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Fleet Foot…Pat had called me that when we were kids. Now I understood why.

I darted between the trees, trying my hardest to avoid the sharp spines that stuck out and stood ready to impale. My hair whipped into my face; in the bright sunlight it almost looked golden. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me to grandmother's house.

As I ran, Patricia's voice kept ringing in my ear. Everything she'd ever said.

About how perfect I was, how I should be good, how I should never change, the way I smiled…it was a swirl of fog coated memories that unclouded behind my eyes as they passed and became blurry once again as they ran by like water.

I love Pat…I love her more than anything. I hated feeling nervous about what she could be. I hated questioning how loyal she was to me.

But I couldn't help myself.

…And so I figured…there must be something black inside my heart. There must be if I couldn't trust the one I love the most.

"Grandmother?" I didn't expect her to hear me out here, but I prayed to a god that may hate my sinful ways that she was alright. I slid inside and closed the door to shield myself and the house from the cold.

Usually her house was warm and had a nice comfortable feeling with scents of fresh stew or just baked breads wafting in the air. But today it was cold and eerie and foreboding. No smell of fresh anything's greeted my still cold nose. "Grandmother?" I tried again.

I set down my basket and pulled down my hood, straightening my messy blonde locks. "Are you here?" I call. "I had a nightmare," I stopped when I heard a loud creak. Floorboards shifting, "Grandmother?"

I see a shadow and gasp when it looks like the wolf, and I convince myself it must be a trick of the light, because then a candle is flickering and I can see her sitting up. "I'm fine." She sounds strained. "There's soup if you're hungry dear." She coughed.

Her food was always the best, I moved quickly to get some. She continued to cough, like she was trying to clear her throat and readjust her voice. "Are you sick?" I didn't want to tell her my fear of Pat being the wolf…one of them anyways.

"I'm fine. Eat up dear, and remember,"

"All sorrows are less with bread." We mimicked. She hissed it…it made my brow furrow as I sat. I wish sadness was less with anything, but the only thing that would make me happy right now is to be with Pat, a small part of me whispering that I didn't care if she was a wolf or not.

I took a bite of the stew…it tasted funny…bitter. Unusual for her…she whispered at me to eat up and that it'd be alright.

Something felt wrong…I stared into the bowl…it was brown and lumpy…it looked like cooked guts ground into a fine paste…the thought made me ill and I set it aside. "Grandmother…what's in the soup?" I ask cautiously, watching the curtain to her bed.

She pulled off her scarf and tugged off her rode…she didn't look like herself anymore…this was why it felt wrong…there was an imposter…my legs shook with adrenaline but I was to rooted with fear to move.

The curtains open and I stand…, "Father…what are you doing here? Where's grandmother?" He looks worried and tired and slightly annoyed.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled, stepped closer. I stepped back. "She knew…finally knew. I didn't want to, but I had no choice." Again I prayed to a god that probably hated me for my sins; that he did not mean what I think he meant. "She figured out what I am." He held out his right hand, burned and charred and healing.

The wolves…the first one stepped over on the holy grounds with its front paw…the other had the side of its forearm damaged.

"You…it's been you." I whisper.

"Not all of it." He sounds defensive.

I swallow, rooted still in my nerve grinding terror. "How, how could you do this? Any of it?" I ask, turning to him fully as he stepped closer. "How much of it was you?" I demanded.

"Sit down." He nods to a chair.

I shake my head. "No." I insist.

"Sit down." He hisses, his voice lowering to an animalistic growl. I wish at a younger age I had recognized that tone, but I did now…he used that tone on me when I was a little girl and refused to listen. I wish I realized I was the only one who heard that low hiss of anger.

Sitting quickly, I wrap my hands around each other as I wait for him to start a story I hope is an explanation.

