt of lightning shot from my finger tip and fried his radio also slightly shocking him. Before any of them could react I moved both my hands and a wall of fire surrounded me and blocked me from the soldiers. I ran straight through the fire and tackled one of the soldiers to where I had of my arms securely around his neck and the other on his gun. After maneuvering his hand so his hand was once again on the trigger I used my telekinesis to make him pull the trigger and start shooting down his fellow team mates. Of course it didn't kill most of them because of the bullet proof vests but it did knock them all on their asses. Knowing that they were all on the ground for at least another ten seconds and weren't going to shoot me down I lifted both arms and concentrated on the ground beneath all the soldiers except for the one that was unconscious at my feet. I watched as the ground under them shifted until they were all gone and buried under the ruble. Kneeling down at the last soldier's side I grabbed his walkie talkie off his shoulder and press the button.

"Hey dad, haven't talked to you in a while. I think you should invest in better trained soldiers they were way too easy to kill," I said and concentrated on the ground again until I couldn't see the soldier, or hear the reply. The wall of fire finally disappeared and I could see Jason leaning up against the jeep, waiting for me to be done.

"See that wasn't so bad," I said and playfully punch Jason on the shoulder.

"I still think we should have just waited for them to pass," Jason said and got into the car.

I followed suit, "Well last time I checked we weren't any more injured than we were ten minutes ago so we can still go to Bakersfield unharmed. Besides they were probably on their way to get the mutant anyway."

"Yeah I guess but what was the deal with the soldiers in the drone. I thought it was machine operated."

"Well I guess they're stepping their game up. Nothing we can't handle." Jason nodded in agreement and he started the car.

*A machine created by the government to monitor everything and collect mutants, now they have soldiers in them.

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