Basically I'm a terrible person and god I have no idea what I'm even doing with this fic but I'm going to have another look over it and see what I can do. Until then, please enjoy this chapter. :)

Chapter 27

"Is she okay?" River asked, moving closer,

The Doctor nodded, "Oh yes, her body just has to adjust, she has to settle down a bit; she's not finished, not cooked." He smiled, "I think I'll take her to the Zero Room."

He picked Donna up into his arms and started to walk up the main stairs, turning back to add, "This should only take a few minutes once we're there. Why don't you take Wilf to the galley and make some tea?"

River rolled her eyes but turned to Wilfred, "Would you like some tea?" she asked politely, "The galley's just up this way."

Wilf nodded, asking, "I don't suppose you have anything stronger, do you?"

River laughed and nodded, leading him through the corridors and into the galley where she put the kettle on for tea as Wilf sat down. The Doctor walked in as it finished boiling and grinned.

"Perfect," he stepped forward and made a cup quickly then left again, leaving River and Wilf staring after him,

"Will my Donna be okay?"

River turned to him with a soft smile, "Yes, Wilf, she'll be fine. Regeneration can be a bit tricky at times, but you needn't worry, she'll be okay."

"And she'll remember everything?"


He nodded, satisfied, and River turned back to the counter, making them both a cup of tea, adding a shot of whisky to Wilf's. She placed it front of him and he smiled, taking it and raising it to his lips. "Two hearts," he murmured quietly before taking a sip and letting the alcohol calm him.

River squeezed his shoulder and with her own tea in hand she sat opposite him.

"It's a lot to take in, I know." River smiled at him reassuringly, "If you ever needed to reach out to someone in a... similar situation, I know my parents had a lot adjust too. They would be more than happy to talk with you and your daughter."

Wilf lowered his cup, "They're not that lot in Torchwood are they? That Jack, he's been 'round a few times, when Donna's been away o' course. Can't die, he says, lived for thousands of years."

River smiled, "Not Jack, no. Though my father has a lot in common with him." She pulled out her diary from lord knows where and tore corner of a page out, jotting down her parents names and phone number, "2016, they'll be looking after my daughter, Zeta."

"And us, at some point," The Doctor said as he walked in again, "Once the baby's born."

"Baby?" A loud voice asked from behind him, "I leave you alone for a few years and you go and have a flippin' kid?" Donna stepped in after him not listening as he argued that it had been actually been few hundred years from his point of view.

Wilf got to his feet, "Donna!" He said in great relief, "You're okay, are you love?"

"I'm fine Gramps, perfectly fine." She turned to the Doctor, "Come on Mars boy, out with it."

The Doctor scowled, "We are not from Mars."

Donna ignored him, "What baby?"

"This one," River said, indicating her stomach, "I suppose genetically this is partly your baby too, Donna,"

The Doctor's eyes went wide. He hadn't really thought of that, but Donna was part him, like Jerome was, and that was his baby, so, if one were to look at the genetics...

"You mean like, like when twins have kids?" Donna was asking, "The DNA's the same so you can't tell who the real parent is?"she frowned, "Wait. Why did I just ask that? I know that, I can remember all your..." she looked at the Doctor then sat down, "My head is going at a million miles a minute, Alien boy, how can you stand it?"

The Doctor passed her River's tea, "You'll settle into it," he assured her, "Drink up."

River raised her eyebrows at the Doctor, but didn't argue as Donna drank her tea. The Doctor smiled at his wife then turned to Wilf, "Right then," he clapped his hands together, "Let's get you back to your car shall we, Wilfred,"

He set off down the corridor and River rolled her eyes. Donna finished off the tea and grinned at River, "Come on then," she urged, "Allons-y," and she was off too,

"Finish your tea, Wilfred," River told him kindly, "You're going to need it,"

He nodded and swallowed the last of his drink, following River slowly back to the control room. When they entered they saw the Doctor telling Donna all about his visit to Pete's World and Jerome. "Have we landed?" River asked as she made her way down the stairs,

"Yes," Donna smiled, "Right by the car, where and when you left it."

Wilf sighed in relief, wanting to get home quickly so he could lie down and let this all sink in. The three Time Lords and one human left the TARDIS and stood by the car, "So," River asked, "What are you going to do, Donna? Of course you're more than welcome to join us,"

"Actually, Donna," The Doctor cut in, "Until you settle down, you probably should join us. Sorry. But you're still in your regeneration cycle, and well, I'm sure you're aware that this is a tricky situation,"

Donna nodded, understanding. They needed to test just how Time Lord she was. "Not for long though, I have Shaun to come back to," she told him.

And, after driving Wilfred home, the three Time Lords stepped back into the TARDIS and set off into the Time Vortex. Donna smiled and looked to the Doctor and River,

"Come on then you two, out with it, you have questions, I can tell," she tapped her head with a grin,

River laughed, "Oh Sweetie," she said to the Doctor, "This is going to be very interesting."

The Doctor smiled, "Surely you have some of your own, Donna. Ladies first."

Donna beamed, "Good. First, the TARDIS she looks so different,"

"Redecorated," the Doctor smiled, "Had to. Bit of a tricky regeneration."

"Oh, good, I like it, very nice." Donna nodded, "Secondly, her, River, how can she be here?"

"I saved her to CAL in the Library then our daughter, Zeta, downloaded her back into physical form."

"Oh of course, yes, I remember, the Data Core, the sonic," she grinned, "We share memories, the DoctorDonna. Just some mind you, when I want to; but I'll give you your privacy. Just take the facts. Nice name, by the way."

"I've always liked it."

"Okay, last question," Donna moved forward, "What in the name of Mars are you wearing, Space Man?"

The Doctor beamed, "It's a bowtie, bowtie's are cool." He indicated River, "We were married on this bowtie."

Donna shook her head with a grin, "I'm pretty sure you owe me a trip to Felspoon, Alien Boy, how about it then? Allons-y?"

"No," The Doctor smiled at her, dancing around the TARDIS and throwing the brake, "Geronimo,"