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Naruto is pacing around inside his apartment as he thinks about Tsume Inuzuka,Kiba Inazuka's mother, why would he be thinking of someone like that? He couldn't believe he has fallen in love with her, he just couldn't believe it. He remembers the day that he had fallen in love with her. He walked in on her as she was coming out of the shower; she was naked and wet which cause him to have a nosebleed. He didn't believe that she looks that sexy. He just wanted her right there and then but he couldn't bring himself to try doing it. It has been few days since then. He can't stop thinking of her because she was a damn sexy woman he thought through his eyes.

He has been with few people in the past. But this was first time he needed to be with someone so badly. He had a false crush on that pink banshee in which he didn't know why he even tired to have a false crush. He knew that he did it so that she would feel good about herself. In the end he hated doing so because it made him look like a bloody fool. Who the hell would even want to have a false crush with that banshee who just keeps on yelling at people? Then try hitting them.

Now Tsume was the cause that made him to go crazy. As he dreams are about her and he just can't take it anymore, he just wishes that somehow that he can get her attention so he could be with her. He just needed to find a way for him to get together with her. He just needs to find a damn way for him to get close then hope that she will fall for him like he has her.

'I need to go ask someone for help. But who can help me? How about I talk to Kakashi? No way. He's just a pervert who would tell me to have sex with her, that goes for Jiraiya as well. Maybe Baa-chan can help me she has always been there for me but she's also a woman. It was better to talk to women about things like this than men or at least that what women say.' Naruto then start walking out of his apartment as he heads to the Hokage office. Naruto is hoping that she can help him with his little problem and not punch him for liking someone that older than him.

To Naruto, Tsunade was like a grandmother because of all the times she helped him, like a family would have done. He was now hoping that she could help him with dealing with the issue or he may not have anyone else to turn to in need.

When Naruto gets inside the Hokage office he notices that she the only one in. At which was a first he has ever seen in this place. 'How come no one is here, it's never been this peaceful before? Did she kill Shizune or something?' For once he notices how peaceful this room can be without the tons of people going in and out.

"Hello baa-chan!" Naruto yelled as she looked at him as she is about to throw an empty sake bottle at him because he called her Baa-Chan again. She was hoping that he wasn't here for a mission or something along those lines because right now she was too busy to deal with his mission wanting. She had way too much on her hands right now to have to put up with Naruto right now and his wanting a mission.

"What do you want Naruto? I'm kind of busy for you to ask for missions right now. So if you're here for a mission then please leave now." Tsunade asked him in her normal tone of voice hoping that if he's here for a mission he will just leave because there are no missions for him.

"I need some help and I know if I went to Kakashi or Ero-Sennin, I will have a bigger problem to deal with." She looks at him before she looks back at her desk with the tons of paperwork on it. 'Why does he have to ask me for help and not Kakashi or that pervert of a fool?' She was hoping that it not something big or life threatening. That's because she sees him as her own son and doesn't want him to get hurt or worst die.

"What do you need help with this time Naruto? It's not like you to come and ask me for help like this without it being training or wanting to learn something." She can see that he's blushing a little bit and now was causing her to see just what the hell he needs help with. She looks at his blush and truly hoping that she didn't need to tell him about sex or something like that.

"I kind of like someone that older and I was wondering what I should do about it. I really don't know what to do in this kind of situation and you know that." This just causes her to let out a big smirk because she wasn't going to let this pass up. He finally likes someone other than Sakura who turns him down every time he asks her. She is thinking about the older part because if he did pick up things from that pervert because of it. She is so going to hurt that pervert for turning her son into a pervert.

She knows of few ways to hurt that pervert so badly if this is the case because no one has the right to turn her son into a pervert. She would hurt anyone that try's because she wants Naruto to always be innocent kind hearted boy. She knows that may change later in his life but right now she wants him be like that, and enjoy life the right way.

"Who is this older woman that you like? Do I know her by any chance?" Naruto looked at her then blushed again. He wasn't used to talking about something like this and hoping that she will not just laugh at him. He doesn't know what he would do if she laughs or teases him to no end once he does tell her who he likes.

