Hello this is my first story from game of thrones and I felt like doing a story about Sansa since she became one of my favorite characters after the finale.:) I don't own Game of Thrones because if I did Joffery would be dead, Ned would be alive, and Sansa would be with Sandor in a couple of years. and i give credit of the gift idea to peter the great who did it to his wife. what a wonderful man.(I'm being sarcastic here if you haven't guessed)

It had been a day since I was led out to the wall that held fathers head on a spike.

I was walking around the grounds when I saw Sandor walking towards me with an unreadable expression on his face.

"The king wants to see you" he said to me in an equally emotionless tone of voice.

I followed quietly thinking to myself what he could possibly want from me now.

We finally reach the door which just happens to lead to my chambers. I looked between the door and Sandor with a confused expression as if asking him without words why we were at this particular spot.

He just motioned to the door and said to go in. As I walked in I immediately started looking around to make sure that nothing was taken.

As my eyes started towards my bed I saw Joffery standing next to my night stand with what looked like two containers with a velvet piece of cloth covering both objects.

"My dear lady I realized that since you've come here I have not had the chance to give you a gift!" Joffery exclaimed with amusement and excitement.

I immediately became guarded and suspicious knowing if Joffery was happy about something it couldn't be anything good especially if it was in relation to me since the comment I made to him about wanting his head.

I glanced at Sandor to make sure I wasn't going to be hit again. He just gave me another blank look.

"Well aren't you going to ask what it is" Joffery asked with a hint of steel in his voice.

I realized I had been less then enthusiastic when receiving the news so I put on my best appreciative expression and asked to see the gift.

He stepped out of the way of the nightstand and motioned for me to come closer then when I finally was standing in front of the containers

he ripped off the cloths with a flourish and there right in front of me was two dome jars with my septer and fathers heads floating in them.

I stood there for what felt like forever in shock before I could hear Joffery's voice asking me if I like my presents.

I looked at him for a moment before murmuring "thank you." It was the only think I would get out, because I knew if I said anymore I would be in for a world of pain. Finally he started moving towards the door and right before he was through the threshold he said in the same amused voice as before

"I might have to get you a bigger night stand so I can add to your collection." and walked out.