Ahhh so here is a super short chapter. I've been gone for a while so I just wanna see who's still with me :) Enjoy!

I woke up with my head on Edward's chest. Does that surprise you? My body is sore, but in the best possible way I could ever imagine. With all of the craziness that has happened in the last couple of days it's nice to be able to have someone like Edward to tell you he loves you and that even with the black and blue blotches all over your skin you're beautiful.

Edward made love to me, something that Mike never knew how to do. I couldn't help but smile at the memories of last night.

"Are you sure?" Edward asked me. We were both fully unclothed now and seeing him in all of his glory made me one hundred and ten percent sure that this is what I wanted.
Edward was exceptionally larger than Mike, and Edward could tell as he entered me. "I'm sorry, baby. I love you so much." He stayed still for a minute to let me adjust. And then pain turned into pleasure. He was soft and sensual. Passionate and loving.

We fell over the edge together in complete bliss with him telling me how beautiful he thought I was the entire time.

We spent the rest of the day just enjoying each other's company. Light touches here and there. Sweet nothings whispered. It was one of the best days I have had in a long time. We made love again before we fell asleep and I still can't believe that this man next to me is in love with me.

Being with Edward is something completely new for me. It was like being in love for the first time. Crossing into the unknown and trusting someone completely new and it makes you feel so alive. We were both looking for something that we didn't think we could find and now here we are in love and taking life day by day. It's scary to let someone in, but with Edward I feel like it would be even scarier if I didn't let him in. Where would I be without him right now?

I looked up at a sleeping Edward. He looks so peaceful when he's asleep. I slipped out of his arms and realized that I was still naked.
"Where are you going?" Edward asked groggily, his eyes still closed.

"I'm going to make some breakfast. Go back to sleep, baby. I'll come get you when it's done," I told him, but I don't think he heard me before he was back asleep.
I went into his closet and grabbed a white button down shirt that went to just below my ass. I put on a black thong that somehow ended up in my bag. Oh, Alice. I looked in the mirror. Through the unbuttoned shirt, I could see the blotches on my stomach lightening. It's a plus I guess. I look thoroughly ravished, even though I really wasn't. And not to mention, I was suffering a severe case of sex hair. Oh well. No sense in trying to fix it when it's just going to get messed up again. There was no way I was going through the day without at least a quickie.

I walked out to the kitchen and started throwing together some scrambled eggs and bacon quick. I turned on the radio and started throwing the food together. The time on the stove said 7:42. This should be done before 8 which was perfect timing. I knew Edward mentioned something about meeting with the lawyers at 10 o'clock.
I was dishing up the plates when Edward walked out to the kitchen in his boxers and messy hair. "Good morning," I said walking to him to give him a kiss.

"Mm yes it is," He said putting his hands on my hips. "You look really sexy in my clothes."

"Oh yeah?" His lips were on my neck now.

"But I bet you would look even better if the clothes were on the floor," he said continuing to kiss my neck.

"I could say the same thing," I said. His hands now on my ass, pushing me into him. "Mm baby, you feel so good."

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry," I heard from the doorway.

I can't believe this is happening.

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