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(By the way this adventure takes place a few weeks before Ash and his friends go to the Pokémon League at Indigo Plateau for the first time.)


The sun rose bright and shiny over the Kanto Region's Pallet Town, illuminating one particularly special house on the town's outskirts. In the bedroom of this house, a ten year old boy about five feet tall with black eyes and matching hair was still asleep dreaming his life away. The boy's name was Ash Ketchum and he was determined to one day become the world's greatest Pokémon Master. To make his dream come true, Ash had spent most of the year travelling all over the Kanto Region, catching, raising and training Pokémon whenever he had the chance to. During their travels Ash and his Pokémon had battled the eight Pokémon Gym Leaders located in the several different cities all around Kanto. After a long hard journey, and quite a few Pokémon battles, Ash had earned all his eight Gym Badges. Now he was able to compete in the Pokémon League on Indigo Plateau which was in a few weeks time. While he waited for his big day, Ash was busy spending his time at home training all his Pokémon.

Sitting on Ash's bed, already awake and waiting patiently for him to wake up, was Pikachu. Pikachu was a small yellow and black striped electric mouse Pokémon about one foot four inches tall, with black eyes, red cheeks, big yellow ears with black tips and a yellow lightning bolt shaped tail. Pikachu had been Ash's very first Pokémon when he had first set out on his journey to become a trainer. It had been a bit of a rocky relationship for these two at first, but during their travels both Ash and Pikachu had become great friends always ready to help each other and anyone else along the way.


The annoying sound of Ash's digital alarm clock ripped him out of his dream world. He whacked the snooze button, rolled over and groaned. Why did the alarm have to go off just when he was about to win the match that would make him the world's greatest Pokémon Master? "Oh well," he said to himself. "I might as well get up."

As Ash got up he was aware that Pikachu was already awake and waiting for him.

"Hey there Pikachu," he greeted his small friend. "Sleep well?"

"Pika!" Pikachu replied happily.

"That's great," Ash smiled at the cheerful answer. "Well I'll just get dressed then we'll go and get some breakfast."

After Ash got dressed in his usual outfit which consisted of black and white sneakers, blue jeans, a black tee-shirt, a blue short sleeved jacket with white sleeves and collar. He put some dark green fingerless gloves on his hands and then put his favourite red and white Pokémon Trainer's hat on his head. Once dressed, Ash and Pikachu went downstairs where they found Ash's mother Delia Ketchum waiting for him at the kitchen table. Delia was a pleasant woman about thirty five years old with brown hair and black eyes like her son. She was dressed in her usual outfit of white shoes, blue dress and a pink short sleeved shirt. Sitting at the table with Delia were Ash's two travelling companions and fellow trainers.

The first person was a young girl about twelve years of age about five feet four inches tall, with blue eyes and orange hair. She was dressed in red and white sneakers, blue shorts held up with brown suspenders and a yellow sleeveless shirt. This was Misty Waterflower from Cerulean City and her main aim in life was to be the world's greatest Water Pokémon Trainer. This was due to the fact she lived in the Cerulean City Gym along with her three older sisters, who were all Gym Leaders and experts with water Pokémon. Misty had joined in Ash's travels when Ash, trying to get his injured friend Pikachu to a Pokémon Centre, had accidently destroyed her bicycle where they first met near Viridian City. Since then Misty had stuck to Ash like glue until he could pay her back for her bike or replace it. In actual fact the real reason Misty hung around was that she had gotten rather fond of Ash, and although she didn't know it, Ash was rather fond of her too. However the two of them were too stubborn to admit it to each other, at least out loud.

In Misty's hands was a small baby Pokémon about one foot tall with black eyes, white skin and an egg shell covered body that had several red and blue triangles on its crusty surface. This was Togepi, a spike ball Pokémon which Misty had found on her travels with Ash, when it had hatched the little Pokémon had bonded instantly with Misty so she had become Togepi's 'mother' which suited the two of them just fine.