"The one I like that is older is Tsume Inuzuka." Tsunade couldn't help but laugh as she holds her sides but Naruto doesn't like this. She was not laughing to be mean to him, she was because almost everyone male in this villages wants to be with Tsume Inuzuka. Tsume was one of the hottest older women in this village. Almost everyone goes to her daughter Hana's veterinary clinic in order just to look at her.

"Sorry it's just that almost every single male wants to be with her. She just turns them all down." She stated as Naruto put his head down and she then realize that she saying Naruto doesn't have a chance. "I bet she'll give you a chance; you just need to tell her and just maybe she will say yes to you." She lied to him as Naruto lifted his head then smiled to her causing her to feel little bit better because he was now smiling again because of her lie.

"Thanks for the help Baa-Chan I'll see you soon." Once he was done taking he walked out the office leaving a woman who was worried that he may be heartbroken soon. She didn't want to have his heart broken but she didn't want him to think he had no chance to. She knows if she told him that he would be more hurt than being turned down right away.

She looks out the window because she worries about Naruto sometimes. She hates to see him hurt after all the years of hell he had to put up with because of this stupid village. She knows he acts strong and happy, but she wasn't fool like everyone else, she can tell when someone is wearing a mask. She silently hopes that Tsume woldn't turn him down. Maybe, just maybe then he'd have some amount of happiness in his life.

Tsunade knows that the Inuzuka clan, had never hated Naruto for having to live with the Kyuubi sealed inside of him; they were one of the only groups in the village to truly see Naruto as what he is, not a demon. Tsume is someone that doesn't like to date because she believes everyone in this village is a pervert then Tsunade smiles when she realizes something.

'Maybe Naruto does have a chance to be with her for the fact he's not a pervert thanks to his denseness and fact he's jailor of Kyuubi may make Tsume agree to be with him. I hope this works out. I'll be the best mom in the world to him.' Tsunade images a chibi version of her making a happy sign with a smirk on her face.

When he gets back to his Apartment he notices that Tsume is standing outside of it making him look at her with curiosity. 'How come she's outside my Apartment like this, I hope I didn't do anything to make her mad at me with that stern look she's giving me.'

He walks up to her as she looks at him; he was hoping that she wasn't here to talk about what happened. He doesn't know what he will say to her if she is here to talk about the incident. Because how could you tell someone you enjoy seeing them naked without dating them first?

"We need to have a little talk, and you can't say no to me about this." Tsume said as Naruto looked at her. He was worried she might be mad at him. He was praying to Kami that she wasn't mad at him. He never wanted her to be angry with him, because he never wanted some one he loved to be angry with him.

Naruto opened the door, and held it for her as she walked in to his apartment. Seeing it for herself, she couldn't believe that someone had to live like this. She looks over at Naruto as he closes the door behind him, watching him as he moves to sit on his bed. She knew the village is cruel to him, but she couldn't believe it was this bad. As she looked around the apartment, she didn't notice a few tears start to leak out of her eyes.

"What do you wish to talk about?" Naruto asked her as she turned and looked towards him. He couldn't stop looking at her and admire how beautiful she was. He looks away then slowly looks back at her, hoping this wasn't about the shower incident.

"It's about you seeing me naked." Naruto had a feeling that was this was about, but he was little worried that something bad was going to happen, he didn't want to talk about this. How can you tell someone that you loved seeing them naked and just wanted to be with them right then and there?

"What about it?" She moves to sit down beside him and turns to looks at him. Naruto, on the other hand liked the fact that she was this close to him, maybe it meant that he would have a chance after all.

"I just wanted to see if you're ok, you kind of ran out without saying a word about it so I was little worried that something was wrong." Naruto looks at her then he realizes that this may be the only time he can do this so he going put his life on the line now. Naruto gets up as he stands in front of her as he slowly pushes her onto her back then kisses her lips. As his lips touched her, Tsume was shocked then she realizes this can't be happening and she has to stop it. But Naruto then looks at her as the kiss ended.

"We can't do this Naruto and you know that." Naruto just kissed her again and again as he kisses her the 2nd time he moves his tongue into her mouth as she tries pushing him off but Naruto wouldn't give up. When the kiss ended Tsume looked at him then looks away.

