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WARNING: This story contains disciplinary spanking of a teenage vampire. If this offends you in any way shape or form then don't read and don't bother flaming me!

Summary: Edward has been living with Carlisle for about two years now when he decides he is tired of Carlisle's over-protectiveness. Carlisle is tired of Edward's continuous outright defiance, but is unsure of how to respond. What will happen?

Thoughts spoken to or heard by Edward will be italicized

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I was scared, I'll admit it. I'm sitting here trying to read Carlisle's mind, but all I hear is Italian, which he knows I don't understand. I've messed up big time, and I'm afraid of what he's going to do. I have never seen him so furious, and I'm worried he might tell me to leave. Looking down at my hands, I can't help but be frustrated with myself. Things had not gone at all like I had planned, and now I was going to lose the man I had come to regard as a father.

I ran a hand through my hair while pacing up and down the length of my office. I knew what I needed to do, but the thought of actually doing it terrified me. Memories of my father flashed through my mind, eating away at my resolve. Closing my eyes and shaking my head to rid myself of the memories, I gritted my teeth. I took a deep and calming breath before opening my eyes once more.

Chapter 1: Disobedience

Edward's POV:

I glared up at Carlisle, frustrated with what he was telling me. I had asked him if I could go into town to wander around, or to just go into the bookstore, but he had refused me.

"But why Carlisle?" I asked him.

You know why. "We've been through this Edward," he said calmly but tiredly. "You do not have enough control to go out on your own yet, and I cannot take you. I have to go to work soon, but I promise that I will take you out tomorrow, ok?" he asked me.

I bit back the urge to growl at him. "No, it's not fine!" I said angrily. "How do you know I don't have enough control if you won't let me test it? You're too overprotective Carlisle, and I'm not a child!"

He shook his head at me. I'm not changing my mind Edward.

"Please Carlisle!" I begged. "I'm dying of boredom here. You're always working, while I'm stuck here doing the homework you give me and twiddling my thumbs. I need to get out!" I told him

I could tell I had made him guilty, so I continued to push. "Come on Carlisle, I'll be fine. You told me yourself that my control was getting really good. Won't you just let me go to the bookstore to get some new books?" I pleaded with him.

I watched as he sighed while running a hand through his hair. Looking at me, he then shook his head. I am sorry Edward, but my answer is still the same. "I am sorry that I leave you alone for so long Edward, but I promise to get some time off. Perhaps we could go on a hunting trip," he said before I cut him off with a loud snarl.

"Edward," he cautioned me. I could tell that he was growing frustrated with me, but I didn't care. He was being completely unfair and ridiculous.

I paced up and down the room, growling in anger. "You're being completely unfair Carlisle. Why is it that you can come and go as you please, but you order me to stay here like a small child?" I questioned him.

Frowning at me, he said, "I am sorry you feel that way Edward, but you have to be patient. I have had centuries of practice controlling my thirst, when you are barely two years into this life. Do you really want to risk killing someone because you are bored?" he asked me, and though he said it calmly, I could tell by his thoughts that he was finding my behavior quite irritating.

"But I won't kill anyone," I told him confidently.

He stared at me, shaking his head exasperatedly before glancing at his watch.

"Edward, my answer is still the same. Now, I have to go to work so stay here, and I promise to take you out tomorrow," he told me tiredly while heading for the door.

Without thinking I quickly ran ahead and stood in the doorway with my arms crossed, barring his way. Carlisle closed his eyes briefly before opening them and giving me a stern look. Edward, please move.

I shook my head at him stubbornly. "Not until you say I can go into town," I told him firmly.

He sighed, rubbing a hand over his face tiredly. Calm, Carlisle, calm, I heard him think to himself. Looking at me, he then crossed his arms and gave me a hard stare. "Edward Anthony, my answer is no and that is final, do you hear me? Now, please move," he told me.

Fuming, I moved out of the way while saying, "Whatever, I don't need your permission anyways". I was technically 19 years old so I could do what I wanted. I didn't need perfect Carlisle Cullen to tell me what I could and couldn't do.

As I was walking away I suddenly froze when Carlisle growled loudly in frustration. I turned to look at him, shocked because he had never growled at me before. I watched as he closed his eyes and counted in his head. Calm yourself Carlisle, he is just a boy. He does not really mean what he is saying, he told himself. I could not help but bristle softly at the boy comment, but held my tongue. Carlisle was usually the epitome of calmness, so I was unsure of how to deal with this angry Carlisle.

When he had calmed down enough, he opened his eyes and stalked over at me, all the while giving me a stern glare that held me in place. I held my chin up defiantly, fighting the extreme urge to run away or to beg his forgiveness.

When he was standing directly in front of me, he pulled himself to his full height and stared me down. "Edward Anthony Mason, you will listen to me, and listen well young man. You will not under any circumstances be leaving this house without my permission. You do not have the control necessary to go out on your own, no matter what you think," he told me sternly. As I went to open my mouth to retort, he growled lowly at me, causing me to snap my mouth shut. "I am sorry you feel that I am being harsh or unfair with you, but I do not want to see you hurt, and I know what killing a human would do to you. That said, if you disobey me Edward, I promise that you will not like the consequences. Am I clear?" he asked.