The second person was a sixteen year old young man about five feet seven inches tall, with squinty eyes and brown spiky hair. He was dressed in blue and white sneakers, brown pants, and a light brown shirt that was covered by a green sleeveless coat with four zip up pockets down the front. In his belt he also had two special storage compartments, for he always believed in being prepared for anything. This was Brock from Pewter City, and he was determined to be the world's greatest Pokémon Breeder. Brock knew quite a bit about how to raise both wild and tame Pokémon mainly because he was quite a domesticated person himself. When Ash had travelled to Pewter City Gym to earn his first badge he discovered that Flint, Brock's father, had gone travelling and left Brock in charge of not only the gym but all his younger brothers and sisters as well. Being the sole supporter of his family Brock had become quite a good cook, cleaner and trainer of Pokémon.

Thankfully on the day Brock and Ash first met, his father Flint returned home from his travels which allowed Brock to pursue his dreams at last. Ash was so impressed by Brock; he had invited him along on his Pokémon journey so they could put all his skills to better use. It was a very smart decision, for Brock's talents and skills had really helped Ash and his Pokémon out in their travels all around Kanto. However despite all Brock's knowledge and wisdom with Pokémon, he had one minor flaw. Every time he encountered a pretty looking girl on their travels like one of the Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny family, he ended up acting like a romantic fool much to the embarrassment of Ash and Misty. The only time Brock stopped acting like an idiot, was when Misty would grab him by the ear and drag him away from the source of his infatuation. The sharp pinch to his ear always brought Brock back down to reality real quick.

"Good morning Ash," the three of them all said together as he and Pikachu joined them at the kitchen table.

"Morning mom," Ash said sitting down. "Morning guys. So…what's for breakfast this morning?"

"Pancakes!" Delia said happily. "Bring them in Mimey!"

At the sound of Delia's voice a humanoid Pokémon about four feet three inches tall, which looked like a small black eyed clown, with dark blue hair wearing an apron entered carrying a large plate of pancakes. This was Delia's Pokémon 'Mimey,' a Mr Mime she had recently befriended and domesticated. It had happened after Ash and his friends had used the psychic Pokémon, to help a travelling circus deal with their own Mr Mime who had gone on strike at the time. Mimey had become quite a good housekeeper thanks to Delia; however he found himself in direct competition with Brock at times. The two of them ended up turning simple chores into a contest on who could do a better job, thankfully Delia had talked Brock into letting Mimey make breakfast this morning.

"Thanks Mr Mime," Ash said cheerfully as he started attacking his food ravenously along with everyone else once he put the plate down.

"Yes thankyou Mimey," Delia said happily patting her Pokémon helper on the head.

"Mime!" Mimey said blushing in embarrassment before disappearing back into the kitchen.

"He's really taken to domestic life here," Misty smiled as she carefully fed Togepi.

"He sure has," Delia nodded. "Oh!" She said suddenly. "I almost forgot. Professor Oak called last night; he would like to see you all in his lab this morning as soon as possible."

"Really?" Brock said curiously. "What about?"

"I don't know," Delia said with a shrug. "He didn't say."

"Oh well, as soon as we're finished we'll go over to the lab and see what the Professor wants," Ash said determinedly.


After they had finished their breakfast. Ash and his friends made their way to Professor Oak's lab, which was located on a hill overlooking Pallet Town. When Ash had started out on his Pokémon journey, he had visited Oak to get his starter Pokémon, Pokéballs and electronic Pokédex so he could identify all the Pokémon he encountered and caught. Unlike most starter trainers who visited the Professor, Ash had arrived too late on his first day to collect the traditional grass, fire and water Pokémon, which normally consisted of a Bulbasuar, Charmander and a Squirtle. Two of them had gone to trainers who had arrived early and the last one had gone to Oak's grandson Gary, which irked Ash to no end as he and Gary were rivals BOTH determined to be Pokémon Masters.

