"Hey! Hey, get back here! You have to pay for those!" An angry voice yelled after a teenager with an armful of clothes, and various other items. The teen ran as fast as his legs would carry him, and darted around into an alley to avoid the cops he knew would be looking for him.

I would have paid for them, but seeing as I have no money that wasn't possible.

Once in the alley the boy dropped to his knees, and began to pile the clothes into a tattered backpack he had been carrying for the past few weeks.

You know running isn't going to solve anything…you'll never find the answers this way….

The boy slouched against the wall once he had managed to pull the zipper over the now full backpack. Every day it's the same thing, running and hiding from the cops, stealing what he needs, and sleeping in the alley ways.

Where do I go from here? I know I need help….but I'm not sure where to find it…

The boy stood up a moment later, then began to walk to the end of the alley, when he stopped in his tacks. The boy stood there for a moment, then looked down at his feet.

I knew I forgot something…I needed shoes badly, so that's why I had just stolen them. How could I forget to put them on? Maybe I was just shaken up… seeing as I'm a wanted criminal and all…..

The boy dropped the back pack from his back to the floor, and began digging through it. The boy grinned when he finally found what he was looking for. He pulled out from the back pack, one shoe, then another. After a moment of struggling he managed to get his feet into the shoes, which were slightly too small. The body zipped up the back pack and stood once again. With satisfaction he walked a little ways in his new possessions.

Now if only I could have stolen a pair of socks too….I've been walking around barefoot for only what I could guess was two weeks. I would have stolen some clothes sooner but I had only gotten the courage to do it a few days ago….each time faltering on getting socks…either I'd drop them on the run out, or I'd forget them completely.

The boy sighed at the memory, pulled his hood over his head and began to walk. As the boy walked he tried to stick to the shadows as best as he could, trying to keep as much out as sight as possible.

I need to find another alley way to hide in, this one is too close, too obvious….if the cops come looking for me, they'll definitely find me.

The boy walked for what seemed like hours, and seeing as the sky had begun to go dark, he must have been right.

"This will have to do." The boy said to himself, taking refuge in a nearby alley. The boy sat with his back against the wall, and using his back pack as a pillow drifted to sleep.

The boys point of view:

Just as every other sound faded away and darkness filled my vision….I began to hear distant music. The music was soft and had a beautiful harmony. The music grew louder and lower and with it came whispers… I couldn't understand what they were saying. They were whispers of young children, of men, of women… what were these voices I was hearing? All of a sudden the music stopped along with the voices and the darkness was replaced by a blinding light. I blinked a few times, my eyes adjusting as the light gradually faded. In front of me stood three unfamiliar ghost like figures, there was a man, a woman and a young girl.

I couldn't tell who the people were, because their silhouettes were darkened, they were almost like shadows… The woman took a step forward and with her hand outstretched, beckoned me. I walked toward the figures until I was a mere foot or two away from them. The woman figure held her hand out again, I reached for it and took it gently. I took her hand and fallowed her, fallowed them; we walked and walked and walked until I was pushed back. She released my hand and they kept moving forward, I tried to fallow after but was again pushed back. I again tried to fallow, but was stopped by an invisible wall that formed in between us. I began to beat my fists against the wall trying to break through it but it wouldn't budge.

"Hey!" I yelled out. They turned at the sound then waved; mouthing the words I love you in unison, then turned back and continued to walk. Once they turned around again, I felt my heart drop, I felt my body literally being torn apart. Agony was the only thing I felt as I watched them walk away.

"Come back!" I cried out, but this time the cry gradually changed into a scream as searing pain shot through my body. My eyes grew wide in fear as a figure stepped out from my body. The figure had the same ghost like appearance of the three people from before. The figure stepped through the wall and joined the three who had stopped and waited for it. The figure locked hands with the woman first, then the child, and the man locked hands with the woman. The four began to walk once more, until they were completely out of sight. I was left alone, engulfed by silence and darkness once more.

At the clap of thunder my eyes shot open.

Back to third person:

The boy was jolted awake at the sound of thunder. Slowly he sat up and rubbed sleepily at his eyes, just then he realized something.

A storm? This is perfect.

The boy quickly opened up his bag and begun to dig through it. A grin played at the boys lips when he found what what he was looking for, a small black box. The boy opened the box and begun to take out it's contents and pile them on the ground.

"No matter where I go, the cops will be on my ass. But they won't be if they don't recognize me..." The boy said to himself as he dug through his bag for something else. When the boy pulled his hand out of his bag next, he held a silver pair of scissors. The boy slowly took the hood off his head and let it flop behind his neck.

"So long." The boy sighed as he grabbed a thick wad of his wavy, shoulder length hair and began to cut through it roughly. The boy worked as fast as he could, all the while the thunder roared around him, and lighting clashed every so often. And all the while he cut his hair, he kept track of how far away the storm was.

When the boy was finished, his hair was choppy and significantly shorter than before, it now hung just above his ears. He left two clumps of longer hair in the front, one on each side, so they came down just bellow his eyes and curved in toward his face. He quickly jammed the scissors back into the bag, took off his hoodie, and shook the residing hair off himself. In a hurry the boy went to the contents he emptied out of the box a while ago. The boy picked up a bottle and a small tube, then mixed the contents together in the bottle. Using one hand to shake the contents, he used the other to read the directions.

"Leave on for twenty five minutes." The boy read aloud, then set the instructions down, and slid on the thin plastic gloves.

"Alright, I hope this works..." The boy said, beginning to pour the mixture into his gloved hands and spreading it into his hair.

Once the boy was finished he slipped off the gloves and tossed them along with the other contents into the large trash bin he sat beside.

"Now I just have to wait...hopefully it wont start to rain for too long..." The boy said and sat, allowing the dye to take it's affect. Before too long a light rain began to pour from the sky, and gradually became heavier an heavier.

The boy stood up and walked out into the rain, letting just his head stick out from under the thin shelter the roof of the restaurant gave him. Did I mention that the alley way he was sitting in was between a restaurant and an apartment complex? No? Ok well now I have...back to the story.

With quick movements the boy rinsed the dye out of his hair...it had only sat for fifteen minutes, so it wont come out as dark as it was suppose to be, but since his hair was blonde and he chosen a black dye, it should at least have dyed it a dark brown. He knew something like this might happen so, he thought ahead. The boy would have let it sit longer, but he didn't know how much longer it would rain, so he wanted to be sure that he could rinse the dye out.

Once the dye was completely rinsed out of his hair, the boy rung it out, then using a shirt he had stolen, he towel or well shirt dried it. Once the boy was finished he threw his hoodie back on, and sat back against the wall, ready to fall back asleep...but afraid to...he didn't want to have that dream again... All of a sudden an over whelming sadness took over the boy and he began to sob, pulling his knees up to his chest and hugging them tightly.

"It's been the same dream every night... and I still don't know what it means...or who the people are...and every time I'm left alone, un able to go with them. What does it mean?" The boy chocked between sobs.