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This story contains rape and is purely a fictional story, this is in no way intended for humor and is purely for artistic purposes only. The subject is completely serious to the author of this work, along with many others. If you do not approve, do not read.

The next day Malfoy skipped breakfast, skipped lunch, and every class in between. Dinner was the only time he showed his face, because he truly was famished. He sat in his usual seat, a perfect and clear shot across to the spot where Harry and Ron sat.

"Feeling better?" Crabbe looked at Malfoy.

He didn't respond, didn't even acknowledge that he had said anything. Harry looked up from his seat, making eye contact with the blonde. He smirked, causing several Gryffindor's to look his way. That was it, that was the last straw; Draco fucking Malfoy was back and that smirk, that one damn smirk was all it took for him to snap.

"You son of a bitch!" he shouted, standing up from his seat. The entire room fell silent, watching the events unfold. Harry was taken aback, along with Ron, "How dare you! When have I ever hurt you that bad! I haven't hurt you so bad that you had to do that!" he stood on his chair, stepping over everything on the table to jump to the Gryffindor side of the room.

"Malfoy..." one of the Weasley twins stood, trying to calm him down.

He quickly turned to the ginger, "Don't Malfoy me! Your little git of a brother there...do you have any idea what he did to me? Him and that Potter boy?" he turned back to the two best friends, who were no longer smiling, but fearing for what may happen next, "You're both a bunch of filthy twats!" he pulled his wand out, aiming it at the two.

"Draco!" Snape marched over, trying to control his favorite student, "What's gotten into you.." it wasn't quite a question.

He quieted down, looking Harry into his green eyes, "You don't know how much I loved you..." he turned, running full speed out of the room, fighting back the tears.

Harry felt a pang of guilt in his gut, along with Ron. The two looked at each other, not knowing what to do or say about the entire thing. Snape looked at the two, a feeling of what happened washing over him. He quietly, and quickly followed Malfoy out.

"What did you two do...?" Hermione asked, never having seen the blonde so upset before.

"Could we talk to you outside...?" Harry stood.

"Y-yeah..." she followed her two friends outside, hearing Draco screaming and yelling down one of the halls of the school. He was clearly crying, and Snape's voice could be heard too, "What happened?"

"Well..Harry and I wanted to teach Malfoy a lesson for...everything..."

"So..?" she folded her arms, waiting.

"We sort of...raped him..." Harry mumbled.

The brunette girl couldn't believe her ears, she almost questioned the two, but when she heard Malfoy down the corridor, whimpering and crying into Snape's robes...she knew what she heard was correct, "I-I can't...I can't believe you two... No matter how mean he is to you, you had no right to do that..." she shoved them out of her way, marching down the hall to find Malfoy. She felt sick, sick to her stomach. Yeah the kid was a jerk to them, he'd done many things … but no one deserved that, not even him. "Draco.." she ran up to him and Snape, "If you kill a butterfly in the past..." she reached into her shirt, pulling a necklace out and showing it to Malfoy.

"You would help me..?" he wiped his eyes, still clinging tightly to Snape, who was generously rubbing his back.

"Professor?" she looked up, "What would be the consequences if Draco and I used my time-turner to stop those two from making the biggest mistakes of their lives...?"

"If you stayed hidden from your past self and cause a distraction to stop them..." he looked down to his godson, the tears still fresh in the boys eyes, "it couldn't hurt...Especially if you were the distraction, Miss Granger..."

"Then I'll go...without you..." she held her time-turner, "Where were you when this happened? Time? Place?"

"It was...about seven at night...I was over by the old benches?" he looked to the floor.

"Right.." she wound the time-turner back twenty two times, before letting it spin.

… … … … …

Hermione found herself at sunset the night before, quickly running to find Harry and Ron before they did something completely unthinkable. She saw the two walking away from the school, and knew exactly where they were headed.

"Harry!" she ran up to them, out of breath. Her younger friends turned around, looking at her as she stopped, "There's something you need to know..."

"What?" Harry looked at Ron, then back to Hermione.

"Malfoy is in love with you..." she grinned.

"He is..?" Ron questioned, trying to read Harry's facial expressions.

"But he's so...mean to us...And how do you know?" Harry frowned, folding his arms.

"He told me.. He loves you, the only reason he acts like that toward us is because he doesn't know how to properly express his feelings toward you..." she paused, "So..don't do anything you'll regret.. Okay?" she grasped Ron's hand, leading him away.

"'Mione..." Ron looked back at Harry, "Did you know we were going to do something...?"

"Ron...I'm your best friend," she straightened his shirt, "I know when you two are up to something..." a smile graced her lips as she picked some lint from his clothes.

"Malfoy!" said boy was standing by some old benches under a few trees covered in freshly fallen snow. His cheeks were slightly flushed from the cold, and he had his arms wrapped around himself.

"Come to start something, Potter?" he put his usual mask on, ready for anything that Harry had to throw at him.

"Save it..." he marched up, getting in Malfoy's face, "Hermione said that...you're in love with me?"

Malfoy kicked some snow, looking to the ground, "What made her say that..?" his voice was soft, almost shy...

"I don't know..." Harry stepped closer, placing his hand under Malfoy's chin to look him in the eyes, "Tell me..."

"Tell you what?"

"That you're in love with me..."

"I-" he adverted his eyes before quickly placing his lips against Harry's. It shocked them both at first, but it soon became a relaxed, soft, kiss. Malfoy quickly pushed away, wiping his mouth and looking to the ground, "Yeah so...now you know..."

Harry smirked, pulling the blonde into a hug, "Why didn't you tell me...?"

Malfoy laughed slightly, "The same reason every teenager doesn't tell their crush how they feel...they're afraid of rejection..." he grasped Harry by the hands, "...and what would people think? The Slytherin Ice Price dating the Gryffindor Golden Boy?"

"Does it matter what others think...? You're still Draco Malfoy... Other students fear you, queer or not..."

"So.." the blonde bit his lip.

"So..would you like to go out?" Harry smiled.

"Yeah.." he grasped his hands and pulled him into another kiss, both of them smiling.

"..You don't know what I was coming out here to do..." Harry held him close.



"Tell me..."


"Now!" Malfoy shouted, causing a few branches above his head to shake, dropping snow onto him. He huffed and looked to the ground, "Now I'm freezing..and wet..."

Harry laughed and kissed him again, "Go get cleaned up.."

"Right.." he grasped Harry's hand, walking with him back to the school, "What do you think people will say?"

"Does it matter?"

"No..not really," he smiled and looked to the ground.