Author's Note: This is my first openly submitted fanfiction. I just love the Doctor and Rose, and, though I haven't actually started season 3 of the reboot yet, I couldn't bear to leave her hanging in another dimension like that. So I wrote this reunion fic. I am aware that there are tons of these, but I just wanted to offer my own version. I try my hardest to stay true to the characters and how they are portrayed on the BBC show. I focus mostly on events that happened in seasons 1 and 2, considering that I haven't been past them yet. This fanfiction is unbetaed, but I tried to catch any errors in spelling and grammar, but, if I missed any, feel free to point them out in reviews, which are most welcome.

Rose Tyler stood on the roof of the Torchwood Institute, as she often did during her lunch break. She stared at the sky, tears falling from her brown eyes. She was silly, it had been ten months, and he hadn't found a way to get through to her. Knowing this, Rose understood that it meant he probably never would. That being said, it didn't mean she could just move on.

That day on the beach at Darlig Ulv Stranden had destroyed all that she was. Nothing that anyone could say would heal her. In fact, the only reason she hadn't died that day was because Mickey, Jackie, and Pete wouldn't let her. Mickey had insisted that she would get better. That it would get easier. Something inside of her had wanted to believe him, but she knew that nothing could ever replace the time spent on the TARDIS with the Doctor. Her Doctor.

So now, she stood on the ledge, hating herself. Hating herself for not having the power to jump, and hating herself for not being able to back away and turn from what she had lost.

"Rose?" A voice said behind her. A warm, familiar voice. It was voice that used to make her smile, laugh. Now it felt like all the other whispers that fell upon her deaf ears.

Mickey Smith approached her from behind. Although he found her there more often than not, it would always disconcert him to see her on the edge. He wondered if she would ever fling herself from the tall building.

She tensed as he closed his arms around her waist. "Step back, love. Lunch break's over." He felt as though he had grown years watching her self destruct. As he pulled her against himself, he could feel the change in her weight. He knew that if he were to turn her face to his, her eyes would be shadowed and swollen from constantly spilling tears. His Rose, his strong Rose, was gone. This Rose, broken, defeated, was all that was left.

Mickey almost found himself hating the Doctor, because he had killed the spirit inside of Rose Tyler when she had lost him. But he could never truly hate the Doctor, not when he had also brought Rose to life when she was around him. She used to have so much life when she stepped out of the blue box.

"Come with me. I found something to show you."

She nodded slowly, forcing herself to turn from the ledge and the day's contemplation of suicide. She rarely spoke anymore, and her eyes were hollow. The soul once there was hidden beneath agony most wretched.

Mickey had sought a way to cheer her, at least a little, since that fateful day. What he had to show her could be just the thing. However, he had spent days contemplating whether he should reveal what he had found, because, if it didn't cheer, it could send her over the apex on which she was so precariously perched.

He led her silently through the halls of Torchwood. He had only gotten her the job here so that he could watch her every day. She didn't really complete many of the tasks put to her. Mostly, she sat, staring. It was really quite frightening to see any human being in such a state, let alone Rose.

He finally found the room he sought, and he stopped her in front of it. "You know how Torchwood collects all the artifacts from extra terrestrial encounters and archives them?"

She nodded mechanically.

He cleared his throat. "I was in here the other day, and I found some stuff. I dunno how we have it. No one else seems to know either, but, Rose, I think you'll recognize it."

There was a tiny spark in her eyes as she watched him open the door with a swipe of his key card. He led her into the vast warehouse like room and bid her to stand in her place until he got back.

Rose watched his retreating back. If she was right about what he had found, he may be able to pull her back a little.

When he returned, he carried a box. "Follow me, there something else down here."

She followed, her heart spiking at the possibility of what was inside the box.

They stopped again in front of a tellie that had been recently hooked up. There were two little folding chairs positioned in front of it. "Sit down, Rose," Mickey said gently.

She did as instructed, and he followed suit. Finally, he opened the box. "Now, you have to promise you won't have a stroke," he teased, though he knew the futility in it, and the seriousness of what he was about to show her. "But I was curious one day, a while back actually, right before you and Jackie came through-er… came to live here." Nobody spoke of the Void to Rose. The very thought led to tears and breakdowns. "Torchwood has a bit of everything, so I looked for… him. Just to see if anything came up." He shifted the box. "Remember the first time we came here? With the Cybermen?"

