**The 'modern methods' are basically In-Vitro Fertilization, Artificial insemination and Surrogate pregnancy. It's not something I'm familiar with so please don't take this as fact.

**WARNING – This chapter contains spanking and has a D/s feel but this is NOT going to be a BDSM or spank-fic. **

Chapter 2
Prince Carlisle's POV
My eyes open and I look up into the sleeping face of Edward. I made love to my prince last night! I grin. I loved every minute of it, but I also know I enjoy it more when he's in control of things. When I told him that, he said, 'I enjoy it more also, Carlisle, but once in a while I just want to be 'made love to'; I just want to feel…you do understand that, don't you? You won't mind doing that once in a while, will you?'

I do understand; how could I not…? So of course I said 'yes', but I really hope he takes the reigns more often then me.

His eyes open and he whispers, "Good morning, love…"

I kiss his lips and return the greeting as he rubs the sleep from his eyes.

We dress and go for breakfast. The whole day goes by in peace as the disappointed group of men and women are sent home. Tanya and Lauren, my sister and cousin are the last to enter their carriage for the convoy home. They scold me for resisting my father and make me wish there was something I could say or do to convince them that I'm doing what's best for myself and Volterra. After meeting and falling in love with Edward, I just can't imagine trying to live without him…or worse: with someone else… To rule a country with my heart shattered into a million pieces would be unhealthy for more then just me.

When they've all gone, I take a deep breath and sigh. I'm a married man now and it's time to meet my husband for dinner. A footman leads me to the room where Edward and his father have been planning our childrens' future births and I knock. Edward opens the door and pulls me into the discussion at once.

"There's a woman who helps run the orphanage, Carlisle. I think she'd be perfect. She's slightly younger then us; only a year, and she has good bloodlines as well as a decent upbringing. Her name is Esmeralda Platt." He hurries to inform me. "There are also a few nobles here that have not been in favor with my father. We could choose one of their daughters if things don't work out with Esmeralda."

I insist on meeting her.

When we ask, she states that she's unfortunately barren; this is why she works with the orphans.

Edward sends a messenger to his father and we return to the castle to find that King Edward has already invited the nobles my prince had told me about for a short visit and we are requested in the throne-room. We enter and, instantly, some of the men roll their eyes or shift in their seats.

"So, which of you will give your daughter to birth the heirs of their country?" The king asks.

One man looks very uncomfortable and His Majesty singles him out. "Charles, your girl isn't spoken for yet; is she?"

"No, Your Highness, she's not." He answers gruffly.

"And she's virginal?" The king presses with slight amusement.

"Of course she's virginal!" He says, taking offense.

"May we meet her, Sir Charles?" I hear myself ask.

Edward smirks as Charles gets his daughter from the next room. "He offended my father by implying that his daughter was prettier then my sister and that Isabella would be married with three children before Rosalie said her vows, even though she's older then us."

"So we're punishing her for him running his mouth off. Is that right?" I ask.

He chuckles. "I guess so. She'll take this opportunity, if we offer it, and her family will instantly be back in my father's favor…not to mention ours. Nobody would marry her for fear of proving Sir Charles correct. If that happened, her new husband would've been out of favor too. This way, her whole family will regain royal favor. Plus, she'll have children even though she'll remain unmarried. While we will have a lot of control, she'll be the one doing the work." He pauses. "Here she comes."

I watch her walk into the room. She has a regal air about her and I think her soft waves would look lovely on Edward's daughter or son.

She walks right up to us and curtsies. "Princes…"

From her greeting, I can tell that this girl is a woman who understands the difference between duty and desire. Knowing that she'll bear our children, I squeeze Edward's hand and nod.

He grins and asks the girl, "Isabella Swan, will you undertake the task we propose?"

"Yes, I'll carry and care for our children…but I do have requirements." She says.

"Name them." My Edward says.

Her requests are not outlandish; 1 year between children- unless she has a multiple birth; a say in the naming of the babies; a suite of her own in the nursery wing; good quality clothing and possessions as well as a day of visitation with her parents every week.

The king, Edward and myself see no reason not to grant every one of her wishes.

She agrees and the nobles are sent away after her father agrees to bring her belongings to the castle. After he has left, she adds one further request that she doesn't wish her father to know of.

Our curiosity piqued, we ask her to divulge it.

