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Summary: Remember Einon and Bowen's confrontation at the waterfall? And Bowen's blade came to rest on Einon's back as he shouted lessons? But he didn't hurt the tyrant king...here's a what if he did...

AN: Don't know if this is worth going any further, it would probably be only a couple of chapters long...if it goes past this chapter I may add OC's...


Bowen was sound asleep on one side of the cook fire with Kara on the other, Draco sort of lying on Bowen's side and partially on another. The dragon sprawled out painfully, but was too deep in slumber to realize it.

The trio, not counting the horse, slept late into the night, until Bowen shook himself awake.

Wincing as he stretched his shoulder too far, the knight tried to find what had disturbed his sleep, Kara waking soon after and looking around confused.

A soft moan made Bowen turn to face the dragon, and sighed in sympathy.

Draco slept awfully, shifting uncomfortably and moaning in pain, unable to bear the wound even in his sleep.

Bowen stood and lightly fingered the edges of the poultice covered shawl, the wound hot and swollen.

The man sighed again as Kara did the same, their eyes meeting before Bowen nodded, going to the river with his horse blanket to soak it through.

Kara was already tearing the right herbs as Bowen removed the shawl from Draco's back as quietly and tenderly as he could, the dragon shifted and moaned again, but didn't stir.

The cold cloth eased some of the fever, even if Bowen grimaced at the hissing steam, Draco seemed to stiffen in his sleep, relaxing when Bowen rubbed his shoulder in reassurance.

"These will make him sleep, he said not t-"

"Kara, Draco's in too much pain, I'd rather deal with his temper later than his endless suffering now, the wound will never heal..."

The knight's words trailed off, voice cracking in emotion filled concern ad he looked away, Kara stretching to apply the salve as far as she could reach on both sides before Bowen finished the last bit on top.

Draco didn't settle right away, seeming to not enjoy the sensation of the salve that probably made the wound sting horribly. After resoaking the blanket and spreading it over the the wound, the dragon sighed sleepily, drifting even further unconscious as his body stilled and relaxed.

Bowen echoed the sigh of relief, returning to his bed roll when Kara returned to her makeshift bed of her shawl and his cloak.

She drifted off rather quickly, leaving Bowen lying awake and watching the quiet dragon until sleep finally overtook him once more.




Draco stirred from sleep late the next morning, tired eyes seeing Kara strolling along the riverside further down and Bowen tending his stallion.

The dragon tried to sit up and stretch his stiff wings, tried being the only thing he could think to use as a description as he realized that he couldn't move his shoulders, or for that matter feel the wound at all...


The girl was lucky she was so far away from the dragon, but Bowen wasn't, cursing as his horse spooked at the roar, finally letting the steed charge away and be caught be Kara once it settled.

"What is wrong with you! Do you want everyone in a ten mile radius to know you're here!"

The knight swore under his breath again, watching the dragon twitch and growl in frustration, he was barely able to get his hind legs unfolded, let alone even sit up. The numbing powers of the herbs hadn't been a lie.






"What!" Draco locked eyes with the knight, glaring in sheer anger, the knight staring right back in defiance.

"Will you please hold still! You were in so much pain last night that you woke Kara and I up, I'm surprised you didn't wake up screaming from how bad you were shaking. The only thing Kara could do was numb the wound to let you sleep, your fever finally broke just after dawn as well, I'd rather have you stuck in one place for a few days then watch my closest friend..."

Bowen stopped suddenly, looking away.

Draco's furious expression softened, sighing a little as he looked to Bowen's back, the man staring at the river silently, he hadn't meant to be so angry, he just hated being stuck, plus the wound had already worn his thin nerves down; but mostly it was fear of being immobile...and alone...

"Watch what Bowen?"

The knight flinched, but didn't ignore the soft voice, hearing the sincere concern in the dragon's tone.

"Watch you die..."

Draco had to strain to hear the reply, and jerked a little in surprise, truly touched and unable to say anything as Bowen turned to face him, fear and grief on his face and in his stricken eyes.

"I've lost too many comrades to wounds no where near as bad as yours because of infection, and it honestly scared me Draco. But I've lost dear friends to fever, because they would still move when told not to...I...I dared not ever grow close to someone again, death is inevitable, but losing someone is always unpredictable...I don't want to go through that again while there was something I could do about it..."

The knight blamed himself, and all Draco could do to reply was shift enough onto his side to remain comfortable, head resting on the warm pair of forelegs, wing unfolding to gently brush Bowen's arm.

The man smiled weakly, rubbing at his shoulder as he patted the dragon's neck.

Draco hummed slightly, letting his eyes drift shut in a light doze as he heard Bowen walk to the newly arrived Kara, their low voices discussing the horse with them before Kara moved to his side.

While he could still hear and feel them, he didn't seem to have the will to open his eyes, noting Kara's tending of the wound was half numbed and without pain, and soon enough sleep claimed the dragon once more.

I hope it wasn't too bad...