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A Thousand Words

Seven: Egoist One Shot


Hiroki was cooking in the apartment's small kitchen.

A few weeks prior, as it was the start of November, Nowaki had mentioned having Thanksgiving dinner with the family of one of the doctor's he'd been studying under while he was abroad in America. The tall man had spoken of it with a certain kind of wistfulness and Hiroki in a fit of some sort of puppy-eyed induced madness had offered that the couple (even though it wasn't a Japanese holiday) could have a Thanksgiving celebration of their own.

Hiroki had taken it upon himself to prepare the meal, attacking the endeavor with a certain academic zeal: researching the traditions, lining up the recipes on his laptop. Of course as the man was notably not the best cook to begin with the project had not been without its complications.

Part of this had come before the actual cooking had even started in the obtaining of certain ingredients. Hiroki had been forced to swallow his pride and seek out Akihiko's assistance, as prior to his Misaki days the author had eaten out quite a bit and frequented the type of establishments where the elements of the meals were a bit more exotic than Panda-san's.

The author still had contacts with some of the chefs, so he'd been able to help Hiroki secure some of the more tricky items, though not without forcing the professor to endure a certain amount of teasing.

"That giant of yours, has you whipped old man," Akihiko had drawled, "what kind of magic does he have that can induce you into the kitchen?"

Hiroki had scowled at his friend, "I don't know," the professor had retorted drily. "Maybe I'll ask your boyfriend the next time I see him… you know the one who cuts hotdogs into octopi and apples into bunnies for you."

Akihiko looked rather disconcerted at Hiroki's comment. "Who told you that?" the author asked uncomfortably. "And he's my tenant not my boyfriend," Akihiko said, knowing that Misaki was currently one of the professor's students at the moment and not wishing to cause the boy any issues.

The academic had snorted at his friend's falsehood. The two men had gone drinking about two weeks ago while Misaki was out of town for a few days on a science fieldtrip and the author had been inconsolable. "That's not what you said the last time we went drinking Akihiko. It appears that I'm not the only one who gets talkative when there's an excess of liquor involved."

After that Akihiko had ceased his teasing rather rapidly and had settled in to helping Hiroki get what he needed.

As he was cooking, Hiroki scowled at the memory. That and the fact that the reading glasses he was wearing so he could double check the directions on his laptop, kept getting steamed every time he lingered over the stove so that he couldn't see through them.

In the meantime, while Hiroki was struggling to complete the meal, Nowaki was watching the man from where he'd been banished to the couch in the front room. The giant had been relegated to his current station because he couldn't keep his fingers out of the dishes or his hands off Hiroki.

Hiroki was cooking wearing just a tee-shirt and boxers. The man had started preparing the meal the moment he rose that morning and had not changed from what he'd been sleeping in. The normally perpetually cold professor had declared he preferred to maintain this uniform as the kitchen got too heated for him otherwise.

As far as the giant was concerned the oven in the kitchen wasn't the only thing that was hot today, nor was it just the food that looked particularly tasty. Nowaki watched his lover with a hunger that was for far more than turkey: the curve of Hiroki's taut bare calves as the scholar moved around the kitchen, the way the man's biceps flexed, visible in the short-sleeved, white tee he had on as he stirred and mashed. There was also the professor's wild hair, made even more unruly by the steam from the various pots on the stove.

The only thing that might have made the picture more enticing, was if Hiroki had been wearing an apron, but the professor had made his anti-apron stance quite adamantly some time ago and Nowaki knew better than to press the issue at this point.

The tall man was enjoying a particularly lovely view, as Hiroki was bending down slightly, opening the oven to check on the turkey.

Hiroki felt Nowaki's eyes on him. He caught his lover's lewd stare and scowled. "I think everything is ready Nowaki," he said as a blush colored his cheeks.

"Well, I don't know about the food… but I know I'm ready Hiro-san," Nowaki purred and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at the professor.

Hiroki ignored Nowaki, though his brow furrowed deeper. "Horn-dog," he growled, "just help me get the food to the table."

Nowaki had set the table earlier. Once everything was arranged the two men sat down together.

"So this is what Americans eat?" Hiroki asked after the pair had said their customary blessing. "No wonder you were so skinny when you came back Nowaki… this stuff is all kind of weird."

In the past, the mention of that lost year would have left both men feeling uncomfortable and awkward, but somehow now, it was far enough behind them that the two men had each made their own brand of peace with the matter.

"I'm sorry if anything doesn't taste right, Nowaki," Hiroki mumbled as the giant began filling his plate.

Nowaki beamed at the professor, "I sure it will be fine Hiro-san, but I can guarantee you no matter what, the main thing I'll taste is your love."

Hiroki stared at Nowaki over the spoonful of mashed potatoes he was dishing. He blushed and dropped his eyes, "Dumb-ass," he muttered, "hand me the cranberry sauce,"

Nowaki just silently smiled, making sure their fingers brushed as he passed the dish.

A 1000 words of Thanksgiving fluff for my readers. I know it's goofy but I just wanted to thank you all; I am truly appreciative for you taking the time to read my rambles and for your feedback and support. Love you all and thank you for the flavor you've added to my life!

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