"Why are you doing this?" Naruto looked at her, she had few tears coming down her eyes as Naruto was now shocked and hating his own self right now. He never wanted her to cry like this and now he made person who he love cry.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want hurt you. I just wanted to kiss you because I love you" He walks away from the bed and sits down on the chair in the kitchen leaving a shocked woman on the bed.

Tsume couldn't believe that she heard him which causes her to go into shock. "I can't let this go on anymore. Hana will hate me because she loves Naruto but Naruto loves me. I don't know what I should do." For the first time she doesn't know what to do because it wasn't like anyone else has told her they love her.

True tons of men and women told her they loved her body and wanted date or do things to her but no one has ever told that they truly loved her like and meant it, she can tell by his voice that this wasn't a lie or an act he truly does love her.

Hell her husband left her because he got scared of her which hurt her deeply, after that she has never had anyone say they loved her but her kids. She truly doesn't know what to do right now but she knows that Naruto wasn't someone to lie or use feelings to get to someone. She knows that he was a caring person who would do anything to help someone he thinks as a friend or family member which makes him a great person in her eyes.

But here was a matter of her daughter loving him which she doesn't want to go against her daughter. She doesn't want her daughter to hate her for doing something like this because if her daughter hates her then her heart would be in so much pain to see or hear that her daughter does truly hate her.

Even if it means losing someone that may truly love her she can't live with having her own daughter hate her like that, she looks at him before making up her mind to tell him what she has to before she loses all will to.

Tsume walks over to him as he looks at her but he just stares at her before looking away. He didn't know why she was still here after what he just did to her. "We can't do this Naruto and that because someone else loves you." She told him as he stands up and walks to her but her mind was going fast trying to think of what he will do when he's in this kind of thing.

She was hoping that he doesn't do anything rush or dumb because she didn't want to hurt him or have to do something she didn't want to. "Naruto-kun just please don't do anything you may regret but even if I can't be with you, you truly are a good person."

"But you're the only one I want to be with, you are the one I love Tsume-hime." Once he told her that he wraps his arms around her. At first she tried pushing away but then she leaned her head on his chest. She just couldn't fight against it anymore because she has been lonely for a long time but she does come up with a good idea.

She just hopes that he will go along with this plan because if he does then she will let herself be loved by him. The plan she came up with will fix everything but he just has to agree to it for the plan to work out all right.

"I'll only let you be with me if you promise to date Hana as well; I can't do this with you if you don't." He is now shocked by what she just said but he was now trying to realize why she wanted him to date her daughter as he was dating her. He truly doesn't understand why in the world why she asked him to do that but he has to find out before he says yes or no to this.

"Why would you want me to date someone else when I'm dating you? That makes no sense at all, wouldn't you be pissed if I dated someone else." She just smiles to him but kisses his lips lightly. She had a feeling that Naruto would be shocked that she was asking him to date her own daughter but it was fun to watch him react.

She knows that Hana loves him and that why she doesn't mind sharing him with her. It may be a little weird sharing someone with your own daughter but she can look passed the little wired parts for her daughter happiness.

"Because she loves you and I think that I love you as well but I truly don't know how I fell in love with you but maybe one day I'll find out how I did." Naruto moves her over to the bed which she realizes what he has in mind. She just lets him do it but her eyes never leave his but part of her wanted to look away.

"I'll date her but first let me show you how much I do love you." He said as he kisses her neck and sits her down on the bed. Tsume knows where this is going to go and she didn't want him to stop. For two reasons and they are, one being that she is in her mating season and right now is horny and also she wants to show Naruto that she does love him as well. Naruto slowly kisses her neck as she lets out little moans of pleasure as she feels his lips and hot breath on her neck.

"Tell me that you want me to do this to you" He kisses her neck as his hands caresses for her arms but Tsume looks at him causing him to look in her eyes that were just breathtaking to him. Tsume keeps looking as her hands move to his arms and begins to open her mouth but she wants to find the right words before speaking them.

"Yes Naruto I want you to have me, I want you to have all of me right now so don't make me wait any longer." That's all Naruto needed to hear from her because he then slowly lifts up her shirt as it comes off he sees her black bra that barely covers her chest, he then kisses her neck and leads a trail of kisses from the neck to her chest.

