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Chapter Two: A Hero's Dilemma, A Guide's Concern.

Sheik didn't get any sleep last night. After the Hero had woken up the first time and forgot everything, he wanted to stay up and observe. Aryll tried and tried again to get him to sleep, even went as far as trying to drug him, but Sheik had to admit her tries were good, but in vain. She forgot that he was a Sheikah, and didn't fall for tricks so easily.

He was immediately alert when he heard the Hero stirring. He watched as he got up from the couch that he didn't move away from when he was better and yawned. Sheik braced himself, wondering how much more the Hero may have forgotten. "Hey Sheik." Link greeted tiredly as he rubbed his eyes. "You're up early."

"I'm always up early." Sheik replied, only relieved to know that he didn't forget his name or who he was again. "You bother me about waking you up around the same time."

"It's dawn?" Link was shocked. "Wow, I never rise that early." Sheik had to chuckle. Link laughed lightly as well. "Did Aryll find out why I can't remember?"

"No." Sheik answered. "It's not something she'll be able to heal anyway, only time can do it's trick. However, I wonder what caused it myself. You were fighting a few re-deads, as well as a few poes. A lot of dead-hands, and floor masters as well. We weren't in a good place. I just wonder if someone had found a spell and cast it on you."

Link frowned, his eyes were focused on his knees. Sheik waited patiently, waiting to see if he would say anything. He wasn't one to hold on to false hopes, but he wished that Link would just suddenly regain memories. Shadow magic that affected the mind always had a lasting scar. He didn't want that magic to scar Link.

"I can't remember anything. Just a map and Tetra saying something that we should go." Link sighed. "I don't remember meeting you, or fighting against anything. I just remember that much. Where is Tetra anyway?"

"I don't know." Sheik shrugged. "More than likely getting herself into trouble."

Link took a breath and nodded. Tetra was the kind of girl that would get herself into trouble. The ghost ship, the need to always find treasure. If it wasn't treasure, it would because of something evil. Somehow, someway the Gods really liked using Tetra as bait, and Link as the hero. It really took a toll on him sometimes. At least his sister only needed saving once!

Sheik eyed him for awhile, letting the silence lengthen between them. "It's so weird." Link finally said after awhile. His fingers ran through his blonde bangs. "I feel as if everything that I knew, just slipped from under me and now I'm trying to figure it all out." He paused. "You tell me that we know each other, but as I'm trying to find any trace of you, you're not there."

"Don't force it Hero." Sheik advised. "It won't help you in the wrong run."

"Don't force what in the long run?" Aryll came down from the stairs, her hand rubbing her eyes. Her hair was down and flowing behind her, and her nightgown showed just how tan her skin really looked against the white cloth.

Link looked guilty. "Were we talking too loudly Aryll? You always were a light sleeper…"

"No, I normally get up this early…remember?" Aryll laughed while Sheik became ridged. It worried him that something so trivial would have been forgotten so quickly. He expected the short term memories to disappear, but not long term ones. "You didn't wake me up."

Link looked relieved. Aryll noticed that Sheik was staring at Link, as if he was waiting for something more to be said. "Sheik." She warned. "Not every memory's going to be erased. It's easy to forget that I wake up early, especially since we don't live together anymore."

The Hero had to bite his lip when Sheik looked away. It seemed like Aryll knew how to read him, which seemed to have surprised the Sheikah. Link had to hid that he was going to laugh at them. Deciding to bring the topic back, he looked at Sheik. "Do you think there's a way to get back my memories? Or at least stop them from decaying?"

"I wouldn't technically call it decaying, they're just disappearing." Sheik calmly pointed out. "And I'll have to go back on the island to find out."

Aryll's face frowned. "And what will Link do? Surely magic leaves traces. The minute he goes out there'll be a alert and the same thing will happen again."

"He'll stay here, with you." Sheik said simply.

"You honestly think that you can purify that temple and find a way to bring back his memories without the Master Sword?" Aryll folded her arms, looking at the Sheikah skeptically. She didn't know the race very well. She never heard of them until Link brought him to the island a long time ago. "We'll all have to go."

The Sheikah raised his eyebrow. "I'm sorry, but what will you be able to do? You can't fight."

"And if you two don't have a faery and a potion with you, you'll need someone that can heal." Aryll snapped. "And if his memories begin to fade, then it's best that I go. He can't very well forget his little sister!"

"You would only get in the way, and you don't even know how to fight." Sheik pointed out. "The villagers here will need the healer more than us, I would think."

"And you would think wrongly since I'm only called on as a last resort. Potions work magic you know." Aryll retorted.

