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After a long week at work, my ideal way of relaxing is going back to my apartment and watch a little television or listen to music and read. Of course, the one time I am looking forward to going home to relax, I am being forced out of my apartment by my sister to go out.

"Edward it will be fun. Just stop complaining and come have a few drinks with Jasper and me," Alice, my pixie or a sister said. I'm not anti-social; it's just I like to have time for myself. But I can't deny my sister anything because if I do, I will be forced into something worse.

"Ok, Alice. Just text me the details and I'll meet you there soon." She seemed happy that I didn't fight further. I had hardly seen Alice since my divorce from Tanya. I ended it after I found her cheating on me with some guy in my apartment. I mean, it is one thing to cheat on someone, but have some class and do not do it in their apartment. So after that incident I just ended it. I wasted six years of my life on this woman I thought loved me as much as I did her.

But I am not going to think about it because if I don't go out tonight with a smile on my face, Jasper is going to go all therapist on my ass again. Jasper has been my friend since junior high. And while he is a very good therapist and very well-known in Seattle, I just did not always want everyone to know everything about what is going on inside my head.

So after work I go home and change into some more casual clothes: a pair of dark wash torn jeans and dark gray tee. I head over to the club Alice told me to meet them at. I walk in and am greeted with a hug from my favorite pixie and a "bro-hug" from Jasper. We went to sit at the bar.

"So what's the occasion?" I asked them. They looked at each other, having a silent conversation.

"Edward, we just did not want you to be…alone. I mean we know that you like to be alone sometimes, but it's been a month since…she left and we know that it can be hard to cope with something like this," Jasper started to explain.

Shit! It's been a month? Holy Shit! It's been a month! "Yeah guys, it has been exactly a month since I walked in on my wife fucking some other guy on my bed in my apartment and I kicked her out. She did not leave me. Thank you for reminding me, dear sister because I just thought that today was another day in the life of Edward fucking Cullen!"

I can't believe it's been a month since we have been over. "Edward, I'm sorry. I thought for sure you knew and were going to be…having a rough day," she said. Every day is a rough day, I thought.

"Alice, I think I want to go home, ok?"

"Absolutely not! You are going to stay here with us! Just have a few drinks and relax, ok?"

I mean, I guess. I've kind of been neglecting my sister of any sort of attention lately.

"Ok, Alice. But only because I love you."

"Awe I love you too big brother. And because I love you, I am going to do this," she said. "Bartender, we need shots. And keep 'em comin'."

I'm fucking drunk.

Shit! Tanya is going to be pissed. Oh wait.

For some reason this is hilarious.

"What's so funny, Eddie?" Jasper slurred?

"I was just thinking about how Tanya would be so pissed that I was drunk, but, but we're fucking divorced! I'M A FREEE FUCKING MAN! Let's fucking toast to divorce!" I shouted.

"Amen to that!" a beautiful young woman said a few stools down from me. I couldn't help but laugh. Just as I was about to talk to her, Alice interrupted. "Ok, Edward. We're going to go because Jazz is…being Jazz," Alice said. We said our goodbyes and when she left I got up and moved over to the woman.

"So, what's your name?" I asked.

"Isabella. But you can call me Bella," she said. She looked at me and for the first time I noticed her eyes. They were like chocolate orbs. Chocolate orbs? Really?

"Bella. I like it."

"Yeah I'm named after my grandmother. There's apparently some long ass story behind it but that's a story for another time." Another time? I like the sound of that? "So, what is your name?"


"Well, Edward, I love this song. You wanna dance?"

"Ah, why the hell not? I'm a free man!" I said. She set her drink down and grabbed my hand. There was a jolt that went through my body when her fingers laced with mine. It's just the alcohol, I thought.

I was lead to the dance floor and immediately Bella started moving her hips to the music. I had never heard the song, but I caught on and we were eventually dancing in sync with one another. My hands made their way to her hips, her arm around my neck. I hadn't been this close to a woman for a while and it felt normal and right.

Just as I was getting into it, the song ended.

"C'mon, let's get a drink," she said taking my hand once again and leading us to the bar. She ordered and the bartender gave us two purple looking drinks.

"What is it?"

"A little bit of everything."

We sat together in a booth in the corner laughing at random things and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. It felt nice to talk to someone who didn't know everything that was going on in your life. She was talking about how clumsy she is when I noticed her lips. They were perfect. Not too small but obnoxious. They were smooth and shiny…and I really want to feel them.

I think she noticed me staring. She leaned into me and she kissed me.

Her lips met mine and my body felt like it was on fire. I opened my mouth slightly to see if she would get the hint and let the kiss continue. She took that offer willingly and we continued the kiss. She tasted like alcohol and strawberry. If I wasn't already intoxicated…

But all too soon, she pulled away and said. "Goodnight, Edward." She started to get up.

"Bella, wait! I want to see you again." She grabbed my cell phone off of the table and hopefully programmed her number into it.

"I'll see you later, Edward."

And with that, Bella, the mysterious woman was suddenly gone. The night had gone by so quickly, it seemed. I mean, I got here at like 7 and its already one o'clock in the morning.

I left the club and started my way home. I lived close to the club so I was able to just walk. On my way home I started thinking about that kiss.

I didn't know what it meant, but the one thing I did know was that it felt good on my lips.

Its me again. Lucky you! Twice in one chapter! So thanks for reading the beginning. If you didn't notice, this was loosely based off of Tim McGraws "It Felt Good On My Lips". I hope you enjoyed it enough put it on story alert and keep up with me. Things can only get better from here. Oh and I wanted to make sure I mention that this isn't going to be too dramatic. All of the characters will make be included.

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