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'Its dark...that's all I see darkness. Why is it so dark?'

'Wait...I hear something voices people their clapping? and cheering and there something else the smell of popcorn and dirt. I'm starting to see something...wait this is...'

The Circus

'No. Why am I here! I don't want to be here again! Never Again!'

I looked down at myself seeing the familiar dark green outfit on my body. I lifted my head and reluctantly looked at my surroundings. The red and blue striped pattern of the circus tent was the first thing I saw. Realising I was In a place high up I walked closer to the edge of the wire platform, looking down at the large crowd seated in a circle around the tent.

'Their all cheering..why what are they cheering for?'

"Never get tired of this do ya son?" I jumped and spun around hearing someone speaking beside me. He had on the same dark green outfit except now I could see what was written on it.

The Flying Grayson's

The man looked down at me, putting hand on my shoulder and grinned down at me.

"It's the same for us we never get tired of preforming in front of people, we love it. So trust your old man when he tells you, you'll never get use to the rush of being so high up"

The man talking to him had a kind voice with eyes hidden by light shaggy brown hair, he looked rather young.


There was a light feminine chuckle on the other side of me, I looked over as another hand landed on my shoulder. The woman had on the same outfit with long brown hair pulled back into a pony tail with bangs also hiding her eyes, she wasn't looking at him but over his head at his father.

"Dear don't say things that you'll frighten him!" she said in a worried voice.


He just gave a heart warming laugh and slaped my back in a traditional fatherly way.

"Don't worry sweetie he's nine now old enough to not get sacred preforming anymore" She was silent for a moment then sighed

" Okay dear if you say so, I just get so worried ya know..."

"Don't worry mom I'll be fine I'm not that scared kinda excited really, and I am so totally old enough!" I said pouting looking back up at my mother, my voice sounding high pitched and childish.

She got a huge smile on her face after that and ruffled my hair.

"Mooom! I told you I'm not a little kid anymore!" She just giggled removing her hand.

Suddenly there was a voice on the loud speakers


The crowd below us got louder, dad looked down and smiled.

"Ah looks like its the our turn to amaze them" He said stepping up to edge grabbing the trapeze.

"You remember what to do right Dick?" I nodded at him knowing I remembered our routine perfectly. I watched dad swing off heading to the other platform on the far side of the tent. Mom hugged me tightly whispering to be careful in my ear, before she to swung off. Excited and a little nervous I waited until mom and dad got in the right positions then grabbed the trapeze and flew off.

The three of us worked together perfectly in sync with one another, swinging and flipping, doing impossible things with our bodies that impressed the crowd. It was incredible.

"They always there, they always catch me. I couldn't fly without them. I would fall"

The scene changed and the three of us were safely back on the ground, standing in the middle of the tent taking our and dad behind me both hands in the air left hands intertwined together and me bowing with my arms spread wide, as far as they could reach behind me on either side of myself, kinda like a bird.


We all had happy grins on our faces from the reaction the crowd was giving us, the people were so loud it was deafening. Though the next sound I heard I would never forget. never.

A loud gunshot rang out in the air that instantly silenced the cheering fans. I briefly heard the bullet fly by me and turned around as it hit dad in his head, a drop of blood landing on my face.

Another gunshot and again I turned around see it go strait through moms head her blood splashing my face.

They landed with silent thumps on the ground beside me. The crowd started screaming and running out, it was chaos, but I couldn't hear anything. I could only stare in shock at the only family I'd ever known laying dead in pools of blood and brain matter at my feet some actually on my feet.

' can't be..' I dropped to my knees silent tears streaming down my face. I reaching out to to them 'you can't be.. you just can't can't be! No!'


I reaching out to to them 'you can't be.. you just can't can't be! No!'


"No you can't be dead..MOM DAD!"


My eyes shot open and instantly found their way over to Bruce who was siting close beside me though he was a bit blurry with salty tears still in my eyes.

"B-bruce?" my voice was shaking and it sounded weak and high pitched almost like when I was little which made me start crying again. I felt strong arms wrap around me and pull me into their chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head in his shoulder sobbing.

"Shh sh I's ok Dick I'm here, It's ok, YOU'RE ok" Bruce said tightening his hold on me and rubbing soothing circles in my back with one hand.

I sobbed even harder into the already wet fabric on his shoulder my body shaking with the force.

I'm not sure how long we stayed like that, me crying loudly and Bruce hugingand rubbing my back in comforting motions. I did know that right now in my adoptive father's arms I felt safe and that if he said it was alright then it was, because in all the time I've been here every time I've fallen he's always been there to catch me.

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