So Oak had given Ash Pikachu, as the small electric mouse was the ONLY remaining Pokémon left in his lab. Pikachu was a stubborn, disobedient Pokémon at the time but Ash was determined to tame him by taking him on his journey. Ash's determination had certainly paid off; during his travels Pikachu had eventually helped his trainer win all his gym badges. He also helped Ash catch all his current Pokémon which were sent to Oak's lab. While the Professor wasn't working on his Pokémon research, he took care of all the captured Pokémon, until Ash called him up requesting he transport a Pokémon for a special occasion.

They found Professor Oak sitting at one of his workbenches with a piece of paper in his hand, frowning down at it. Oak, who's first name was Samuel, was a fifty year old man about five foot ten inches tall with grey hair and brown eyes. He was dressed in his usual attire of black lace less shoes, light brown pants and a red shirt which was covered up by his white lab coat.

"Morning Professor Oak!" Ash said cheerfully as they entered the lab.

"Hmmm?" Oak said absently looking up from the paper. "Oh, good morning Ash."

"Why so grim looking Professor?" Misty asked the elderly scientist gently. For he was normally a very happy jolly fellow most of the time.

"I'm sorry for the lack of warmth in my greetings Misty," Oak apologized to her. "It's just that a ghost from my past has come back to haunt me."

"A ghost?" Ash asked curiously. "What type of ghost?"

"A former Pokémon researcher Professor known as Edward Green," Oak said grimly.

"Edward Green?"

"Yes," Oak sighed sadly. "He was someone I was once…close to. Before your time. Before everybody's time really."

"You're not talking about Green the 'Pokémon Darkling' are you?" Brock suddenly spoke up.

"You know about Green Brock?" Oak said in amazement.

"Well I know of a Green," Brock admitted. "He's a figure from an old Pokémon fable. 'Green the Pokémon Darkling', my dad used to tell me and my family when I was growing up."

"Oh I know that story!" Misty said suddenly. "My sisters used to tell me it when I was little."

"I know it too!" Ash said excitedly. "It was a story my mom told me while I was growing up, she told me it so I would be a responsible Pokémon trainer one day."

"All children who plan on becoming a Pokémon trainer have been told that story, in the hopes of making them respect the Pokémon they catch," Oak explained. "How does the story go again? It's been a while since I've heard it."

"Well," Brock said starting the story. "A long time ago there was a young Pokémon trainer known as Green, and he wanted to become the world's greatest Pokémon Master just like Ash."

"But unlike me," Ash said taking up the story. "Green treated his Pokémon like living weapons and tools rather than friends and companions. He used cruel and unusual training methods on his Pokémon, just so he could beat all the Gym Leaders and compete in the Pokémon League."

"However Green's harsh training methods were found out during one of his matches and he was disqualified," Misty said finishing off the story. "Because of the severity of his crime, the Pokémon League Officials gave Green a special badge. Along with a title that classed him as a 'Pokémon Darkling' which is the opposite of a Pokémon Master. His trainers licence was cancelled and he was NEVER EVER allowed to capture or train Pokémon again. After that Green was told to leave, not just the Pokémon League but the whole Pokémon world and…"

"Green was never heard from again," Oak said quietly completing the story.

"Yeah that's right," Ash nodded in confirmation. "Green was never heard from again. But his crimes were left behind as a reminder for what Pokémon trainers should NOT do."

"I always felt it was a very sad and tragic story myself," Oak sighed quietly. "How would you like to hear the real story of the Pokémon Darkling?"

"We'd love to hear it!" Ash said excitedly as he and the others listened with rapt attention for the Professor to begin his tale.

"Green, whose first name was Edward, was born here in Pallet Town," Oak said taking up a tone he normally saved for long lectures on Pokémon. "His father was a man named George Green, he was a famous explorer who travelled the world looking for extremely rare Pokémon. His mother was a woman named Erin Green, who just happened to be the best Pokémon Breeder around at the time."

