My Love

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A/N: This is short, sweet and I adore it. It was something I just wrote one day, there is no real plot that is mentioned but I do believe I see myself writing this out more; but for now it is a one shot. I hope anyone who stumbles upon it, likes it and reviews. I do love reviews, criticism is more than welcome and appreciation is very much adored. Again, hope you like the story.

Time passes slowly, and without fail. We can watch as the hours pass us by or we can stand up and move with each second hand. Standing still is not an option, nor will I ever let it be an option. I plan to take a stand and scream towards the sky. 'I love you,' did you hear me? Or are you too afraid to listen? Too afraid to feel anything more than what is expected of you. I do not plan to stay idle for much longer; however, for now I will be here waiting patiently for you to wake up and realize the life you have chosen is one of regret and mind-numbing leisure.

I do have my reasons. I have watched you, closely since our last goodbye. I feel as if I know how you feel. It is how I know that every night that you lay in his arms you wish they were mine. That every kiss he places upon you, it is mine that you crave. I see it in your eyes, they way you look at me whenever I enter the room, they way your breath catches as my voice rumbles past your ears. The way your eyes follow me as I move around the room, the way you close them whenever I brush past you. I see how you grip his arm, nails digging in as he looks at you wondering what set you on edge. I watch you as I walk around the room, hoping you notice every move I make. I watch you as I speak hoping you will remember what you loved. I watch you as you leave always turning around. You look right at me saying goodbye with a small, sad smile.

My mind is on overdrive. What are you thinking? Why do you do this? You chose him over me. Stability over passion, a humble existence compared to what I would have given you. It was the safest decision; no one would even find out about me, no one would know of the nights that we spent together. Are you satisfied? Is he everything you hoped for? From that look on your face whenever you leave, I would say no. I would say you were wishing it were me that you were leaving with tonight and every other night.

I should run after you, because you were meant to be with me but instead I nod back and whisper to the silence, "Good-bye, Mrs. Weasley." I turn away as a calm tear slips past my guarded eyes. Today is the day I give up, I move forward, I forget. I hope nothing but the best for you, my love.