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Marc's beautiful pale green eyes that I love, were on the screen staring at me.

"Ooh! I love this show!" Denise exclaimed, her voice giddy. I couldn't help almost smacking her, so my hand tightened around my wrist.

"What about the Reapings?" my voice cracked as I watched her grab the TV remote and turn up the volume. Soon, the TV was blaring and I tried all I could do to not kill Denise. Why was she the only victor. How did she win?

"We're probably early," she replied, her eyes glued to the screen. Denise's voice was like a Capitol's and know, I found it much more believable that if she was actually from the Capitol! "It's almost over, no need to go back to eating." I stared at her in shock. We just ate for crying out loud!

"Fine," I murmured, my voice barely audible. I lowered my eyes and just as I did, I knew that I shouldn't of done it.

"Crimson, watch this!" Jordyn's voice interrupted the man's on the TV. "Aw? What's wrong? Did Crimson's little boyfriend so precious to her and she didn-"

He didn't even finish his taunt as I elbowed him in the gut, hard. What am I doing? I quickly stood up, almost bumping into Mr. Salamander, and walked away, my head low. I tried to organize everything, from now to the Reapings. Was I going crazy? I shook my heads at the different possibilities. I finally sat down, Jordyn rubbing his gut and his face was pinched with pain, Denise staring intently at the screen.

"This man, 14 or 15, has been seen very close to the route where District 11 train has passed. Judging from his clothes, District 12 or District 11. If you spot this man doing anything, confront the Capitol," a man's voice came floating from the TV. It was a strange accent, like nasal and always-smiling. With a hint of torture.

"And now the Districts!" Denise said, smiling at us. I looked into the dining room just five steps from where I was, there was a chocolate mousse. Jordyn saw me staring at it, because soon, he was placing it in my hands.

"And what's it to you?" The voice made me jump. My eyes flirted to the screen and I saw the producer of the noise; a 12-year-old. He must have been picked because soon he was walking up to the stadium. "Hey District 1! I'm Paul Nighting and I don't care how old I am-"

"Very interesting, now the girl tribute... Gold Summer!" the man screeched. "Hello?" I almost covered up my ears because I mean, literally, the guy was screaming. A sobbing girl was his answer, she looked older than me, though younger than 18. Her face was covered the entire time with big, almost fat, hands. Her size was puny, no muscle which was usually case. I'm defiantly going have to leave her alone, you never know.

"I volunt-"


"I vol-"

There was a huge chorus of "I volunteer" but it all stopped. I didn't even know if tricks are playing on my eyes. The girl gave an ultimately ugly snarl. And I mean ugly. Almost all her teeth were gone, her nose was huge, and her eyes were a dark green resembling a swamp. Gold? No way.

The District Two, was I guess better, they had Ethan Prince. No, Ethan Prance. He had a great build, he reminded me off the Greece Gods which we learned about in school. His dark brown hair reminded of me of the bark on trees. The girl was impossible to decide... Her first name was Smile. She had long, gorgeous brown hair that went all the way to her knees, no kidding. She had small eyes with a long, pointed nose.

District Three, very different. After the tribute escort named the boy, the place was chaos. I mean, boys started fighting. But Peter, the male tribute, just went up there. Peter Binds, somewhere around 17, was very short. And the girl, Lizy McDonald, was taller than him and she looked only about 13! Of course she ran to the stadium. Almost scratching for microphone to say, "I love you District Three!"

District Four, the ocean in the background, was all glum. But Katrina, she was all smiles as she walked up the stairs. Sometimes Four was a Career, sometimes not. I was confused, was this Career moment? The male tribute was glum as the rest, with dirty green shorts, I think Oscar was his name. Oscar Seay, which reminded me deeply of the boy in District 11. Oscar- the District 11 dude- was tall and clumsy, one time he went into the mayor's house because he was so starved, he was killed on spot. The though made me shudder.

District Five was the same as always. Sad-happy, white buildings in the distance. The male and female tribute looked like normal people as they walked up on stage. Jasper Little and Swan Sterchi, were holding hands on the stage, waving. They were about the same age. Swan was called first and Jasper soon followed her, volunteering for a small, 12-year-old.

District Six, of course, morphine addicted victors. The victors, Juliet Crane swayed side to side and her words came out slurry and connected. Jack Asha was the boy, I couldn't believe of fat this kid was. Then, I found out (from Denise's never ending side comments) that he was the mayor's son. The female tribute was like every girl, skinny as a stick with eyes that were bloodshot from the crying. Her name was Susan Feather, which fit her well because of her fragile frame.

