Vlad's POV

Alina was asleep with her arms crossed and she moved the sheet over her face. The blood defiantly helped heal all her wounds. Now she's just resting. I should rest too but I couldn't. Today was Cosmina's birthday. All I could think about is that I'm not there with her like I promised I would. I just hoped my letter got there in time.

Robin walked in. "How's she doing?" "Better. Thanks for your help." Robin smiled. "No problem. Now maybe we should work on getting you two out of here."

I walked out of the tent. I wanted to enjoy my last few days of sunshine. Robin followed. "I can't leave now Robin. Mom told me to come here and deliver that letter. I can't do anything else unless she tells me."

Robin looked a little shocked. "I can't believe you actually trust her. What if this is a set up? It seems kind of stupid to come to a Slayers camp. You have an opportunity to run. Take it." "I told you I can't. If I'm going to dethrone Ingrid I'm going to need plenty of help."

"Even from Slayers?" I looked him in the eye. "We want to same thing so hopefully what was said in that letter will convince them to form a truce."

Robin looked down at his feet. "What's wrong? You hardly ever worry about anything." "All of this is so stressful. It will just take a while for me to get used to it." He walked off.

I would have followed him but I figured I would give him time alone. I walked back in and Alina was awake and sitting up. "You should be asleep." She let out a laugh, "So should you."

I sat on the other bed, "I can't." She got up and sat down next to me. "Is it Cosmina?" "It's everything. Ingrid, the Slayers, my dad." Every day I thought about my dad. He may have been pretty crazy and aggressive but he was wise. He would know exactly how to handle this. "I miss him."

Alina hugged me, "Well you're stuck with me for now." She was like a second mother to me. She was a better one then my own mom. I was glad to have her. Her and her family has been very helpful since I met them.

*1 ½ years ago*

I was walking around in the woods about a week after I left home. Mom had told me that she would help but I had to find my own way to survive. That was her way of training me. She had forced me to wear all black clothes so Slayer's wouldn't easily find me at night. I was starving and I haven't seen my mom in over three days.

From behind me I began to hear voices. I panicked and started running. Suddenly something grabbed me by the arm and pulled me behind a tree. A girl's voice told me to be quiet and she covered my mouth. We both stayed still. The voices got louder and by what they were saying I could tell they were looking for me. They were Slayers.

Eventually they turned around and left. "Thanks." I got a good look at her. Big brown eyes and straight blond hair. She was wearing a dark blue t-shirt, a jean jacket, and jeans with holes in the knees. She was kind of pretty. She was slightly taller than me though but only about an inch. She stared at me for a second with a blank face but then that blank face quickly turned to a frown.

"Are you an idiot?" Not exactly what I was expecting her to say. "What are you doing out here in the middle of the night? It's dangerous!"

I stayed silent. I learned from living with my sister that you should let the girl finish talking and then you can speak. "What were those people after you for? Are you a thief?" Ok now I could speak, "No I'm not a thief. And what do you mean what am I doing out here? What are you doing out here?" I tried to sound more calm then her.

She crossed her arms, "I asked you first." I let out a sigh, "Sorry but it's a long story and I have to get going." I turned and started walking. "Wait!" She grabbed my arm again and she stared at me for a long time before she finally said, "Are you one of us?"

After that I found out that she was an adolescent Vampire as well. She said she wanted to show me something. I didn't know why but I decided to trust her, so I followed. For about 20 minutes neither of us said a word until she finally spoke up.

"So you got a name?" I figured giving her my first name couldn't hurt. "It's Vlad." "Cool like Vlad the Impaler?" I froze. That was who my dad had named me after. Of course I didn't like it. Vlad the Impaler wasn't the nicest guy to ever live, I'll leave it at that.

"So what's your name?" She turned to face me and started walking backwards. I didn't know how she was doing that without tripping over something. "It's Cosmina," She smiled. She turned back around and started running. I ran with her.

