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This specific Digimon universe is set in the future, specifically the year 2099. In this time, everyone has Digimon, but don't know why or where they came from. Digimon are used as slaves, but remain emotionally unresponsive; until one fateful day, Five kids find themselves in another world.

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This is the future.

To me and my friends, it is the present.

It is a beautiful place, almost flawless.

Most people, like me, are lucky enough to live in such a spectacular city called Neocroplis. Here, technology exists to benefit our everyday , we no longer have flaws humans once coped with everyday. No more hunger, thirst, disease, wars, even death.

Well, the unatural kind I guess.

Long ago, your people discovered a scientific achievment that changed the world as you knew it.
A super-computer called D.1. It led us to total worldly unification. It seperated imperfection from perfection, and solved problems. It changed the land, humanely, to save us and the world. Your people were barbaric, you nearly destroyed your world. D.1 saved us from our terrible fates.

It seems perfect, like a dream dosen't it? Then again, everything has its price. Thats when man discovered its existence...a new being we called Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short. Ever since D.1. "purified" the world, they began appearing to us as we were born. Though we weren't sure exactly why; must have been a side-effect.

At first we didn't know what to think of them, they didn't do anything unless told to. It was around then people began to think Digimon, like the D.1, came to serve us. It was easy too; Digimon are loyal, strong, and obiedient. They never complained or fought back. For generations people have been using them like slaves...An idea I most deeply resent.

I hate using Digimon as slaves; though I never knew why they existed, I always considered them my friends. It makes me sad. The world was supposed to change, but some people never do...

My name is Takeo Hiroyuki and my partner's name is Agumon. I woke up without realizing, today is only the beginning.

DIGIMON: Future Adventure

Chapter 1: Today is the Future!

Today, the weather is nice like it always was. Except, it was a little off. There are more clouds and the sky has gone from a light shade of blue to abstract mixtures of red, yellow, and orange, a firery sort.

I decide todays a good day for my regular outfit: a dark red T-shirt and my favorite black shorts that cover up my knees, my classic black and red converse shoes, and my special goggles perched playfully above my forehead. I then begin walking towards City Hall like most people do, it's where all the fun happens.

City Hall is a giant octagon park with a huge fountain that surrounds a statue of the D.1. computer. Its surrounded by all sorts of markets, arcades, attractions, you name it.

I think sitting on a bench near the fountain is the way to go.

Enjoying the view, I look towards the Capitol Building (Tower), which is the largest building in Neocropolis. Next thing I know, President Shigeru appears on the jumbo TV, demonstrating his power over the commoners,"My people, be sure to buy the new upgraded software which will help pay your taxes. As well you should make sure your kids go to school and have your digimon take care of your welfare. That is all and have a good day."
Same as usual.

I decided to call Agumon from my Digi-Hub, the Digimon storage device included with the Digimon, and he emerged next to me. "Hey Agumon, you been okay boy?" I say, its really weird for people to talk to their digimon, but I'm special that way. Since I was younger, I've been trying as hard as I could to make Agumon respond to me. He usually never does, unless I command him to. Though, I had my doubts that Digimon were completely emotionless, sometimes I would catch Agumon looking at me; looking all sentimental. Everytime I asked him, even for a single emotional response, I got the cold expression in his eyes that begged me to give him an order.

I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn't realize the girl who approached me. She's a tomboyish girl with short, dark-brown hair with shorts that reached to her knees, a white T-shirt with a pink, sleeveless sweater. Her Digi-Hub resided in her front pocket. "Hey, you!" She called, a finger pointed right to my Agumon, "What digimon is that?"

"He's Agumon, my best friend," I said, slightly annoyed.

"Cool, you're just like me!" She said gleefully,"I would rather have Digimon as friends than...slaves." I noticed the girl seemed pained.

That sort of made up for it,"Really, and what digimon do you have?"
I can't hide that I was curious.

She smirked, clearly expecting it. "Come out Feamon!"

Feamon is a grey bird with orange marks, wings across its chest like arms, bird tail sticking up, her feathers look as sharp as blades, and she stood on her talons. It was about half her height with an expression like all Digimon have."Nice bird you got there, not bad at all!" I said, though it dosen't look like it, I am enthralled.