"Really?" Brock said in amazement.

"Oh yes," Oak nodded in confirmation. "Sadly Erin was left to raise Edward by herself after her husband George died at sea, a year after their son's birth."

"Poor woman," Misty said sadly.

"Yes," Oak sighed. "However Edward had a lot of his father's adventurous travelling spirit in him. Quite a lot like you Ash," he added. "That, along with what his mother taught him about Pokémon, made Green want to be a Pokémon trainer. I tell you," he said with a sudden chuckle. "He couldn't wait till he turned ten so he could get his trainers licence, until then he spent his time studying up a blue streak in school. When not in school he was observing Pokémon all around Pallet Town, from the long grass to the lake."

"Green sounds a lot like Ash and Brock," Misty said with a giggle.

"Oh you have no idea," Oak said chuckling again. "In fact when Green learnt that I was the only other person in Pallet Town up to his 'standards,' he was determined to beat me."

"Sounds like Gary and myself," Ash noted. "Did you ever battle each other?"

"We sure did," Oak said in confirmation. "When we got our first starter Pokémon, we battled each other only to end in a draw as we were both so determined to win. It helped us to try harder when we next battled."

"What happened after that?" Brock asked curiously.

"Well…" Oak sighed. "We both went on our separate Pokémon journeys, travelling all over the Kanto Region and battling all the eight Gym Leaders. Whenever we met again we battled to see if either one of us had improved, there were some narrow moments but we were both still equal. Little did I know that Edward had been using cruel and unusual training techniques on his Pokémon," Oak said suddenly turning grim. "But I didn't find that out, until we earned our last badges and left for Indigo Plateau to compete at the Pokémon League."

"How did you do?" Misty asked in wonderment.

"I did pretty well with my own Pokémon," Oak said admittedly. "But after several successful battles I was finally defeated. Heck I didn't even make the top twenty! Edward on the other hand, had much better luck. Not only did he make the top twenty, he almost got to battle the Elite Four. Unfortunately his luck suddenly ran out when he defeated his last opponent, his violent win aroused suspicions…so an investigation was launched and Edward was…disqualified."

"What had he done to deserve that?" Ash asked in astonishment.

"Well," Oak said matter of factly. "You know how certain items are sold at Pokémarts for trainers to help improve their Pokémon's attacks and special abilities? Like Calcium can raise the intensity of a Pokémon's special attack, Carbos can increase the intensity of a Pokémon's speed; Iron can increase the power of a Pokémon's defence and so on?"

"Yeah," Ash, Brock and Misty nodded in confirmation.

"It turned out Edward had been giving his Pokémon these items however…" he paused to close his eyes and shake his head. "Green had specially treated all his items, so that their natural effects were DOUBLED when his Pokémon ate them and went into battle."

"WHAT?" the trio cried out in disbelief.

"Edward was a real bright boy at school," Oak sighed sadly. "Science was his speciality, mostly the science of Pokémon. When the Pokémon League Officials examined Edward's Pokémon," he went on. "They discovered that all the Calcium, Carbos, Iron and other items he fed his Pokémon, had been enhanced by a mixture of natural drugs, medicines, and a few other herbs that they couldn't identify."

"My god…" Brock said in disgust.

"Because Edward had used natural mixtures on his items," Oak went on his story. "These enhancements wouldn't show up on any of the usual Pokémon steroid tests, not unless you took blood samples. Edward wanted his Pokémon to be PERFECT battlers to survive and win at ANY cost, which is why he altered the items he fed them. Because of this ALL of Green's Pokémon, their attacks, strength, intelligence, and reflexes became enhanced. THAT made them very dangerous indeed. If the Pokémon were angered outside of a normal battle, it could result in severe injury for not only harmless trainers and their Pokémon but normal regular people too.

