Chapter One: Remembered Sister, Forgotten Friend

Aryll walked out of her small house on and stretched in the sun. Her blond hair was flowing free from her customary braid and she wore a floral blue dress. The seagulls were flying high in the sky and the smell of salt and water made her feel relaxed and at home. She looked at the ocean before her, feeling the warm sun on her skin. No one had came for her services and she considered that today was going to be a day of a break.

She didn't live on Outset Island anymore. When Link set off with the pirates after defeating the darkness that surrounded the seas, Aryll had taken up learning how to sail and went to Windmill Island to learn what she could. When she finished her schooling, she traveled to many other islands and taken up a permanent residence on Mercay Island. She used to visit her grandmother a lot and so did Link. Sometimes they collided and sometimes they would miss each other by a day or two. But since grandma had died, she only visited on occasion.

The seas were calm. The tide gently washed ashore and pulled themselves back only to be replaced again and again. The waves weren't big nor were they small. She could see some of the village boys out on the sea, surfing the waves that they could and waiting patiently for the ones that they didn't like. She walked over to a small outlook that the village and herself made.

After seeing a boat crash and only being able to save very little of the sailors, Aryll asked if anyone would be able to help her create it. She hated losing lives, even more so she had felt guilty and ashamed. She had been outside, but she hadn't seen anything, too busy gossiping. She wrote to Link about her mistake, and in haste he came to make sure she didn't get into a slump. She was very lucky indeed to have a caring brother.

She climbed the ladder and walked over to the edge. She took out her orange telescope with painted white seagulls that she had since she was a child. She grinned to herself, thinking about childish memories when a seagull landed by her. "And even as an adult you all still follow me around." She said fondly to the bird. It suddenly flew away.

"Kindred spirits, more than likely." She spun around, gripping onto the railing. Her hand was at her heart. A man stood before her wearing a tight blue suit and wearing a collar of the Sheikah symbol, the red Weeping Eye. His own red eye that could be seen since his other eye was covered by a curtain of blonde hair, was concerned. "Link is at your hut. He's injured."

"Agh! Really?" She got to the railing that was by the ladder and instead of climbing down she jumped and did a roll at the landing.

Her brother had been a very bad influence on her, Sheik noted. He followed after her with a slight laugh to himself and a with a snap of a deku nut.

Link was lying on the couch. From the boy he had been, he certainly had turned into a man. He still wore the ridiculous green tunic, hat and boots. He still kept the trusty blue-hilt sword of the gods by his side, the legendary Master Sword. His hands were now gloved with brown fingerless gauntlets. He still wore the tights, but had a white long tight undershirt on as well.

Injured, the tunic was torn and the white undershirt had been ripped open as well. Underneath the cloth, Aryll could see that the bandages had been wrapped and as she began to undo them she found they were tight but not suffocatingly so. She knew immediately that Sheik had done it. She wasn't surprised. Lately Sheik had been on many adventures with the pirates and when the gods felt frisky, on quests as well.

Aryll didn't really know the whole story about how Link met Sheik. What she did know was that Tetra managed to get lucky in finding a map that would lead to some treasure. The island had been hard to find and even more difficult to navigate. Sheik was the only native that they could find on the island, and while they were there the gods decided to play with the Hero again and Sheik guided him to wherever they needed to be and helped him find whatever he needed...through riddles and puzzles. If there was one thing Aryll hated in her life was puzzles. Life should be simple and fun. There shouldn't be anything like riddles to ruin it.

"I placed some red potion, but it doesn't seem to help." Sheik said. "It did seem to have kept the dark magic from doing anything more."

She noted that the wounds had a dark edge around them and that the skin looked infected. She clicked her tongue. "I'm glad you brought him to me. Did you try a blue potion? It works for both." She looked over her shoulder to see that Sheik was giving her a one-eyed look. "Never mind, you didn't have any on you at the time."