Brain Finch of District Seven seemed determined to come home named the victor. I couldn't help agreeing, for he had a scrawny, yet muscular frame. You could see his lower torso packed with muscles because of the white muscle shirt he wore. Jeehna Howard was an older looking girl with very short hair.

District Eight was as usual, dressed in clothes slightly better, though worse than everyone else's. The male tribute, Matt Shade, had unusual long blonde hair and kind, green eyes. Or so it seemed. The female tribute matched except with fierce, icy blue eye. Meliah was her name, Meliah King. I couldn't help think that she would be the most patient, by her large eyes that looked brave and persistent.

District 9 seemed tough, but that was on the outside. The boy tribute, Tay Duncan, litterly started crying before his name was called. I quickly felt sorry for him, but them remembered this is the Hunger Games and there's no place for someone to be sorry. Morgan Hopwood, made her funny name look even more funny. The girl had a goofy smile with sounded like it melted Denise's heart from the long moan she gave. Morgan looked smart, which was an advantage, hopefully she wasn't.

The next round of tributes almost made me vomit. Sam Trey, a younger looking Sam was on the television. First I thought I was my brother Sam, which brought a pang of homesickness. I looked harder and harder then realized it wasn't Sam, for he had the same red hair I did. This boy had blond hair that was just started to come up, like he shaved it last week. Flaring gray eyes went up to the screen, placing on hand over his eyes then like a wave, he rolled it down his body, stopping at his chest. I took this as some greeting, secret greeting. Smiling to myself, I watched him bravely take the stage. The female tribute, was exactly different. She was low on the ground like a dog cowering at his master. Her almost black hair waved in the wind, making her look like a spirit. Autumn Mason was her name, and it fitted her well. I hoped that she would only live, not die. But that, was impossible.

District 11, us. I couldn't stand to watch it but I did. On the screen was rows and rows of kids, about to be killed. Only two were picked.

"People of District Eleven! We are here because of the 23rd Hunger Games!" Mr. Salamander's voice exclaimed, it sounded as if he was surprised. "As a tradition, we will recognize our wining tributes from the past!"

I watched as Denise walked on stage. Glancing at Denise in none-TV world, I saw her look like she was about to scream, "I'm on TV!"

"Hello! I'm honored at being your guide! I can't wait! Hurry up on the tributes Mr. Salamander!" Sneaking a peek once again at Denise, I saw her repeat the words to herself, as if they meant great fame and fortune.
"Thank you Ms. Denise," Mr. Salamander said. "Will do ladies first this year." I looked at Denise in the TV and she couldn't keep still. I eyed all the groups of teenagers and finally spotted Marc, his expression was unable to read. I saw worry flicker in his eyes but he shook his head as if to say, "That's impossible."
"Crimson Treke!" I looked at the audience, everyone was either relieved, curious, or just sad for another girl will be thrown away.
"I voluntee-"
"No, I will go," I heard myself say, interrupting Jen. My words made Denise almost cry. It surely sounded braver than I was acting. The pain on Jen's face made me look away, for the camera zoomed up on her. Though, I couldn't help but look back. I remembered this is where I whispered, "I will miss you."
I watched myself walk on stage swiftly, then swing my head wildly. The girl on the screen, was me, but she didn't look like me. It was like I was taken over by something. When I ran to Marc, my joints didn't look like joints. They looked like rubber... I watched myself kiss Marc, and gasped. Was that what everyone saw? I blushed and heard Jordyn laugh. Gasps on the TV were loud, as if there was a speaker at everyone's mouth. Walking back on stage, I found myself looking as if about to pee.
"Our male tribute will be... Jordyn Fin-d."
"It's Find, as in look for, sir," Jordyn's voice arose from the television. I finally spotted him in the crowd, seconds before he left. I saw pain and confusion cross his face before it was overpowered with false bravery. I was relieved for it to finally over.
"Samuel Jean!" The District Twelve attendant said, her voice soft. I watched as a very young man, about sixteen climb up on stage. The usual dark hair, gray eyes, olive skin was among the crowd. The boy was no different and climbed on stage thoughtfully. Sunshine, about as old as me, went up to the stage. She was like a sore thumb, her yellow eyes blazing. Was that natural? I couldn't believe it, this girl had no arms at all. I almost cried, but I knew I couldn't do that in front of Jordyn.
We watched the last part of the Reapings, and slowly walked off to our bedrooms. Jordyn followed me which got on my nerves and I finally started cursing at him, which I've never done before.

Walking my room, I looked at the mirror. Who am I? Who am I turning into? And most importantly, where is my future headed?

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