Luce looked over at Daniel.

"Luce you don't understand!" he argued.

"Daniel I'm sorry I'm not mad it's just I know you can't tell me but I can't help but want to know …do you see what I mean." Luce explained to him.

Daniel sighed, taking Luce's hands. "I know it's just all I want is to make you happy. I want you to know but …the consequences …I just I can't lose you this time I'm not letting it happen." He said looking her deep in the eyes.

She placed her hand on her cheek. "I understand Daniel the time will come I'm just I'm afraid." she said quietly.

Daniel moved quickly and pulled her close. "Luce …I didn't know you were scared. You have to tell me these things. Luce what are you afraid of?" he asked her smoothing the back of her hair.

She leaned back against him and began to sob. "Daniel I'm afraid I'll lose you again …I'm afraid you'll get hurt …I'm afraid that any moment now you could leave and never come back she sobbed.

Daniel stared down at the girl he loved. He should have known. He should have known that she would be worried about him. He couldn't guarantee he wouldn't get a hurt. But Daniel knew that he would never leave Luce nothing could ever make him leave her. It was when she would leave him that they would be separated …for seventeen more years. But this time was different, maybe even more then seventeen years ….maybe never.

"Lucinda, Lucinda, only you. Don't worry I'll be fine, and I will never, repeat never leave you …I love you too much …I can't live without you …don't even don't even think that was its unnecessary, never doubt my love for you."

She sniffled, looking up at him. " I'm sorry for the breakdown it's just I can't help no matter how many times I come back , or how old I would be with all the lives added up together ,I still am a teenage girl ."

He laughed. "True I never thought of it that way. " He admitted.

Suddenly something hit Luce. Daniel must feel this way when he's far away from her. He i gets no word that she's okay and he barely knows what's going on in her life. Luce couldn't help but think she spent all this time being selfish when Daniel was probably going through hell too.

"I'm so selfish …you've probably been going through hell too." she said finally realizing what Daniel goes through.

"I do the same." he admitted. "Sometimes I only think what it will cost me and not you …I understand what you mean." he said.

She smiled. "I guess we truly are meant for each other we even think the same way." she joked.

He laughed." you're right we do think the same …don't we?" he asked.

She looked up at him. "I love you." slipped from her lips.

He looked down at her. Lust, and passion, in his eyes. "I love you too …with all my heart …forever." he whispered.

She kissed him deeply and pulled away. "Daniel." she said.

She looked at her confused. "We feel the same to." she said placing his hand over her heart .

He smiled at her. "Yes we do." he said before leaving in for another kiss.