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Chase's point of view:

"Hey uhh...William?" I started to ask a question, but my words were caught in my throat. My heart skipped a beat when I saw my picture on the t.v screen, and 'The Hooded Bandit' in flashing red letters bellow it.

I have to get out of here, he's gonna figure it out! It's so obvious; the hair cut and dye, it wasn't enough. How could I have been so stupid! He'll turn me in, and I'll be put in jail for the rest of my life!

Relax! He hasn't figured it out yet! Go to the school with him today…then tonight make your escape.

I can't he knows too much…it won't be long before he figures it out, before he calls the cops.

My hand instinctively flew to the pocket of my jacket.

"Yes Chase?" The man asked, turning to face me.

"I uhh….just wanted to know when we were leaving?" I asked, although that's not what I was originally going to ask. Inside my pocket, my hand clasped the switch blade, poised and ready to strike.

You're really going to kill an innocent man? He's helping you for fucks sake! What is wrong with you!

I have no choice, if he figures it out…that I'm the Hooded Bandit, he'll call the cops for sure. I can't take any chances!

"Well, we don't have to leave for another twenty minutes, why don't you come watch some t.v with me for the time being?" The tired man asked, gesturing for me to have a seat.

The closer you are, the silent the prey, the quicker the kill…

The man sighed, and looked up at me, at this I took a seat on the furthest side of the couch.

"So, you haven't heard of this Hooded Bandit person have you?" The clueless man asked casually.

He's really asking for his own death…

"I..uhh…no, I haven't" I answered quickly, turning the blade around, and around in the palm of my hand.

"It's a shame you know? All these adolescence turned to crime; I bet most of them only do it for their own survival. What do you think?" The man asked, changing his position to where he was now facing me.

"It's possible….I guess." I replied.

Is he toying with my mind or is he really this clueless? I can't take any chances to find out, I need to act now!

I slowly pulled the blade out of my pocket, and slid it into my sleeve where it couldn't be seen. As the man talked I inched ever so closer to him, all the while keeping the blade hidden.

"I think it's sad really, that the police think the only way to help these kids is to arrest them. Sometimes all someone needs is a little help….maybe even a little love. Sometimes all they need is someone they can confide in, someone to talk to." I paused at what the man said, and looked down.

He's right ya know…

You're making this harder than it has to be!

It doesn't have to be this way and you know it!

I pushed my thoughts to the side, and readied my blade.

"You can put the blade down, Hooded Bandit." The man said, sighing and leaning back up against the couch.

"Wha…what did you just say? How did you? But I…." I stuttered, glaring at the man.

"I knew who you were this whole time Chase. I told you that your past didn't matter to me didn't I? That I wanted to help you; not for what you've done in the past, but for whom you'll become in the future. So go ahead and take my life right now; there's nothing I could do to stop you, or put the blade down, and let me help you." The man said, glancing at me. My breaths came in raspy gasps, as I stared the man down. By now I was standing directly in front of him, my blade lightly kissing his throat.

What good will it do to kill him? You'll only dig yourself a deeper hole, you need to put a stop to this right now!

I can't get caught...I can't get caught...I can't...

Let the man help you! Or at least just let him live, make your escape if you have to, but let the poor man live!

If I let him live...he's only a witness...he'll call the cops...I'll get arrested, I can't get arrested!

Think about the girl! That helpless little girl...he's innocent just like she was! You watched her die...felt her limp hand in your own, heard her last breath whisper through the burning house. If you kill this man, you're only saying that it was ok for the little girl to die, that her death was ok because it saved your own ass! Is that what you want? Another death on your head?

I don't even know who she was! I'm not the one who killed her... so why do I feel guilty of her death? All I know is that she's dead now and her face is burned in the back of my skull!

You feel guilty because you couldn't save her...she died because you couldn't be the hero...

I'm not a hero...not a good guy...I steal and I kill for my own survival...what makes this different?

Let this man be your hero...you need help, and he's offering just that so let him help you!

The clack of the blade hitting the floor echoed throughout the small house. As quickly as I could I shoved all of my belongings into my bag, pulled my hood over my head, and headed to the door. As soon as my hand was on the door knob I paused, and looked back at the man. William was now standing, and pleading for me to stay, I shook my head in response, and went out the door. Before I had even taken a few steps I turned back around, cracked the door open, and pocked my head inside.

"Thanks you." I whispered, and shut the door tightly behind me before walking in the opposite direction.

Lancer's point of view:

My heart sank as I watched Chase walk until he was completely out of sight.

I had a chance to help someone, to really make a difference in someone's life and I let it slip through my fingers. It's not like I could force him to stay here, and now that he's gone I doubt that I could find him again.

I sighed, turned off the t.v, grabbed my keys, and headed out the door.

Once at the school I nonchalantly made my way to my room, and like every other school day I went over my plans and waiting silently for the ball to ring and the hoard of students to pile into my room. A few minutes later, and just that happened, everyone was here, except for a not surprising, Danny.

I begun the say by the day by having everyone write a one page essay on any subject they would like. I sat at my desk, and graded the last few tests from the other day, all the while I kept thinking of that boy, and how I could of helped him.

"Mr. Fenton, can you explain to me why you are so late?" I asked robotically as the raven haired teen attempted to sneak into the room.

"I..uhhh...slept in?" The boy said, before slipping into his seat. Something was very off about that kid today, well more off then usual. His clothes were tattered, and his hair was matted with dirt, sometimes I just don't understand this kid.

I sighed, and lent back in my seat, using my hands as a cushion behind my head. I nearly jumped out of my chair when the door burst open, and a figure stumbled in clutching his side. I stood up, and rushed over the figure, keeping him from falling flat on his face.

My eyed bugged out of my head when I recognized his distinguishable features.

"Chase?" I asked as I helped him into a sitting position.

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