Hey, everybody! It's Patton's turn for a nightmare! Also, in my universe, Margie is Patton's little sister. I actually mentioned it in my 19th Century/Margie one-shot. Alright, here we go.

One night, Patton Drilovsky tossed and turned in his sleep. I'll leave you to guess why.

In his nightmare, Patton was waking up in his bed, only something was odd: his whole room was pink, and his bed was pink. "What the-MARGIE! DID YOU PAINT MY ROOM AGAIN?" There was no answer. "Ugh. Stupid sister." He mumbled, getting out of his bed. "Why did I have to have a sister, anyway? She's such an annoying little-Huh?" As he was about to open his door, he noticed something else odd, then felt that it was part of the wall. "What the heck?"

He then felt the whole place rumble, then looked up to see the roof being lifted off. He looked in horror as he saw a gigantic Margie looking down at him and smirking evilly. "Hello, Little Brother!"

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" he screamed as he tried to open his fake door, but Margie reached down and picked him up. He then looked around to see he was in Margie's room, and the house he was in was her dollhouse. "What the-What happened?"

"Don't you see? You're my dolly now!"


"Now, settle down, Patton, and let's get you dressed!"

"Huh? No, wait!" Patton tried to shake away as Margie powdered his face and put lipstick on him. She then placed him on her dresser and put a pink dress on him, as well as a blonde wig.

"AWW! You look so cute!"

"Margie, as your older brother, I order to change me back right now!"

"Not before feeding time!" With that, Margie took out a large baby milk bottle and stuck it to Patton's mouth. Patton tried to shake away as the milk was forced down his throat, but failed. When Margie finally released, he was gasping for air. "There! All full?"

He panted. "Yes, I'm full. Now, will you please unshrink me?"

"I can't right now! My friends wanna see you!"

"F-Friends?" he stuttered in fear.

They then heard a knock at the door. "Oh! Here they are!" With that, Margie went over and opened her door, letting a whole bunch of girls in.

"Hey, Margie! Where's your new doll?" one asked.

"Right here!" she said, holding Patton up.

"Aww, she's so cute!"


"IT TALKS! I WANNA SEE!" the girl exclaimed, pulling Patton away and hugging him.

"NO, WAIT-ACCKK!" he shouted as he was being squeezed.

"Let me have a turn!" another shouted as she tried to pull him away.

"No, he's MINE!" the other girl shouted as they were both in a tug-o-war on Patton. Just then, all the other girls grabbed him and began pulling on him.

"STOP! ACK!" As Patton was being choked from all the tugging, his world went black.

He then woke up in his room, gasping for air. "What's all the screaming about, Patton?" Margie asked, coming in his room.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Patton screamed, hiding under his blanket. "NO! I DON'T WANNA BE A DOLLY!"

Margie stared, confused, and sighed. "Boys." With that, she left his room.

The Nightmare King then came up from under the bed, ignored by Patton, who was still hiding under his blanket. "Well, there goes another one. Next up is… ooo, I'm done for tonight! Thank God! Alright, back to Nightmare Land!" Before leaving, he noticed the quavering Patton, sighed, and said, "Mortals." With that, he flew away.

"I'm not a dolly, I'm not a dolly, I'm not a dolly…"

Well, there's Patton's Nightmare. Kinda weird, but I would figure Patton would be afraid of being at the mercy of a bunch of girls. Not sure whose nightmare I wanna do next. Anyhoo, I'll see you later.