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Chapter Seven

Eleven year old Selena sat silently in the middle of her room, listening to the conversation currently taking place between her father and Dr. Roberts.

"She has refused to demonstrate the newest ability. We have no way of telling whether or not it took hold," Dr. Roberts said.

"Then send someone to find out," Dr. Halliwell demanded.

"With all due respect Sir; I don't think that's the best idea. With her already having advanced strength and the chance of possessing invisibility the probability of someone surviving is very slim." Selena figured that her father must have done something to scare the doctor because a minute later she could hear footsteps coming closer and closer to her door. She could hear as the person typed in the code to enter her room and she tensed. She had one shot at the plan. The door slid open and Selena took a deep breath before turning invisible and running past the guard.

"Patient Zero has escaped! I repeat, Patient Zero has escaped!" A soldier yelled into the loud speaker. Selena looked up at the speakers on the ceiling then down at her invisible arm before smirking, this would be too easy. She easily slipped in and out of corridors and rooms before finally making her way to back exit. The plan worked.

"Good job," Dr. Halliwell praised from the corner of the room. Selena whipped around and 'turned off' her invisibility.

"Thanks. The power seems to be working fine and should be ok to start testing on other soldiers," Selena explained.

"Good, good I'm glad you decided to help us with our project."

"Selena I have a mission for you," Dr. Halliwell said. Thirteen year old Selena stood straight, eagerly awaiting her next mission.

"What is it?"

"There is a mutant family located just outside of Bayville, New York. I would like you to take a team and collect them," Dr. Halliwell explained and handed her a folder, "Everything we know is in that folder. Pick your team and leave immediately."

"Yes Sir."

A few hours later.

Selena looked down at the fairly large suburban home before going through different plans of retrieval.

"Squad A take the front, Squad B the back, I'll go through the patio on the second story. Keep your helmets on, the women is a telepath," Selena demanded and the soldiers nodded before dropping out of the helicopter. Pulling on her helmet she firmly grasped the rope and dropped down onto the patio.

Fifteen year old Selena watched as her tutor continued to drone on and on about mutant history. She didn't understand why her father made her learn this stuff. It's not like it mattered anymore, according to him they were going to make their own history.

"Selena!" The man spoke sharply, "Are you even paying attention?"

Selena opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by a loud alarm going off followed by someone speaking on the intercom.

"Code red! Code Red!" Selena glanced at her teacher who sighed but nonetheless nodded, dismissing her from the lesson.

"Thanks teach," Selena yelled as she ran out of the room. As soon as she was out of the room she was pointed down the hall by one of the soldiers. She nodded and quickly taking off towards the mutant that had escape. Selena heard multiple guns go off before she was able to push her way through the large group of soldiers. Assuming she was going to find a dead mutant she was somewhat surprised to find a young boy covered head to toe in a rock-like substance.

"Put you fucking guns away! You're scaring him!" Selena yelled over all the chaos. The men seemed confused but followed her orders anyway. Selena slowly walked towards the young boy with her hands held up in surrender.

"I-I'm s-sorry," The boy cried, "It hurt so badly. I just wanted them to stop."

"I know," Selena spoke softly and slowly reached out towards him. The boy deactivated his power, thinking he wasn't in anymore danger, but before he even had a chance to blink Selena had snapped his neck and he fell to the floor with a thud.

"Clean this up," She commanded and walked away.

Third Person

The group of young mutants watched as the doctor's son, Tyler, healed Selena. The cuts and bruises on her face slowly disappeared before she looked completely normal and Tyler moved over to where Jason was laying and began healing him.

"Why isn't she waking up?" Leo asked. Tyler briefly looked over to Selena before turning his attention back to Jason.

"She could be asleep for a few minutes or a few hours. I'm not entirely sure, her wounds were extensive," Tyler explained. The group nodded as they stood in the room, somewhat awkwardly until Bridget spoke up.

"I wonder what she's dreaming about. She's moving around a lot."

It was true. As soon as Tyler healed her Selena wouldn't stop twisting and turning.

"We could find out," Angelica said, "I can project her thoughts like a movie."

"I don't know about everyone else but I want to see. Every time she goes to sleep she either wakes up crying or screaming. I kinda want to know what that's all about," Leo said. Angelica didn't wait for anyone else's opinion and began projecting Selena's dream. They all watched in silence as Selena's first memory began. Angelica gasped when Dr. Halliwell appeared on the 'screen' and everyone turned to look at her.

"Who is he?" James asked.

"His name is Dr. Halliwell and he's the head of the organization that hunts down and tests on mutants," Angelica briefly explained. James nodded, wanting to know more but he didn't press. They watched the rest of the memory and another immediately followed.

"Wait so Selena worked for this doctor guy?" Simon asked, "What the hell is that all about?"

"I don't know just shut up and watch," Angelica demanded. They were appalled by what they saw. Leo and Simon hadn't known Selena for that long but they would have never expected that she would have worked for the bad guys. She was leading the resistance against them.

The mutants that knew Selena hoped that these dreams were just that, dreams but as they continued to watch Angelica began to think otherwise. When the last memory came onto the 'screen' Angelica began to consider turning off her power. But before she could make a decision the projection stopped and Selena shot up from the couch, sending the group stumbling back from the small telekinetic force.

"Where's Jason?" Selena demanded and everyone except for Angelica was too stunned to answer.

"Over there." Selena quickly got up from the couch and pushed through the group in order to get to him. As Selena sat at Jason's side Leo, having known her the longest, stepped forward.

"Selena," He began, "Who are you?"

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