"Correct." Sheik answered. "And it seemed to be wiser to bring him to you since you studied underneath a magician while learning to heal."

"Link told you that. I know I didn't." Aryll looked up at the ceiling. "The skin looks infected. I'm going to have to clean it."

"Will you need assistance?" He asked.

"Maybe. I don't know. We'll see." Aryll replied with snap sentences. She walked over to her pantry. "Do you know what kind of dark magic it was? Or at least what creature it was from?"

"I'm unsure. I was on the other side of the temple when he was attacked." Sheik said. "All I know is that it shadow magic. Undead."

"Wonderful. Okay." Aryll said quickly as she pulled out different oils and looked through her pantry. "Undead, undead…" She muttered to herself. "Can't worry about making the potion right now, have to clean the wound…." She started digging deeper into her pantry and took out a few more bottles. She muttered to herself as she looked at the different types and nodded to affirm whatever she was thinking.

Sheik watched with interest as she walked back with a small clay bowl and sat down on a stool near the bed. She had an eye-dropper and little by little she placed oils and blended them together. Shen she took a spoon and poured a generous amount of a kind of oil in to it. She stirred, whispering something to herself. Whether it was a recipe or just a mantra to keep herself calm, Sheik wasn't sure. He was quite sure that it wasn't magic. Aryll never used it, even though she studied it.

"It's a healing blend of oils that can be gathered from different herbs." She said as she dipped a cloth into the newly blended oil and started rubbing it on the skin. Link's body suddenly tensed and she stopped, but when he didn't flail around like a fish out of water, she continued. "I'm not poisoning him."

He knew better to answer that. She was quickly done with the wounds and she wrapped them with fresh bandages. She took the other ones and tossed them in a bin. She always washed the cloth bandages and if it couldn't be washed because of blood then she burned them. Every time without fail. Sheik knew that healing ritual all to well. He seen her do it a thousand times.

She looked hassled and she set the clay bowl to the side. "Looks like I'm going to have to create a potion now. There's no way that the wounds are going to stay cleaned, not with shadow magic."

"Going into a panic isn't going to help much either." He noted.

Aryll gave him an exasperated look. "Sheik, I think I know that."

"You're getting upset. Take a breather and come back relaxed. It'll do you some good." Sheik advised.

She stepped back. She knew better than to work as if someone's life was on the line, it always wound up in disaster. "You're right." She placed both hands in front of her face, to keep them from shaking. Her mind was going in circles and she tried to imagine just sweeping them to the side, throwing them in a cage so that she could just focus.

"Allow me to be of some use." Sheik offered. "So that you won't corner yourself."

She closed her eyes. "Shadow magic can cause illusions, dream hallucinations, death, high fevers, and very cold chills. While I'm making the potion, I want you to keep an eye on him. Unwrap the bandages and check the wounds once in the while. If the wounds starts to look worse, try to clean it. If the cleaning doesn't work, contact me immediately. If he starts to act up-"

"Get you immediately." Sheik finished for her. "I understand."

"Now, I'm going to go…and focus…and make the the potion." She said slowly, as if she was trying to assure herself. She looked at the pantry stock in front of her. Sheik merely walked away from the wall and went over to one of the many bookshelves that was pushed up against her living room. He grabbed a book, walked to the stool, and turned the cover.

It took Sheik only to the half of the book and the sun to start to set when Aryll came back. Her hands smelled of different herbs. She carried a mug with her and she looked as if she had wasted a few days of energy just doing something so simple. "When was the last time you slept?" Sheik asked as he removed himself from the stool and allowed her to sit down. He helped sit Link up right and Aryll coaxed the drink into her brother's mouth.

"I don't know. The days just start to blur together after a while." She said as she placed the drink down. She licked her lips nervously and she looked at Sheik. "I'm always so frazzled when I have to work on my brother, I wouldn't doubt if I did sleep last night and feel dead today."