I swallowed nervously, while staring up at him. I tried to read his thoughts to see what my punishment would be, but he was going over medical notes in his head.

"I said am I clear Edward?" he repeated angrily.

"Yes, sir," I said somewhat sullenly, while looking away.

I heard a sigh and then felt Carlisle's hand on my shoulder. "Come Edward, do not be like this. One more day, and you and I will go out for a nice long hunting trip," he said, trying to console me.

I gave a sigh of my own before looking up at him and nodding my head. The hunting trip did sound like fun.

Carlisle gripped my shoulder softly, before turning to leave. "Goodbye Edward, I will see you tonight. And please behave yourself, he thought to me before walking out the door.

I groaned out loud, before throwing myself onto the couch. That conversation had not gone at all like I had planned it to. Thinking it over, I couldn't help but bristle under Carlisle's over protectiveness. Why did I have to listen to him anyways? Who made him the boss of me? Just because he's older than me he feels that he knows all and can tell me what to do. What does he know of my control?

I growled lowly, frustrated by his ordering me around. I don't need his permission to do anything, so I'll just go out anyways.

But, I'd rather not get caught, a small part of me thought. Carlisle had actually sounded pretty serious when he had threatened me, and I really didn't want to find out what he would do if he found out I left the house without his permission. The more I thought on it however, the less worried I became. Carlisle had never really punished me before, so why would this be any different? Besides, he wasn't my father, so he really didn't have any right to order me around.

With these reassuring thoughts I decided that I would go into town, consequences be damned. I'd be back before he would anyways, so he would never have to find out. Nodding to myself smugly, I grabbed my cap and money and headed out.

Carlisle's POV:

I sat in the small office, working on paperwork. How I hated paperwork. I did not become a doctor so I could sit in a tiny room and fill out forms. Someone had to do it though, and since I was the young, inexperienced newcomer, I thought sarcastically, it was I who got stuck with the boring job. And I could not even do it at vampire speed for there were people constantly walking by.

Sighing, my thoughts drifted towards Edward. The boy had become an absolute menace as of late, arguing with me at every turn. Not a week went by without arguments over hunting, or the homework I assigned him, or something coming up. He was growing increasingly disrespectful with me as well, and my patience was reaching a breaking point. I did not know what to do though. I had rebuked him several times for his disrespect and defiance, and though he would always sincerely apologize, he would do it again a few days later.

The boy needs a good whipping, I thought exasperatedly. I was certain a sore backside would teach him to mind me, but I could not help but cringe at this line of thought. I wanted so much to tell Edward how much he meant to me, but the fear of rejection was too strong. I know he cares for me, but I was not sure if he saw me as a father or not. Frowning, I also considered the fact that I was afraid Edward would hate me if I ever punished him this way. He was my first companion since my transformation and I loved him dearly, so the thought of him hating me or leaving caused my unbeating heart to ache painfully. Lastly, I was afraid that I would really harm him, whether unintentionally or not. My father would always punish me quite harshly, usually leaving me too sore to move, and I did not want to be like him.

I sighed once more while leaning back in my chair. Lately more and more memories of my father had been surfacing; his cutting words and painful 'lessons'. I wanted so much to be a good father, but these memories continued to cause me to doubt myself. I remembered the hurt, confusion, and terror I would feel when I had been around my father, and I did not want Edward to feel that way with me.

Running a hand through my hair, I recalled this morning's argument. I could understand Edward's need to get out, for I had been leaving him alone a lot as of late. However, I could not allow him to go on his own, for while his control has improved, there is no telling what he would do if a human were to accidently cut themselves in his presence. There was also the fact that Edward might answer a person's thoughts rather than their words. He still did that with me sometimes, so I knew it was a strong possibility that it could happen with humans. I should take him out more amongst humans to get him accustomed to being in control around them, and so he could learn how to deal with his gift when around so many 'voices'. When his control gets good enough, I may even be able to enroll him in school. That would definitely keep him occupied, and he would be able to socialize for a bit.

As I continued to work through the paperwork, I could not help but look forward to the hunting trip I had planned. It would be nice to get away and not have to worry about appearances. There were so many nice places that I wanted to take Edward, and I knew he would enjoy them as much as I did. Glancing impatiently at the clock, I wished time would pass more quickly.

Edward's POV:

I quickly ran to the outskirts of town, slowing to a human pace as I entered. I was feeling exhilarated from the run, and from the feeling of control. Who was Carlisle to boss me around, I thought indignantly. I was my own man, and I could make my own damn choices. Smiling wildly, I walked at a leisurely pace looking for the bookstore.

I stiffened slightly when the scents of all the humans hit me. Swallowing the venom collecting in my mouth, I shook my head. Come on Edward, you can do this, I thought to myself. Prove Carlisle wrong. Show him that you don't need to be babysat like a small child. Gritting my teeth slightly, I began to walk with confidence, ignoring the alluring scents around me.