"I've been seeing a woman, my princes." She whispers. "All my father knows is that I bring clothes and food to the orphanage every few days, but I adore Esme and that's my true business there. Please, my princes, may we continue our affair of the heart?"

I grin at her and look to my husband. "If she'll remain faithful to us in every other way, I don't see a problem with their liaisons continuation, do you, love?"

He and his father turn and seem to conduct a silent conversation before nodding at me. "We agree. As long as Isabella doesn't allow another man into her bed she may have any woman she likes."

She sighs and smiles. "Thank you, my princes and Your Majesty!

Edward and his family spend the rest of the week settling their new family members into the royal routine. We hear nothing from my father until the ninth day after our wedding.

Prince Edward's POV
"Carlisle is settling in very well, Father. He's decided to spend a bit of time with Isabella this week, and she's agreed to undergo the first procedure in five days. You could be a grandpa in five or six short days!" I inform my father as we sit peacefully in the throne-room.

"I'll look forward to it, son!" He says smiling softly. "You know Rosalie's wedding will be just a week after that, and then perhaps I'll have more grandchildren to look forward to!"

I smile, about to reply, but we are interrupted by the man who had attacked Carlisle on the morning of our wedding.

"Or perhaps none, King Edward! It depends on whether or not you go to war." Caius interjects. "I come from Volterra carrying this letter from King Aro."

Father frowns and sends a servant to fetch Carlisle as he reads the letter.

Moments later my husband is with us and glaring at the man who's brought this news to us. "Did you tell him what I said, Caius?"

Caius nods solemnly. "I did, Your Highness, but he has refused to listen. He insists that you come home and stop your foolish behavior. He's even picked a bride for you, refusing to acknowledge your marriage to Prince Edward."

Father hands me the letter and I gasp. A pang of heart-ache afflicts my chest as the words sink into my brain. Carlisle's hand instantly finds mine and I pull him closer.

"Edward, fetch Sir Jasper. He will help us formulate our reply to Aro." Father says.

I nod and rush out to the place I know Jasper can always be found.

He enjoys the peace of the library so his office is attached to it. "What can I do for you, Prince Edward?" He asks after I bang on the door.

"Sir Jasper, my father and I need your council! We are threatened with war!" I cry grimly.

His face changes from serene to furious in seconds. "Who threatens the kingdom of Masen?" He demands.

"Carlisle's father, King Aro of Volterra, has sent a letter to my father." I inform him as he follows me from the room. "It says that unless we denounce my marriage to Carlisle and send him home, his army will be at our gates in less then a week."

"That is totally unacceptable. Neither kingdom will benefit from a ruler with a broken heart. He's got another heir, why can't he just give the throne to Peter?" Jasper asks Carlisle as we walk into the room.

"He'd rather have me to heel. He wants things the way he wants them and refuses to compromise or give in." Carlisle places an arm around me. "Edward, I don't want to go back but I might have to…it maybe the only way to protect you."

"NO! I won't allow it!" I say desperately wishing I could take my husband over my knee just for thinking of that. "You are my husband, Carlisle, and a prince of Masen. If you go back, there's no telling what he'd do to you."

"The king has already given orders that, if Prince Carlisle comes back to Volterra but still refuses to marry the woman chosen for him, he is to be imprisoned indefinitely in his chambers. No further punishment was decreed, but that could change at the king's whim." Caius informs us.

"I will not allow that either. I'm certain that, if our people were informed of this threat, they too would demand that we step in to defend Carlisle." My father says decisively.

I clutch Carlisle to me and feel tears of rage fill my eyes, but I blink them away without letting them fall. "You will not go back! Do you hear me? You're not his son anymore; you're my husband and I won't hear of you leaving me!" He nods into my chest and promises, but I feel so helpless. "You can't leave me!"

My Carlisle nods and holds me. "Alright, I promise… I'm not going anywhere."

Father and Sir Jasper watch us worriedly.

"Prince Edward! You need to calm yourself. I promise that if you and Carlisle stay in Masen; our men can keep you both safe. Just let your father and I handle it." Jasper grips my arm and looks into my eyes. "Your Majesty, I firmly believe that Aro can and will be reasonable. Edward and Carlisle need to make appearances around our kingdom and continue as if nothing is wrong. You and I will consider how to reply to Aro's threat and we'll see what happens from there."