"That's horrible!" Misty cried in disbelief. "Pokémon are living, thinking creatures, they're not weapons!"

"Yes it was horrible," Oak said in agreement. "That's why Edward was disqualified and had all his Pokémon confiscated. Before they were finally declared healed and released back into the wild, I hear it took the medical experts years to get those poor Pokémon to recover from those enhancements."

"What happened to Edward?" asked Brock.

"The Elite Four and all the officials of the Pokémon League voted unanimously to officially cancel Edward's Pokémon trainer's licence," Oak sighed. "They also gave him something to remind him of it. I remember THAT day well."


Edward Green a boy about ten years of age with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes stood alone in the Indigo Plateau Pokémon stadium. In front of him stood several Pokémon League officials which included the members of the Elite Four. He was awaiting his fate to be decided by them, while all around in the stands the audience watched patiently but quietly. Finally one of the Elite Four, a young man named Lance stepped forward and spoke into a microphone so everyone could hear him.

"Edward Green," Lance said grimly. "We of the Pokémon League and Elite Four have made our decision about you and your methods. It becomes clear to us that you are a dangerous young man with dangerous ideas, what you did to your Pokémon is clear evidence of that. Therefore we are going to make sure you NEVER get to try this method on helpless Pokémon ever again. To this end we are not simply cancelling your Pokémon trainer's licence."

"S-sorry?" said a confused Edward Green.

"You should be very honoured Edward," Lance said as another official came forward with a small box. "This badge, although theoretically possible to earn, has never actually been given to a Pokémon trainer in all the history of the Pokémon League."

Lance took out the badge from its box, it was shaped like the Earth badge except it was black with a red ruby in the centre.

"This badge is made of a substance called Mammonite," Lance told Green. "The badge and the title we give with it means you are banned from EVER being a Pokémon trainer."

So saying Lance pinned the badge on to Edward's coat.

"You know what this means don't you Edward?" Lance said sternly. "It means you will NEVER get to be a Pokémon Master, especially with that badge and title. You know what that title is don't you Edward?"

"Yes sir," Edward said grimly. There was dead silence in the stadium as he spoke. "I am a POKEMON DARKLING!"


"Wow!" Ash said in amazement. "That's a harsh punishment!"

"Pika," Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"Yes it was harsh," Oak admitted. "Edward's mother Erin was deeply disappointed in him; she felt that all her son's talents would be wasted because of his terrible title. I felt so sorry for the two of them…So I told Erin and Edward of my new plan of going to the Pokémon Academy, where I would study to become the world's greatest Pokémon Researcher. My idea intrigued Edward so we decided to bury our rivalry and go to the Academy as friends. This idea pleased Erin to no end and so for the next few years Edward and myself studied and worked together on everything that we needed to know. It really paid off. The two of us eventually ended up graduating from the Academy together, the top of our class no less."

The Professor got up and went over to his work desk and picked up a framed photograph, he looked at it for a moment then he brought it over to Ash and the others. "This is a picture of Edward and me," he said handing them the photo.

Ash took the photograph and looked at it while Brock and Misty leaned in over his shoulders to look too. The picture showed Oak standing next to a man in his twenties, about five feet eight inches tall with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. He was wearing a white lab coat, a green button up shirt, a blue neck tie, black pants and black lace less shoes.

"When was this photo taken Professor?" Ash asked looking up.

"That photo of us was taken right after our graduation, before…"

"Before what?"

"Before our falling out," Oak sighed sadly. "Edward's speciality at the Academy was Pokémon evolution he was obsessed with it, especially with what his mother had taught him about Pokémon breeding. Over the years we were studying, Green had been doing some secret experiments."

"What kind of experiments?" Misty asked nervously not sure if she would like the answer.

