Dear Bloggers,

I'm not really sure what I should say, I mean obviously you won't tell my secrets, (you don't know me, haha fake names are awesome) but someone could find out who this is and tell everyone. . . IT HAPPENS IN MOVIES ALL THE TIMEE!

So, I guess I'll start with the most difficult things in my life first:

*I'm in love with my enemy/old best friend, "Mko Hane", the most popular boy in our school, whereas, I'm a "nerd." :P

*Mko has talent scouts lined up for him, when he doesn't even want them. I would be happy if something like that happened to me.

*I have two good friends, Orange, Red, so I guess that's a good thing.

*The school whore, Tuna Fish, is trying to win Mko's affection.

She hates me. :(

*Mko only acts like I exist when he's being a jerk to me. :'(

*My parents are getting a divorce... :/

So, those are the main reasons I started this blog.

-Adios, MiiH

I quickly turned off my laptop as I heard someone racing up the stairs. My vision was blurred as my door flew open and something orange and red jumped on me. I toppled over as my best friend Rin Kagamine started rambling on and on about having to find me or something. Meiko Sakine just stood there and laughed as Rin kept babbling.

"Miku, we've been looking everywhere for you! The mall, the grocery store, McDonalds-" I cut Rin off, "So I'm guessing you thought of checking my house last?" I laughed as Meiko and Rin smiled at me.

They aren't popular either. Meiko has epilepsy and the asses at our school make fun of her because of it.I don't know what's wrong with people now, Meiko's really pretty too, she has short brown hair, chocolate colored eyes, and she's tall. She didn't used to have the seizures until her mother and her got into a car accident. It ruined her life. Especially since her mom didn't make it...

Rin is a petite blonde. Her brother is Len Kagamine, Mikuo Hatsune's best friend. She used to be the most popular girl in school, but her brother changed that. He got jealous that Rin was dating a boy named Rinta and had her reputation, and relationship, destroyed. She started hanging out with Meiko and I because we were the only ones who actually accepted her after the rumor, which isn't something I'm going to get into right now...

"So what brings you two to my domain?" I asked, now supsicious since their grins were as wide as the Cheshire Cat's.

"We were invited to a start of the summer party!" Meiko and Rin yelled at the same time.

"Haha, seriously though, what did you want to tell me?" I asked seriously. There was obviously no way in hell that we were invited to a party. Maybe Rin, Meiko, and Rei, but not me.

"Miku~ we're serious! Mikuo specifically told me to invite you!" That was the last thing I heard, because everything went dark as I felt my head hit the floor.

God, I'm so bored. I'm here at Lily's little get together and there's like, no one here. Just Len, Kaito, Teto, Gumi, Luka, and I. The worst part? We're playing Truth or Dare. I'd rather be home on Tumblr, Memebase, or Youtube. Yes, I'm a nerd at heart.

"Mikuo! How many times do I have to say it! Truth or dare?" Teto said, clearly annoyed.

"What? Oh, uh, dare I guess." She put her finger to her lip as she thought; her face abruptly lit up.

"I dare you to ask Miku Hatsune out, make her love you, then crush her! Oh, and invite her to your party!" She smirked at me. OH HELL NAW'.

"Are you freaking kidding me? Why her?" Truth be told, it sounded fun. Sick of us, huh? I mean, I didn't use to be such an ass, until I started hanging out with Len. Infact, at one point, Miku was my best and only friend. She's been my neighbor for as long as I can remember. Then in sixth grade I stopped talking to her, if I did I was insulting her. We ended up going our seperate ways when I moved out of the neighborhood into a bigger house when my dad started making more money. Maybe if she got rid of those chunky black glasses and let her hair down, she might be popular too. Then I could date her and- wait, did I just say date her? Like, willingly?

"'Cause it'll be funny." She responded. You see, Teto is one of the most annoying girls I know. She's rich, spoiled, and a bit of a whore. I remember back in first grade when she was still sweet.

"Whatever." My life is going to end as I know it.

His house is huge. Like, seriously. It's definitely a mansion. The lights in here are flashy and I can't help but feel worried about Meiko, where ever she is. I'm just sort of standing here alone in a corner though. I smooth out the end of my strapless black dress that goes to my thighs. I have to admit, Rin knows how to make someone look good. She did my makeup and hair. For once, my hair is let down and straight; no one will notice anyway.

"You look bored." Someone says to me. I look up and see Kaito Shion, a goofy smile on his face. He's really a cute guy, and I can't help the blush spreading across the face when I look at him.

"I-I guess I am. I don't even know why I'm here, 'cause I'm not popular, and everyone here hates me."

"Hey! I don't hate you." He smiles and I smile back.

"That's true. So..."

"So..." The silence isn't that awkward...

"You look really nice, Miku." Kaito compliments me.