Prince Carlisle's POV
I can't believe my father is doing this! I was so happy, sitting with Isabella in the solarium discussing baby names, just a few minutes ago. Now, I'm trying to comfort my prince from the harsh words of that letter from my father. Something occurs to me, "I hope you don't mind, Your Majesty, but I think Edward and I need a break from this discussion." I say. "I think we'd do well to take a short walk or relax…in our room."

"Yes, yes, good idea, Carlisle; feel free to return when emotions aren't running as high." The king says.

I nod and pull Edward behind me until we reach our room. Once locked inside, I sit so I'm looking up into his face.

He looks so vulnerable…so different from the man he usually is. I know he needs to feel in control again; but how do I convince him to do it? Focusing on his eyes, I gently suggest my idea. "Edward… My prince, there's only one thing I can think of that will help you feel better right now. In the past, when my father has gotten pushy or belligerent and I've felt completely helpless- it's only happened a few times and I'm not proud of it but- this has made me feel better. I've gone out and seduced a servant or local villager and had sex with them until…well, until the whole incident was pushed from my mind. It has always given me some measure of control back. I want you to do that…with me, I mean."

He hesitates. "I don't want to hurt you, Carlisle; do you really think it would help?"

"You won't hurt me if I'm willing and compliant…and I am very much both of those." I whisper as I lean in for a kiss.

He lets me kiss him and turns to face the mirror tugging at his hair. "Alright, Carlisle, I'll do it."

I grin. "Good. I'm ready when you are."

He frowns. "How does this work though? Are you play-acting a part or are you my husband?"

"I'll create the scenario for you, love." I say almost teasingly. "I'm your husband. You're upset that my father wants to take me from your side and annoyed that I've considered giving in to his demands. To convince me that I only belong to you, you've grabbed me and dragged me to our room so you can claim me again."

He smirks. "Get over here, Carlisle."

"Yes, love?" I ask stepping close.

His hands tangle in my hair as he pulls me even closer. "I'm far more then annoyed about that, love." His kiss is harsh and frantic but I feel the pull to surrender to it. "How dare you think about leaving me?" He growls. "You're married now and you will not make such decisions without your husband's knowledge. I swear when you said those words, I wanted to drag you back here and spank your ass for thinking that way."

Those words make me gasp as I feel my face flush and my pants get tight. I swallow…hard. "Do it, Edward; spank me? Do it to help you claim me! Do it so I'll never think of leaving you or Masen castle again!"

He seems shocked and I feel his eyes travel over my body as he re-evaluates everything he knows about me. "You like that idea, my sweet husband?"

I nod and stare at the ground, embarrassed and subtly adjusting myself. "My father spanks my siblings when they do things he thinks are bad. He stopped doing that with me when he realized I was becoming aroused by it."

He lifts my chin and stares into my eyes for a little while. "Bend over my lap, Carlisle. I'll spank you because you deserve it for worrying me and then I'll fuck you as hard as I can." Then he sits in a chair with plenty of room for me to stretch out over his lap.

I cautiously bend into the position he'd requested and whimper as I feel his hands pulling down my pants.

His warm palm caresses my ass. "You're mine, now Carlisle. You don't belong to Aro anymore, and you'll never leave the kingdom of Masen without me. After each slap, I want to hear you say that you're mine."

"Yes, my prince." I say accepting his choice to punish me.

He's the one in control; he's the prince and heir to the throne of this kingdom. I'm his husband and I consider myself to be subordinate to him. I'd even go so far as to say I belong to him, almost like I'd belonged to my father. I grew up in the subordinate role with my father; it's what I'm used to…doing what I'm told…I wonder at how I could've thought to rule when I've always been told what's best for me and the kingdom of Volterra. My father's requests and suggestions were always more orders and demands, so I felt forced, but with Edward, it just feels right and natural to obey.

I feel a sharp sting as his hand makes contact. "I'm yours, my prince." I gasp. His hand comes down again and again and, each time I feel its sharp sting, I gasp or moan the declaration that I am his; I belong to Edward; my sweet prince.

Prince Edward's POV
His idea intrigued me; take control of the situation figuratively by claiming him sexually and making him recognize that claim somehow.

