He stared at his empty crystal glass. His reflection glaring back at him in a manor only he could decipher, hate. The man smacked his red gloved hand against the crystal glass causing it to fly across the room and shatter against the wall. He than stood up from his seat, his lab coat dangling from his left arm, showing a skin tight black shirt that clung to every depression in the well built man's torso. His pale blue eyes seemed fogged. The doctor stumbled forward putting his hand on a wall to keep him up right as he made his way to the kitchen.

Upon arrival to the brightly lit room the doctor slinked along in the shadows hoping no one would see him in his unusual inebriated state. After seeing no one he made a dash for the fridge, only to open it and not find what he was looking for. He blinked a few times before dashing to a side cabinet, wasn't there either. The doctor growled in frustration before slamming the cabinet door shut. He took off his bulky rubber gloves and threw them at the cabinets as well, "Warum, Schrank, die sie nicht halten meine Scotch?" He growl out in frustration only to hear light footsteps. The medic froze in fear. He quickly kicked his gloves and clothing he had dropped under the near by table. Hoping no one would realize the state of distress the man was in.

"Hello?" a light voice rang out. The man cursed lightly before pulling himself on the counter and taking off his glasses, to pretend like he was innocently cleaning them off, "Da?" He replied with trying not to shake in fear. The fear of being discovered anything but stoic.

A female with a tight, red tank top with matching boyshorts walked in. she looked at him scare in the eyes, watching him looking around. She shook her head before walking up to him and bending down. The man backed up a bit in surprise, not entirely sure what she wanted to do between his legs. she moved lower then his crotch, he secretly was disappointed but kept that to himself.

"Don't. Say. A. word. Derek." she mumbled before opening the cabinet and pulling out a stash of Scotch. Derek's eye twitched heavily. She moved it? "Emily..." He said lowly. She moved up clutching the bottle by its neck, "Ja?" she replied with. the doctor pushed her before falling off the counter, "I vaz looking for zat." He attempted to grab the bottle from her hands.

Emily backed up a bit, "Na-uh. No drinking for you. Doctor's orders." she winked before turning and skipping off to her room. all the while Derek stood there with his mouth agape. "...revenge vill be zweet..."