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"Do you think he will be ok with that pervert?" Hana asks her kaa but Tsume just stares at her daughter before looking at where Naruto used to be. "He'll be fine and if he become little be more of a pervert, maybe he learn more tricks to pleasure us with." Tsume start walking away from the gate fallowed by her daughter once she snaps out of her dream world.

The scene changes to outside of what looks to be woods near Konoha.

"I don't know if it's safe yet to go back what do you think Nibi?" Yugito sitting on a tree stomp but she just looks around. "Maybe you can join go to a village that closest one away to send a message to your village, asking them to come pick you up."

She takes what her demon tells her and heads for the nearest town, most would believe she's crazy for listening to her demon. But the Nibi and she become truly close over the years that she had spent so from with her inside of her belly.

Few days later with Naruto yelling at his sensei for not getting to the town sooner because he had to stop and spy on women again, he swears he doesn't know why his get the pervert ones to teach him to be a shinobi."

"We are here and I'll meet you up later to start your training, for now just try to enjoy a day without training." He just shakes his head when he sees his pervert sensei walking off to kami knows where.

Naruto starts to look around the town he is now in, but he sees someone that shocks him. "Yugito-chan how come you're still in this area?" She turns around to face him before patting the sit next to her at the counter to what looks to be a ramen place.

"A beautiful woman and ramen all in one place it must be heaven." Yugito blushes from his words; he sits down beside her but his eyes are forced on her black eyes. When the cook asked him for his order he tells him beef ramen.

"I'm here because I'm waiting for few people to find me, I don't know if going back is safe or not so I sent them a latter." He smiles to her but knows that being someone like them is hard because your own village wants to hurt you.

"I'm glad I did run into you, maybe we can talk till they find you." She smiles to him before giving him an agreeing nod. He can hear Jiraiya walk in but just doesn't even turn around. "Are you going tell me the truth ero-sensei to why you made me leave village for training trip?"

"I guess no fooling you anymore; you have really grown up in the last three years. But you still are crazy fool who's willing to die to help anyone in need." He sits down beside his student but smirks when sees Yugito with him.

"Council still wants to bring back Sasuke and we know how you feel about that, we just don't want you be around when missions start." Naruto makes a fist but Jiraiya believes it's because he wants to help but he going be in for shock of a lifetime.

"So these damn fools still won't send hunters after him? How is this fair to allow a missing shinobi to be allowed to have free pass for things he has done? How many more Konoha shinobis does he have to kill! I have seen the reports! He already killed three of our shinobis!" Jiraiya didn't know what to say at this point his jaw just dropped because his student finally realizes Sasuke should be killed.

"I don't know but I do know I have to go back to my duties." He doesn't say but Naruto knows it's because of Yugito; some things have to be kept hidden from people outside of Konoha. "I want you to train with your summon and go see places but come back in one month ok?" Naruto nods his head but he takes paper out to write a letter. Once he done he hands it to his sensei telling him hand it to Tsume.

Jiraiya leave the two of them alone but Yugito can see that name bring up a lot of pain in him and hate. "Do you want to talk about it Naru-kun?" Her voice right now to him is so smoothing that he just stares at her.

"He was my teammate who had become my brother; at first I hated him because everyone loved him for being an Uchiha. He could get away with anyone for being one of the two last Uchiha of the village. It just pissed me off how bloodline people went like royal in that damn village." Naruto makes a fist but Yugito pulls him away before paying for them.

"Let's go talk somewhere better." He nods his head before walking with her but once they get inside her hotel room she just sits him on the bed with her by his side. "Tell me everything you have been holding in."

"Like I said saying because of that fact he could do anything causing his ego to be too big for his own good. He was rookie of the year I just wanted try be better than him but no one helped me in the school. I was deadliest because last year we had new teacher, Iruka-sensei he is only one that tired to help me." Yugito gives him a sad look because she knows being a jailer is hard but she never had it this bad.

True she had many people insult her or try to have their way with her but she never was attacked or made to fail being shinobi. They wanted her to be a shinobi to be a weapon but Raikage A weren't let them no matter what they tried to do.

"By then it was too late to try to help me so I just pull pranks to get people see me and not a demon, at first we hated each other than became rivals then brothers. He then backstabbed everyone for power in order to kill his brother that had killed his clan." Yugito just has pissed look on her face because of that.

To backstabber your own village just for power to kill someone is just so wrong in her mind; she always used her powers to keep ones she cared about safe. She always told that is the reason people having power and not to go out of their way to kill or hurt people even though some people do.

"I was part of team that went to being him back when he first left the village, I was one that had to fight him in battle but I couldn't go all out I just couldn't at the time. He used his cursed mark which is something a missing shinobi gave him it a dark evil power but I used Kyuubi power only one tail if I had used more maybe I could have stopped him." She rubs his head because it's not his fault for what someone else has done.