He then removes her black bra which he was now seeing her breasts which he just wanted to grab and play with; he notices that she had nice rounded nipples that were a light rose pink nipples. Tsume blushes when he stares at them so much but she smiles because at least she can finally open her body to someone that wasn't just going leave her the next day.

These were kind of breasts that most women wish they had because they are so perfect and he knows this was the breasts he had been lusting over since he seen her naked that day. He now smirks because he can finally have his way with them and he wasn't going to stop till she moans out in pleasure to him. He wants her to moan out for him and only him as he stares at her nipples than goes for it.

Now she could feel his hands playing with her breasts causing her to lets out a long moan of pleasure. He slowly licks around her right nipple causing her to let out another long moan as he teases her by licking just around the nipple and never once the nipple. Tsume couldn't take much more of this teasing and she looks at him as he keeps teasing her by licking around her nipples. Naruto loves the fact that she was going crazy because of his teasing. "How long can you hold out for Tsume-hime?"

"Naruto please just suck on them! I'm begging you just suck on me nipples already!" Tsume pleaded to him as he then smirks as he sucks on her right nipple as his hand moves down under her pants and thong. He then slowly sucks on her nipple and starts fingering her wet womanhood.

He was thankfully that his big sister Shizune let him learn tons of sex moves by learning them from doing her. Tsume couldn't believe that he was working her body so good. When he started to finger her she feels a jolt of pleasure go up her back.

When Naruto first came to Shizune how to do it he was shocked that she was going to let him have his way with her in order to learn. The two of them had meet over the last three years of his training trip and before it. They had met a lot over that time and Naruto knows every single weak spot on Shizune body now.

"God for someone that only fifteen, you know how to pleasure a woman! I don't know where you learned all this but I don't care, you better just keep giving me more!" Tsume yelled out in between pants and moans but Naruto slowly pulls her pants off her as he leaves a trail of kisses from her chest to her now wet damp black thong.

Naruto then looks up at her as he starts to smirk because of what he was about to ask her. He truly is going to love making Tsume all his and beg for him to do things to her. Seeing her beg him was just too damn hot not to keep making her do it but he just keeps coming up with ways for her to beg him.

"Does my Tsume-hime want me to eat her out?" Tsume looks at him and knows what he was waiting for her to do. She can tell that he wants to make her his bitch and wasn't going to stop till she begs him to keep doing it to her. Truth was, she really wanted to be the one who gets ordered around in bed, because the thought of it was something that turned her on so much.

She always had to be the boss in her life because the fact she was the clan head and had to act the part but truly she waited so long to have someone to order her around, to make her his bitch in bed like this. She looks down at Naruto with lust in her eyes before she could do anything she realizes that she starts to yell out the things he wants from her.

"Yes Naruto-kun! Eat me out! Please just do it and eat me out as much as you want! Make me cum!" She pleaded again as Naruto starts to lick her womanhood through her thong causing move pleasure to come to his beautiful lover. Tsume lets out a long moan as she feels him licking her womanhood with more force.

Naruto then moves her thong down and throws it on the ground but he can tell she may not be wearing that again. He then start licking around the lips of her womanhood and never once licks inside. Tsume is wishing that he would stop teasing her every time he gets a chance.

Naruto then runs a finger around the lips of her womanhood then down her tight as she lets out more moans as Naruto keeps smirking to her. She looks down as he smirks to her again but he loved the teasing he was doing to her. It was driving her crazy and he love to see that she wanted him more and more.

"Please just eat me out! Stop teasing me!" Tsume yelled out to him but Naruto looks at her and in her eyes because he wasn't going let her get out of it this soon. He was going get her to beg him more and more till she can't take it anymore.

"My puppy wants me to eat her out then, do you want it that badly?" Naruto asked as Tsume know where this is going to. She knows that he wants be the one in control and she will gladly let him have control. She will gladly give him control of all her anytime he wants but she just wants him to take her right now.

