Anything Can Happen In A Minute chapter 4

This chapter is dedicated to Rosa3098 my best reviewer and supporter on this story.

Normal POV

Shiny black cars lined the street while a whole bunch of photographers stood beside them with their bulky cameras flashing every second taking pictures. They were all shouting things at the same time so no one could understand them even if they tried too. The sight of all of them was like something you could see in a not so scary horror movie. Especially for all the neighbors who lived in the houses around that neighborhood. People were out on their doorsteps wondering what was going on, some even calling the police to come handle it. Once all of the young girls in the neighborhood realized the crowd was around the one and only Justin Bieber's house, they formed their own little crowd beside all of the photographers, hoping to get a glimpse of their teen idol. Things like this usually didn't happen in the small town of Stratford, so everybody wanted to know what was going on. Soon there was a bunch of news vans and reporters standing outside the house with everyone else. Pattie went outside with all the others hoping to try to get them all to leave, but that didn't work. Everyone got excited when they say the door open. The reporters started filming, photographers started taking pictures, and the fan girls started screaming like they were about to die. Justin and Selena watched inside from the front window that no one could see in through. It was madness outside and just plain freaky. Only the really crazy people would want to be apart of this. Finally the police showed up but could do really nothing. The parents got freaked when they showed up so they dragged their protesting daughters home to watch from their porches, the local reporters left disappointed but the provincial ones fought to stay, and the photographers put up a fight. The police decided they could stay but they had to be on the other side of the street. The whole world would know if they didn't already and no matter what they told them the rumors would still be there going strong. Nothing could stop the gossipers from telling everyone they know his huge secret and now it will only get crazier.

AN: I really hate this story but am keeping it because of the supporters on this story who made my day when the haters ruined it. I don't really have any more ideas for this story which is why I haven't been updating it but I will update whenever I can.