By the way she hugged her digimon, I could tell she didn't lie. She truly loves her digimon like her best friend.

"Anyway, nice meeting you uh..." At that point we realized, we haven't even told each other our names.

"Takeo, Takeo Hiroyuki," I finished, holding my hand to fully greet her. She took it and smiled,"Nice to meet you Takeo, I'm Ren Tanaka, hope to see you again."

"Nice meeting you too, Ren," I wave her goodbye as she and her digimon distanced away.

I turn to Agumon who looked at me expectingly.

"Well Agumon, better be getting home, mom would kill me if I stayed past five!" I notice its about 4:45 P.M.

Deciding it would be faster, I upload my digimon into his hub and run to the nearest shuttle (the new means of transportation in cities that act like floating trains which take off from the ground.)

I nearly missed it too. Just as the doors closed I dived for it, making it by mere miliseconds.

The bad part is, I ran right into this kid. He looked about my age, one of those cool teens: he wore a white T-shirt under a sleeveless, unbuttoned, blue jacket; long black skinny jeans, one with a dark blue patch at his right knee; and a cool black and white cap illustrated with a lightining storm.

"Sorry, my bad." I said apologeticly helping him up.

"Well, be careful with what you do! Sooner or later you'll kill someone doing that!" he said in a harsh tone.

I definately made him mad.

"Look, I'm sorry, but I'm kind of in a hurry so..." I could tell...he didn't care.

"Just don't do it again...uh, whats your name?," he said, I was seriously afraid he might sue me or something stupid like that.

"Takeo Hiroyuki, and you?"

"From this whole situation, its sort of weird for us to be exchanging names," I thought.

"Akira Kiyoshi," he said coldy and began immediately walking away from me, towards the next shuttle car.

"Hey wai..." I tried to say, but he was clearly ignoring me. What a jerk.

I arrived home at 5:00 sharp. Looks like I'm not grounded. I sat down in the living room reading on the electronic reading pad. For hours I would be reading, especially about digimon; its amazing how many digimon exist in this world. Some appear more often than others. Like Numemon, you could see thousands of them.

"So son how was your day?" I realized my dad was sitting there the whole time with his partner, Monmon, sitting right beside him.

"Nothing much," my usual response.

"That's new and exciting," he said sarcasticly.

My dad works for the government, some scientfic job I suppose, he usually never talked about it. He was so delighted a few weeks ago when he was given the priviledge to undergo an experiment that included studying digimon, though he never told us what it was. Mom and I asked him plenty of times but he shrugges it off everytime. Could be something dangerous I suppose.

We don't eat dinner so we talked about digimon. Did I mention my family loves talking about digimon?

I looked at the time, 10:00 PM.

'Its that late already?'

I laid on my bed (which floated off the ground. We usually get on my automatic holographic stairs that appear as you approach it.), released Agumon to his little makeshift bed next to mine and ordered him to sleep which he not so suprisingly did. I lay my head on the comfortable pillow, automatic head adjuster tuned just right, and fell to a nice peaceful sleep.

Or, it used to be.


I, Akira Kiyoshi, got at my house around 5:30 in the evening.

Most homes in this city are extremely alike, a blue shade of color on the walls and the glass panels. My family made sure we were different, so we painted ours red. My back hurt, must've been from that Take-baka guy that crashed into me on the shuttle. Thankfully, Gabumon was unharmed.

"Gabumon release!" Next to me my brilliant digimon appears, fur coat and all.

He looks at me, as if expecting an order.

Gabumon and I go WAY back. Even though most people like using their digimon as labor forces, mine happens to be my best friend.

We went to my room to watch some T.V. Nothing much on today, just some kids show about being happy. I do, however, note that the digimon in the back are simply dancing. Still no emotion, no really happiness.

Guess the world won't change.

Its only 6:00 so I decide a walk won't hurt.

The neighborhood is normally quiet. Still, even in this perfect world, things can go dark. Suddenly, I'm startled by a loud scream echoeing from the alley to the right of me. Being the good person I am, I decide to see what was going on.

