A/N: Layne Muffins has been challenged to four nuzlockes! By whom? Herself of course!

Okay, I was on Deviant Art, reading a bunch of nuzlockes, and I got inspired to do one. But since I was not gifted in the art of drawing, I shall write one. Actually four. First game is Pokemon Emerald. Player is Layne.


1. You can only catch the first pokemon that you meet in each area (route, city, cave, etc.) Shinies are except from this rule, seeing as they are nature's jackpot.

2. You must nickname each pokemon.

3. If a pokemon faints, it's dead.

4. No legendaries are to be tamed. YOU CANNOT CATCH THE LEGENDARIES.

P.s. I'm not doing the dupe clause this time. Maybe next nuzlocke around.