"None of this is your fault but you said you have do things for a month right?" He gives her a nod causing her to smile. "Why don't you come to Kumo for a month then?" He looks at her causing her to blush but stare at him.

"You would really want me to do that?" Yugito nods her shy but Naruto kisses her lips causing her to realize he knows or thinks that she has a crush on him. She moves he arms around his back but once kiss stops both of their guts start to make loud noises.

"How about you take me on a date and we can talk more about ourselves?" She earns a kiss and nod from him causing her to blush but smile happily. She never though she be dating someone outside of her village like this but she can't help but want to.

"I just realize you said you hated bloodlines but Nibi said your wings are a bloodline." He nods his head to her. "I may have one but I just got it few days before meeting you, I'm not going let it change who I am." She smiles then kisses his lips before getting up and pushing him outside the room with her.

They start walking around but see they're a faire going on right now; Naruto gets them one thing of cotton candy to share. She takes a bit but Naruto kisses her then starts tongue war with some of the cotton candy still in her mouth.

"You really know how to pleasure a girl don't you? Good thing you like older than?" Naruto just flicks her nose before kissing her again. "Yes I do like older women like you, Yugito-chan." She just blushes but takes his hand into hers.

She never had any real boyfriends that cared as much as he does but thing that scary her is that she just met him. He is first real man that wants be with and not just fuck her to say to everyone that he fucked the demon bitch. The one of reasons she has never really dated or never got that far before.

Thanks to Nibi being inside of her it's hard not to just have sex for first time then do over and over. That is one of reasons she has spent so many night doing things to her body to keep the heat from getting to her. She knows Nibi doesn't mean to do this to her but it just that she's a cat and can't help it.

When she goes back to real word she notices that Naruto has taken her to a faire wheel. They both get inside one of the carts but Yugito moves her head to his shoulder. "So far this has been the best day of my life Naru-kun, thank you." When Yugito looks out the window she sees her friends causing her to wave before the cart takes off the ground causing her friend just shake their heads to her.

"You can meet my friend before going to Kumo with us." He smiles before kissing her neck then lips. "If that what you want I'll meet them with you." She smiles again but moves on his lap making up against him like a cat while enjoying the ride together.

Once the cart stops and they get out holding hands her friends stare at her like she's crazy after seeing his headband. "What is going on here? Is he the one that you told us saved you?" A woman with gray short hair asked her but she just shy nods to her causing them be shocked that she fallen for someone so young.

"Tell me how the hell did this happen!" A red hair woman yelled causing Yugito to smile but shrug her shoulders. She had told them all that happened last few days but women just stare at him but one dude just doesn't care.

"So you are coming to Kumo with us Naruto-san?" He stares at her causing her to just stare back. "I don't think he used to being called that, that one of reason we get along well." They all stare at him causing him just look around.

"So you are a Jinchuuriki as well?" He nods his head causing them to just look at Yugito now. "Now how about we just all head to Kumo then you can ask him things if you want." Naruto now is the one staring at her but everyone starts to walk towards the exit of the village.

"How many other people you dating?" Yugito looks at Samui because she didn't tell them about his clan or how his village does things this like this. "He's the last of his bloodline and being forced to have more than one girlfriend, he got two more back home but one is few years younger than me and one is the mother of that one." They all just stop died but the man is the first to talk.

"You got to date a milf? Damn you're lucky!" The red hair just hits him on the head causing him to laugh but Samui moves a hand to his wings. "Are they real?" He smiles to her but gives her a nod of his head.

"It's part of my bloodline the Holy Savior." Mabui is the first to drop her jaw but she looks at him and notices he just look like them. "I have something to ask you, who is your mother and father?"

Naruto looks away sad but he closes his eyes. "I was told I had none, no one knows who they are or what. Live on my own till age four till now." Mabui with the other two women look sad at her but she bits her lips not sure if she should do this.

"I don't know if I should tell you this but I know you have the right to know, your mother was last Jinchuuriki for Kyuubi and when Yugito told me your last name it got me thinking. Your mother is someone we tried to kidnap in the past her name is Kurenai Uzumaki also know as Red Death of Whirlpool." Naruto just looks shocked at her but something else she's going say because she put a finger to his lips.

"Judging by your looks you have to be the 4th Hokage son, because when we did try to take your mother that man saved her. I do remember seeing him kiss her plus blue eyes that like the sea and blonde hair like that." Naruto just sits down on the ground because his whole life he has been lied to if what she's saying is true.