"Yes your puppy wants to be eaten out! I want you to eat me out and make him cum! Make this horny bitch cum hard just for you!" Tsume yelled as she gave into him more as he slowly moves her lips apart and start moving his tongue inside her womanhood causing her to moan out his name. He starts to move his tongue around inside of her but his hands start to slap her ass hard. She lets out a long and loud moan as she feels her ass being slap over and over

"Yes! Slap that ass! Slap this bitch's ass!" Tsume yelled as she moans louder causing Naruto to just smirk happy. He didn't know why but he was enjoying this so much seeing Tsume becomes his bitch like this. He guesses it's because Kyuubi was rubbing off on him because who wouldn't let a hot kitsune woman rub off on them.

"I'm doing that and that because this belongs to me; it only belongs to me and no one else." Naruto said in a low growl as he slaps her ass cheek harder than the other times causing her to moan out in pleasure and a little bit of pain.

"Yes! All of me it belongs to you my mate! Now claim me as yours!" She yelled out as she feels his tongue go back into her womanhood. She couldn't hold back anymore as she feels her walls tighten around his tongue. She starts cuming after so many years without even feeling this way but she was glad that she can finally feel this good.

"I'M CUMING! O KAMI I'M CUMMING JUST FOR YOU! THIS BITCH IS CUMMING FOR YOU MY MATE!" Tsume screams out at the same time her juices come onto Naruto's face but he looks up at her. When she calms down from having her first orgasm with Naruto she can't help but smile. She goes down to Naruto and licks her cum off his face which turns him on.

"How about you go ahead and taste me now my little Inu as a reward for you being a good bitch." Naruto said to her as she smirks then stands Naruto up as she unzips his pants. She then pulls down his pants and boxers as she member comes right in front of her face. She couldn't believe that someone that was only fifteen can have eight inch member. She then starts to stroke his member with her hand as she looks up at him as she licks her lips.

"For someone as young as you, you have one hell of a size" She stated to him but she starts to lick from the tip of his member to the base then licks his balls. Naruto let out a moan as she keeps licking and sucking on his balls. She still couldn't believe he was this big but that only makes her hornier when she holds his dick in her hands like this. She truly is going enjoy having this dick inside of her and but the more she thinks of it she becomes even more damn hornier for it.

She then starts to move it inside of her mouth as Naruto moves his hands to the back of her head in order for him to make her take it all. She loves being told what to do and she can't stop getting more turned on by the minute as Naruto does whatever he wants to her. As she starts to suck faster Naruto moves her back onto the bed as she looks at him because she wasn't done. She wanted to taste his cum but she guesses that he has other plans for her now.

He then kisses her lips then neck and as he gets to her ear he whispers into it. "It's time to pleasure my little horny bitch don't you think so?" He asked as she looks at him with eyes filled with lust and need.

"Yes, please, this bitch needs it, give me it all Naruto-kun. Don't ever stop giving me it and give me it hard. Don't you dare go easy me or else, I want it hard and fast." She said in a low growl making him understand what she wanted and needed from him, he moves her legs out wide then moves his member to her needing wet dripping pussy lips.

"Then the lovely bitch it going get it then, but you better not cum on me too fast." Naruto growls to her but his face had a smile on it when he looks down at her. He begins thrusting inside her causing her to moan out his name but that just makes him smirk to her because he wants hear her moan out his name more.

"My Inu is so tight; I can't believe that this pussy once gave birth to two kids." Naruto grunted out when he's thrusts in and out of her. Tsume looks at him as she moans as she feels his member going in and out of her. She loves the feeling that he giving her and she can't get tired of the pleasure he was giving her. She wanted more and she wanted it harder but she can't believe that she was getting this kind of pleasure again.

"FUCK ME HARDER! KEEP FUCKING ME HARD!" Tsume screamed as loud as she could with her lungs, Naruto smirks then starts slamming into her as his balls slam against her ass cheek that's starting to leave red marks on her ass cheeks.

"More Naruto more give me more!" She cried out in lust but Naruto gladly gave her more as he starts to message her breasts as he thrusts into her. He could feel her wall tighten again around his dick she moans out loud and has her 2nd orgasm. Naruto feels her juices come down his member which cause him to cum inside of her.

As the two of them regain their breath Naruto moves her onto her kneels and hands. Tsume looks back at him and is wondering how he can still be hard. But she doesn't want end this now making her become shocked when she feels Naruto move it to her asshole which Tsume has never had it done there before.

