Paper Gangsta

Author: SmilinForYa

Created: June 25, 2011

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"Sora!" Roxas Strife shouted angrily, running down the hallway of their house with only one sock on. "Give me my other sock!"

"I don't have it!" Roxas heard Sora's muffled reply.

Roxas scowled. This was one of the most important nights of his life, and his little brother (by two seconds) was playing games on him. Of course that wasn't something new. Sora was a prankster at heart, and Roxas hated it. Sora's idea of lightening up a situation was to play a prank. This was one of those moments, and pranks were making it a lot worse.

"Stop lying to me." Roxas was at Sora's door, and he tried to open it. Locked. He knocked loudly, not caring how his knuckle pounded with his hard rapping. "Sora! I know you have it."

"What does it matter?" Sora replied.

"Because it does!"

"Can't you go a night without wearing matched socks?"

Roxas blushed angrily. Sora always bugged him about it. What Roxas didn't get about today's society was why everyone mismatched their socks. They even sold packs of socks with different pairings! He personally liked his socks to match. He didn't like seeing socks that were totally different than the other. It was too odd for him.

"I will break this door down." Roxas warned, knowing he wouldn't be able to. That didn't mean he couldn't try. "I swear I will. Open the door!"

"I really don't think she'll be worried about your socks, Rox."

"You don't even know!"

"Do you think she'll pull up your pant leg and inspect your shoes? Rox, if she does that, then that's just plain weird. If you think she'll do that then I'm worried. Maybe you should stay home tonight."

The door opened. Sora had Roxas's sock in his hand, and he was grinning from ear-to-ear.

"Here's your sock." Sora said, and Roxas huffed and snatched it from his fraternal twins hand. "Lighten up!"

"This is different than your dates with Riku, Sora." Roxas snapped, leaning against the wall to put the sock on. "Namine's the one."

"What do you mean?" Sora looked terrified. "Oh no. Oh no, no, NO!" He grabbed Roxas's shoulder, looking him in the eyes. Roxas felt like he was looking into a mirrored reflection of himself, except the darker tone of hair his brother had. They spiked their hair in the morning; well Roxas did, while Sora just woke up. His hair was natural. Roxas's was, too, he just liked to have control of his hair, unlike Sora who always had bed hair. "Don't you dare tell me you're proposing!"

"Proposing?" Roxas lifted an eyebrow. "No. I was thinking about asking her out, Sora."

"Oh." Sora looked instantly relieved. "I was going to say that we're only freshmen in high school. Besides, marriage is far off, you know?"

Roxas just stared at him. "I like Namine. I've liked her for awhile."

"Does she know you like her?"

"I don't know." Roxas looked away, blushing.

Sora rolled his eyes. "It's so obvious you two like each other! I mean, you always get so quiet when you're around her, even though you're always quiet but still! And then she's always blushing and twirling her hair like this," Sora pretended to be Namine and twirled his imaginary hair with a dreamy look, "which makes it even more obvious that she likes you. Plus, she always sits next to you. Then you guys always talk. And then—"

"—I get it." Roxas cut Sora off. He glanced at his watch. He had 20 minutes to go to Namine's house. "I just…Namine's different, you know? She's not like most girls who like to show off their, you know…"


"Yeah. She's artsy." Roxas smiled.

"You two would make an awesome couple." Sora told Roxas. "Just please don't propose?"

"I wasn't planning on it!"

"But you have to be careful. Girls are crafty these days." Sora took on a serious expression, which was very rare to see. "They act totally different outside if school, and then when they get you home alone with them, BAM! They're little sluts!"

"Like Kairi?"

Sora pouted. "Kairi's my best friend—she doesn't count." Sora and Kairi were childhood crushes. Riku was always the one left out. But just now, a month ago, Sora and Kairi stopped liking each other. And then Sora announced he was gay, and Riku asked him out. Now they were the school's cutest couple.

Kairi was nice. She was just…she liked boys.

"Speaking of Kairi," Sora said, tapping his chin in deep thought. "Remember her brother she always talks about?"

"Yeah." Kairi always talked about her older brother, Roxas forgot his name, who had to move back to Hollow Bastion for some unknown reason. Roxas could imagine her brother being a jock and man whore.

"She said he's coming back to finish school here. I think he's a junior or something."

"Okay now I have to go." Roxas grabbed his wallet, stuffing it into his purse. He wore a collared, formal shirt with his newest jeans. Namine's parents would probably be there—he wanted to look good.

"You look like you're going to church." Sora pointed out bluntly.

Roxas ignored him. "I'll be back. Tell Dad I'll be back around ten or something."

"Good luck!"

Namine's house was huge.

It was, or looked like a castle. It was white, with a balcony overtop. It was beautiful.

Roxas cautiously approached the huge double doors, seeing the perfectly mowed lawn and white picket fence. He took a deep breath, and knocked softly.

A butler answered the door. "Are you Mr. Strife?"

"Yes." Roxas tried to hide his nervousness with a smile. "I am."