"I think I've done good…haven't I? Gave every coin I earned to you, Lucie, your mother. Worked hard to put food on the table and keep nice clothes on your backs. I raised you both up right…so why do I suffer more than I deserve? What did I do to make people spit in my face?" He turns and paces across the hardwood floor.

I glance at my basket and then back to him, he turns to me.

"I decided I'd leave. I'm disrespected and made a fool of here." He grumbled. "I wanted to go to the city. More people, more money…it all works out." He sat across from me.

I gave him as even a look as I could. "Then why don't you leave?" I didn't mean for it sound so bitter, simply out of fear that he'd lash out at me. But I knew him better. Wolf or not…he was still my papa. He'd never hurt me. Or at least not intentionally.

He shrugs. "I thought that was easy. I loved you and your sister, I still love you. You're my good girl." He smiles wistfully. "But," he's frowning. "I had to wait. The blood moon is my birthright. To change my first born."

Oh no…

"I forged a note for Lucie." It must have been from Henry. "I tried to speak to her." He smiles without humor, eyes hurt. "Only to find…she couldn't understand me." His smile drops. "Any child of mine can understand a wolf. It's a birthright."

I…I was a wolf, or I had the blood in me. That must be the blackness in my heart, why I'm so selfish all the time.

Oh my God…Lucie…

"Your mother lied to be…Lucie wasn't my child." I felt horrible for Lucie and what he'd done to her…but I also felt bad for my papa. We could have had more had he not been breaking his back to feed the three of us and himself.

It was all wrong…the lies…all of them. It was all backwards.

I met his gaze, he looked hurt. "But you knew already didn't you?" He'd heard us…me and mother talking. "I am glad that at least you tried to understand how I must have felt. And I understood that you couldn't tell me…how could you?"

He was right. I was stuck in the middle…neutral.

"I lost it…after all my hard work of being secretive and clever and hiding so well…I lost control." He sighed. "I am sorry about Lucie. Really…she may not have been mine but until I knew she wasn't I always thought of her as so."

I swallow my nerves and open my mouth. "You took revenge on mother." I wasn't expecting him to shake his head.

"No. I would have, but I wasn't the one who attacked her first." He looked down.

So it was the other one…who was it? "Do you know who it is?"

"I do, but I can't tell you." He shook his head again. "It's a sworn oath at birth. To keep ourselves and our kind safe…we must never reveal another." He explained.

I should have known…of course they would have something like that.

"I did, however; take revenge on her lover." He growled. "I worked and worked for your mother. And I only worked harder when our family started," he paused. "He ruined my life and made it a lie…I could have kept a whole family of my own…just me…but no. He always took whatever he wanted." He huffed.

I sit and let him continue. "Henry smelled the wolf…he memorized it while he hid away. He thought it came from your grandmother." I noted that he didn't say mother. "But she wouldn't know. She'd lived with it her whole life."

My brow furrowed in confusion. "My father was a wolf, and his uncle before him, and his uncle's mother." I was left speechless…the line…it didn't look like it had an end. Father Solomon had mumbled that the wolf must have come from a long uninterrupted line. "I'm not sure where the other started…but they're just as strong."

I can do nothing but nod. This is all too much, just too much.

"I didn't want to hurt my mother…I loved her, and I didn't mean to hurt Lucie…but my secrecy means everything to me. It meant everything to my father as well. If she had found out I knew she'd tell your mother. So…," I could just see grandmother turning at a sudden sound and then dropping dead with a blood wine stain on the floor.

"Valerie, come with me." He leans forward and I try not to flinch. "It's the last night of the blood moon. Just one bite and you're like me. Better."

I shake my head. "I was chained down with a pig mask over my face…and it was because I was better. You're not better papa, you're just luckier." He was, he got to do everything he could from sheer luck of blood. "I can't kill people like you do."

He scoffs. "Yes you can. My blood is in your veins…you want to tear people apart when you get angry. I know you do." He was right…I'd had far too many fantasies about ripping the throats from girls who go to close to Patricia, or called me horrible names.