"But why would the old man lie to me then? He always has helped me before he was killed, so how can this be true?" Yugito pulls him into an embrace but Kurai pushes Omoi away from them but Samui stays with them.

"I know it's hard to believe someone saying this let along someone not from your village, but it's the true Naruto. You're mother also had the Holy Savoir bloodline to prove you are her son." He looks up at her but Samui does something that shocks both Mabui and Yugito, she sits beside Naruto and rubs his back softly while he's still in Yugito embraced.

"This old man must have not wanted you to be known as their son till you could defend yourself, your father had made many enemies in the wars but also I would be scared to think of the last Raikage to try to kidnap you but don't worry the new one A is a kind and fair man." Mabui didn't know if this is a good idea at all now when she looks at how destroyed Naruto is right now.

"So this is why Kakashi-sensei and Jiraiya-sensei are my teachers but is there anyone left of my mother's clan?" Mabui shakes her head no but she just does move her finger to her lip for a minute.

"Whirlpool village was destroyed by people that feared their power but maybe village hidden in the mist knows anyone that maybe alive." He looks up at her with some hope in his eyes now causing Mabui to smile.

"We could ask Raikage to send a message to mist village but right now we need to go so please cheer up." He nods his head before standing up but the two women look at him before getting up.

When the group regroups with the others Samui starts to rub her shoulders. "Damn shoulders again." Omoi just looks back at her.

"Maybe if you wear a bra for your milk tanks they weren't causing you pain your back and shoulders." Karui hits him and yells he shouldn't talk about things like that.

"Your shoulders and back are in pain?" She nods her head making him sit her down on a log before rubbing her shoulders but Yugito just smiles at what she's seeing because she can tell it's helping Samui. She starts letting out moans once he begins giving her shoulders a nice soft rub causing her to blush.

"Maybe this isn't best place for that; wait till we find a place to stay for the night." Samui nods before getting up and thanking Naruto.

"We could go to land of Waves its close by here." Mabui nods her head and Naruto leads them on the way to Waves.

"Please tell me Naruto-kun how are you feeling?" Yugito voice sounds caring to him but he just shakes his head because right now he doesn't know how to feel, it's like the world around him is just falling apart.

"I don't know at all, I don't know what to think right now because everything just feels chaos. I know the old man who is the 3rd Hokage had good reasons to do it but I just didn't know why he would keep it from me." They are shocked that he calls the late 3rd Hokage old man like that but he just keeps his eyes closed.

"Were you close to him?" Naruto nods his head once more. "When I got kicked out of the orphanage at age four and he gave me a place to live and some money each month, he wanted do more but council would not allow it." That when Yugito gives him a lean look.

"Does Konoha really let the council have that much power? Isn't the Hokage word law like it should be?" Naruto shrugs his shoulders.

"He always let me go after I did a prank on someone but he was always nice to everyone. Then the attack on Konoha happens by Sound and Sand villages, his ex student is the one that killed him also one that got Sasuke to backstabber the village."

Naruto just leans against a tree but Yugito pulls him along so he can lead them to Wave but her hand is holding his tightly. "You don't have to worry about past anymore Naruto-kun, now you will make a better life I know you will."

"Thank you Yugito-chan." When he smiles he looks up at the sky with a new hope but also now he knows just whose son he is now. He finally truly knows who his family is for the first time in his life.

When they get to Wave everyone just stares at the name of the bridge. "You got a fucking bridge name after you!" Naruto laughs but just shakes his head. "I'm called a hero here but yet my village sees me as a demon, this is just so irony." Yugito laughs with him but reads what the words say.

"This is for the hero that gave us our hope for a better future back and our will to keep living Naruto Uzumaki." She reads what it says out loud before smiling back at her but when he walks in tons of people just walk over to him.

When the group finally gets away from the crowd of people he goes to the place he knows where he could get help finding a hotel and that is the family he had stayed with before when we was doing his mission.

When he knocks on the door it opens to show Tsunami and once she sees him she pulls him into a hug causing Yugito to stare hard at the woman. Mabui couldn't help but giggle when she sees Yugito being jealous.

"How have you been? Come inside." She moves aside to let the group inside but she closes the door and walks with them to the living room. They sit down with her but she just keeps staring at Naruto.

"Dad, get in here to see who's here!" Tazuna comes out shocked to see Naruto here but smiles to him. "So you finally paid a visit to the land you saved three years ago." They shocked because they didn't know it when he was younger.

"I didn't do anything really; don't know why everything thinks I did." Tazuna just stares hard at him causing everyone to hope he doesn't do something dumb right now. "You didn't do anything at all?" He begins to laugh once he gets done saying that.