"Um, thanks. Rin did this." I gestured to myself and blushed.

"She always was good in the fashion department." He said nostalgically. Rin and Kaito used to be best friends, but when Len spread that rumor about her, he believed it and abandoned her.

"Yeah." I giggled.

"Do you want to go somewhere el-" Kaito was cut off by Mikuo, who totally came out of no where and freaked me out.

"Excuse me Kaito, but I'd like to talk to Miku." He sounded polite enough, but he's probably about to tell me to leave.

"Fine," Kaito glared at Mikuo, much to my surprise. "I'll talk to you at school Miku." He left with a wave and a smile. Man, I wanted to tell him we should hang out sometime. He's a pretty nice kid.

"What's up Miku?" Mikuo asked me with a flirty smile.

"Nothing, here at this lame party." I responded nonchalantl, glaring at the ground.

"It is pretty lame, huh?" He chuckled after agreeing with me.

"Yes, very much so. Quite frankly I'm surprised no one's poured punch on me yet. Hmm, maybe you'll be the one to do that? I mean, why else would you talk to me..?" I glared at him and his eyes widened.

"Why would I pour punch on you?"

He's so annoying, "Why wouldn't you? In sixth grade you did at our end of the year party, you throw things like paper at me, you call me names, must I go on? My point is, you hate me, so why are you talking to me?" I reminded him of a few of the things he's done to me with malice in my voice. I thought I saw sympathy in his eyes... but I doubt it's real.

"Look, Miku. I'm really sorry about that stuff, and I was hoping we could be friends again. . ?" he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

I honestly don't know what to say. He looks and sounds sincere, but I just- I don't know... All of the terrible things he's done to me... I wonder if I have the ability to forgive. I think I do, but do I want to? I mean, I do have a crush on him, and if we're friends the bullying would stop...

"I... forgive you. We can be friends." He smiled brightly and I blushed.

"So, do you want to hang out tomorrow? We can see a movie, or go to the mall. Whatever you want." he offered all of this to me already. I'm actually pretty happy now.

"We could go to see that new horror movie Fear Garden!" I suggested.

"Sounds great." He smiled again and we spent the rest of the night talking.

I think my life's about to get ten times better.

Rin insisted on doing my hair and make up before my 'date.' Since Rin can be extremely vicious when something she doesn't want happens, I let her without a second thought. She just put eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss on for make up, and she put my hair in a bun. I have no idea how she did that; I have a lot of hair. I looked good though. She even managed to get me contacts.

"Ow, Rin, stop it!" I struggled as Rin tried to put more make up on me when we were waiting in the livingroom.

"B-but you have to look perfect!"

"She already does." A voice came from the door. We both turned to see Mikuo standing there with his hands in his pockets, leaning against the wall.

"U-um, t-thank you." I'm sure my face looks like a firetruck right now...

"Are you ready to go, or is Rin still torturing you?" He chuckled.

'I'm ready. Rin was just stopping, right Rin?" I gave her the scariest glare I could manage.

"Of course I'm done! Hehehe..." She shivered. "I'm just gonna' chill here until you guys come back..."

"Okay Rin!" I smiled. There were probably sparkles around my face. I looked at Mikuo to find he was staring at me and blushing. He turned away, grabbed my hand and led me out of my house.

"So... want to go see that movie now?" He murmered.

"Yeah, that'd be nice." We walked in silence for about fifteen minutes, neither of us noticing we were still holding hands. The silence was broken when he started talking.

"I'm curious, why, after so many years of torturing you, did you agree to this date?"

"Well, I'm honestly not sure. I mean, I know you and your friends have made my life a living hell, but you just seemed so sincere when you asked." He looked guilty for some reason.

"Oh." Was all I got in return. I feel like he's hiding something from me, but I shook off the feeling.

We finally reached the movie theatre and ordered our tickets to Fear Garden. It was supposedly the scariest movie of the year.

We got our seats in one of the middle rows. The lights dimmed and the movie started. Maybe we shouldn't have seen this movie... Why would I even suggest it if I knew I would be afraid? Sometimes I just don't think about these things... I jumped as the main character stabbed her best friend and cut her arm off. I could hear Mikuo laughing at me. I jumped again and grabbed onto his arm unintentionally.

"Are you scared?" He smirked at me.

"Pfft, of course not. I'm not a baby..." I'm in denial now. Great.

"Sure~" I turned back to the movie and glared at the screen. I'm actually thankful it's dark in here, because I know I'm blushing. A lot.

"I'm sorry..." I muttered as I grabbed his arm again. When I was about to let go of it, he made a grab for my hand and locked our fingers together. I knew there was a reason I liked this kid. He was acting more like his old self, the one who held me back when we were kids watching movies like this. When that stupid movie was finally over, we walked out of the theatre, still hand in hand. Everything's just so perfect.

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