I would always tell Pat, and she'd always laugh it off.

'There was a little girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead. When she was good she was very, very good. But when she was bad she was horrid.'

The rhyme made more sense to me now I knew what I was…what I could be.

"We could be invincible." He sits back with an almost smug smile.

I smile…sweet and soft, but my eyes glared at him. "You know…Patricia must be a God…because you're the Devil."

He frowned. "And you're the Devil's daughter." I flinched. He made a good point.

When Pat found out…she'd never want me…after everything I done was brought to light, all my selfishness, my horrible ideas, my nasty temper…my blood. How could she possibly want me?

There was a splintering crash and I looked around in time to see the door fly off its hinges. Patricia stood there, wild hair matted down to her forehead from sweat. She looked…like a hero from those fairytales they tell in those giant leather tomes.

"Not so terrifying when the moon isn't up are we?" Patricia steps forward, raises her ax and swings it down hard. My papa grabs the hilt but not before the blade digs into his skin and leaves a nasty cut.

Patricia shouts in surprise when her free arm is pulled around and suddenly she's facing me with the ax at her throat. "No!" I'm shouting before I can help it.

She throws him back and kicks him in the knee; he grunts but hardly seems to notice. She head-butts him and his nose starts to bleed.

Pat is strong…but papa grabs her by the back of her jacket and hurls her aside. I gasp and watch as she slumps and her ax lands beside her.

I act before I think, the feeling of pure selfishness running through me. I turn and grab my basket when papa isn't looking and I pull up my hood.

'You're my good girl.'

No…I'm not good at all. "Papa!" He turns to me. "I brought something I think you'll like." I blink back my tears. He steps closer. "All sorrows are less,"

"With bread." He finishes, smiling. I see Pat moving from the corner of my eye. Suddenly papa isn't smiling anymore. His face is twisted in pain and surprise. I look now...Pat is standing there with her arm outstretched and her hand open.

Still unthinking, I flip open the cloth in the basket and pull out Father Solomon's severed hand. Those two silver fingernails had to help. Werewolves and silver never had mixed.

The look of betrayal on his face broke my heart as I stabbed the long nails into his belly.

Patricia moves calmly and quietly to calm me as papa drops to the floor and suffers through his last breaths only a moment longer.

I gasp for air; my heart felt like it was being squeezed by an iron hand. "Pat…please…," I don't need to say more before she takes my shoulders and leads me out into the cold winter air.

But then I remember something as she pulls away and stands at a distance. "…You said we…Pat…,"

She tugs up her sleeve to show me a charred patch of skin on the side of her forearm. "Yeah." Is all she says to me. "You were right not to trust me…I wouldn't if I were you. But if you thought I would hurt you…you're wrong." She sighs. "I just wanted to keep you safe Vale, to protect you." I blink back more tears.

"I know." I felt so horrible. Patricia loved me…loved me so much she broke out of an iron beast just to get to me. Loved me so much….she was willing to let me go so I could have a chance at a better 'richer' life. I let her down…and she was always there to pick me up…no matter how much I failed.

"I'm so sorry Pat."

She shakes her head. "You shouldn't be. I get it." She smiles; it's crooked and painful but full of her usual sweetness. I loved her so much. "You should go home Vale. Your mother is probably worried."

"I won't leave you."



"You have to…it's still the blood moon tonight."

"You won't hurt me." I believed it now. She had, after all, controlled herself all this time while being a wolf.

"I won't…but I don't know what else I might do." She eyes me, just like she did the other night. "I need to learn total control."

"But Patricia,"

"Valerie, you don't know what it's like." She steps closer. "I want you…all the time. So much I have to get away from you to keep in control. The beast in me is always screaming at me to make you mine, to take you as my own. But I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm wrong for you. Or I will be until I can control myself better around you." It made sense now…all those times she'd vanished once we got in to deep. "Please understand?"

