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Draco Malfoy laughed as he teased Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, "You two must be queer, always hanging out together..." he smiled, "Well at least I can tell that Potter is the top in the relationship, Weaslebee is afraid of his own shadow!" the sixteen year old Brit walked closer to the two. Oddly enough, he was alone, without any of his friends to back him up if the duo decided to attack...and they did...

Ron pulled his wand out, aiming it at Malfoy as grabbed his arm, "Shut it you git..." Malfoy's own wand dropped to the ground, being kicked aside in the snow.

Harry did the same, grasping his other arm, "You're coming with us..." Harry didn't feel the slightest pang of guilt as he cast a silencing spell on Malfoy, dragging him off without anyone seeing or hearing them go.

The sun was going down, and it was getting dark fairly quickly. Malfoy was kicking and silently screaming as Harry and Ron dragged him past the whomping willow, and toward the shrieking shack. Since no students were around, Harry quickly undid the silencing spell, allowing Malfoy to scream all he wanted.

"What are you doing? Let me go this instant!" he was shocked at how strong the two boys were, Harry was younger than him, so it surprised him – but Ron being older, didn't shock him much other than the fact that he was a Weasley, "I'll have you suspended for this! No, expelled! Your wands will be taken away!" he screamed as Harry shoved him to the floor, wand still drawn. He may have been putting up a fight, but he was truly all talk as he screamed at the two boys; inside, he was shaking, frightened by what they were going to do to him. He finally calmed down a bit, watching as Ron removed his own shirt, Harry following the same action. "What are you doing...?" he asked, fear showing in his tone of voice.

"We're sick of the way you treat us..." Harry dropped to the floor, kneeling beside the blonde.

"Yeah, so Harry and I are going to teach you a lesson..." Ron got on the floor as well, watching as Harry pinned the blonde down. The ginger grabbed Malfoy's pants, undoing them and pulling them clear off his body.

"N-no.. y-you can't do this!" he thought he would cry, honestly thought he would cry...

"Harry get his shirt.." Ron held the lower half of his body down as Harry struggled to remove Malfoy's sweater.

"Stop!" he cried out, feeling utterly exposed.

"Spread his legs Ron..." Harry ordered, caressing Malfoy's hair.

"P-please...d-don't..." Malfoy could feel the tears spring to his eyes as Ron forcefully pushed open his legs, pulling a bottle of lube from his back pocket, pouring some onto his fingers.

"Don't want to completely hurt the poor boy...now do we...?" Ron winked, shoving a finger inside of the blondes tight hole.

"No!" he screamed, raking his nails across the floorboards, trying to get away.

"Stop fighting or I'll shove my cock in you now..." Ron held his hips down with one hand, sliding another finger into him.

Malfoy began crying, full on crying, "Please don't do this!" A third finger thrust into his entrance, causing him to moan, actually moan.

"Harry, can I fuck him now?" Ron undid his pants, removing his thick cock from his trousers.

"Do it," Harry undid his own pants, watching as Ron lubed himself before getting into position.

"No!" Malfoy screamed before Ron thrust inside of him. The pain was more than he could stomach as it coursed through his small body. He dry heaved, whimpering as Ron began to move his hips.

"Give it to him hard Ron..." Harry let go of Malfoy, shoving his cock in his face, "If you bite me...I have the power to kill you..."

Malfoy nodded slightly, opening his mouth to take Harry's cock into his mouth. He let out a muffled cry as he began sucking, tears falling down his face.

"Draco..?" Ron smiled, leaning down to kiss his neck, "Just relax...take it all in..."

"Have you done this before?" Harry thrust into his mouth, "Feels amazing.."

Malfoy cried as he choked on Harry's cock, trying to push away from his hips. Harry backed off, pulling himself away from the boys mouth.

"Come here.." Ron sat up, pulling Malfoy into his lap, "Ride me..."

He nodded, hanging his head to allow his blonde hair fall into his face. He bounced up and down, pain still rushing through his lower back as he rode Ron's cock. Harry smiled, listening to the slight moans that escaped Malfoy's lips.

"He's nice and tight, Harry..." Ron laid back on the floor, watching as Harry began kissing Malfoy.