"Gene splicing," Oak said simply. "Edward believed if Pokémon could become stronger through natural breeding and evolution, he could make his own strong Pokémon by artificial breeding and evolution. Pokémon as you know are extensions of nature, Green believed if he could create his own Pokémon he would be controlling nature. In other words he wanted to be God and was prepared to do ANYTHING to achieve it. Edward thought he could achieve this by splicing Pokémon D.N.A on unborn Pokémon while still in their eggs."

"No!" Brock cried out in horror.

"Yes!" Oak said in grim confirmation. "For the last few months before our graduation, Edward worked in secret splicing Pokémon D.N.A on unhatched eggs. He created dozens of hideous mutated creatures when they eventually hatched. Some thankfully didn't survive, but those that did survive he kept alive as controlled experiments. He named his creations Pokémutts, which was short for Pocket Mutations"

"My God!" Misty said to herself horrified at this revelation.

"How did you find him out Professor?" Ash asked eagerly.

"I found out quite by accident," Oak said simply. "Shortly after graduation I went around to Edward's laboratory to ask him out for a drink, but he wasn't in. I was about to leave when I noticed that his door was unlocked and unnatural sounds were coming from behind it. My curiosity got the better of me and I went in. What I saw was horrible, it was so horrible that I went back to my own lab and waited for Edward to get back so I could confront him about it."


A young Samuel Oak was angrily confronting his friend in his lab. "I said I know about your experiments Edward!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Samuel," Green said pretending to be astonished.

"Don't play games with me Edward! You know perfectly well what I'm talking about! You've been playing God with Pokémon by splicing their D.N.A together, on unborn Pokémon in secret I might add! Don't deny it! I've seen them in your lab, horrible mutations, mutations which YOU created!"

"Those creatures are not mutations they're my Pokémutts," Green said dismissively.

"You do realise that I'm going to have to report this," Oak said sternly.

Green was horrified at this. "Samuel you don't know what you're saying! It took me months to create those Pokémutts; I'm using them to advance our understanding of Pokémon!"

Oak couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Advance our understanding of Pokémon!" he exclaimed. "Those 'Pokémutts' you've made are no better than those poor Pokémon you 'altered' when we were in the Pokémon League! What are you hoping to achieve? Revenge on the League by creating better Pokémon?"

"So what if I am?" Green said angrily spinning around to face his friend. "Do you think, that after all the shame and the scorn I have endured that I was simply going to FORGET IT ALL? I am not a Pokémon Master, trainer or a hero…what am I? A scientist! I am a scientist with the only title of Pokémon Darkling in the history of the world! I am unique; laws are mine to create, not to follow."

"You're mad Edward!" Oak cried out in alarm as the terrible truth about his friend suddenly hit him. "Stark staring mad! I'm reporting you right now!"

As Oak turned to leave Green grabbed his arm. "Don't do this to me Samuel!" he said pleadingly. "I'm hanging onto history with my fingernails! How others perceive me is all I have left! If I have to be a monster to bring in a new age of Pokémon research then so be it, I'll be a monster. Just don't report me!"

Oak shook himself free of Green's grip and ran out of the lab.


"What happened then?" asked Brock.

"Edward was expelled from the Academy," Oak said sadly. "He was charged with unethical experimentation on Pokémon and all his Pokémutts were destroyed. Of course Edward was furious that I reported him, especially since it was me who pulled the necessary strings to GET him into the Academy in the first place. He went back to Pallet Town saying that I would regret the day I turned him in."

"And after that?" asked Ash.

"I don't really know," Oak shrugged. "A year after his expulsion Edward's mother died of cancer, though I think she died of a broken heart myself. Having a son who disgraced himself twice in one lifetime just hollowed her out I guess. Edward left Pallet Town travelling the world in search of rare Pokémon, like his father once did and continued his research. I haven't heard anything from him until today."

"What do you mean?" asked Misty.

"I got this letter from him last night," Oak said pulling out a piece of paper and started reading it to them.

"Dear Samuel.