I shook my head. "Why are you so good? How can you be, especially to me? I stabbed you. I hurt you."

She smiles wistfully and lifts her shirt above her hips, there's a small red line where the cut healed over. "I'll live. And I'm not good Vale…but being with you makes me want to be." I once said the same thing to myself time and time again. I step closer and hold her warm face in my hands.

"I'm not good enough…I'm the one…,"

"You're to good Valerie." She holds my hands.

How can she say that after everything that's happened? "I'm not…not at all. I'm selfish and rude and wrong."

"It just means your human. It's the hardest thing to admit but humans are selfish creatures. And the hardest thing to say to yourself is that you do make mistakes." Patricia always had a way with words.

"…But you're not human." I mumble after a small hesitation.

She chuckles, kissing my fingers. "No, I'm not. Which makes me worse. I'm subjected to natural animal instinct. And animals are selfish by blood and life. Especially the wolf. A wolf mates for life…they take and never give back. They take care of their own…anyone else is just an unlucky passerby."

She stares at me for a long time. Before she finally leans in and kisses me.

We'll mean more to each other than we'll ever know.

We sink my papa's stiff pale body. Patricia cuts him open and places the large rocks inside his gut and sews him back up. She made me stay away, said it wasn't proper for a lady.

Neither of us could tell a soul.

"They'll hang us. Me for being a wolf…you for being the daughter of one…and for being my mate." I felt a warm tingle in my heart as she said he last word. It felt final and promising…and after all this I really needed a promise. Patricia had never failed me before.

We hadn't done anything…serious yet. No, not yet. But we had done almost everything else. So…I was considered her partner…her mate.

She washes off her hands as I say my last goodbyes to my papa. He'd been so honest, even if he had lied about who he really was…but he was very brave too. When all is said and done…Patricia gently pushes him into the water and I watch him sink to the bottom until the water becomes too murky to see through.

She stands there longer than I do, and I turn and watch the frosted forest…only turning around when I hear splashing water. "Patricia!" I cry helplessly. She'd gotten into a boat and was now moving away, I stepped quickly to try and follow, but I knew it was too late.

"Pat…what are you doing?"

"I have to learn more control. You heard what he said…he lost control…even after so long." She turns and calls back, her hair is down now.

"You controlled yourself just fine that night pat, come back. Please!"

She shakes her head. "I didn't want to though Vale. You know how hard it was not to do anything...everyday? I…I want to be able to control my feelings better. I can't take you with me Valerie."

"Maybe I want to." I call back. Maybe I wanted her to lose control with me. She'd never hurt me, no, but she could make me melt in sinfully delicious ways with just a kiss.

She laughs, her smile that I remembered playing on her face. "That's your answer for everything." She ruffles her hair and turns away, moving across the still freezing river.

"I love you!" I shout. She turns for a moment…and she looks sad…but then she smiles. And I remember all the times before…and I thought of the times we'd have after.

When she came back and took me away.

The night after it poured for two days straight and the ground was just mud. We'd run through the trees in just our bare skinned feet.

Or how we'd go to the north, through the mountains if I wanted. My red cloak leaving the way.

The time last winter when it was still warm out with snow on the ground. She'd picked me all kinds of flowers.

Or when we'd be too tired to keep walking and moving forward and we'd lay right there on the ground, sheltered by towering trees and shrubs. She'd be too tired to control herself…and I'd just run my fingers through her hair as she worships me like I'm more than what I am.

I could see it all…past and future. Patricia could make any dream I had a reality in some way. "I'll wait…I don't care how long it is. I'll wait. I love you."

"I figured as much." She calls back. "I love you too Vale…be careful okay?" She turns away again.

Life is always far to complicated. I can't help but think of how as I reflect on the last few days.

It's all lies and death.

Death and other sweet things.

Yes, I will be adressing the note that Pat attacked Valerie's mother in the coming chapter!