I paced in my living room continuously. It had been at least half an hour since Richard had tried to use pack powers to hurt James, and I was still fuming. Speaking of him, he was sitting in a chair watching me back in his human form. Asher and Jean-Claude shared the couch on the other side of me and Claudia stood in the doorway of my bedroom watching all, just as a good bodyguard would.

Anita had called about fifteen minutes ago talking about her and Richard were headed to my place. Apparently he wouldn't come without Anita; it made me wonder if he cared for her romantically. Yet, that was an inquiry for another day. I had been pacing pretty much since the phone call had ended, not in a clear straight line or pattern either. Jean-Claude and Asher had tried to stop me and force me to take a seat when both James and Claudia begged them to leave me be. Apparently, they both understood I was calmer pacing.

The knocks on my door finally brought my pacing to an end and halted my train of thought. Everyone stood the tension increasing dramatically as the knocks grew louder. I looked at Claudia, who apparently was looking at me for direction, and I slowly nodded the only approval she needed before she opened the door. Richard prowled in his power causing the hairs on the back of my neck to stand at attention. Anita walked in and I watched her face drop as her eyes landed on Jean-Claude sitting on my couch.

The door closed I seemed to register the sound but I didn't really give it attention. It was a death stare showdown between Richard and I right now. I wasn't focused on anyone else. James could take care of himself. Asher would protect me above all. Jean-Claude wouldn't interfere until he deemed it necessary and I was sure Claudia would stop Anita if it came down to it. The only danger was the one who my eyes had stayed trapped on, the one that hadn't moved since he caught my stare. The strongest wolf of the pack, who refused to take his place as king because of the brutality it would require.

"Mizelle." He said coldly.

"Richard." I said in the same tone.

"You protect my wolf now." He said quickly, pack politics.

"One, he is my wolf not yours. Two, I will protect him against anyone as he would for me." I said sternly.

"James, do you accept her protection." He asked moving closer.

Two things happened in very quickly I moved in front of him and James placed his hands on my shoulders and stood behind me.

"I accept hers as she accepts mine." James said in a way that sounded more like the debater side of me than him.

"Then prove your dominance." Richard said backing up and growling.

James gripped my shoulders tightly and I knew this was going to get very interesting. "It's fine James. Step back." I said as moved forward to Richard.

Claudia moved James back a little and I smiled slightly as I let an old form take hold of my mind. Water could be any creature because it lives in every creature. Wolf happened to be one of my favorite forms and I let that form began to take over my mind.

James breathed in deeply. "Home."

James and I had pretty much started our own pack very long ago and we were all that were accepted. It was a bond in the ways of water and wolf and people wondered why we were so close.

I smiled and looked at Richard, knowing I, my eyes specifically, had moved to the place where I would fight and kill for those I love, that cold, emotionless, emptiness. "Bring it on, Richard."

Richard growled and let loose his power parts of him shifting quickly. "You can't smell like a pack. You aren't wolf."

"You have no idea what I can do." I smiled and became the wolf with the blackest fur a simple bright blue streak running down my nose.

James smiled and looked at the entire room's shocked faces. Jean-Claude was standing now; Asher was looking on in disbelief. Claudia just shook her head with a slight smirk on her face.

"You really know how to shock a room." James said smiling burying his hands in my fur. He hadn't seen this form in forever and I knew that he had probably missed our runs together especially on full moons. I was his pack in the purest form.

The mark on his forearm showed once more with the close contact, it was a simple wave in a circle of fire, it had happened when we became a pack. After that his old alpha had no power of him. I figured there would be a mark on my ankle of the pine green tree when I flowed back into my human form.

"She isn't wolf!" Richard roared.

"No, she is more." James said calmly looking at me. I rubbed my cheek against his.

Richard growled and jumped his hold body transforming that sticky fluid covering my room, and I quickly moved out of the way moving both James and myself. The wolf had taken over my mind. She saw the predator who wanted to rule us and a ripple ran over my body. No one ruled us. She recognized her pack in James and a comrade in Claudia, through the human emotions. Asher and Jean-Claude were more tricking potential mates in the wolf eyes so they were not to be harmed, so all focus returned to the predator.

We circled each other in my small living room. Richard's large wolf form was clearly uncomfortable in my small room; his fur a reddish brown echoing the anger and steadiness of his personality. He leapt finally and unwilling to run anymore I leapt with him and claws and teeth attacked in midair. Richard's claws were ripping at my side, and my teeth were ripping at his neck. We both backed away slowly and the dance began once more. We leapt again and this time my human mind filtered to influence the instincts of the wolf. So when we leapt we, the wolf mindset and mine, flipped over him and dug claws into his back and bit into his neck nearly tearing it out.

"ELLE! STOP YOU WON." James roared at me and I whimper as I slowly moved off Richard and over to James. Richard could have beaten me but I had more agility in not being a pure wolf, some wolves would kick my ass though.

I sat near James and whimpered more licking some of the wounds on my paws.

"Asher, get some hot water from the sink." James said leaning down next to me as Richard changed forms again. As alpha he had the capabilities to do it but he was still tired from switching back and forth so quickly nevertheless.

"Lucky, she isn't real wolf and I heal soon." He said touching his neck.

I growled at him and felt my paws flinch as if I was stretching my claws for another attack.

James looked at me. "Calm yourself."

Jean-Claude looked at me. "Shouldn't she change back?" He asked James his eyes never leaving mine. The wolf inside accepted this and refused to turn eyes away.

"Easier for her to heal if still in this form, power more focused." He said quickly as Asher came with the glass of hot water. James quickly took it from him and sighed as he moved towards me. The wolf, who was always inside me, didn't understand I, unfortunately, did. James knelt near me and shook his head. "I hate this part." I licked his face letting him know it was okay. He smiled half-heartedly and poured the hot water on the wounds that were deep. The claws that had sunk into my side; I howled in pain.

Richard even turned his head as if that would stop the screams. Asher looked paced as I had earlier, and Jean-Claude's teeth were clenched as his eyes bled black. Claudia seemed to be watching them, the vampires seemed ready to attack James for causing me exquisite pain.

The howling finally stopped and I panted and slowly my body began to flow back into its normal form, water allowing to me to change shape with clothes on.

"Thanks, I know you hate that part." I said through heavy breaths and grabbed James's hand tight.

He just smiled at me. "Wasn't as bad as last time, and it's nice to see the marks back." He said looking at my ankle. He pulled me up and once again placed his hands on my shoulders, always supporting me.

"Now, would you like to try and hurt or claim James again?" I said sternly to Richard. My eyes still full of power.

"No, I would rather make you my lupa." He said softly. "I wouldn't have to kill Marcus that way."

I laughed. "You will have to kill him, he won't stop any other way, and I'm sure someone else wants that job more, and I think you have a bias for them anyway." I said hinting at Anita.

He looked at me shocked but nodded in understanding.

"Now, let's discuss pack protection for myself so these vampires don't go crazy cause I have to leave because Kane has come back.

Anita choose that moment to make her present known. "KANE?!"

Yea, forgot I hadn't told her. Here we go.