Link closed his eyes as he listened to the two bicker. Although he loved his sister dearly, they both had a point. Aryll could be used as a last resort again, and again if a faery and a potion doesn't work. And what if the countercurse didn't require words or magic, but a mixture that only Aryll would know about? And Aryll also trained under a magician, he remembered that because Aryll used to practice in front of him, and used him when they visited each other.

But Sheik was also a skilled magician himself. He knew shadow magic, and he knew how to fight. He wouldn't bring them to a slowing pace. Also he wouldn't be so taxed and freaked at the monsters that would be there. Yet, Link had to remind himself that his sister had been kidnapped. She never talked about what happened during her time in the prison, but he was sure that if he did hear what had happened, he'd only wish he killed Ganondrof a little quicker and a little more painfully.

Both had strong points. "Okay, here's the deal." Link finally said, breaking into the argument effectively. "Aryll, you know magic. Whatever we need magic wise, you do. Any healing, you do as well if we don't have anything like a potion. We'll use the faeries as a last resort." He looked at Sheik. "You and I will provide the fight and we'll all work on the puzzles. Who knows? Three may get through the temple quicker than two."

"You're risking your sister into danger?" Sheik raised his eyebrow.

"She's a grown girl." Link said with a shrug. "And she's stubborn. She'll follow us on her own, she knows how to sail."

"You make me sound like I'd stalk you." Aryll teased her brother who just rolled his eyes playfully at her.

"So, we go back." Sheik stated calmly.

"We go back." Link affirmed grimly. Neither of them wanted to go through it again. Not know that they knew that there was a spell that could make one forget. Bringing his sister was a risk, but Link knew that if he lost anymore memories, he may just forget his own magic the Great Faeries had given him. He may just forget his own power.

When the day was starting to get a little older, Link decided that while he was here he might as well look and greet everyone and gather some supplies. Although Sheik had been getting odd looks from the villagers, there wasn't a word of compliant or judgment. When they were just about to reach the mistress of the shop's place, they all stopped when they heard a voice.

"So this is where the sea took ya!" A young tanned girl was walking up to them. Her blond hair was pulled up into a very high ponytail. She looked furious and relieved at the same time. "Sheik only had time to tell me that you got injured before taking our canoe and rowing away!"

Sheik had rolled his eyes up and around. Link merely shrugged. "It seems like every time I get washed up, I'm here." He looked at her and noticed that there were faint bruises and cuts on her. "Where did you go?"

"I managed to get out of one of the islands. No treasure yet. I heard that you were also on one of the quests and we were going to come and see if there were treasure there, but you and Sheik practically ran past us. I didn't even get an answer." Tetra said as she folded her arms. "So why exactly are you two here?"

"Apparently there's some strong shadow magic in the temple," Link said to the pirate. "It made me lose some of my memory."

"I have yet to determine how much and how long." Sheik broke in when Tetra's eyes firmly turned to him. "Aryll could only heal the major of the wounds, since they were distractions."

"Some distraction." Tetra said as she sighed. "Well, it can't be helped. Are you two going to go back?"

"We don't have a choice." Link said with a frown. "If there is strong shadow magic, we may be able to find how to stop even more of my memory from fading."

"It seems like your the damsel in distress this time, buster." Tetra winked at Link who immediately turned scarlet. He opened his mouth to protest, but the pirate queen waved it aside. "Is there a plan that you two have or are you going to rush in like normal?"

"That's unfortunate. I thought Link and I did a great job at planning while you run ahead and get yourself kidnapped, hurt and the like." Sheik pointed out with an eyebrow raised.

Tetra gave him a look. Link just had to wonder how many bad sides Sheik had managed to get on with the girls. It seemed like every time he opened his mouth, an enemy came out. He was equally surprised when Tetra chuckled. "Alright, you have me there. I do tend to rush in without thinking, but I normally do have a basics of a plan."

"Run, grab treasure, get out." Link recited. It was always the same plan, always the same goal, always the same disaster. Sheik didn't have to say anything against it, nor for it. All three of them knew that it wasn't the best made plans though it was simple and easy to refine when needed.

"Well, if you two are going to go back into that temple, I'll let you men do the dirty work." Tetra said simply. "Tell me when it's purified and if you find anything of interest. Surely there has to be something if that place is so well guarded."

"Is treasure the only thing on your mind?" Link teased her and Tetra punched his arm playfully. "Alright, fine, since we're going to do that anyway."

"Well, then I'm going to anchor off. Don't forget to send me a message." Link nodded and Tetra walked off.