Kurt and Blaine both sit, almost exact copies, hunched over a laptop on a kitchen table, ignoring the hustle and bustle around them, eyes trained on the screen, watching, waiting. Kurt looked up briefly as Burt and Carole came back from their night out.

"Where's Blaine?" Carole asked. It had been customary for the past few days to come home to Kurt and Blaine together, watching TV, reading, doing summer homework, or just hanging out.

"His family left today for vacation," Kurt replied quickly, his eyes already back on the screen. "Sshh" he added as his father began to question him further.

"What are you watching Blaine?" his father called from the living room of the family's beach house. "You're missing the movie."

"I'll be back in a minute dad," Blaine replied, eyes never leaving his computer, not even for a moment.

It was so close. Next year Blaine and Kurt would both be on their way to New York City, one way or another, and they planned to make the move permanent. As they sat and watched the New York senators debate and explain the bill and their votes they both silently crossed their fingers under the table.

The bill had to pass.

"I'm going to marry him some day," Blaine whispered to himself as the votes started to roll in.

"I want to marry the boy I love," Kurt said to no one in particular as he watched with bated breath as the senate began to announce the results.

Kurt jumped from his chair as the final tally was reported - 33 to 29. Love won.

Blaine's smile spread wider than ever as he fought to keep his celebration quiet. An IM box flashed open on his screen.

"I love you." Blaine quickly typed in his reply.

"So much."

"You know what this means, right?" Kurt asked.

"It means that when I ask you to marry me you can say yes."

"No," Kurt replied, quickly adding "it means that we can have a June wedding at the Plaza hotel."

Blaine laughed, he couldn't keep it in anymore. He laughed, and he cried, and he celebrated.

Kurt's smile was bigger than ever as he read Blaine's retort; "I should've known, of course, whatever you want." and he jumped up to hug his father and step-mother.

"It passed!" he said through the tears that had started to fall at some point. "The marriage equality bill in New York passed!"

Burt and Carole smiled and shared a knowing look.

"So does that mean Blaine will officially be joining the family soon?" Carole asked.