Arcade Fire serenaded them in the background as they were locked in what could only be described as a Scrabble fight to the death. Toby was mostly amused by the fact that his girlfriend was so hellbent on beating him; she had barely made any conversation during the entire game, aside from narration about how many points she was carrying at any given moment.

"Want something to drink?," he asked, getting up from the couch to retrieve a glass of water from the kitchen.

A head shake side to side was the best answer he could get. She was completely engulfed in the small wooden letters that sat in front of her. Planning her next move was the priority of the moment. When they had played the game to pass time waiting for Jenna at the motel, her reaction to his one hundred and four point word had been priceless. He couldn't help laughing. It wasn't as though he had tried very hard to beat her. The fact that she could have this kind of passion for a game was something that he loved very much about her. Some people might call it otherwise, but to him; it was passion.

"Toby, come on, it's your turn." He shook his head as Spencer called him from the couch and made his way back over. She was still scrutinizing her tiles as he sat down across from her. They had been playing for over an hour and he would have been fine with ending the game at any moment, but her competitive nature felt otherwise.

He glanced at his tiles, then at the board, then back at his tiles and then at Spencer. She had just played a word that would allow him to score over triple the amount of points he had befuddled her with the last time they played. He held back his initial urge to fold into hysterics at the fact that, try as she might, she was just not going to beat him at this game.

"Highjack," he said non-chalantly as he laid his tiles down. The word stretched across two triple-word-score squares with the "J" on a double-letter-score square in between; accumulating an astounding three hundred and twenty-four points. Her play contained one of the "H's" he needed to complete it using the seven tiles he had accumulated on his own. Being able to use all his tiles at once afforded him with an extra fifty point bingo bonus.

"How many points is that?", she asked, not bothering to look up from her scoring sheet to see where he had placed the letters.

"Threehundredandseventyfour," he mumbled under his breath.


Spencer looked up at him with her big, brown eyes focused on his icy, blue ones. He could see the wheels spinning in her head, planning her next move, intent on kicking his ass... hard.

"Three hundred and seventy-four points. For me," he repeated. She definitely heard him this time. She was probably going to throw the board at him.

"Three... hundred...," she said to herself.

"And seventy-four," he added.

She was flabbergasted that he was able to beat her again. An utterly confused look was upon her. Then, a small smile crept across her face. He was perfect. No one tried to challenge her the way that he did. Well, no one tried to challenge her and succeeded the way that he did.

"Unbelievable." Spencer covered her face with her hands. "I think you should just keep this as a decoration from now on."

He helped her clean up the board, placing everything neatly back into it's box. He set it down on the mahogany bookshelf knowing that every time he glanced at it, he would be flooded with memories of her. Funny how a silly game had been part of the turning point of their relationship.

When he turned back to her, she was checking the time on her phone. He looked at his watch and saw that it was nearing midnight. For the first time since he had moved in, he actually felt like this place was a home because she was there. The last thing that he wanted was for her to go now.


She cocked her head to the side and smiled, thinly. "If I had been anywhere else, I would've called my parents by now to tell them if I wasn't coming home. I should go."

Toby walked over to her as she rose from the couch to gather her things, and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her into him. She gasped at the sudden feeling of his strong arm guiding her in a new direction. Her eyes surveyed his face as he tipped her chin up and leaned in to place his mouth on hers.

"Stay," he whispered as he pulled back from her. It was nearly impossible for her to say no to that voice... to those eyes...

"I didn't even bring pajamas. Or a toothbrush."

With a slight raise of his eyebrows a smirk spread across his face as he leaned into her again. "But you don't need pajamas," he said, placing a small kiss on her neck," or a toothbrush." When he brought his mouth back to hers, she could feel her limbs melting at the touch of his lips.

She nodded, breaking away from him momentarily. "You're right. Let me just go call my parents."

Spencer went to the kitchen to make up some excuse for her absence from the Hastings household. He admired that she still wanted to inform them she wasn't coming home even if it didn't usually seem like they noticed. He flopped onto the middle of his bed, listening to the music wafting softly through his apartment and his girlfriend murmuring on the phone.

Then she was suddenly next to him. She was looking down at him with one leg tucked underneath her and one foot still on the floor. He propped his head on his hands, elbows out stretched and smiled at her.

"I love you," she said running her fingers gently up and down his arm.

"I love you, more," he replied as he pulled her towards him. She nestled her body next to his, where it fit just perfectly, and caught his mouth with hers. His hands were immediately immersed in her hair and he turned his body to face her. She giggled into him as she felt one of his hands glide down her back and underneath the soft fabric of her shirt.

She knew exactly where this was going.

Their first night together in their new safe place could not have ended more perfectly.

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