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When the three had gotten to the Temple they where not allowed into one of the rooms because the native Dr. was in the process of treating her wounds. So all they could do now was wait.

"When where you going to tell me?" Tulio was the first to speak after a few minutes of silence.

"Tell you what, that I was going to stay?" Miguel asked, knowing the question was towarda him since Chel had fallen asleep in Tulio's lap. His eyes not leaving the colsed curtuns doors that Sara was in.

"No, that you where having a thing with my sister." Tulio said with a little anger in his voice.

"I Don't Know, maybe when you were going to tell me you had a thing with Chel." Miguel said turning his head to glare at Tulio.

"You promised me that nothing would happen with you and her! But last night I find you and her kissing at the bottom of the temple!" Tulio yelled but quite enough not to wake Chel.

"I'm sorry, But my heart was telling to break it, and She kissed me back. WE care for each other. I thought you would be happy that your best friend, wait ex-Friend, and sister would be together!" Miguel yelled, not caring if he woke Chel up or not. Before Tulio could say anything the Dr. came out causing both boys to look at him.

"She is going to be fine. Just needs to rest for a couple of days. She wishes to see Lord Miguel right away." With that said, the Dr. left and Miguel went to see Sara, not even bothering to look back at Tulio.

When Miguel Walked into the room, his heart sank. There sitting in front of him was Sara her bare back, except for light wrapping that only covered half of the injury, was to him as she held a red blanket to her chest tightly and covered her bottom half. On her back where Four Long claw marks from the top of her right shoulder to the bottom of her left ribs. It was not bleeding, but you could still tell it was freash. She was looking out the window at the night sky, no pain shown in her eyes at all. When he looked to her back again, he couldn't help but feel guilty. He wanted to protec her, but insted she got hurt.

"Miguel." Hearing Sara's Soft Swee voice caused him to look from her back to her beautiful face. They way the moon shown threw the window and onto her made her look like an angel. As he sat down on the bundul of pillow next to her, he put a hand on her face slowly caressing her tan cheek.

"I'm so sorry Sara.. This is all mine and Tulio's fault. If we had not come you would not be hurt right now. I'mn so so sor.." Miguel was silenced by soft sweet lips pressing against his. Tears of saddness fell from his eyes and down his cheek.

As they pulled apart, Sara looked into Miguel's eyes. She could see the guilt and pain in his eyes. She put her hands against his warm cheeks and whipped his tears away.

"If you had not come, I would still be thinking something bad happened to you. I also would not be able to tell you how I felt." Hearing this threw Miguel off. He looked at her as if Asking what she ment threw his eyes. She removed her hands fro his face and intwinder her fingers with hi, not making eye contaced as she began to speak.

"Ever since we where little i had a crush on you. When i ended up here i thought i would never see you again, so i put those feeling aside. But when i tryed to move on no one felt right to me. After a year of trying I Stopped and never thought i would love anyone. Then you and Tulio showed up. I was so happy on the inside. as we spent more time together i started to have those feelings for you again. Then that night we kissed, I knew fro there on that I was falling for you." Sara looked into his eyes as the final words left her mouth.

"I Love you Miguel."

Miguel was speechless. Those last four words that Sara said replayed in his head. His heart beating fater and faster. Then he relized something. He was also inlove with her. He could not believe that he did not relise it sooner. Freeing one of his hands from her's, he placed it on her soft tan cheek and kissed her passionitly.

As they slowly from each others sweet lips, Migule placed his forehead against her's. Savoring the moment. He then looked into her eye's with passtion.

"I Love you too Sara, And I have decided to stay. With you and everyone else here." Miguels voice was soft and sweet.

Sara's eyes shined like the stars when he told her he was staying. She wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him into a tight hug. She didnt care about the pain. Miguel hugged her back, but being very gentel of her back. He could tell she was very happy, as was he. He was going to be living with the people the like him for who he was and with the women he loved with all his heart. after about a minute just staying in each others embrace. Miguel knew it was really late and Sara needed his rest. As the gentalmen he was, he would leave her to her privice to rest up and relaxe with out havibng to worry about him doing anything to her while she slept. even tho he would never do such a thing to her.

"It's getting late, and you need your rest. I'll come check on you in the morning." Miguel said as he tryed to break the embrace, but Sara was not letting go.

"Stay with me, Please." Sara said softly into Miguel's ear, which sent shiveres down his spine. Miguel was going to protestm sayonmg she needed her rest, but when he looked to her face he saw the puppy eyes she always used when they where kid.

" Alright, I'll stay." Miguel had given in, but he did not mind. Seeing that happy smile on her face again made his heart sora.

Sara moved over making enough room for the both of them. Miguel Removed his shirt, revaling his toned arms and stomic before getting under the covers. Once he waqs lieing next to her, he wrapped his arms around Sara and pullder her close to his chest with out hurting her. They again looked into each others eyes and saw the passtion and love they had for each other.

Miguel gave his love a soft kiss goodnight. But when he pulled away Sara kissed him again and slipped her tong into his mouth. Migule was taken back at first, but quickly began to enjoy it. With each and every kiss, Miguel brought Sara's body closer to his, making the kisses even deeper and more passtionet. Sara pushed Miguel onto his back, her now being on top of him, as she pulled away from the kiss, their fore heads still touching. Both were beather very hard, but still wanting more.

When Miguel looked into Sara's eyes, he saw lust in them. He new what she wanted and he wanted the same, but she had been injurd and did not want to hurt her.

"Sara, I don't think we should do this right now. Your still injured, and i do not want to hurt you." He said between pants. He was trying to controll himself, but it was very hard to with such a beautiful and anazing women on top of him. She bent her head down to where her lips lightly brushed against his ear and whispered.

"You won't hurt me Miguel. I Want you as much as you want me. I Love you Miguel." Feeling her Hot breath in his ear and her soft hand roaming his exposed chest sent plesure threw out his whole body. He quicklly flipped over, slow enought to where he would not hurt her, to where he was on top of her.

"Are you sure you are ready for this?" Miguel asked one last time. Sara just smiled and kissed him passionately. This Gave Miguel his answer, and so he and Sara began to have the most pleasurable night of their life's.

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