"He's your brother." Sheik shrugged indifferently as he took the closed book. "I wouldn't doubt if he panicked when you were kidnapped."

"I wouldn't doubt it. That's how he became the Hero of the Seas." Aryll agreed as she looked at her brother fondly. She turned to Sheik. "And why you call him Hero most of the time."

He merely shrugged. "I was to be his guide, it was appropriate since I didn't know his name."

"You still call him that despite knowing his name." She pointed out to him. "I think if someone was to walk by and hear the conversations you two have, they'd be trying to figure out what code you two were talking in. No one calls a friend Hero so casually."

Sheik didn't have a response to that, and even if he did he wouldn't have been able to say anything. At the end of the sentence, Link shifted and made a soft moan. Aryll's attention was broken from the conversation and was redirected at her brother. "Even with the brew, he still could be seeing things, dreaming things, and may act on them." She commented.

"He's stirring. I'll prepare for an attack. You should move to the side." Sheik warned.

"I honestly doubt that he's going to hurt me. Have you ever had to cure a drunken armed sailor before? I didn't think so." Aryll said without letting Sheik even try to answer the question. She turned to her brother and placed her hands on his cheeks. They felt warm and they looked flushed. "Link? Big brother?" She whispered as she brushed his bangs to the side and continued to hold his cheeks.

His purple eyes opened and he looked at her. At first, Aryll was afraid that he didn't recognize her at all. He gave her a smile. "Hey, sis." He greeted. "Long time no see."

"You saw me a few moons ago." Aryll giggled as she let her hands down. "I'm so glad that you're okay."

"Yeah…" Link said as his gaze looked away from his sister towards Sheik. Sheik expected the Hero to say something crazy, maybe a bit stupid. "Whose your friend, Aryll? You always had a taste for strange people."

Aryll's eyes widened and she moved away. Link noticed his sister's strange behavior and frowned. "What's wrong?"

"Hero, do you not remember me?" Sheik's voice broke through. Aryll was quite sure that he had been just as stunned. There was no dark magic known that could make someone forget! Her fingers started to twitch and she left her stool and walked over to her bookshelf. It had to be something she placed in the potion.

"Hero?" Link echoed. "That's one hell of weird nickname to call me because I saved Aryll from the Forsaken Fortress."

"Brother, how far back do you remember?" Aryll asked as she continued to browse her bookshelves.

Link frowned thinking about it. Sheik held his breath and he was quite sure that Aryll was doing the same thing. If he remembered the Forsaken Fortress then that was good. It meant that he remembered his childhood and that Aryll was his younger sister, but if he couldn't remember his guide then Sheik was quite sure that he couldn't remember the ghost ship either. "I remember Tetra finding a map."

"What kind of map?" Sheik pressed.

"A treasure one..." Link closed his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. His fists clenched, as if he was trying to hold on to something. "About an...island? There was an island that was legendary..." He grew frustrated and opened his eyes. "I can't remember."

"Calm down," Aryll reached out and gripped her brother's gloved hand. "I'm sure it's a temporary thing." She looked at Sheik, looking for some reassurance. He didn't say a word, nor meet her gaze, instead he walked outside. She patted her brother's hand and walked off to see what he was thinking. The Sheikah was watching the sun die on the horizon.

"It is a temporary thing." She said to him, confidently. "I'm sure of it. Don't be too upset, okay Sheik? He'll regain his memories..."

"I'm not upset about that, I doubt that it's temporary Aryll. He only lost a few weeks of his memory. I have a feeling that he'll lose much more." Sheik frowned. There was silence. "I think that the wounds was the distraction."

"What do you mean? That the attack was at Link's mind?" Aryll's eyes widened. "You have to be kidding me. I don't know any magic that strong."

"You wouldn't." He answered and he walked back inside the hut, leaving Aryll to stand outside. Her skin developed goosebumps and her body shuddered as if the heat just suddenly disappeared.