She nodded, waiting impatiently for him to reach his point. He continued, "Well, the only theory I've got is that he left this on the helicopter when we got lifted out." Finally, he opened the flaps of the box and withdrew a garment that sent a stinging familiarity straight to Rose's heart: a long beige trench coat.

Her hands reached of their own accord to snatch it away. Raising it gingerly, as if she would damage it were she too rough, Rose breathed in the scent of the coat. Sure enough, it smelled of soap and a musk that she associated only with the Doctor. Her knuckles went white as she clung to it, hot tears forming in her big brown eyes.

Mickey watched warily as she clutched what he had found. Suddenly, she raised her face to look at him. "Can I have it?" She asked in a small, frail voice. "Please," she pleaded when he didn't immediately answer. The tone of desperation nearly broke his heart. It was the first time she had spoken in days.

"Well, I talked to your dad. He wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but after I put up a fight, he finally agreed. So yeah, Rose. You can have it."

She nodded, giving a small sob. She rose, ready to retreat with her beloved connection to the Doctor, when Mickey stopped her. "No, wait, there's something else. Sit down."

She complied so quickly that it nearly startled him. Nodding, he withdrew a black remote from the box.

"Torchwood has hidden cameras all over the city. I found this in the video archives." He clicked the tellie on and a grainy black and white video was paused on a shot of a random side street in parallel London. Mickey hit play, and Rose seized up when a familiar grinding sound filled her ears. Sure enough, she watched, eyes glued to the screen, as the TARDIS appeared on the street, the camera zooming in.

Three figures stepped out a few moments later. One was Rose, one was Mickey, and the third… was him. Rose made a choked sound as he turned towards the camera, grinning, as if he somehow knew it was there. Even in the black and white, she could see the light in his eyes. His hair stood up as if he had been running his fingers through it, the way it always looked.

The Doctor on the video came up behind her, and grasped her hand. The real Rose clenched her fist, feeling the phantom touch. The trio walked out of the frame, and the screen went black.

All the while she had watched, Mickey had watched Rose. This had been a bad idea, he realized as she began to cry, clinging to the coat. It was a bout reminiscent of the ones she had had just after he had lost her. Back when she still felt.

He moved to put his arms around her, and she clung to him as she cried great wracking sobs that rocked her thin frame.

The tears and loud sobs lasted for several minutes, and Mickey continued to hold her. When they subsided to gasps and sniffles, he pulled back, his black uniform jumper slightly darker in the spots where Rose's tears had soaked it. "Come on, love. I'll take you home."

She nodded, before allowing herself to be pulled along by her arm.

Jackie Tyler knew immediately that something had had happened at Torchwood when Mickey brought home a sullen Rose.

"What have you done to her, now? I told you that we shouldn't have forced her to work. She's traumatized." Jackie pulled her daughter tight against her, patting her blonde hair. It had since grown long again, and Rose had no desire or motivation to maintain it. "What's this, love?" She asked, reaching out to take the coat, which Rose jerked back.

"I found it in the Archives," Mickey explained. "It's his coat. Or one of them. He left it here the first time we landed in parallel London."

"What in the world were you thinking, giving her that?" Jackie snapped as she watched Rose make her way to her room. "She was starting to get better."

"Oh, nosh to that, Jackie," Mickey countered angrily. "If anything, she's worse, and you know it. I've never seen someone act like her. She's a shell. It was a gamble, but I thought that the coat might cheer her up."

"Well, we're in for a treat with her, now. Not that she's been so lively of late. I swear, I would deck that Doctor for leaving my daughter like this. It's like she's got no reason to move on."

"She hasn't really," Mickey pointed out.

"She has! She has me still, and her dad, and you, and little Gray." Gray, or Grayson, was Rose's infant brother, who was playing on the floor in front of the tellie.

Mickey sighed, "You don't seem to understand. Her whole life was with the Doctor. The second she left with him, it was like… like they were bonded forever."

Jackie sighed, lifting her son and resting him on her hip. "I just wish she would get better."

"We all do, Jackie. I think we all do."