This is Super Saiyan Dragon Slayer (666) here with my first notes on a fanfiction!

Author's Notes:

So far I hope you've enjoyed this story and see it's potential. I've been trying really hard not to mess up because I'm still not used the the whole "fanfiction style." Therefore I'm very appreciative for your reviews which help me improve greatly.

Thanks to your reviews I worked to revise my previous chapters and tried to keep up with the viewer's opinions. Recently I had problems with my social life and school which put me in hiatus, but I'm back to working on this.

There are other things I would like to discuss as well: First, the reason I chose these digimon. I wanted a balanced team that had certain qualities: Agumon and Gabumon would be the ace fighters, Feamon would provide air support, Kodamon would be the healer, and Gomamon will eventually become the tanker of the group. There will be another who will be revealed later.

I'm sure you've noticed that Gomamon, Agumon, and Gabumon are the same digimon from the first season (my favorite) but there is reason why I chose them. Agumon is my favorite digimon of all time and my inspiration for this series since it first began; I see Agumon as their mascot especially because he digivolves into Greymon. Gabumon is cool, I love the Garurumon evolution line; that and I always see him as Agumon's rival because Digimon always seems to put Dragon and Wolf together. Gomamon was typically for fun, although I could have easily made a new digimon to replace him; simply I decided to keep him because I didn't want to go into the trouble of finding a another funny, caring, comic relief, and lovable digimon that has really strong digivolutions.

I understand that having Takeo with Agumon and Akira with Gabumon is a reference to Tai and Matt's rivalry. In a way, that's where this was influenced from, but Takeo and Akira's rivalry will be completely different. Takeo and Akira will be much more different than their predecessors from how I made their characters and their personalities. Unlike the first season I have much greater plans in store for them. Do not think I'm being lazy or increative, it's just how I weaved the plot together.

About the plot: I'm sorry but it will seem confusing at first; I left the characters un-characterized on purpose to be revealed at certain moments in the plot. I purposely left out certain information to be revealed at a later time. I try to make things work out as a plot while keeping people entertained with action. Hopefully, I will learn how to do this more elegantly than the first battle I've tried to recreate from my mind. So far I've only got the very beginning (about the first 2-3 episodes maybe); it will be much longer.

Another note, there will be romance!

I hope to record my entire imaginary Digimon story line before I'm too old to remember it.

Please enjoy and I hope you will read it til the end!

Thank you and see you soon FF community!

S.S.D.S (666)