When I got there, there was a girl cowering in the corner of the alley. A boy who was obviously her brother had his collar in grip of some guy. The guy was big muscular and ugly; so dumb he didn't seem to notice me. I look down and notice a digimon who looked like a Gomamon layed on the ground, obviously beaten.

"You bitch, look what you did to Gomamon!" The kid struggled to release himself,"Why can't you leave us alone!"

"Because, you and your sister are in my turf! I warned you to get out of here or pay the price" the ugly one spat in the kid's face.

"Bullshit Grimore, I've got friends who can beat you up!" the boy said.

Grimore wasn't as dumb as he looked. So, he tightened his grip to shut the kid up.

"Yeah kid, and I'm one to talk bullshit!" he raised his fist.

I decided this was too far, so I stepped in. Grimore was caught totally off guard as I took one of his meaty arms and his shoulders and threw him across the alley. The kid dropped to the floor and crawled up to his sister. Before Grimore could recover I kicked him in the face.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm his friend, here to beat you up!" I said proudly, as if the kid's lies had appeared into existance.

Even the kid and his sister were amazed by how real I was.

"You'll regret this!" he cried as he ran off into the night.

"Are you alright?" I asked the two, they nodded.

"That was cool! I didn't think I would tell the truth for once!" the boy jumped in excitement, his sister totally speechless.

"Thank you," the sister decided to talk,"you saved us."

"No, I was just in the neighborhood..." I said humbly.

"Whats your name? Do you know Karate? What digimon do you have? Mine is this Gomamon..." He really likes to talk.

"I'm...Akria Kiyoshi, and you are?" I got a little nervous, its rare for me to introduce myself formally.

"I'm Naoko Yamashita and she is my sister Minami." they smiled at me, it seemed cheerful.

"Nice to meet you," I say calmly as possible, then I look at his beat up Gomamon.

"What happened to your digimon?" he looked it sadly, it was brutally battered.

"That jerk, Grimore, beat him because he's 'worthless'," he cried, "He always picks on us and our digimon. Gomamon is always beat up; if it wasn't for Kodamon, he would've died!" His sister got sadder, time to change subject.

"Kodamon?" I asked quickly.

Minami nodded then unloaded her digimon. Kodamon was a green little humanoid digimon with a cute dress made of vines, a flower on her head, and long, leafy hair. The digimon nodded as if given an order to heal the beaten Gomamon. When finished, they were both reloaded to their Digi-Hubs.

"That's one cool digimon," I said. Minami blushed like Kodamon had never been complimented before.

"You really think so?"

"Yeah, Gabumon is more of a fighter than a healer, you're digimon is special." I hadn't intended to stay longer, but I didn't regret it either.

Meanwhile, in Takeo's dream he was in the middle of the city. Only it was empty.

Not to be alone, Takeo reached for his digi-hub, but it wasn't there. Instead he found a larger divice that looked a little like one of those early 21's century phones. The device small, but big enough to fill my entire hand. It had a rectangular shape with a screen covering most of it with an analog pad and a big red button. It was sliver and red with neon light streams (like Tron) to decorate it.

As if this dream could get any weirder, Agumon stood before him with an unpleasant look on his face. This was the weird part, digimon don't show emotions. "Agumon, whats wrong?" Takeo asked.

What he didn't expect, was for Agumon to talk back. "Takeo, you're in danger! The threat is coming." Agumon seemed pleading, worried even. He would be totally stoked that his digimon could talk if what he said wasn't terrifying.

"I think I'm going nuts!" Takeo thought to himself.

"What do you mean Agumon?" "This was so confusing, what was going on," he thought. .

Suddenly a ball of light appeared before him, the atmosphere turned misty. "You and the others must gather," it said "Tomorrow will change the world."

"What do you mean!" Takeo pleaded, but it was then he had just woken up.

"Oh, just a dream." Takeo's relief was short lived for the device he saw in his dream was in his grasp, like it was there the whole time. He checked for his digi-hub, but was gone. "Or not?" Takeo pinched himself and surely it was still there.

Takeo shrugged, he reasurred himself the device was a new upgrade...that converted in his sleep.

"If this still exists then..." Takeo cut his thoughts with sudden realization.

Something big is really gonna happen tomorrow, and it seems Takeo wasn't the only one involved.

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