"Your first real mission as a genin, you saved your sensei from that crazy shinobi Zabuza when he had him in that water thing. By saving your sensei you saved everyone that day but also you saved my daughter and son when two of Gato thugs tired to take her away to do things to her." He takes a slip of his drink before beginning to talk again.

"You then went to the bridge and saved your teammate Sasuke or whatever his name is from that dude that wears girl clothes and looks like a girl. You had gotten Zabuza to turn back into good person and he killed Gato. This land used to poor and no food till you came and saved us; boy you did more than just nothing." Everyone is now just staring at him with their jaws dropped causing both father and daughter to laugh again.

"You did all that on your first mission? You must be a high rank shinobi now at least!" Karui yelled but Naruto looks at her like no. "I'm still a genin, I been away for the last three years on a training trip." This caused everyone to just slap themselves on the head for the stupidest of Konoha.

"Konoha really is a fool of a village." Naruto just shrugs his shoulders at her. "Do you know where we can find a hotel?" Tsunami moves her face right to his making him try to understand why her face is so close to his.

"No hotel you and your friends can stay here as long as you like, plus Inari will be glad to see you again." Naruto nods his head yes in lost of this battle causing everyone to laugh at him, he gives a glare to Yugito making her laugh even harder.

"We only need stay on night then we can keep moving to where we have to be." Mabui said to her in a nice manner way. "That's fine but why don't you get settle in?" They nod and she shows them to their rooms. She shows each one their room but when just down to Yugito and Naruto she shows them the last room causing both to blushes but giggle woman leaves them alone.

"How did she know?" She looks closer at him before giving her clueless boyfriend a kiss. "She's a woman after all and don't forget that." She walks in soon followed by Naruto but they stare at the single bed.

"How about we settle in then look around the village with everyone?" She nods before taking her scrolls out and puts them on the table that has her sleep clothes and other things in it. Naruto does the same before kissing her neck.

"Or we could just stay our room?" She blushes before seeing his smirk knowing he just joking causing her to just hit him on the head lightly. She moves her arm around him but Naruto pulls her close to him. "There is nothing wrong with just lying together right?" She asked him and he just moves her over to the bed.

Both of them lay down together and put the covers over them, he kisses her neck before both of them fall into a sleep. They get woken up by Tsunami telling them its dinner time, he sees Yugito yawning before moving her back out like a cat causing him to pet her back earning a glare from her.

When everyone gets to the dinner table Samui is staring at him hard with a pout on her face. "Yugito-chan gets sex and you forgotten about my back rub?" Both of them blush badly at that before Yugito yells. "We didn't have sex! Just lay down together."

"If you want I can give both of you a back rub after dinner?" Both women nod their heads to him but he just shakes his own head. He still didn't have a clue about women at all even when he's dating three now.

Once dinner is done Yugito and Samui with Naruto head to his room to give them the back rubs he promised. When the three of them get inside Samui pulls Yugito to the side and starts to walk causing her to smirk but nod her head.

"You two seem to be close to each other." Both women smile because it's true Yugito and Samui were like sisters and shared everything in their life. They always wanted each other to be happy and always been there for each other no matter what.

"Close your eyes so we can get ready." Naruto dose what he's told and closes his eyes but when he hears open them he sees both women naked on the bed but he just stares causing her to send him a glare.

He gets on his knees between the two of them and starts to rub their bare backs.

Two hours before this with Jiraiya in some unknown building.

"You know when he finds out who you are and knows you died, it's going be hard on him to find out one day that you are alive." Jiraiya said as a woman walks to him with long red hair and green eyes that show sadness in them.

"If I told him who I am he will hate me for leaving him all alone even though I had no choice in the matter." He shakes his head because he knows his student better than her and he knows he would never hate her if he knows the reason to why.

"You can trust me on this and that Naruto would never hate you if you tell him the truth reason why you had to do that, why you had to leave him all alone like that." She sits down on a chair but shakes her head this time.

"What kind of mother does that to their own son!" He sits down on the chair next to her before looking at her. "That is kind of mother that wants to keep him safe from the people after you, the ones that could easily kill me or you. These people aren't ones no one is ready to face."

"Doesn't' matter even if we all die and how do you even know if he can grow up to be strong enough to fight them? They not let any normal shinobis! They will come soon or later but how do you know he can beat them?" Jiraiya takes a long breath of air his eyes turn to her and he says next few things in a tone of voice he never used before.

"Because I believe in him Kushina just like I believed in Minato, just like I know when time comes he will save this world from that monster, it's just a matter of when and where." She watches him leave the house but her looks over to a photo of her and Minato and cries.

Back with Naruto and the girls who seem to be enjoying the rub backing but Yugito rolls over and looks at him. "Can I ask you something?" Samui looks and watches Yugito ask him that.

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