"St-stop..." Malfoy pushed away, crying as Ron grasped his hips, causing him to move faster. He screamed as his prostate was brushed, his hips rocking on their own.

"Seems as if you like that..." Harry kissed his neck, "We just want you to feel good..."

"Then why does it hurt?" he shouted, raking his nails into Ron's chest.

"We also wanted to hurt you..." Ron thrust upwards, causing Malfoy to gasp.

"You see, Malfoy, we've wanted you for so long..." Harry pulled him off Ron, placing him on his hands and knees. He positioned himself before thrusting into the blonde, holding his hips tightly.

Malfoy was used to the feeling now, no longer fighting the forcefulness of the two boys. Harry moved quickly, kissing the nape of Malfoy's neck as he did so.

"Harry I think he's enjoying it now...listen to him moan..." Ron smiled, hugging his best friend from behind.

"Mm.." Harry moaned, enjoying the feeling of Malfoy.

The blonde began moaning, pushing his hips backwards against Harry. The tears stopped flowing, and he was feeling complete pleasure as Harry slid in and out of him. The two friends smiled at each other, knowing they had just caused their victim to enjoy what they were doing to him. Malfoy shook his head, knowing what they were thinking as he hung his head.

"Ah!" Malfoy dug his nails into the floor.

"Told you he'd like it..." Ron pushed the boy up onto his knees, bringing their lips together as Harry continued to pound him from behind.

The blonde moaned, wrapping his arms around Ron as they ground together, "No more..." he began shaking, "...stop..."

"I think he's cumming, Harry..." Ron smiled, jerking his cock in his hand as he watched his best friend bring Malfoy to an orgasm.

"No!" he cried out, reaching his right hand behind him to grasp Harry's dark locks.

"Fuck him harder..."

Harry moved harder, grasping Malfoy's cock and jerking it quickly as Ron stood up, thrusting himself into the boys mouth.

"Fuck Draco..." Harry thrust faster, causing the two of them to moan loudly. He groaned as he shot his cum inside of the blonde boy.

Malfoy pulled away from Ron's cock, "Harry!" he gasped, feeling his cock twitch as he reached his own orgasm with a loud scream.

Ron jerked himself in his hand as he came on Malfoy's face, and some in his mouth.

"That was hot Ron..." Harry smiled as Malfoy sunk to the floor, laying on his side.

"Think we were too rough on him?" Ron questioned.

"Maybe..But does it matter?" he rolled the blonde onto his back, watching as his chest quickly rose and fell. He was covered in cum from himself and Ron, and between his legs was the sticky residue Harry left, mixing with blood from how harsh they actually were on him.

"Please..." Malfoy whispered, his legs shaking, "It hurts..."

"Clean him up Ron..." Harry did his pants up, pulling his sweater back on.

The ginger cast a quick cleaning spell before pulling himself together as well, "What should we do with him?"

"Get dressed.." Harry ordered, watching with amusement as the blonde struggled to do so. He lifted him up and watched a few tears fall from his eyes, "Learn your lesson?"

Malfoy nodded as he continued to cry.

"Awe, what's wrong?" Ron kissed his cheek, brushing his hair away from his face.

"I-I want to go now..." he fell to his knees, shaking.

"Do you want your daddy?" Harry smirked, looking down at him.

He nodded once more, wrapping his arms around himself as he cried.

"Well if you tell people what happened...you'll lose all respect around here...from anyone.." Ron paused as he spoke, "..you've already proven to us that you're all talk...and no show..."

"I'm sorry..." the blonde whimpered.

"It's too late for sorry, Malfoy... We've already done what needed to be done to get you to back off..." Harry helped him up again, "Walk back with us...I'm sure we'll all wind up getting detention if we get caught..."

He nodded in agreement, walking back to the school with the two. They parted their ways, Ron and Harry heading off to bed, Malfoy walking to the Slytherin bathroom to try and 'clean' himself.

… … …

Harsh ne? Chapter two has a lighter side..it's an alt ending.. I hate bad endings...I can't stand things that don't end happily...I cry, I scream, I throw a big fit... so please read the alt ending? I will love you forevuh!