It has been such years since I heard anything of you. You simply must come to my Pokémon Health Farm 'Green Acres,' we have so much to talk over. My farm is not hard to find, it's located on Route 22 near Viridian City, just turn up whenever you feel like turning up. I'll be waiting for you.

Yours sincerely, Professor Edward Green."

"I know that place!" Brock said suddenly. "There's been tons of stuff about it in the news, apparently its been doing a roaring trade in helping trainers build up their Pokémon's natural abilities."

"Why would Green send you a letter inviting you to his Health Farm after all this time?" Ash asked the Professor. "Especially since he seems to hate you so much?"

"I don't know Ash," Oak said grimly. "But I have some very nasty ideas…which is why I sent for you. You see I'm far too busy with my own research to go see Edward right at the moment. So I want you three to go to Green Acres Health Farm on my behalf and find out what's going on there till I can join you later."

"We can do that," Ash said confidently. "Can't we Pikachu?"


The Professor grinned. "I some how knew you'd say that," then he suddenly became serious. "Just a word of warning to you all. When you get to the Health Farm, DON'T let your Pokémon out of your sight. There's no telling what Edward would do if he ever got his hands on them."

"Don't you worry Professor," Ash said confidently. "Edward Green is NOT getting hold of our Pokémon!"

"Well before you go," said Oak. "I want to add a new program to your Pokédex."

"New program?" Ash asked curiously.

"Well there's a chance Edward has some new Pokémon with him that he picked up on his travels," Oak pointed out. "And they won't turn up on a regular Pokédex scan, plus he's bound to have a few Pokémutts on him too."

"Well we have time to spare," Ash said handing over his Pokédex. "Go to it Professor."


Meanwhile just outside Oak's laboratory window, hiding in the bushes, a man and a woman about twenty one years old were listening in on all that had been said. The woman was blue eyed, about five feet seven inches tall with long bright red hair. She was dressed in a light grey short sleeved shirt, with matching shorts. Long dark grey gloves with matching boots that covered almost the whole length of her arms and legs completed her outfit. The man was dressed in a similar outfit, except he was wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants; both of them had a bright red 'R' on the front of their shirts.

Sitting between these two people was a Meowth, a cat like Pokémon about one foot four inches tall with black cat eyes, a white furry body, a brown tipped curly tail, and black ears with a gold charm lodged in between them, who walked only on its two brown hind legs.

The trio were known as Jessie, James and Meowth. They belonged to the criminal Pokémon organisation known as Team Rocket, their mission was to capture or steal, rare and powerful Pokémon. They were quite intrigued by what they had just overheard between Oak and his young friends.

"Hmmm," Jessie said thoughtfully to herself. "So those twerps are going to a Health Farm run by the famous Pokémon Darkling are they? We have to get there first!"

"Are you crazy?" exclaimed Meowth. "You heard what the Professor said that guy does to Pokémon! He splices them! He sounds like a complete nut to me!"

"I remember the story of the Pokémon Darkling," James said with a shiver. "My parents told me when I was just a kid. I thought it was just a story to scare me into being a better trainer, I never thought he was real."

"Well neither did I," said Jessie. "Well until now anyway, but that's beside's the point. We have to find Green before the twerps do!"

"What the heck for?" Meowth asked in puzzlement.

"Green is a scientist who specializes in splicing Pokémon," Jessie explained to her two partners. "Just imagine what would happen if we could persuade him to work for Team Rocket? We could have an unstoppable army of Super Pokémon! That would make the Boss VERY happy! He'd have an Army of Super Pokémon to command for Team Rocket, and he'll be SO pleased with us we'll all get promoted! And you know what that means?"

"Yes I do," said James suddenly catching on. "We'll finally be rich and respected at long last!"

"And I'll be top cat again!" Meowth cried in watery eyed delight.

"So what are we waiting for?" yelled Jessie. "Let's get going!"

With that said the three of them ran for their balloon hidden nearby for a meeting with the mysterious Pokémon Darkling.

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