Final Destination 3: Wendy and Kevin

Wendy woke up from counciness after the subway crash, but leg wasn't broken. She knew the subway was coming, she looked behind her and saw Kevin crawling on the rails. She got up and ran to him. "Kevin!" she shouted. Kevin looked up and smiled. They both got up and began running and as fast as they could, shortly after they heared the subway. "Run!" Kevin shouted. They then found the next platform and then both jumped on the platform just before the subway passed. Then looked at each other. They had survived. Wendy and Kevin both smiled, and then, they kissed. For the next few months, they were scared thinking death was coming for them. 2 years passed, and nothing happned. They realized they were safe, and a few weeks later, Kevin asked Wendy to marry her. Wendy accepted, and they got married and had a great honeymoon. Kevin woke up in the hotel they were staying at and saw Wendy was gone. But he knew were she was. He made his way to the cementary and saw her at Jason's grave. "I miss him." she said to Kevin. "So do I." he said. Then, a big tree fell on them, killing them both.