If Izuna had ever thought that he would see Madara upset, it would not have been because Madara had broken some dishes. But here Madara was, sobbing into his hands, his legs threatening to give out.

"Aniki?" Izuna asked, confusion written all over his face – not knowing what to do. "What's wrong?"

"Otouto, I – I just – leave me alone, Izuna!" Madara snapped, sobbing heavier, his glare almost penetrating Izuna. "Just get away from me! Don't look at me!"

Izuna blinked, genuinely worried for his brother's sanity; why was Madara crying? Madara had never cried since he was a baby, much less over breaking something… and snapping at Izuna? Not since Izuna had broken his leg by being stupid as a child.

"Nii-san, tell me what's wrong?" Izuna asked softly, reaching out to put a hand on Madara's shoulder.

Madara flinched violently and hissed as he pulled away, glaring at Izuna with bloodshot eyes.

"Don't. Touch. Me." Madara snarled.

Izuna pulled his hands back quickly - seeing as Madara had never been in this state before, Izuna had no idea of what Madara was capable of. If he was getting aggressive towards his own brother, Madara was best left alone in case he snapped and killed someone - namely Izuna in this situation.

"I'll be in my room," Izuna said softly, his eyes full of sorrow. "Please come and talk to me when you feel better."

Madara nodded, wiping his tears away as he sat down on the kitchen chair. He looked at the broken dishes and felt his eyes tearing up again - those dishes reminded Madara of himself. His trust had been broken and shattered, just as easily as those plates had been. What was worse was that Madara himself had shattered just like those plates, and the Uchiha felt as if he would never be able to return to his old self.

How could Madara tell his younger brother what had happened? That the one person besides Izuna that he trusted had… Would Izuna understand? No… he had never had it happen to him before…

That Senju clan leader… It was his fault… Hashirama's.

Though Madara didn't particularly like the Senju, he had trusted him. Just a few days ago, Hashirama had proved to Madara that he was not what everyone else saw him as.

Hashirama had asked Madara to come down to the training grounds with him to try out a new jutsu, but… The one and only second Madara had actually let his guard down around someone other than Izuna, the taller male had pinned Madara to the ground and cuffed his hands above his hand and bound his feet with his wood style jutsu so Madara couldn't do anything to get away.

As Madara thought back on it, the only reason Madara had let his guard down was because the Senju had genuinely made Madara happy for once, and for one fleeting second, Madara had felt completely safe.

Madara shook as he remembered the Senju's hands all over his body, the older man licking and sucking everywhere before removing both of their clothes and raping Madara furiously.

'No,' Madara thought to himself. He was breaking down for the first time in his life as he cried hysterically into his hands while his body shook violently, his breaths coming in ragged gasps and just wanting to die. 'I can't tell Izuna this… Nor can anyone else find out… If they knew that I had been… if they knew they would use it their advantage… I can't tell anyone… I'll have to deal with it on my own…'

So begun Madara's struggle to keep his emotions out of sight, to keep himself sane, but most importantly, to act just as prideful and powerful as he once did so no one shot him unwanted questions, but even just by making that decision, Madara could feel just a bit of himself dying inside already.

This was going to be one hell of a horrible ride.