When I told him about wanting to spank him for even thinking of leaving my side, his reaction shocked me. I suppose I can picture Aro as a man who'd think spanking was right and proper. My father also spanked us when we were little but stopped when we turned thirteen.

To hear that he'd begun to enjoy the spankings was very interesting and it surprised me enough that I began to want it. His facial expression after he'd suggested it made me think he was embarrassed. So I lifted his face to look into mine. His eyes shone with hope and trust and a desire to show me just how much he belonged to me. I thought quickly about how much he loved it when I took control of him. I took control again and instructed him to bend over my lap. Sitting in, ironically, the same chair my father used to spank me in, I watched Carlisle bend willingly into the appropriate position. Lowering the seat of his pants, I stroked his flesh, cherishing his acceptance and willingness to accommodate me. I told him in my most mild tone voice that he was mine not his father's. Without conscious thought, I then commanded him to say it after every strike of my hand on his ass.

His acceptance lends me a heady feeling that is beyond words but, with every slap, I know that this isn't likely to become necessary again and I really don't want it to. I also know that the next time we are intimate, with me in the dominant position, I'll ask him to call me 'My Prince'; I love the way it sounds. After a few minutes- maybe five –my hand feels numb and Carlisle has just begun to cry, so I stop and have him stand. I dry his tears with my handkerchief then lead him to the bed and ask him to get on all fours because I know his ass must be burning; he seems relieved but this has another purpose. By taking him this way, I can't see his face and he can't touch me. I can be harsher in my thrusts and he can feel the control I have over him. I reach for the lubricant and soak two fingers before smearing it over his hole. He moans loudly as I push my fingers in and start fucking him with them. After a moment, his panting pleas change to a near constant whining. I hush him and tell him to present his request properly.

"Please fuck me, My Prince?" He asks desperately.

I smile and lube my cock before pushing into my husband's body. With my hands on his hips, I slowly begin to move in and out of his ass. His noises make me smile so I reach around and grip his manhood tightly. "Who do you belong to?"

"You, my husband… I belong to you!" He cries as my hand massages his cock.

"Yes, Carlisle, YES! You are mine!" I whimper into his neck as we cum together. I lay us down side by side and look into his eyes again.

He snuggles into me. "Thank you, Edward. I think I really needed that as much as you did."

"Carl, I've decided something." I tell him. When he only looks at me quizzically, I continue. "I'll only spank you when I feel that we both need it. It was not something I want to do on a regular basis. Do you understand?"

"So when I said- that -I caused you to NEED to spank me?" He sounds unsure.

"I feared that you would leave me and I needed an outlet for that fear. You needed to be shown that your thoughts were going to lead you into danger." I try to explain.

He nods. "Edward… When we're sexual…and you're in charge or in control… Would you…?"

"What is it, Love?" I ask.

"I got so turned on when I was calling you 'my prince'. Can I call you that when we're having sex with you in charge-would you mind?" He asks.

I smile, which leads to a chuckle.

He pouts. "Don't make fun! It got me so needy for you!"

"I wasn't making fun of you, Carlisle. I was thinking of asking it of you, so I thought it was funny that you asked me first." I smirk.

"Really?" He asks shyly.

I nod and hug my husband close for a few minutes. We wash up and get dressed before walking back to the throne-room. I grab his hand as we enter and my father looks up at us.

"Good, you're back." Father says. "You look rested, son, and that's good. You'll be able to handle the task I've set for you even better now that you're calmer."

"Yes, I feel much more secure and in control, Father." I ask glancing at Carlisle who blushes. "You mentioned a task?"

"Yes, you'll visit the square this afternoon, Edward- both of you together." He says. "I want a show of affection and if anyone asks you questions, you'll tell them that things are being taken care of quite capably. Am I understood?"

I nod, understanding perfectly that our subjects need to stay calm and happy if we are to get through this intact. They also need to see how in love Carlisle and I are so they won't worry about our future or theirs.

Prince Carlisle's POV
I, too, understand our duty to Edward's kingdom so I readily agree to play my part. It won't, after all, be a challenge to walk with my prince and show my love for him. We are escorted through the castle and down into the main courtyard.

Villagers line the streets as we begin our journey to the town square.

I wave to the ones who wave to us, also smiling at the children who peek through their parents' or caretakers' legs or skirts.

One young girl trips and falls trying to get out of our way. Edward picks her up and quiets her tears until her mother steps forth to collect her.