"No, Naruto, not there, I never had anyone do that." She said to him but Naruto thrusts into her ass which causes Tsume to moan out in pleasure and pain. He smirks because he was the first to fuck her up the ass then and he is going enjoy it.

Naruto leans down so he can kisses her neck as he whispers into her ear. "Remember you said it belong to me. So I going to give you everything I can, you are my bitch and I'm going take you everywhere I can." He spoke in a lust low tone of voice giving her chills; he kisses her ear then starts to thrust harder into her ass as he plays with her breasts. They didn't even notice the door being broke down and a yelling banshee come in.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING NARUTO? I COME HERE TO FIND YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE LATE TO YOUR TEAM MEETING AND I FIND YOU FUCKING KIBA'S MOTHER!" The yell came from a pink hair banshee, next to her is Hinata. Hinata was sad as she ran out of the place causing Sakura get even more pissed.

"I think I have to go but I come by your place later to talk to Hana and you, maybe some more of this fun." He said as he kisses her lips then thrusts into her ass few more times causing Sakura to get pissed more. He then put his clothes on as he walked out of his place. Leaving Sakura with Tsume who was pissed that she break his door in just so she could get him for a team meeting and also she made them end they love making time.

"You really are a little dumb bitch." Tsume said to Sakura she looks at the older women. "You have no right acting that way to him and if you do it again. You're going to be dead then and trust me I'm not joking; I swear you really are a fucking dumb little whore who thinks everyone going listen to what she says." Tsume growled at Sakura when she put her clothes back on then walked out of Naruto place and headed for home.

Naruto is now staring at his sensei Kakashi Hatake which he was truly pissed off to the max at his sensei for doing this. How come he say one day there be no meeting then changing it like this and ruin his fun.

"YOU SAID THERE WAS NO MEETING TODAY AND THANKS TO YOU! I HAD END MY ALONE TIME WITH TSUME BEFORE I GOT DONE!" He yelled to Kakashi who is now in shock that he was doing that with one of the hottest women in Konoha.

"How far did you get?" Kakashi asked him Naruto just looks at him like he was crazy for asking that but he smirks because it was going be fun rubbing it in. He knows because Tsunade told him that everyone male wants to get in Tsume pants and he finally did and he'll be the only one that does from now on.

"Only round two because of you sending that damn banshees to my house, to ruin my fun." Kakashi was now shocked and proud of his student for having sex with someone like Tsume.

With Hinata as she crying also she's standing next to her sensei and Anko who are wondering why the little Hinata was crying her eyes out like this. Kurenai sees Hinata like a daughter to her but she was worried that something happened to her.

"What wrong Hinata?" Kurenai asked her student who just look up at her sensei with red eyes from crying so much.

"Naruto he was." Hinata said but she is crying more as she thinks of what she had seen him doing with Kiba's mother. She can't believe that he was having sex with Tsume and it hurt so much as she thinks more of it.

"He was what?" Anko asked the poor girl but she hopes that Naruto didn't do anything to her because she would hate to see him go to jail or worst be killed. He had been through too much from all the hate this village gives him for being the jailor of the kyuubi.

"He was having sex with Tsume, he was having sex with Kiba's mother and I don't know why he would do something like that." She said as both women were stocked that Naruto had got Tsume in bed. Anko couldn't believe that Tsume would have sex with someone that young but does wonder why.

"Let's go have a talk with Naruto." Kurenai said as she was pissed that Hinata found out this way but she does want know how in the hell Hinata did find out like this. She knows Hinata does fallow Naruto around in the past and she wishes she would stop doing that. Even to Kurenai that was creepy of Hinata for doing that to someone without them knowing.

When the three of them get to the training grounds there see Naruto on the ground in pain but they look at Kakashi wondering what the hell was going on. Anko was hoping the little gaki was ok because she didn't want him to be in pain but she had other reasons why she felt like that.

"What going on?" Tsunade asked as she rushes over to Naruto who is like her son but she has a feeling she knows what going on. If she was right then Naruto life was going change a lot and maybe for better or maybe for worst.

"I don't know, Sakura break his door down and told him to come here as he was having sex with Tsume." Kakashi said to her as she looked at him and shakes her head. Anko, Kurenai and Hinata walk over to them.