As I was walking I noted the stares I was getting, especially from the women. Listening to some of their lustful thoughts, I couldn't help but cringe. Ugh! Some of them were old enough to be my mother, I thought in disgust. Scowling, I glared at a group of young women, causing them to give me frightful looks before hurrying along. Serves them right, I thought smugly.

Looking around, I quickly spotted the bookstore and headed inside. I smiled when I looked at the shelves full of unread books. Finally, I would be able to get some new reading material. I'd read through everything at home weeks ago, and with my perfect vampire memory it was no fun re-reading books because I remembered everything that would happen in perfect detail. As I was browsing the titles, the old shopkeeper came up to me. "Can I help you sonny?" he asked politely.

I held my breath at his close proximity, and once more swallowed back the venom pooling in my mouth. The scent of his blood filled my senses and my throat began to burn. Oh man, oh man, I thought in concern. Control yourself Edward, I scolded myself; control yourself. "No thank you sir, I can manage just fine," I said quickly before backing away from him.

The old man looked at me curiously before giving me a kind smile. "Alright then son, if you need anything I'll be up front," he told me before walking away. I watched him go, letting out a sigh of relief. That had been a little too close for comfort, I thought guiltily. Maybe I should hurry up and head home. Once more looking at the titles, I quickly picked out three books and headed to the front to pay for them.

That was quick, the old man thought as he smiled at me. Setting the books down, I once more held my breath as he totaled up the price for me. Looking up at me, he said, "That'll be three dollars son". I quickly counted out the money and handed it to him. I then nodded my thanks, grabbed my books, and hurried out.

Letting out another breathe, I began heading for the edge of town. The scents of the humans were starting to really cause my throat to burn. Maybe Carlisle was right about my control, I thought with growing concern and guilt. Maybe I'm not ready to go out on my own.

No way, another part of me argued. I haven't killed anyone, have I? No, so that definitely shows I have good control. I just need to practice on my own some more.

Reaching the edge of town, I sighed in relief. However, just as I was about to head into the woods I found myself surrounded by a group of boys who all looked to be about my age.

Well well, new blood, a red-headed boy thought. Reading their thoughts, I could tell that they were all bored and looking for a fight. Great, I thought sarcastically, bullies.

Giving them all a glare I said, "Get out of my way".

Excellent, a fighter, thought the leader. "You're new around here, aren't you boy?" he asked me. I shook my head at him stiffly, causing his stupid grin to widen. "Well, then you should already know that this is our territory, and I'm afraid you aren't allowed to pass without paying a small fee," he said with a smirk.

The others chuckled behind him, cracking their knuckles threateningly.

I raised an eyebrow at them. What a bunch of losers, I thought in disgust. "No, I think I'll keep my money and be on my way," I said casually before walking past him. His gang immediately got in my way again.

"Move before I hurt you," I threatened them quietly. My temper was beginning to build and I was finding it harder and harder to ignore the blood pounding through their veins. I swallowed back more venom and resisted the urge to snarl at them.

Hurt us? one of them thought amused.

"I think we need to teach this kid a lesson Jimmy, what do you think?" the red-headed loser said looking at his leader.

"I'm trying to be nice to you boy," Jimmy said with a sneer. "Give us your money or we'll beat the living tar out of you and send you crying home to your mommy" he tried to threaten me.

I glared at them all. How dare they threaten me, I thought angrily. Throwing my books on the ground I faced Jimmy and his gang with a smirk on my face. "The only ones that are going to be crying like little girls are you guys. So let's see what you got," I told them confidently, motioning for them to attack me. If they want a fight, then I'll give them a fight.

What the hell? Does this guy have a death wish?

Oh man, I can't wait to wipe that stupid smirk off this boy's face!

Smirking even more at their confused thoughts, I said, "Well come on, fight me! Or are you girls too afraid?"

All at once they charged at me, and I easily dodged their punches.

This guy is fast, I can't lay a hit on him!

How is he moving so quickly?

"You gonna fight back you stinkin coward, or are you gonna keep runnin away from us?" Jimmy huffed angrily as he once more missed.

I am not a coward, I thought indignantly. Growling fiercely, he stared at me in shock as I pushed him roughly, causing him to fly ten feet away and land with a loud thud. He was out cold. His gang then stared at me with wide, scared eyes. I could smell and hear their fear, and it made me feel powerful. I bared my teeth at them.

Who is this guy?

How did he do that?

What the hell?

I'm getting out of here!

Growling lowly at them and giving them my fiercest glare, they all began to run away, leaving their injured leader behind. I was about to smile triumphantly when I smelled it. Looking over at Jimmy, I could see he had a bleeding head wound. Venom immediately started pulling in my mouth as I slowly made my way over. The scent was intoxicating, better than any animal ever could be. I began to lick my lips in anticipation, and right as I was nearing him a body slammed into me, pulling me roughly into the forest.

Startled only momentarily, I then began to struggle, trying to get free. Snarling and biting, I turned to look at who would dare keep me from satiating my thirst. When I saw that it was Carlisle though I froze, giving him time to pin my arms behind my back and shove me to the ground.

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