I grin as Edward sets the girl on her feet before taking her mother's hand and kissing it. I do the same with a grin before we move on down the path.

When we reach the square, Edward buys bread and a hunk of cheese at a shop. We sit near a fountain and nibble at our snack while my ass aches from the spanking I'd gotten earlier. Villagers walk past us and smile having no clue that we are under a threat of war or that I'd been sexually claimed just hours ago. A few stop to shake our hands and ask 'what's new'. Children run around laughing and playing while we look on enjoying the view. His- My- No, our people are happy and this makes us happy. We hold hands and walk along the road back home.

The king is on the main balcony awaiting our return. "How did it go?"

"Father, the children were playing and the village was bustling with people. We shook hands and said 'hello' to many people." My husband brings my hand to his lips and smiles. "They were very happy to see us out and about."

"Nobody said anything about this being the first time two male heirs were allowed to marry?" He asks. "Nobody spoke badly of you or us?"

"No, Your Majesty, everything went swimmingly." I tell him.

"Then a journey to Volterra is in order for tomorrow. It will be a diplomatic visit and we will petition your father to allow your marriage to be an official alliance of our kingdoms. Sir Jasper believes this will placate him." The king informs us. "All that's left is to figure out who will make this journey. There are many factors to consider so I will consult Sir Jasper while you two see to Isabella's needs."

I look to Edward. "My father will try to separate us if we go together."

His hand grips mine. "If this is what Sir Jasper, my father's war advisor, believes will prevent a war between our families, then we'll do it, but I will not leave your side while we are there. I refuse to allow you out of my sight."

I nod as we head off to speak with Isabella.

She frowns when she hears of our plans. "I don't like it. Something doesn't feel right about this whole idea, Edward. If Aro is as heavy handed as they say, I think he'll find a way to pull Carlisle from you."

"I'll want to see my mother and my siblings, but he'll only allow family to see them and he refuses to see you as family!" I gasp feeling a pang of despair. "I'll have to forgo a visit with them and I miss them quite a bit."

"I'm sorry, love, but unless we insist on doing things this way, he will win. He'll either take and imprison you or kidnap me to force your cooperation." Edward explains.

"You're right." I sigh. "I know you're right, but I truly hate it."

"I think you should wait on this visit, my princes. Wait until the first procedure is underway, so you will have an heir for the Masen throne before you put your father, yourself and Carlisle in grave danger." Isabella says, logically. "Your sister could take over, if something happened, but the people love you and they'd be very upset to lose great men such as yourselves and they might rebel."

"Edward, perhaps only your father and I should go. You should be here in case something happens." I reason. "You can be here for the procedure and if the guards your father takes with us can't protect us then you can take the throne immediately with no hassle."

"No; you'd be all alone! He'd have an easier time of taking you if you're there alone!" He protests shaking his head. "If he took you- How can I go on without you?"

"You'd have to, love, our child will need a parent! Please, do this for me?" I implore him.

"I'd marry you, Edward…" Isabella says quietly. "If something happens and if you'll allow our agreement to stand instead of insisting on a sexual relationship."

Prince Edward's POV
Tears of anger well up in my eyes at the thought of staying here while he goes to his father's kingdom to defend our marriage. I start to shake my head, but he looks into my eyes.

"Edward, say 'yes'…I need to know you and this kingdom are safe." He begs.

"Brother, they are right." I hear Rosalie behind me. "I know you want to rush to his defense and, traditionally, the spouse is the one who remains in the castle while the king or prince goes off to battle, but you must understand that in this instance you cannot."

"No, I can take care of myself, damn it! I'm not going to let King Aro dictate my life. We'll move the procedure up and do it today, so we can leave in the morning if that is what they decide." I growl.

"That would not be advisable, Prince Edward." I hear Jasper say from the doorway. "Someone needs to stay here in Masen. The people need someone to look to for guidance."

"It's settled, then." We hear a voice say from the other doorway into the solarium. "Jasper will travel with me to Volterra while Edward and Carlisle remain behind to care for Isabella and the kingdom."

I gasp at my father's words.

He holds up one hand to forestall any argument. "Calm yourself, Edward. Recall that Aro is an old friend; he will not harm me. Sir Jasper, we leave with the breaking dawn."