"She is waiting for you in her room." The butler ushered him in and closed the door behind him.

Roxas's mouth dropped.

The chandelier above him was gigantic, and had to be made of diamonds. There were thousand dollar portraits on the ways. The floor was the kind of tile that had to always look sparkling clean. Everything was so…immaculate.

Roxas felt underdressed.

"Follow me, Sir." The butler said with a kind smile. Roxas followed behind him up a stairway. The house was huge, with more than one hallway with more than one room.

He could get lost in here.

"She's right in there." The butler said, stopping at a door at the end of a hallway. Roxas thanked the butler and walked through the door.

Namine was on the bed. A window that led to the balcony was behind her. Stacks of books were in the room, and her drawings were hung on the wall proudly. The room was beautiful.

But once Roxas saw Namine, he wanted to flee.

She was wearing a white, lacy bra that was see through with a white thong. She looked like a totally different person. She smiled softly—that same smile Roxas liked—when she saw Roxas in.

"N-Namine?" Roxas stammered, trying to keep his eyes off of her. Did he walk in on her? He immediately turned around, covering his eyes. "I-I'm sorry! The butler told me you were ready. I had no idea whatsoever you were changing."

"I'm not changing." Roxas heard Namine get off the bed. He flinched when she wrapped her arms around his waist, her boobs touching him from behind. "I've wanted you for a long time, Roxas."

Oh hell no! Roxas thought frantically. He liked Namine—but not like this! He thought she was different than all the rest.

Wait. Why was he getting so worked up? Shouldn't he be thinking perverted thoughts—like how soft her boobs were, or how nice of a butt she had? Instead he felt his cheeks burn red, and he felt himself grow still.

He wasn't even turned on.

"Does this turn you on?" Namine whispered, adding to Roxas's torture. Her hand teasingly touched his belt buckle, her other going underneath his shirt. She purred. "You're so skinny, Roxas. I like that."

"Okay, I need to go. I just remembered that—"

Roxas was cut off when Namine turned him around and planted a kiss, shoving her tongue in his mouth, right on him. He froze in total horror, hating how disgusting it was as her tongue lapped at him inside. And her hands were going lower, and lower, and lower.

"Stop!" Roxas gasped, pushing himself away from Namine. Namine looked confused for a moment. Roxas stumbled backwards, landing heavily into the wall. He had to admit; Namine was a beautiful girl.

But he thought her soul was beautiful. Sure she was pretty on the outside, but Roxas liked the girl on the inside.

Sora was right. Oh the irony. Girls were different at school. Here Roxas went to her house, and was greeted with a horny teenage girl! Namine was so reserved though.

Was she fake?

Roxas felt so ashamed and disappointed in himself. For some odd reason, he felt tears sting in his eyes. He felt betrayed. Here he actually liked this girl, and all she wanted was sex.

"What's wrong?" Namine's features softened in concern. Roxas was trembling now.

"I-I need to go." He grumbled, before shakily opening the door. He took off running down the hallway, and out the door. The butler didn't even have time to say goodbye, and Namine was left with an open door, confused as ever.

Roxas ran all the way to his house, which was a few blocks away from Namine's. He ran on the sidewalk to avoid traffic.

He just wanted to go home.

He opened the door, panting heavily. Sora was on the couch with Riku. Sora instantly was concerned.

"Rox? I thought you weren't—" then he saw Roxas's terrified expression. Roxas didn't know he was crying until Sora cried, "Roxas! Why are you crying?" Instantly the brunette was hugging the blonde, tightly to provide comfort. "What happened?"

"I-I didn't know." Roxas sobbed, burying his head in his brother's shoulder. "I-I thought…"

"She was different? Well now we know she's a poser."

"What happened?" Riku broke in, confused as hell to why Roxas came home sobbing.

"She wanted sex!" Roxas choked out. "That's all she wanted. Sex. I-I went into her room, and she was wearing almost nothing. She wanted sex."

Then he felt numb. He wanted nothing more than to forget this night, and climb into his bed and sleep. He stopped crying, as if he ran out of tears.

He liked her. He still did. That's why it hurt so much. But if he really liked her, why wasn't he turned on by her?

He felt nothing but disgust when he looked at her.

"Get some sleep." Sora said, pulling away. "It'll all be better."

"No it won't. I'm so stupid." Roxas grumbled sullenly. "Nothing will ever be the same."

"Go to sleep. Now." Sora looked sternly at Roxas. "We'll talk about this in the morning."

The weird thing about Sora was that he was normally very childish, but in the most desperate situations, he sure as hell pulled through. He never disappointed.

"Sorry, Riku." Roxas whispered, walking stiffly into his room.

Everything looked the same. But he didn't feel the same. He felt like Namine took something out of him and ripped it out like a savage beast.

"It's summer, Roxas!" Roxas heard Sora shout from the living room. "You have a long time before you have to see that slut again. Don't you worry."

Roxas fell onto his bed, not caring about his clothes. He only closed his eyes, and went right to sleep.


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