"You got any powers yet?" "I can hypnotize people and throw fire but that's about it." She laughed. "You mean you can't even run fast yet?" "No." She then took off so fast and was out of sight in seconds. I stopped and looked around for her. Then she came behind me and yelled out, "Boo!"

Actually I did get scared and fell over. Cosmina couldn't stop laughing. "Haha not funny," she stopped laughing for a second, "Sure it is." She let out another laugh. "Can you teach me how to do that?" I asked. "What scare people?" She smiled evilly. "You know what I mean. Run with super speed."

"Sure but you have to meet my family first." "Wait that's where we're going?" She nodded. "Yeah we live with the rebels." My eyes widened, "Sorry but I can't go there." I turned to walk away. Cosmina grabbed my jacket collar and pulled me back. "Relax its fine. If you're in any kind of trouble then we won't turn you in. You'll be safer with us then out here in the woods alone."

I wasn't sure if it was still safe to trust her. My dad had told me about the rebels and said they were a bad group of vampires. Bad meaning bad to other vampires, not evil towards people like my dad. He said they would steal from other Vampires and will tell Slayers where more powerful Vampires were to save themselves.

Cosmina got impatient waiting for me to say something so she grabbed my wrist and started pulling me along. She sure was forceful. "Wait, are the stories true?" She let go of my wrist. "If you mean about us turning other Vamps in then no. We're just protesters." "What are you protesting?" "Against killing breathers."

My eyes lit up. Finally. I was beginning to think I was the only one to believe that. I agreed to go along with her still hoping it wasn't a trick.

About another ten minutes we reached a small village. The homes were made up of wood. The Vampires around her seemed surprisingly nice. They smiled and waved. Kids ran around chasing each other and laughing. Though they seemed happy they didn't seem to have a lot of money. But from the looks of it they didn't care.

Cosmina stopped at one of the smallest homes in the Village. I followed her in. "Hey anyone home?" She yelled out, which didn't seem necessary. There were only about three rooms in the house. Two kids ran out of the bedroom. They ran up to Cosmina and each gave her a hug. The little boy looked at me and stared for a second.

"Who's he?" He pointed. Cosmina put his hand down, "Don't point." She picked the boy up and the girl hid behind Cosmina. "This is a friend of mine. He's name is Vlad. Don't worry you can trust him." The boy formed a big smile on his face. "Hi!" He shouted. "I'm Cio." "His real name is Ciodaru, but we all call him Cio," Cosmina explained. "He'll be 3 next week."

The girl stayed behind Cosmina. I got down on my knees, "What's your name?" She whispered but I could hear her say Ioana. I smiled to show that she didn't have to be scared. She walked over and she got close to me. She stared into my eyes for a minute and then said, "Are you 16 yet?" "No I'm still a kid like you guys."

She smiled a little, "You're a big kid like Cosmina." I laughed and then stood up. "Ioana is only 4." Cosmina said with a smile. I could tell she loved these kids very much. "Are you all siblings?" "What's a sibling?" Ioana asked. "It means your brothers or sisters," Cosmina explained. "O, then yeah we're siblings." Ioana was one of those kids that was shy at first but still loved to talk.

Cosmina sat us down at the kitchen table. Which is where you were standing when you walked in the door. She got out 4 glasses and poured some milk into them. She set them along with some chocolate chip cookies in the middle of the table. "How many do we get?" Cio asked. "Only two. You have to go to bed soon."

We sat there for a few minutes enjoying our snack. Finally Ioana spoke, "So where did you come from?" "I was born and raised in Transylvania but moved to Stokely a little more than a year ago." "Why did you move?" "Just needed to get away." "Why?" Ioana was in the 'why?' stages in her life. She was only 4.

"Alright no more questions," Cosmina got up from her seat. "Let's go get ready for bed." After 'can we please stay up longer' and 'you're mean!' she finally got them in to the bedroom and about 10 minutes Cosmina came back out.

"They like you." "They seem like good kids." She smiled, "They are most of the time." She cleared of the table and started doing dishes. "So you never told me what you were doing out in the woods," I reminded her. "I was looking for help. Both Slayers and Vampires are taking us out one at a time and we have no way of stopping them. We aren't exactly the strongest group of vampires out there."