"Yes, Sire." Jasper answers, bowing formally before walking off, presumably to make arrangements for their trip.

My father just takes my hand and places it in Carlisle's. "Trust me, my son; this is the best way to handle the situation. It allows me to deal with Aro and gives you the opportunity to show the people that you can handle the pressures of ruling a kingdom. Now, take your husband and find a quiet place to relax. Isabella, you will need to rest for the procedure. I'll notify the doctor of the change in plans and send a servant to find you when it's time."

I nod numbly. "As you wish, Father." Taking Carlisle by the hand, I coax him to follow me.

We walk the grounds of the castle until I find a secluded courtyard. It has a lovely statue of my great-grandfather. I sigh, looking up at his face. "Do you think he'd approve of this, Carlisle? Would he be proud of us for following our hearts or would he sternly disapprove?"

"Oh, my Edward…" He says stroking my hand. "His time was not like ours. He wouldn't understand and he'd probably act as my father is."

I nod and accept that unfortunate answer.

The afternoon passes swiftly and we meet Isabella for the procedure at dusk in the doctor's lab. Dr. Cheney begins by handing Carlisle and I sterile containers and telling us to fill them with our seed. I make a point of taking Carlisle to a nearby private bedroom and making love to him.

"I can hardly believe this is happening." He sighs as I pull his clothing off.

"Believe it, love. We'll both be fathers very soon!" I say.

"I want so much to have you in me, Edward!" He says brushing my jaw with his lips.

"Well, I'm sorry, love, but that's not allowed this time." I tell him as I kiss his bare chest. "I want you to make me cum, love, and then I'll fuck you."

His whimper is sweet and endearing but it also makes me horny. I grin as he nudges me toward the bed, where I sit and watch as he gets lower and lower on my body. His hot mouth surrounds my cock and the suction makes me groan as I begin to rock myself between his lips. His tongue helps him work me and I quickly get close to the edge. He lets go just in time to get the container in place below me. I cover it and set it aside before turning back to him.

"Carlisle, that was amazing." I kiss him hard on the mouth and thank him in a soft voice. "Now it's your turn, love…"

His throat is my first stop. He's so responsive when I kiss him there. I have to smile at each of his moans. His abdominal muscles quiver at my touch and his light trail of hair looks so very inviting so I kiss and nibble my way down to where I want to be.

"Tonight, my lovely husband, you will cum without a single touch to your beautiful cock." I whisper in his ear as I use lubricant to prepare him.

"Please, My Prince, oh please let me feel your touch!" He begs.

I smirk and kiss the very tip of his cock before moving back up to lave at his nipples. "Put your hands on the headboard, Carlisle, my dear…and don't move them."

He whines but does as I ask.

I lick and tease his nipples making him groan in pleasure. My teeth sink lightly into one and I grin as he cries out, 'Oh, YES, my prince! YES!'

The lubricant is cool on my fingers as I push them into his tight opening. As I add more fingers and pump them in and out of his body, he begins a soft keening cry. I turn him over and place the container under his cock. I whisper permission for him to hold himself but not stroke or stimulate his cock at all. Then I push my cock into him.

Not long after, I hear his quiet chant. "So close! So close!"

Finally I command him to cum with a smirk and feel him contract around my organ. I whisper softly my love for him as he covers the container. We dress and carry the seed back to Dr. Cheney's room where he has lined up several tall thin tubes. We watch as he places something in each one. I ask what it is.

"These are Isabella's eggs. I will add your seed to half of the tubes and Prince Carlisle's seed to the other half." The doctor replies.

"Why are there so many?" Carlisle asks.

"That is to ensure that at least two of them take hold, Prince Carlisle. I believe it was requested that you each have one child with this procedure; am I correct?" He asks glancing up.

We nod.

"This is the way that is done. Isabella will be 'in the family way' by sometime tomorrow." He goes on in such a business-like way as he uses a syringe to pull my fluid from the container and place it in with Isabella's egg.

I turn to grin at Carlisle and find him wiping a tear away from his eye.

"We'll be fathers, soon, Edward! I can hardly believe it!" He says with a trembling lip.

I wrap my arms around him and watch in fascination as the doctor does the same with Carlisle's fluid.

Fathers…he is so right! We will become fathers very soon and I can only hope we will not be bringing our children into a world of warring families…

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