Destiny Draw

An LLS production

Okay, I first put this up as an independent fic, but then common sense kicked in and asked why didn't I just add an omake. So, here it is!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The first long multi-chapter crossover between YuGiOh! and Justice League ever! 'The Paths of Destiny' is a work in progress I hope many of you will watch out for! Stay tuned!

"I'll take Silver Fang," Billy remarked in our game.

In tonight's role-playing game we had two newcomers, both gamers at heart and easily kicking our asses in RPG – how do they do that? – and the conversation somehow turned to 'which card represents which person?', started by our host for tonight, Billy Borden.

"A werewolf choosing a wolf to represent himself," Yuugi Mutou bit his lip. "Very … suitable."

The irony was lost on Billy. "I think Murphy should take … D.D. Warrior Lady. Because even if she couldn't beat whoever she's fighting she'll damn well take them down with her."

"I really don't know enough about the game to pass judgement," I volunteered. "Although Molly insists that she's Dark Magician Girl, and I'm the Dark Magician. Anyone know why?"

Billy, Georgia, Yuugi and even the embodied Pharaoh curled protectively around Yuugi chuckled at my expense.

"What?" I blinked.

"You don't want to know," Billy chuckled. "Anyway, let's see … if I'm Silver Fang, then Georgia's definitely Mystical Moon to my Fang."

"Doesn't work like that anymore, but you're right," Yuugi laughed. "Mr Marcone should be … Patrician of Darkness?"

That I could get. "I agree whole-heartedly," I said with every heartfelt feeling I could muster on short notice.

"But I don't think you're Dark Magician," Yuugi mused. "You're more of a Zera, I think."

Silence met this proclamation.

"Dice roll," it was the Pharaoh who broke the awkward silence that descended upon the role-play board.

"What do you think represents Thomas?" I commented.

"The one of the White Court?" the Pharaoh, so alike yet unlike his partner, cocked his head. "Succubus Knight?"

Billy choked on his beer. "A female card?"

"Soul monsters do not commonly differentiate," the Pharaoh turned chillingly blood-coloured eyes onto the werewolf, who gulped. "There are always exceptions to the rule. Succubus Knight may be female, but it is still a knight, one who rides into battle ready to face death for a great cause. There are worse things to be compared to."

"What's the worst that could happen?" Billy shrugged.

"Giant Germ," one of the Alphas dryly replied. "Mucus Yolk."

Some of the more in-the-know shuddered. "Eww," Georgia commented.

"So...what's this Zera?" I asked.

The Pharaoh paused for a moment, eyes unfocused. The entire table froze as he began. "If you mean the Monster card, then the most popular would be the Warrior of Zera, born to three different destinies that he would meet on his search. The first is to find the Sanctuary in the Sky, becoming a herald and eventually an Archlord, to eventually turn his back on the Sanctuary and become a fallen angel, a Darklord in the game. The second would be to find his way to Pandemonium, tempted by the Archfiends of Pandemonium to become a powerful dark monster, the Devil Mazera. The third would be to be worshipped as a god, again becoming a dark god, Zera the Mant. Setting his mind on his first destiny to find the Sanctuary of the Sky, he fights the temptations of the fiends day by day, always fighting alone."

That... sounded too prophetic for my own case.

Tempted by demons? If you counted the fallen angel in my head... yeah.

Found the sanctuary...? Metaphorically speaking, I guessed Soulfire counted.

Becoming a god...? that sounded too uncomfortably close to Kemmler's ritual.

"That describes a lot of people," I decided.

At the game's conclusion, we all went home, and I wandered the streets of Chicago back to my apartment, thinking. Yeah, wizards get their philosophic moments too. I guess the Zera card, whatever it was, represent a person as they walked the path of life. We all walk through life alone, and we are always tempted by the forces of light and darkness as we walk the path of life. And at the end... we die. Death is the inevitable end, but the memory we leave behind remains on forever more... and if that memory is treasured enough... from a metaphysical perspective, I guess we become gods.

I guess Sandman said it the best. With each step you take through Destiny's garden, you make a choice; and every choice determines future paths. However, at the end of a lifetime of walking you might look back, and see only one path stretching out behind you; or look ahead, and see only darkness.

The future is undecided. The yet to come can always change. I guess that's why there's a popular saying: 'the past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift'.

There's no time like the present, heh?