I got up and sat on the counter next to the sink. "Did you grow up here?" She turned off the water and started drying. "No we found this place a couple years ago. We used to live in a large castle out in Scotland nearby my grandparents but a group of Slayers attacked us." She fell silent. Her eyes were watery.

"I lost my father that day. My mom, Cio, Ioana, and I all came here when we had nowhere else to go." I wasn't much of a hugger but she needed one. "I know what it's like." She stopped crying and looked at me in shock, "Really?" "My dad just went missing a week ago. I haven't heard anything from him. On top of that my family isn't the greatest in the world." "How's that?" "Well my sister is trying to kill me, my mom and dad never got along and was never even married, and we argued just about every day. Or did argue every day before we all split up."

"I'm sorry," was all she said. "And I'm sorry about your dad," I replied. "I'm going to help you find him," Cosmina's eyes lit up and she smiled. "You don't have to do that." "I want to. I come from a pretty strong family so when I turn 16 I'll be pretty strong." "Are you sure?" "Positive."

"Alright thanks." She sat down at the table, "But you need to do something for me in return." "What's that?" "You seem to come from a wealthy family too, which means they have to be a pretty powerful family. So when you turn 16 you have to help us fight back. It will be fun. Deal?" She held out her hand.

I didn't see how fighting for our lives was fun but I defiantly could use any help I could get. I took her hand, "Deal."

That was when Cosmina's mom walked in. She saw me and Cosmina stood up, "Mom this is Vlad." Cosmina's mom looked very young. About 20 but you just never know with Vampires. "Umm...Hello?" We all stayed silent for a moment. It felt awkward. "Sorry to be rude," see finally said "But what is he doing here?"

"I found him and I offered him to come by and meet us." She looked at her daughter with disappointment. "I told you last time that this is dangerous and to not do it again." I looked to Cosmina. "You've invited strangers from the woods here before?" "You went in the woods?" Her mom seemed very upset now. "Vampires that needed a place to stay," Cosmina answered my question.

"Look maybe I should go," I started for the door. Her mom grabbed my wrist. Now I know where Cosmina got that habit except her mom wasn't as forceful. "No its fine things have just been stressful lately. I'm sure you both have a good explanation for this." "O we do!" Cosmina said a little too quickly.

We all sat down at the table. First she told me to call her Alina and then I told her everything I told Cosmina and then more about me running from Slayers and how my mom was trying to train me. "Well you are welcome to stay here as long as you like." I smiled, "Thanks but I actually have to get going. My mom will be looking for me soon."

Alina began to get more curious, "Who is your mother?" I was afraid to say at first but I felt like I could trust them. "Westenra." "I know who she is." I was confused. "You do?" "Yes she comes by here. We have deal with her family and she comes by and checks in every once in a while. She did say she had a son. I thought you seemed familiar. She talks about you all the time."

"What all does she say about me?" She looked at me curiously, "Just the same things repeatedly. About how you look like your father and how proud she is of you." Mom decided she was going to start raising me a week ago, and still she's hardly around. She barely knows me. What could she possibly say and be so proud of?

Alina didn't seem to know anything about me being the Chosen One or anything like that. Never even let on that I was a Dracula. I decided that I would actually keep those two things to myself. I didn't want to bother them any further.

"Thanks for all your help." Alina smiled, "You're very welcome. You can stop by here and stay when ever and as long as you like."

*present day*

Alina and her family has always been there for me, and I'm always going to be there for them. They are the only family I have right now. Hopefully when I find my dad I can fix everything and make it better then it was before.

"Alina I need to tell you something." She smiled. "Is it about you being the Chosen One?" How did she find out? "Don't worry. I don't care about any prophecy. You are a good kid and I know you'll always be."

I'm glad I met them. If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't even be here. They are what's going to get me through the transformation, and I know Cosmina will be just fine.

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