Three months later.

Megan was soaked when she walked in the door after dropping Lacey off at her friend's house for the weekend. She hadn't expected the downpour, and now her hair lay flat against her head. Her favorite orange trench and the golden yellow sweater were dripping wet. She kicked off her heels and removed the coat, shaking it over the doormat before ruffling her fingers through her hair to loosen it up.

"Kate!" she called as she made her way toward the kitchen. "You would not believeā€¦"

The smell of absolute deliciousness hit her nose and the sight of Kate cooking dinner with candles lit all over the kitchen made her lose track of whatever complaint she was in the middle of launching. Kate looked up at her and smirked as she sipped from the glass of wine in her hand. Megan hung the coat on the back of a chair and sauntered into the kitchen, sidling up to Kate and leaning against the counter next to her.

"When did you become such a romantic?"

Kate shrugged. "When have I ever gotten to celebrate a year with someone?"

"I see," Megan gulped. "How does it feel?"

Kate put the glass down. She looked Megan up and down, admiring how the rain left her skin shimmering. She brought her hands to her face and held her gaze as she wiped away a few strands of wet hair. She kissed one cheek, then the other, then her nose, and finally her waiting lips, which Megan immediately parted, slipping her tongue inside Kate's mouth as she wrapped her arms around her. Kate felt the cool dampness from Megan's sweater against her breasts, bleeding through the sheer grey shirt she was still wearing from work.

"You're amazing," Megan told her as she rubbed their noses together.

"Likewise," Kate noted, kissing another raindrop off her chin.

"I can't eat in wet clothes," Megan whispered seductively.

Kate accepted the challenge and unbuttoned the yellow sweater, peeling it away from Megan's lightly freckled shoulders. She balled it up and threw it behind them, then returned her hands to the clasp of Megan's bra, also wet. The now topless Megan Hunt leaned back against the counter as Kate slowly teased down the zipper on the side of her skirt, letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. Kate traced her fingernails over Megan's stomach. Megan tried to guide Kate's fingers between her legs, but Kate grabbed one of Megan's hands and pressed it to Megan's equally soaked panties.

"I want you to touch yourself," Kate breathed heavily into her ear. Megan complied, rubbing her fingers over the wet cotton, all the while keeping her eyes on Kate's lips. Kate looked down at Megan's fingers and soon pulled down her own pants. She leaned against the back on Megan's hand so that her knuckles brushed against her own aching sex with each stroke.

Megan pulled her own underwear down and kicked them across the kitchen floor as Kate mirrored her actions. The two slipped their fingers through wet hair and lips, teasing each other until they couldn't take it anymore. Kate lifted Megan onto the counter, where her ass smacked against the marble. She began fucking her as she rode Megan's knee. Megan leaned back against the cabinets and moaned as Kate pushed into her, all the while kissing her neck. Megan grinded her knee against the slippery flesh that glided over her skin.

"Oh my god, yes!" Kate cried out minutes later as she came. She kissed Megan then brought her lips to her clit, licking her once, twice, as Megan dug her nails into her shoulders and sighed loudly as her orgasm hit. Megan wrapped her arms and legs around Kate's back and continued to kiss her for a long time, until the timer indicated dinner was ready.

The two quickly threw on sweats before Kate finished putting everything together so they could enjoy the mouth-watering meal she had prepared: salmon with lemon orzo and roasted beets with goat cheese. After savoring it, they retired to the bedroom, where they stripped down again. Megan fell back against the pillows and wrapped her arms around Kate as the blonde rested her head on her chest.

"Thank you for everything," Megan whispered as she played with her hair.

"I figure you deserved it," Kate teased. "I thought about taking you out, but we don't get too many nights home alone like this."

"True," Megan noted.

"Not that I'm complaining," Kate added as she lifted herself onto her elbows. She smiled and kissed Megan once more before continuing.

"My parents called today. They're coming to the states in three weeks."

Megan's eyebrows rose as she slowly sighed.

"Oh, this will be fun."

"I told them I moved in with someone, but they don't know the details. I said I'd get back to them about staying with us."

"Of course they can stay. It's a matter of whether or not they'll want to when they find out."

"I guess we'll cross that bridge once they're here. It's not something I felt I could tell them over the phone."

"It'll be alright." She brought Kate's hand, firmly clasped in hers, to her lips. "We'll get through it."

Kate smiled back at her. "We always do."