"Tulio, you promised me that we would go out on the long boat today!" A 7 year old girl shouted at her older brother.

"Sara I can't, me and Miguel have a job to do today." Tulio looked upon his younger sibling.

Her shoulder length jet black hair was slightly wavy like his, she also had his light colored skin. The only thing they did not have in common was their eyes. He had light blue while her's were a light gray color. She wore a white tank under a black vest, gray cap, and black shoes. She also wore a silver chain around her neck, which uses to be their mother's before she passed away.

"I'm sure Miguel can handle the job on his own. Please Tulio!" The young girl grabbed her brother's arm pleading him with her eyes.

"Sorry Sara, but we need the money. Tomorrow, I promise." With that said Tulio got out of his sister grasps and headed off to meet Miguel for the job, leaving his sister to stand in the alleyway by herself. They didn't have a home since their mother had died and didn't know where their father was, so they lived on the streets along with Miguel. They both did whatever they could to support all three of them, since she was still too young to do anything.

"Fine, I'll just go myself." She quietly said to herself as she headed to the docks where she had hidden a long boat, with Miguel's help, with some supplies in it that she stole. Even if she was going out on the boat for a few hours, something could still happen, so she was prepared.

She was now out at sea, with the city still in sight, enjoying herself. She was fast asleep when a drop of water hit her face. She slowly opened her eyes to see it was pitch black out; the sound of thunder was soon heard follow by the pouring rain. Sara frantically sat up looking around for any sine of the city, but saw it nowhere. As she went to grab her ore a huge wave came down on her taking her and her boat under water. It was a good thing she tied a rope around her waist to the boat, because when the boat surfaced so did she. As the storm grew so did the waves, drifting her farther and farther out to sea. As the waves moved the boat in different directions, Sara had hit her head hard on the side of the boat and blacked out.

When she finally awoke, she was greeted by clear blue sky and the sun shining down on her. As she sat up she found that the boat had stopped moving and that she was on an island of some sort. After an hour of completing weather to stay or explore, she finally decided to go and explore her surroundings. For the next two days Sara explored through the jungle, she was now walking through a thick fog not knowing where to go. When the fog started to lift she saw some kind of structure standing in the middle of and opened area. Being curios as she was, she slowly walked up to it seeing it to be a big tablet of some sort. On the tablet there was a snake like thing with two men riding on its back and another man on his knees praying to them. As Sara looked upon the tablet, she heard the sound of bare feet running towards her from behind the tablet. As she looked behind it, she was knocked down onto her back, with the weight of the one who did it on top of her. When she looked at the person she found it was a girl with black hair to her shoulder blades, tan skin, brown eyes, and wearing some weird clothing.

Sara was about to say something when the girl was forcefully pulled off her by a man with the same skin as her as others pointed their spears at her.

"Wait I didn't do anything Wrong! She ran into me. Please let me go!" Sara begged, she had never been so scared in her life. She wished her brother could be here right now to defend her. She looked up at the man with cheetah skin over his head and shoulder, hoping he would see the fear in her eyes and let her go. Instead she found herself in a boat, with her hands tied behind her back, heading to where ever these people where taking her. They all went through an opening and where greeted by the bright shining sun and the structures made out of gold! Sara could not believe her eyes, everywhere she looked, there was gold and the same native people that brought her here.

When they came to the docks and got off the boat, Sara saw a tall, big, chubby guy standing on the gold street, looking right at her. She tried to hide behind the man with the cheetah skin, but he just pushed her in front of him and looked to the big man. The man just continued to stare at her. With a quivery voice and courage she spoke.

"P, Please sir, let me g, go. I didn't do anything wrong." She kept her eyes down the whole time as she spoke and when she looked up, she saw the man smiling. He then got down on one knee to be eye leave to her.

"What is your name?" His voice was deep and kind.

"Sara, My name is Sara."

"What is it you're doing all the way out here Sara?" His brow was raised, wondering how a young child like her was doing so far from her own home.

"I was out at sea when a storm hit. It brought me to this Island and I was exploring. I was looking at the big stone Tablet in front of the waterfall when I got knocked down by that girl. *points to the small girl still being held by one of the men that surrounded you* Then they brought me here. I promise not to tell anyone you live here. Just please don't hurt me and let me go." That's all she wanted, was to be let go and try to find a way home to her brother. The man stayed quite for a second before smiling again.

"We will not hurt you and you will stay here. It is far too dangerous for you to be out there all by yourself. You will stay with me and my Family." He then took the rope, which bound your hands behind you, off and stood. He put one of his big chubby hands behind the young girl's back and moved out of her line of sight so they both could look upon the beautiful golden city.

"I am Chief Tannabok, and this is El Dorado, your new home."