Tsunade can't believe that happened but now she knows what the hell was going on and she didn't have to worry so much now. She didn't understand how in hell Naruto really got with Tsume but she remembers that he is the craziest headed shinobi there is.

"His bloodline is changing him." Tsunade said as they all shocked that he has a bloodline. "When he has sex with someone that he loves then his bloodline comes out. The holy savior which is a bloodline said to just be a myth, but now we see the truth of this myth come out for once." Tsunade said as two white feather wings come out of Naruto back. His hair becomes longer that it goes to the middle of his back but it was still his normal color hair. He become taller and was now around 6.2. If he had any baby fat on it now it is gone.

"Naruto I need you to come with me and talk to the council and no you don't have a say in the matter." Tsunade stated to him, he just nods to her because he knows when she sounds like that it best to just listen. He knows sometimes he can't be a fool around her because she was the Hokage after all and sometimes it better to listen and not fight.

"Kakashi-sensei can you help me?" He asked him as he nodded to his student. Naruto leaned on Kakashi shoulder as he then leaves in wave of leafs with Naruto.

Half hour later the council members are now there but they are wondering why they were called like this.

"Why have we been called here?" Danzou asked her. Tsunade has hated Danzou since she met him. He been trying to get the 3rd fired so he could be the Hokage. But the only kind of Hokage he would be is a power crazy one. She has also notice that his root anbu are still a round after 3rd Hokage removed them.

"This is about Naruto and his bloodline the holy savoir." Tsunade said as Naruto walks out and everyone was shocked about how he looks now. Tsume was licking her lips as she wanted to try out his new body.

"What should we do about the bloodline?" Tsunade asked them but she knows what they will say and she hates the fact that this village is so blind. She hates when they bloodline users to breed just so they can keep the bloodline inside the village.

"We should bread more!" Danzou yelled as most of them agreed with him but ones that agreed were none shinobi side and not the shinobi side. The shinobi side knows that a shinobi shouldn't be forced but one of them agreed. Ones that did were Hyuuga duo to the fact they are a bloodline clan.

"That up to Naruto not you, what do you want to do?" Tsunade asked him but she hopes that he will be ok with it if it comes to that. She would hate for him to be forced to do something he would not like or be with people he really wishes he wouldn't be with. He wants him to find love and not loveless.

"I'll let Tsume-hime pick for me, what do you want me to do Tsume-hime?" Naruto said as he sits in her lap which he then kisses her lips. Everyone was shocked to say that this teenage had got Tsume but other ones were saying the demon had tricked Tsume mind to like him. They didn't believe that the demon would ever get someone to love him and he will always be the demon they will hate.

"I say you should have a more than one wife that way you can have more love in your life, because you have one hell of a life because of this village." She said to him as she kisses his neck and whispers into his ear. "I want try that new body of yours out and soon so don't keep me waiting to long."

"I guess that this meeting is over then also I want talk to you and Tsume alone. You better not run away or else Naruto-kun." Tsunade said as everyone left but the three of them. Tsunade looks at them then stares at Tsume with a deep stare that would scary most people.

"I have to ask you something Tsume do you really love Naruto which is the person who's like a son to me?" Tsunade asked her in a mother like tone as Tsume just looks back at her. She wasn't going to lie to the Hokage because one she didn't have to lie or hidden anything from her. She truly loved Naruto and didn't have to hide the fact that she does.

"Yes I love him and that why I want him to have more women that love him so he can finally have some happiness in his life." Tsume said back to the Hokage who smiles at her because she had already known that Tsume loved him from the start.

"I know you do and that because his bloodline is now awake. He has to have sex with the one he truly loves with all his heart meaning if you never had slept with him then he would never have this bloodline." She said to the two of them. Naruto and Tsume looked at each other as both of them are now shocked.

"I'll leave you two alone now and behave now." Tsunade said as she walks out of the meeting hall. Naruto then wraps his arms around her neck and starting kissing her lips. Tsume just stops him, he stares at her wondering why she stopped him. "Tsume-chan?"

"Save that for later, we still have talk to Hana now, you made a promise, and you better keep it." Tsume said as Naruto gets up and helps her out of her sit. As the both of them are leaving the meeting hall Naruto slaps her behind which causes her to jump, then kiss his lips.